For The Rest of Our Life – Aunt Xiao, your fingers are so slim and beautiful (2)

At first Lin Xian was stunned, then instantly choked, realizing she meant an Aunt’s towel1. Lin Xian’s delicate little face slowly turned crimson, but she still forced herself to calm down and answered Xiao Yuqing, “I really didn’t bring it…”

Xiao Yuqing found that Lin Xian was much more generous than she had imagined. She deepened her smile, adding, “You also need to buy slippers, cups…”

Lin Xian moved to the bed, her legs fell on the bedside, her feet gently flipped up the slippers she had been wearing, and looked at Xiao Yuqing, “I already have slippers.”

Xiao Yiqing smiled, replied, “This is only a pair of public slippers for guests to wear. Where can you wear public slippers in our home?” After she finished, she pointed diagonally across the bedroom door and motioned to Lin Xian. “The bathroom is there, I just sweated a lot. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go there to wash your face first. I’m going to change clothes and when I come out we will go to the supermarket.”

Lin Xian nodded, picked up a towel neatly stacked on the bed, and said, “Then I’ll wash my face.” 

She watched Xiao Yuqing leave the bedroom, her hands clutching the towel, but Xiao Yuqing’s words “our home” echoed in her mind. The phrase brought a brilliant smile to her face, got up, and got out of bed.

Xiao Yuqing changed her clothes very fast. When Lin Xian washed her face and combed her hair out again, she saw Xiao Yuqing standing by the porch with a ready-to-wear look and was waiting for her with a bag and a car key.

Hearing the footsteps, Xiao Yuqing turned back slightly, looked at Lin Xian, and smiled, “Ready?”

Xiao Yuqing changed into a simple dress, with black and white ink Chinese style. On her feet was a pair of stiletto sandals, this was obviously a simple dress. But because of her bright smile and eyes, the moment she turned and looked back, Lin Xian’s eyes were fascinated by her.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but think that one day when she reached the same age as Xiao Yuqing, it would be nice to have her style. 

There was no pause in the movement of Lin Xian’s feet and quickly walked up to Xiao Yuqing’s heels, squatted down, and softly responded while wearing shoes, “Okay, wait for me to wear shoes, and we can go.”

Xiao Yuqing said warmly, “It’s okay, it’s not urgent.” Then she bent slightly to help Lin Xian lift the straps of her suspenders that had slipped down back to her shoulders.

Lin Xian noticed Xiao Yuqing’s movements, the hand that was tying her shoelace did not stop, but she turned her head towards Xiao Yuqing and smiled in gratitude. Xiao Yuqing looked at her bright and lovely eyes and could not help but gently pinch her nose.

The supermarket was not far from the district where Xiao Yuqing lived, it was only five minutes by car. Along the way, Xiao Yuqing was introducing Lin Xian. The front of the district gate is the bus stop fifty-meters away and you can take 791 through seven stops and get to Jiangnan University. Three hundred meters forward is a stationery shop and then another two hundred meters is the Xinhua Bookstore. Around the area, there are also a lot of other large and small bookstores …

Xiao Yuqing’s introduction was very detailed, and Lin Xian listened very carefully.

When the car drove into the parking lot of the supermarket, Lin Xian suddenly seemed to find something missing, asked Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, is there no breakfast shop or breakfast stand near the bus stop?”

Xiao Yuqing reversed into the parking space, smiled, and asked her, “Why did you ask about the breakfast shop?”

“If there’s a breakfast shop nearby, I can save a little time to buy breakfast,” Lin confessed. “Generally, there are many breakfast shops near the school, but I have to wait in line for a long time.”

Xiao Yuqing smoothly stopped the car, turned to look at Lin Xian, smiling, “You don’t want to eat my breakfast? In fact, my cooking skill is good.”

When Lin Xian heard her words, because of the suddenness, her expression was somewhat dull.

1 When your Aunt comes it’s “that time” of the month so an aunt’s towel is the sanitary pads

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  1. Man this Xiao Yuqing seems like a really soft gentle woman.

    I do wonder why she’s still single.

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