For The Rest of Our Life Prologue

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Have you ever read a poem because you fell in love with someone? 

On a certain day in October 2018, Lin Xian, today’s hot author with a large number of IPs, sits in a brightly lit interview room of a broadcast station.

She wore a slight make-up, with a simple skirt and a white shirt, unexpected of most people’s imagination, and she was surprisingly calm.

As the interview came to an end, the well-dressed hostess asked the last question with a sly smile, “This question was asked by many of your fans. ‘The author is famous, but do you lack anything?’”

In a flash, Lin Xian’s calm expression suddenly slightly changed. The smile slowly fades in the corners of her lips.

The interview was smooth, Lin Xian was cooperative, and the hostess had a strong communication skill. This question didn’t exist in the previous run-through, and was temporarily taken aback. Although it was a little private, it was of good intention. Used to this kind of problem, this was harmless. Just unexpected, but because of this question Lin Xian’s face changed.

The host was embarrassed for a moment. What she didn’t know was that, in the moment she was asked this question, Lin Xian was suddenly reminded of the winter when she first met Xiao Yuqing.

At that time, she wore a small white dress in the same brightly lit lobby as here, followed by her mother’s introduction. Guests came one by one to say hello, give gifts, and compliment. Just the usual procedures. Until she saw Xiao Yuqing.

In her eyes, Xiao Yuqing is different from everyone else. When Xiao Yuqing laughed, her face revealed a small dimple on her left cheek, with curved eyebrows, and eyes that seemed to be shining. The whole person looked like they were glowing.

My mother said, “This is your grandfather Xioa’s daughter, mother’s good friend. When you were young, you should call her aunt.”

At that time, she stared intently at Xiao Yuqin and only absent-mindedly called out “Auntie”.

Xiao Weiqing smiled and agreed to her, and gave her a gift with both hands. Her voice was warm and gentle, “Lin Xian, happy birthday.”

After she took the birthday present from Xiao Yuqing with both hands, she suddenly couldn’t move her feet. AShe hesitated for a moment, and finally plucked up the courage to say loudly, “Auntie, you are beautiful, I want to marry you.”

For a time, the hall was full of laughter. Even the mother was smiling before leaning forward to help explain, “Xian’er words are taboo, Xian’er shouldn’t say that.”

She didn’t know why the others were laughing. She was very serious when saying that. For a moment she panicked and felt ashamed. She wanted to cry.

Only Xiao Yuqing squatted down, looked at her, and gently wiped her nose. She smiled and promised her, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to grow up.” “

“Wait until you grow up,” Xiao Yuqing said. Even as many years later, she remembered the kiss her on her forehead to appease her when she said, “We will discuss it when you are older.”

She was always like that, even her excuse was bitter but gentle and considerate.

Lin Xian’s polite smile, couldn’t help but gradually disappear, and finally the thin lips fell into a cold straight line.

Xiao Yuqing, now that I am all grown up, when will you come and marry me?

The author has something to say:

Crooked, is anyone there, I’m fat~.

The author is in a hurry~ don’t worry about it, please ensure that I am guaranteed to grow old HE! (〃’▽’〃)~

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      1. You are right about that, there is nothing wrong about it at all. What does bother me is when they don’t love each other but that’s how I feel about all other relationships. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the awesome chapter. I got a feeling that this one is gonna hit me hard in the feels.

  2. I’m open for age difference. However, now that I think about it, if the mc is 8, then the girl is 22 or 21 back then xD I wonder if my soulmate is either 33 or 5 Lol

  3. Mhmhmh very interesting, I always like a good age gap novel that really tackles what that entails and from what I’ve heard this one does a great job at that so I’m excited, plus this being Yuri? Yes please.

    This is also fine by the author of “My feelings can wait” welp god damn you already know it’s gonna be feels heavy, I loved this author’s writing she really focuses on the characters emotions and state of mind, she’s very detailed.

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