For The Rest of Our Life – Involuntarily, she even trembled… (1)

When Lin Xian went out, the sun hadn’t appeared yet and seemed to be hidden behind cloudy skies. The new typhoon has already formed, and there will be several more coming, so there will be more rainy days. If the typhoon comes earlier, it may not be impossible to end the military training early. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too hard.

However, her celebration didn’t last long before the blazing sunshine menacingly lifted the clouds and shone down on the earth.

After the opening ceremony, all the new students were divided into teams and pulled onto the playground to officially begin their two-week military training.

Lin Xian stood for twenty minutes in the military posture under the big sun, and felt that her whole body was roasted in a stove. It was so hot and unbearable. She was wearing a hat, and her delicate white face was half hidden in the shadows and half exposed to the sun. Sweat slid down Lin Xian’s cheeks. She stared at the back of the classmate in front of her and began to empty her head, thinking random thoughts, hoping that the time would go faster.

She wondered if Zhou Qin would miss her especially because she couldn’t see her for so many days; she wondered if Lin Zhan was making trouble at home and acting like a baby without her; and she wondered if her best friend Yan Yuhuan, who was in a bit further in the south than her, under the same sunny sky in the Dongming University. What she thought about most was still Xiao Yuqing.

She wondered if Xiao Yuqing had gone out, if Xiao Yuqing had started to work? What her workplace was like? What style will her office look like? Was it like her home, simple yet cozy? And with how gentle Xiao Yuqing’s personality is, how did she intimidate her subordinates when she was working?

In the five minutes of practicing squatting and keeping her posture unchanged, Lin Xian was becoming aware of the fact that she seemed to be exceedingly curious about Xiao Yuqing. It seemed as if there had always been an unusual attraction in Xiao Yuqing that attracted her.

When she got up, she found a satisfactory reason for herself.

It was because Xiao Yuqing was too mysterious.

During the short break in military training, the female students in front and behind sat on the ground, laughing and talking, and they quickly hit it off. And when the lunch break came at noon, all the students who stayed in the dormitory left in groups. The three classmates that Lin Xian got to know just now – were the other three walk-in students in the class. They also spontaneously walked together, arm in arm, standing in a row, marching to the cafeteria with the momentum of a thousand troops, very lively. As if the leader, Lin Xian made the most of the commotion.

In the afternoon, the sun was still baking people, but because they got to know each other better, everyone was laughing and joking during the training period, and the time went by much better.

In the evening, Lin Xian finished her training, and took the bus home with the new students Chen Zhi and Tang Mo, who were also walk-ins. As soon as she got home, she opened the door and the enticing aroma of rice flooded her nose, causing her starving lips and mouth to water.

Lin Xian closed the door and quickly changed her shoes, then jumped up and ran to the kitchen, greeting Xiao Yuqing cheerfully, “Aunt Xiao, I’m back. What are you cooking, it smells so good…”

Xiao Yuqing had her long hair tied, wearing an apron, and holding a spatula in her hand. At the sound of the voice, she looked over her shoulder at Lin Xian. In the next second, she “puchi1” and giggled delightedly.

Lin Xian’s expression of excitement froze, blinked her eyes and looked herself up and down, feeling self-conscious that there was nothing wrong. She was puzzled and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, what are you laughing about?”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows curved, both distressed and amused, and answered her, “You’ll know if you go and wash your face.” After thinking about it, she added, “The food won’t be ready for a while, you can go take a shower first. It should be uncomfortable to be sticky and sweaty.”

Lin Xian wondered, “Oh”, and obediently turned around and went out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom.

A short while later, as expected, Xiao Yuqing heard Lin Xian’s incredible exclamation coming from the bathroom not far away “Oh my God…”.

Xiao Yuqing’s eyes were soft, and once again, she couldn’t help but laugh again.

Lin Xian didn’t know if it was because of the fast tanning physique, but after a day in the sun, she was noticeably several degrees darker. What’s more, because she was wearing a hat, only half of her face was tanned, so the top and bottom of her face formed two completely different shades, and after taking off the hat, it looked especially amazing.

It took twenty minutes for Lin Xian to come out of the shower. Just as Xiao Yuqing had finished frying the last dish, washed the pot, and took off her apron to wash her hands.

Lin Xian shuffled along with her slippers and ran towards Xiao Yuqing. She pounced on her, wrapped her arms around her from behind, pasted her face to Xiao Yuqing’s back, and with a pitiful “ying ying ying” asked, “Aunt Xiao, what should I do, it’s so ugly… No wonder others kept staring at me on my way back.”

The moment Xiao Yuqing was hugged by Lin Xian, her body stiffened slightly. But quickly, she adjusted, relaxed her body, and turned off the faucet. She spun around to face Lin Xian and said with a warm voice, “It’s okay, when the military training is over, you’ll be back to normal in no time.” After saying that, she looked down at Lin Xian’s clean, wet, and expectant eyes, and couldn’t help but reach out and touch her small nose, praising, “It looks even cuter this way, like a little calico cat.”

Lin Xian quirked her eyebrows, and smiled shamefully and happily at the words.

Xiao Yuqing rubbed her hair that hadn’t completely dried and smiled, “Alright, you’re hungry, let’s eat.”

With a nod, Lin Xian released Xiao Yuqing, and thoughtfully volunteered, “I’ll help you serve the meal.”

Xiao Yuqing smiled and said, “Okay.”

1 “Puchi” or 扑哧 is an onomatopoeia for the sound of trying to hold in a laughter BEFORE you actually bust out laughing

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  1. I’ve heard this Yan Yuhuan best friend is very likable and has her own interesting live story, cant wait to meet her.

    I’m liking how Lin Xian’s thoughts are developing, little excited to meet and learn about this sexy older woman and already feels like her attraction to her isn’t normal but just thinks it’s cuz she’s such a new person to her.

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