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Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 43

She exploded immediately. The last time Xueqing refused to join their team, even a fool could see that she was rejecting them in disguise. This Zhang Chi even dared to have the idea of chasing Xueqing . This time, Lin Siyi didn’t care whether this person could be the male lead or not, he cannot

Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 42

Tears flowed down from the corner of her eyes, dripping onto the tips of Nan Xueqing’s fingers. Nan Xueqing looked at the tears on her fingers and her eyes slightly wavered. “Awake?” Lin Siyi suddenly opened her eyes and got up, breathing heavily. Nan Xueqing immediately sat next to her, gently soothing her breathing. Her

Female Lead Is a Black Lotus – Chapter 41

“Sister Peng, is Xiao Ya in her room?” The clock hanging in the living room had turned to 2:00 p.m. in a flash of time. Lin Siyi opened to call out to Teacher Xun, but found herself once again out of control, turning into the figure of Sister Peng. “In her room.” The teenager Teacher

Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 40

Lin Siyi looked at the clash between their eyes and immediately interfered, “We just want to know the truth, there has already been one person killed, Teacher Xun should not want to get more people implicated.” Wu Ke’er, “Yes, Teacher Xun, if you really have something you can’t say, I believe my Dad will understand.”

My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 63

Fuyu looked at her grown-up disciple and did not say anything. So, Shu Tang asked again, “Master, I can give the True God’s-…” Before she could finish her sentence, her master beside her had already got up and interrupted her, “Huahua, you shouldn’t run away.” “I’m not running away, I just….” Shu Tang bit her

Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 39

The atmosphere became very tense for a moment. Shao Yang whispered, “An auxiliary master raising cloud cats is only for the rich, what is the Goddess’s family condition?” Wu Ke’er raised her eyebrows, “When did she become your goddess?” Shao Yang hugged his chest and responded seriously, “All the good-looking ones are my goddess.” “Shame

Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 38

Lin Siyi and Nan Xueqing passed by Bo Leng’s dormitory. “Don’t you want to go to Bo Leng first?” “Later, I don’t think she’s back yet.” “Xueqing, what are you doing here?” Nanzi had just returned from dinner, not expecting such a coincidence and when she saw Lin Siyi next to her, she suddenly hesitated.

My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 62

Fuyu shamelessly stayed in Luhua’s residence for a while until after Luhua understood every detail of the bracelet completely, and only then did she settle down. Luhua was exhausted, but still told her all kinds of things that happened over the Yuangui Sect. He originally wanted to brag to her about his own and Nantan’s

My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 61

“You….” Shu Tang subconsciously tried to stop her and then realized that even if she lived, she seemed to be in danger. Although she didn’t know why these people became so excited after knowing she had the power of the True God, she could guess a thing or two from it. She does not know

My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 60

 The pig was blasted into a bloody mess and died. These words fell gently into Shu Tang’s ears, the wind and sand continued to rage, and she felt a little numb. She grabbed the hand of the red flame beast and clutched it tightly until Chi Yan screamed “Ouch ouch ouch”. Only then did she


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