For The Rest of Our Life – Happily Living together (2)

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Before this happened, Mother Zhou had listened to Lin Xian and considered the American school Xiao Yuqing had applied to. After this happened, Zhou’s mind changed completely. Children are still children in the end. Since childhood, she has not left her side but was also surrounded by protection. Her temperament was much more childish than her peers. Wait a few years and calm down first.

As a lesson, Mother Zhou couldn’t be rest assured with Lin Xian living on campus. Freshmen still have to transition first, so Lin Xian will stay with her and wait for her sophomore or junior year to look again.

Mother Zhou always had a smooth life and was proud of her personality. Her bar was set higher than others, she never liked to trouble others, and never liked to owe others. But this time, for the sake of her baby daughter, she is willing to make an exception and bow her head once.

After much consideration, she discussed it with Lin Xian again, before she decided to call Xiao Yuqing.

Xiao Yuqing’s father and Zhou Qin’s father were colleagues, friends, and old neighbors for decades. So, although Xiao Yuqing was 11 years younger than Mother Zhou, both of them were also considered to have grown up together since young. Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian’s were also classmates for many years and Xiao Yuqing even studied under Mother Zhou’s father. The two were very close together and were more like sisters.

Later, due to the change of the Xiao family, Xiao Yuqing left the northern city and almost never came back. The two didn’t even meet several times a year. Around the holidays, both sides would always remember each other, call, and send gifts. When entrusting Lin Xian to Xiao Yuqing, Mother Zhou felt the psychological pressure lift a little bit and it was a good opportunity to reconnect. Xiao Yuqing and Mother Zhou knew each other very well, giving Lin Xian to her, gave her complete assurance.

Having made up her mind, Mother Zhou decided to do it, and called Xiao Yuqing’s phone. Sitting on the side, Lin Xian secretly pricked up her ears to listen to their conversation. However, the phone sound insulation was so good that she could only vaguely hear a gentle and pleasant female voice, but not the conversation.

It was only a phone call, but just in ten minutes, they had settled in Xian’s next residence for the next year – Lin Xian will borrow Xiao Yuqing’s home. During the phone call, Lin Xian had gone to the school canteen to solve whether Xiao Yuqing had time, if not then Lin Xian could find a solution herself.

Mother Zhou had proposed to pay for Lin Xian’s accommodation and living expenses. Xiao Yuqing sternly refused. Mother Zhouthought of other forms of return to Xiao Yuqing in the future, so she will not mention it. She regarded Xiao Yuqing as a sister, so she will not treat her badly. For the next thirty minutes, Mother Zhou and Xiao Yuqing began to gossip on the phone, smiling, leaving the party of the incident, Lin Xian, with a blank face.

Ah, hey, Mom, what exactly are you doing with other people?

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  1. Man that’d be pretty tough like it’s one thing if it was a person you didn’t know but you daughter dating someone you saw kind of in the same generation as you.

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