For The Rest of Our Life – Aunt Xiao, your fingers are so slim and beautiful (3)

Xiao Yuqing smiled gently, opened the door, and said, “Let’s get off.”

Lin Xian also opened the door to get off and took two steps to run up to Xiao Yuqing’s side. She followed Xiao Yuqing to the supermarket, thought to Xiao Weiqing, “Aunt Xiao, if I have classes in the morning, the class time will be much earlier. It’s too hard if you get up and make breakfast. Actually, I can just go outside and buy breakfast.”

Xiao Yuqing smiled and replied to her, “I usually don’t sleep late. Breakfast outside compared to home food is not as nutritious. You’re growing older, breakfast is very important. It can’t be sloppy.”

Lin hesitated, and suggested, “Otherwise let’s buy a carton of milk and some bread and go back. I’ll drink milk and some bread in the morning.”

Xiao Yuqing stopped, standing in front of Lin Xian, her beautiful face had a faint smile. She reached out and gently gestured Lin Xian to the height of her forehead. Asking her while smiling, “Lin Xian, don’t you want to grow taller?”

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment. She opened her mouth and smiled back, “I will soon surpass you.” Having said that, she put her hand on her chin, proudly saying, “When the time comes, Aunt Xiao, you can only come up here to me.”

Xiao Yuqing gently laughed out loud, telling her, “Then you should eat well, I’ll wait.” After two steps, she thought, as if something was wrong, and added, “Will that be a little too high, do you want to think about it? Just grow more than three centimeters to me.”

Lin Xian seriously thought about it, she is 164cm now, Xiao Yuqing is about 167cm. To be more than three centimeters is 170cm, and when it comes to the chin it does seem a bit too high. Turning back, she thought again, such a thing as height was not just what she wanted. So she couldn’t help laughing and forgot how to be shy. She came close to Xiao Yuqing, reached out to hold Xiao Yuqing’s hand, and joked, “Then wait for me to grow taller by three centimeters, Aunt Xiao. You don’t need to give me food, help me press the pause button.” 

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but when Lin Xian reached out to hold Xiao Yuqing’s hand, for a moment, Xiao Yuqing seemed to be tense. She turned her head in doubt and looked at Xiao Yuqing, who smiled as usual on her face. Lin Xian thought, ‘Probably, it was an illusion?’

She quietly looked down at Xiao Yuqing’s hand that she was holding, only to see her five fingers white and slender like green onions. Each nail was smooth and round, clean, and a healthy pink color. Lin Xian thought of her mother’s colorful, flower pattern nails, and suddenly understood the saying, “natural beauty is true beauty.”

She announced that from today on, she will not only be face control but also hand control1.

Xiao Yuqing turned her head to look at Lin Xian, only to find Lin Xian looking at her hands. She bit her lip and felt some inexplicable embarrassment. Lin Xian also raised her head to look at Xiao Yuqing at this time, their line of sight colliding.

Lin Xian was open-hearted, similar to her peers, with a childish bright face and clear smile. She used her thumb and forefinger to rub Xiao Yuqing’s fingers, while boasting, “Aunt Xiao, your fingers are so slim and beautiful.”

Lin Xian watched Xiao Yuqing’s fair face slowly change into a beautiful red color, and the red reached up all the way to her ears.

Oh, was Aunt Xiao this shy?

Xiao Yuqing felt that the hand that was being held by Lin Xian, began to have a few layers of sweat. She smiled a little, and if nothing happened, urged Lin Xian, “It’s getting dark, let’s go quickly.” Then, she took a big step and made a quick move toward the supermarket.

As soon as she arrived at the door of the supermarket, she saw the shopping basket and felt relieved. She pretended to quickly pull out the hand being held by Lin Xian and reached for the basket.

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing’s slightly awkward movement of her left hand, so it was a bit unclear.

Aunt Xiao is left-handed?

The author has something to say:

If there are no special circumstances, I will try my best. O (∩-∩) O.

1 To not only  be face control but also hand control- she means that she will pay attention to her hands and make sure they’re beautiful as well

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    1. It is not “I think”, it is “she is”. And she’s cautious because I believe she has received hate for being who she is (especially when everyone was more conservative and not open-minded) and wants to avoid that with the mc, whether it’d be the truth or if she didn’t want to be hated by the mc.

      1. Whoa spoilers dude lol, I mean sure even this early in all the signs are there especially for careful people with attention to detail, how is it that a beautiful woman with a soft and gentle temperament is still alone by her 30s, hasn’t talked to her family since the “incident” or whatever and gets bashful and coy with intimacy from another beautiful girl.

        Like yes it’s all there lol but still.

        China still isn’t very open minded especially the super conservative older generation, it was getting a little better but with those new rules that just came in … No hay media in television at all, more censoring in the web, even feminine looking male characters and masculine looking female characters are a no no now ….

        I really worry they’ll start taking down Yuri stuff or not allow it to be monetised ….. I’m a pretty big fan of Chinese Yuri even killing brain cells with machine translations lol.

      2. But well things are better and I get the aunt trying to “protect” her from that, how sad really …. That she thinks it’s bad to expose her to it or be honest about her preferences.

        I see its gonna be quite a tough battle, Yuri + the age gap? I’m ready for feels.

  1. Mhmhmh already some clues that she might be a lesbian? Is that why such a soft and good hearted beauty is alone ? Is that the problem why she left?

    I can see why she’d be do shy then if she hasn’t gotten the chance to flirt or be pampered.

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