As a liberal arts student, I think the world will end sooner or later Chapter 7

Hello people, I just got off the plane.

Because of some not so good things that happened after the entrance exams, I went to Yokohama, Japan alone to get away.

Originally my parents didn’t agree, but since I kept insisting, they had no choice but to grant my request.

I don’t know why, but I remembered the beautiful scenery of the tour, but I felt that I had forgotten something.

What was it? I began to think back to why my heart was flooded with endless emotions, both sad and content.

I never came to a conclusion and when I got home, I hugged my parents tightly.

“Yah, kid, why are you crying. It’s okay, it’s good to be back.”

Did I cry? When did I start crying? When you saw your parents, did you get a heartache, or was it further back?

My mother softly comforted me with gentle tones that made me sob in her arms. Who was it? Who used to hold me like this?

Late at night, I had a dream, and in it, I found the answer. There was a girl, who accompanied me to Yokohama, where I saw many people I had missed in my heart.

When I woke up, I shed tears again.

My name is Asahi, and like Alice, I had fallen into a world full of fantasy. During the dream-like, hallucinatory and unbelievable journey, I took my footsteps very lightly, fearing that I might disturb something, and then woke up at once. I saw all sorts of people walking around me, both happy and sad. So real that I couldn’t help but cry.

There is one more person who was always there for me, fulfilling my dreams for me. I cherish every second I have with her, but it is still too short. Time, I ask you, please slow down a little.

I understand parting is something that everyone has to experience, like drifting leaves to the dust, faraway travelers return to their hometown. Since you forgot to say hello to the world when you came, be content to say goodbye to it when you leave.

“It’s time to go, and I’m really, really glad to have had this experience.”

As well as at the end, be sure to hold back your tears and smile at her.

“Thank you.”


The author has something to say:

It’s over, thanks for all the support I’ve received. And the little angels for commenting to me often, I really appreciate it. Originally I wanted to write romance, but I found that the worldview to the back is not good to deal with, so I changed it to a friendly orientation, I apologize here. I’ll work harder in the future!

Translator: I knew something was wrong in that last chapter. It was like Xiaoli had asked her because she was going to disappear forever and it was a goodbye. Dang, what a tragic twist. Update: I had tagged this as a tragedy because I’m a coward and the ending makes/made me depressed.

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