For The Rest of Our Life – Happily Living together (4)

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On the phone, Xiao Yuqing asked Mother Zhou, “Sister, are you here? I’ll go downstairs to pick you up.”

The elevator “ding” and the door opened. Mother Zhou walked out and said with a smile, “We are already here, you don’t have to come down. Just come out and open the door.”

After a few steps, they stood in front of Xiao Yuqing’s door. Almost at the same time, the door clicked open. The next second, a tall, gentle, and beautiful woman appeared in front of Lin Xian.

She stood in front of the door, wearing a simple and clean white T-shirt, casual gray home pants, long chestnut-colored shawl, slightly curled hair, and a pair of smiling eyes. Just the same as in the past; gentle like a wave of water.

Lin Yan didn’t listen to their conversation until her mother gently patted her shoulder and reminded her, “Why are you being stupid. Say hello to your Aunt Xiao.”

Lin Xian turned around, lifted her head, and looked at Xiao Yuqing, staring at that pair of smiling eyes. She felt her face get a little hot. After she calmed down for a moment, raised the corner of her mouth and called out, “Aunt Xiao is good…” Her voice is unique; clear and bright.

Having said that, she couldn’t help but joke, “Aunt Xiao is more beautiful than before, I can’t help but look at it. Mom, are you good or bad, you let me call her Aunt Xiao. Others will think she’s old. I think at the most I can only call her sister.”

Although she said this as a joke, it was from the heart. The passage of time did not destroy Xiao Yuqing’s face, instead, it accumulated into a moving charm. If said that the former Xiao Yuqing was a clear lily in the water, then now she was like a valley of orchids.

However, once her voice fell, Mother Zhou couldn’t help but smile next to her and said, “Then you also called me a sister, see? Your Aunt Xiao and I came from the same generation, but how can you call your mother old.”

Xiao Yuqing gently gazed at Lin Xian tenderly with a smile. She reached out to look at Lin’s Xian’s height and rubbed her forehead twice. Gently with a smile, she said, “Xian’er grew up, but your mouth is still so sweet. The last time I saw you, you were only up to my waist.” 

Finally, she bent down to lift the baggage Mother Zhou had placed on the ground, and with the other hand, she pulled over Lin Xian’s luggage. “Don’t just stand at the door and talk, let’s go in.”

Her hair slipped from her cheeks when she stooped down. Like a slow-motion of the movie, everything was captured into Lin Xian’s enviable eyes. A scent of perfume quietly lingered on the tip of Lin Xian’s nose…

Her mother gently pushed her and whispered, “Why are you being stupid again, go help your Aunt Xiao, ah.”

Lin Xian suddenly woke up, like a dream, stepped forward to grab the bag from Xiao Yuqing,  “Aunt Xiao, I can do it.”

Xiao Yuqing didn’t let go, only slightly smiled, “It’s okay, it’s not heavy. It’s only just a few steps. I can directly help you to your bedroom.” After that, she turned back and said to Mother Zhou, “Sister, you also come in and see how I arranged the bedroom. See if there is anything missing.”

Lin Xian was embarrassed, so she could only walk side by side next to Xiao Yuqing, carrying the bag of luggage together.

Mother Zhou closed the door, heard the words, and laughed. “You don’t have to worry about the arrangement, I don’t need to see.” After saying so, she seemed to think of something, laughing she reminded Xiao Yuqing, “Lin Xian doesn’t know how to help around, don’t get used to her in the future. What would you do otherwise when she takes more than an inch.”

Lin Xian disappointedly asked, “Mom, how can I not understand how to help and take advantage? You’re wrongfully slurring me. Do I have that kind of image in your heart?”

Her mother’s mood became bad, “You do have this image. I am your mother, how could I not understand you? I’m afraid that your Aunt Xiao will be tricked by you in the future again and again.”

Xiao Yuqing went into Lin Xian’s bedroom and gently placed her luggage on the floor. She listened to the Lin family’s mother-daughter fight. She gently put the falling hair dangling on her forehead behind her ears and slipping a soft smile onto her lips, smiling with eyes full of stars. Lin Xian turned around and saw this appearance from Xiao Yuqing. Suddenly, she talked less.

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  1. Man quite interesting already lol I can already see it’s gonna be tough changing the perception from kid to woman and potential partner, I hope it doesn’t take too long though like a year or two if chasing is okay but what’s the point of an age gap romance when it takes like 5+ years for anything to happen.

    Well let’s see how this develops.

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