As a liberal arts student, I think the world will end sooner or later Chapter 6

Hello everyone, today is the day of excitement.

It’s already the sixth day of the tour and arguably the last day of visiting Yokohama, and we’ll be flying back to our own world early tomorrow morning.

This is what Xiaoli told me, which was deduced yesterday by the super great Mr. Edogawa Ranpo. To be honest, I still don’t have a sense of reality, after all, it’s too fashionable to travel by plane. But if Mr. Ranpo said it, then it must be true, and he’s the man with the script.

And so, on this short last day, I decided to live a little more meaningful, and decided, let’s go to the Armed Detective Agency. Just to thank Mr. Rampo, not to ask for an autograph.

Xiaoli and I bought a cake and then went to visit everyone at the detective agency. It was great that I got to be up close and personal with these famous literary heroes once again.

I was so lost throughout yesterday that I never paid attention, but I didn’t realize until now that everyone is very nice.

Japan’s most renowned mystery master, Edogawa Rampo, is the number one detective in the world here. Possessing very keen observation skills, he is confident, yet unexpectedly childish. And finally, like me, loves desserts.

Atsushi Nakajima, the famous writer, is still a simple-minded teenager with a little inferior problems for some reason, but can feel it, he’s a gentle person. What makes me curious is that black band on the back of the dress, is that a trend? At first glance it looks like a tail.

Doppo Kunikida, a very serious man, often has a handbook with ideals in his hand, ah, as much as history, and loves Master Carlyle. I hear he was a famous math teacher before, which is really respectful.

With Yosano Akiko, a super good-looking big sister, people are still very handsome, short-haired imperial sister I really can. She is the exclusive doctor of the detective agency, I don’t know why, when I say she is a doctor, some people can’t help but shiver.

There’s also the inseparable Tanizaki siblings, clerk Kirako Haruno, who secretly watched Idiot’s Love when I was a kid, smiling mysteriously.

Kyouka Izumi is the cutest in the world! This, this is a mouthless beauty queen, a treasure of the world, and there are dumb hairs sticking up and there are actually stars in her eyes when she eats cake quietly, so cute, aw.

Kenji is also a very simple and natural boy with small freckles on his face. He smiles very brightly. It is not big, but it makes people feel like a very reliable person. I’m told that he likes cows a lot, and I always thought it suited him.

Also, we accidentally met the president of the detective agency, Mr. Fukuzawa Yukichi. The same as he once saw on the ten thousand dollar bill, super dignified. It’s just that his back is a bit familiar, I vaguely saw him in a nearby park two days ago, like, was he feeding the cat! Well, that was even more unexpected.

Finally, I met Osamu Dazai, the writer I wanted to be a fan of. What can I say? I have never seen such audacity in a man. He was the dark-haired young man who pretended to be an old woman to deceive people and as soon as we met, he offered me an invitation to die and after I refused, he offered it to Xiaoli. I smiled and raised the big knife that was foolishly moving in my hand. But it was like that, the smile, the mannerisms and the careless look in his eyes… He must have been, according to the book, a good boy like a god.

The daily life we spent together was supposed to be a series of miracles.

It was really quite a fulfilling day, so that even if we left, it would be with a smile.

Xiaoli and I were walking one after the other, the sun’s last rays shining down on us, drawing a long shadow. Xiaoli suddenly stopped and stood in front of me, the setting sun shining on her face, becoming transparent.

Xiaoli looked at me, “Are you happy?”

I smiled and replied back, “Well, everyone was great and fantastic. I have no regrets about this tour.”

Xiaoli also gave a rare smile, “That’s good, I thought you’d be sorry you didn’t ask for an autograph.”

The smile instantly freezes on my face, and I stiffly look at Xiaoli and I can’t help but scream loudly, “Ahhhhh, what should I do? I forgot about it.”

Translator: I just finally realize that these people, besides being famous writers, are from the anime Bungou Stray Dogs.

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    1. Lol. Yea we definitely should have realized. Especially me when I kept looking these people up. Everytime I do an anime character will be in the images as well and they MATCHED with the description in here. Hahahaha

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