For The Rest of Our Life – Involuntarily, she even trembled… (2)

While eating, Lin Xian always twisted her neck around unnaturally, and Xiao Yuqing noticed several times. Concerned, she asked, “What’s wrong with your neck, did you hurt it?”

Lin Xian pursed her lips, “I don’t know why, but I always feel that there’s a place on the back of my neck that hurts.”

Xiao Yuqing’s beautiful eyebrows knitted slightly. She put down her chopsticks and quickly walked behind Lin Xian, brushed away the hair behind her head and looked at the girl’s bare neck, only to see that it was roughly red and puffy and there were even signs of broken skin.

Xiao Yuqing looked somber, her voice lowered a bit, distressed and self-blaming, “It’s a sunburn. It’s my fault for not being thoughtful enough. I should have made you put on the sunscreen in the morning.”

Lin Xian heard Xiao Yuqing’s self-blame and immediately liberated her, “It’s because I’m too lazy to apply it myself, what does it have to do with you? It’s not too painful ah, it’ll be fine in a few days.”

Xiao Yuqing bit her lip and turned to leave, “I’ll go get the medicine.”

But Lin Xian was swift to reach out and grab Xiao Yuqing’s hand, stopping her and insisting, “It’s okay Aunt Xiao, let’s eat first, there’s no rush. After we eat we can talk, you can see that the soup is getting cold.”

Xiao Yuqing wanted to refute her, but seeing the serious insistence in Lin Xian’s eyes, she finally agreed, “Alright then.”

However, it was clear that Xiao Yuqing was no longer able to eat her meal properly at ease. In just two minutes, she finished her bowl of rice and soup like the wind and couldn’t wait to get up and get the medicine for Lin Xian.

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing’s departing back and sighed softly, but on her lips, she couldn’t help but raise a smile.

After rubbing the medicine and eating, Xiao Yuqing sent Lin Xian to watch TV and read a book before preparing for an early night’s rest, since it was only the first day of military training and the next ten days would only be harder.

Lin Xian finished the first lessons of each subject in the study and did her English listening and reading before she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to do the laundry again!

She jumped up from her chair and rushed to the bathroom, however, it was too late… The laundry basket in the bathroom was empty again.

Lin Xian headed to the balcony dejectedly, and sure enough, Xiao Yuqing had finished her laundry and was drying it out.

Seeing Lin Xian’s screwed up little face, Xiao Yuqing stretched her face and smiled, “I’ve washed your clothes, here, I didn’t touch the undergarments. I’ll leave you to wash them yourself.”

Lin Xian lowered her head, embarrassed, “Aunt Xiao, there’s really no need for this, I’ll keep it for my own washing next time.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at the girl’s guilty appearance affectionately, thought about it, and smiled to suggest, “How about this, I’ll help you wash your clothes, and you’ll help me proofread my manuscript over the weekend? This will help me save a lot of time.” Xiao Yuqing Magazine had a special English version of the magazine, and although the work of reviewing and proofreading was not under her responsibility, for Lin Xian, it was both beneficial and harmless.

Without hesitation, Lin Xian quickly accepted, “Okay.” Saying that, she gave a wry smile and continued, “But I still have to wash the clothes myself.”

Xiao Yuqing was slightly startled at the words, then she couldn’t help but spread her lips in a light smile. She looked at Lin Xian’s soulful eyes, her gaze growing softer and softer, and finally, didn’t say anything.

That night, Xiao Yuqing was deliberately busy until the early hours of the morning before she stopped her work and prepared to rest. She habitually walked to the living room to get a drink of water, and stopped once again when she passed by Lin Xian’s room.

Like everything else around at night, Lin Xian’s room was quietly peaceful without the noisy keyboard sounds from the previous two days. Xiao Yuqing looked at the closed door and slowly raised the corners of her mouth, looking gentle and revealing a peaceful and comforting smile.

The next day, after taking a lesson from yesterday, Lin Xian had finally managed to learn from her mistake. She consciously woke up a little early, worked in front of the mirror for a while, and applied the sunscreen on her face, after that, she took the sunscreen to the kitchen to look for Xiao Yuqing, so that she could help apply it on her neck.

Xiao Yuqing’s fingers were cold and soft. Little by little, they stroked over Lin Xian’s delicate white neck, and Lin Xian felt that, out of nowhere, her heart felt a little tickled.

She suddenly recalled that she had carefully observed when she held Xiao Yuqing’s hand that day. Xiao Yuqing’s jade fingers were very long and fair, and were comparable to the hands of a model…

Involuntarily, Lin Xian even trembled a bit…

Xiao Yuqing noticed and moved her hands gently, with a smile on her lips, she asked concerned, “Is my hand too cold?”

Lin Xian panicked and stammered to deny, “N-… no… It isn’t…”

Fortunately, Xiao Yuqing didn’t ask further. She just lifted her hand before the next coating, and gently rubbed her hands together for a few moments, to remove some of the coolness, before covering Lin Xian’s neck again.

This time, the temperature was just right, a little warm from the neck and all the way down the spine, and into Lin Xian’s heart…

The author has something to say:
Dangdangdang~ One of the side cps appeared for a moment~ Can you guess where it is1?

1 Bro, besides Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing, who else could it be. And also, they’re definitely not the side cp or else I’ll drop this novel and cry.

Translator: Ah, sometimes I just want to translate more novels but logically I know I shouldn’t until I finish these novels done first. Anyway, feel free to support on Ko-fi.

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    1. Oh there were two other names: Chen Zhi and Tang Mo. It’s the other two people who walked with Lin Xian. I meant it’ll be impossible for Mc and FL to be the side couples so who else could it be but the other two.

      1. Doing my best to imagine those hands. I kinda have a fetish for long and slender hands hehe

  1. Already getting shivers from some sort touches eh?

    I guess the side couple were the walk in friends mc made? Or her best friend and one of the friends? I know best friend is a side couple but idk with who or if it’s the only one.

    Mhmhmh is Yuqing just appreciating Xian’s beauty or remembering someone?

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