For The Rest of Our Life – Happily Living together (3)

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Since Xiao’s family accident, Xiao Yuqing left the Northern District, Lin Xian has not seen her for many years. Her impression of Xiao Yuqing had faded with the passage of time and the growth of age. In the vague impressions, everything was amazing and pitiful as a child. She remembered that Xiao Yuqing was a very beautiful and gentle woman. When she smiled, her eyes were bright as the sun and tender as the waves of autumn water.

If there were no silly words at the birthday banquet that year, borrowing Xiao Yuqing’s home would probably be a good choice. When she asked to marry Xiao Yuqing, her words became the talk of the people for many years. In the early years, when Lin Xian had just learned the meaning of marriage, she would be shy and embarrassed when she was teased.

Later, her face grew with age. She became thick-skinned and began to open up. She would occasionally joke when others teased her, “If Aunt Xiao is still so beautiful, I am willing to marry her, ah.”

However, it is one thing to joke around and another when you are the subject of gossip. Lin Xian covered her face and suddenly became inexplicably nervous.

Years are like a knife to a pig. Xiao Yuqing is 14 years older, counting the age, she is 31 this year. At the age of 31, it is the age when a woman’s temperament is justified but it is also a woman’s face gradually wither with age. She was suddenly a little worried. The once fairy sister, after so many years, what will she look like?

However, no matter what Lin Xian felt in her heart, how her thoughts went back and forth. The days when she and Xiao Yuqing met and lived together, with the passing of summer, they became closer as the days passed.

On August 24, it was sunny and miles without clouds in the sky. It was an appropriate day to marry, go to the office, go to school, and move.

After lunch, Mother Zhou helped Lin Xian to pack up her luggage, took Lin Xian, and drove the car towards Xiao Yuqing’s house in the Southern District.

Along the way, Mother Zhou rambled and took great pains to tell Lin Xian, “Although we and Aunt Xiao are close, others’ homes are no better than their own home. Living in your Aunt Xiao’s house, you need to work harder, you can no longer stay at home. It is the same as the four-bodies1 and diligence.”

Sitting in the passenger’s seat, Lin Xian’s black hair was tied into a high ponytail, wearing a clean white T-shirt, and sky blue denim backstrap shorts. A little helpless smile hung on her face, “Mom, I know, you have said it 800 times.”

Mother Zhou gave Lin Xian a glance, without a good air, said, “Do you think I’m too verbal? If I don’t say a few times, will you remember? At home, I have told you many times to do your laundry and wash your underwear after you take a bath, but did you do it? Every time you say ‘you’re good, I know.’ It’s better to say than sing, but in the end, at which time did you really do it?”

Lin Xian was caught in the trap, seeing how Mother Zhou had started to return the old debts. She smiled awkwardly and began to make a soft policy, leaning on her mother’s body favorably, with her face rubbing on her shoulder, playfully responding, “Because you are my mother, I know you will not be really angry and not like me for whatever I do.”

Mother Zhou snorted, her tone becoming much softer, “So you have no fear? Sit up straight, I’m driving.”

Lin Xian laughed, sat up straight, and said, “Mom you don’t have to worry. I understand everything you said. At home, because mom is so reliable, I can’t help but be lazy. I’m very serious and reliable when I go out! You have to trust your daughter. “

Zhou Wei couldn’t help but be amused by her self-proclaimed boast, and smiled at her, “It better be like this.”

It was more than an hour’s drive. The two people talked and laughed, but the time very quickly passed by.

Xiao Yuqing had already greeted the community security, so when the car arrived at Xiao Yuqing’s resident, Mother Zhou simply said Xiao Yuqing’s name and the security let them enter.

Mother Zhou found a temporary public parking space and parked the car. Then commanded Lin Xian to take the suitcase, while she carried two bags of luggage to the 3rd building where Xiao Yuqing lived.

Shortly after entering the elevator, Xiao Yuqing’s phone call came.

1 four bodies is the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

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