For The Rest of Our Life – Happily Living together (1)

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Located on the southeast coast of China is Anjiang City, it is surrounded and embraced by the sea. The city has beautiful scenery, a developed economy, and is one of the capital cities of the south.

Lin Xian is a native of Anjiang. Her grandfather and grandmother were both university professors. Her parents inherited their ancestry and are key figures of Anjiang universities. Although her parents were often busy teaching and doing research, she was also very pampered. They did not let her suffer for a bit.

After graduating from high school, Lin Xian met her parents’ expectations and was admitted to the top 5 of the best professional finance department of Anjiang University. After the whole family celebrated with joy, they fell into thought.

The city is divided into six urban areas and the Lin family lived in the northern part of the city, while Anjiang University is in the south. One south and one north, the fastest drive in between the two places is an hour. The inconvenience was obvious.

This means that Lin Xian needed to live on the University campus.

This is shouldn’t be a problem, when the child grows up they will learn how to be independent. Besides, living on campus should be a common thing, however, Lin Xian is different. She had a black history once, causing Lin Qin and Zhou Qin to worry with concern.

When Lin Xian was a sophomore, her parents were busy with the school evaluation, her food, and transportation. Lin Xian convinced her parents and took the initiative to live in the school for a period of time. At least until her parents were no longer busy.

Mother Zhou was still not at ease, but Father Lin convinced her to let Lin Xian exercise her independence. With Lin Qin’s persuasion, coupled with Lin Xian’s promise, Mother Zhou finally nodded.

In the next few weeks, Lin Xian was obedient, causing no problems. At one o‘clock in the sixth week, a call from the class teacher broke the calm and scared Mother Zhou to lose three souls and seven spirits1. The headteacher said that the teacher in charge of night patrol stated that Lin Xian and another female student in the same dorm did not return at night. They had searched around the school and found nothing.

That night was the most electrifying and longest night of Mother Zhou’s life. In the process of finding Lin Xian, she has been blaming herself “this mother is irresponsible, leaving her young child all by herself,” she thought “if something happened to Lin Xian, she will go with her.”

The school teachers and the whole family looked around the school all night. Fortunately, in a small black internet cafe not far from the school, they finally found Lin Xian and the other female classmate unscathed.

This incident resulted in Lin Xian to be remembered and lost her qualification to live by herself. Afterward, Mother Zhou immediately handled the check-out process and personally escorted her to and from class every day.

Although, Lin Xian repeatedly explained that she was only accompanying her roommate to buy something that day. But because they were accidentally past curfew and would be written up when they returned. The roommate had proposed to enter the next following morning with the morning students and she agreed. They had chosen an internet cafe to spend the night in peace.

However, it was an undeniable fact, with evidence high as a mountain, Mother Zhou had no confidence in Lin Xian’s ability to take care of herself. No matter how much Lin Xian tried to explain it.

Moreover, shortly after, Mother Zhou went to a parent-teacher meeting. The headteacher told her that Lin Xian had suffered from stomach pains during several classes. When Mother Zhou came home and repeatedly asked, Lin Xian confessed that she would occasionally get up late and not eat breakfast. Mother Zhou was so angry that she didn’t talk to Lin Xian for a few days. She blamed Lin Xian and she said that she would no longer be independent until she grew older.

1 Hun (yang )and po (ying)- Chinese philosophic views of the human soul and the afterlife

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  1. So the main character has a overprotective mother I see…. an the older woman will come in an save her….

  2. I do understand the mother but like c’mon woman, trust your daughter a bit.

    Holy fuck though she really seems like a traditional chinese helicopter parent, it seems it’s gonna be tough for her to accept an age gap homosexual relationship.

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