For The Rest of Our Life – Aunt Xiao, your fingers are so slim and beautiful (1)

After Mother Zhou’s departure, Lin Xian followed Xiao Yuqing back to her bedroom, removing the luggage from the box bit by bit and into the bedroom cupboard and on the table.

Xiao Yuqing squatted down, reaching out to pull the zipper of the suitcase, ready to help Lin Xian unpack together. Lin Xian politely refused her, “It’s okay, Aunt Xiao, I’ll take care of it myself.” Remembering Mother Zhou’s instructions for her to be self-reliant.

Xiao Yuqing smiled slightly when she heard the words and no longer insisted when she saw her being serious. She retreated to the small sofa and sat, quietly watching Lin Xian.

Lin Xian actually had no experience in organizing clothes. After opening the suitcase and looking at the large stack of clothes, she was a little embarrassed. She opened the wardrobe and thought that the space was quite large. It should be fine to freely put it in, right?

So, she put the entire suitcase clothes into the closet intact from the suitcase, no matter the top or bottom, the summer and autumn clothes, and the inner and outer clothes, she had a big brain. It means you can do it by putting all your clothes in the closet.

Xiao Yuqing witnessed Lin’s full action on the side, she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

She stood up and pulled two paper towels, one gently held Lin Xian’s shoulder and the other helped wipe off her sweat. Then she warmly said, “Although you put this, I have a better suggestion, would you like to listen?” “

Lin Xian stopped and looked up at Xiao Yuqing’s gentle face, her eyes blinking. A few seconds later, she turned her eyes, and looked at the wardrobe, said, “Actually, I understand, it shouldn’t be like this.” After a pause, she turned back to Xiao Yuqing, and sincerely said, “Aunt Xiao, it seems I will have to trouble you to help me clean up.”

Xiao Yuqing bent the corners of her lip, smiled, and happily said, “Okay.” After saying so, she reached out to take a clothes hanger from the wardrobe, bent slightly, and picked up a windbreaker from the closet, explaining to Lin Xian, “If you have clothes, you can sort them into different categories. You can put the clothes of the season in a better place. Windbreakers, coats, shirts and other clothes that are easy to walk and wrinkle. If there is space, It is better to hang them up. And underwear is better to be separated from the outerwear and placed separately. As for…”

Xiao Yuqing’s voice was very nice to hear, a word, like the beautiful clear spring, slowly flowing from Lin Xian’s ears. Lin Xian’s thoughts were preoccupied that Aunt Xiao seemed more suitable as a teacher than her mother.

When everything is done, it is time to relax.

Xiao Yuqing sat by the bed, looked at the gloaming sky, and looked at Lin Xian who collapsed on the bed, smiled, and asked her, “Are you hungry? You accidentally picked this time.”

Lin Xian touched her stomach, smiled slightly and shook his head, said, “It’s okay, I ate more at noon.”

Xiao Yuqing stood up and smiled, “Well, let’s go to the supermarket together. We can buy some food to cook for dinner later. Secondly, I need to buy you some essential daily necessities.”

Lin Xian sat up, “Okay, but I don’t seem to need to add anything. I brought all my toothbrushes and towels.”

Xiao Yuqing suddenly bent his eyebrows, and brought a rare narrowness in the always gentle smile, “I don’t know what brand you usually use…” She blinked at Lin Xian, continued, “So I’m not prepared, did you bring it?”

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