As a liberal arts student, I think the world will end sooner or later Chapter 4

Yay, it’s a new day today.

Hello everyone, it’s me Asahi, here we are again.

Today is the fourth day that Xiaoli and I have been in Yokohama, Japan and we are already halfway through the seven days we decided to travel. Except for the first day of sightseeing, the rest of the days were wasted and I’ve had a mental breakdown from something. In the event that I really couldn’t figure out what was going on, I decided to put all that behind me and come out and have a good time. After all, the pleasure was self-given, and as long as I didn’t think about it, I could pretend that nothing had happened.

It’s not easy to come out for once, how can I not have a good time, I can’t have my schedule disrupted by some things, even if they are strange! But we have underestimated the city after all, not long after Xiaoli  and I left the house, hand in hand, the road in front of us exploded with a bang…….

Well, I knew it, I was a little frustrated, holding the popsicle that Xiaoli had bought to coax me. Hmmm(╯^╰), do you think a plain popsicle can dull the pain in my heart? No! At least two. After being stuffed with another popsicle, I mercifully let her go on her quest for the truth, after all, I really wasn’t in the mood to play right now. As I listened to Xiaoli’s conversation with the others.

  Xiaoli: “…”

  Passerby: “…”

  Xiaoli: “…”

  Passerby: “…”

  They looked at each other speechless, but it was Xiaoli who finally broke the silence.

  Xiaoli: “It’s you again, auntie.”

  Passerby: “Huh? Who’s talking?”

  Xiaoli: “Why do you always meet you after the explosion, big sister?”

  Passerby: “I don’t know.”

  Riku: “This beautiful big sister, can you tell me what just happened?”

  Passerby: “Yikes! What’s a cute little girl, sure no problem.”

This conversation was really so unproductive and boring that I just laughed for ten minutes and then stopped. After I finished laughing I decided to go for a walk around, otherwise the first thing Xiaoli would do when she finished the conversation would be to hit me.

I started to slowly sneak along the road. Ah, how youthful was the young man running in the sunlight, how beautiful was the young girl’s blushing cheeks, how shiny was the teenager’s orange hair reflecting in the sunlight…orange, orange hair? I immediately returned and looked there. Once again, I conceded that Xiaoli was right, who would mistake someone who looked so good!

The teenager, no, it should be a gentleman, although not tall, but unexpectedly imposing. It’s also the case that there aren’t many people who would wear a black outfit in the middle of the day on such a hot summer day, with an overcoat on. The last one I met was the fashionable black and white boy at the beach, which I found by accident. He also had dark eyes, pale skin and dark eyebrows… I don’t remember if he had eyebrows or not.

If it was normal, I would have spat out that the man was either brain-dead or faking it. But I’m sure this gentleman has his own reasons, because he’s just so good looking!

I see he’s helping an old lady cross the street. It was also super nice and I could only watch. But as I continued to admire the exuberant beauty, I noticed something was off. With my years of experience of being touched and watching people touched in the flower grower’s house, I’d bet that old lady was faking it. Damn, she must have been as impressed as I was with that gentleman’s kindness (and handsomeness) to use this as a way of touching porcelain, and I had to stop her.

I immediately went forward and told the gentleman that he had been cheated, and that the old lady was faking it. The gentleman was confused, but after I pulled off the old lady’s disguise with a lightning-fast move, his face instantly turned black, he squeezed his fist, yelled at the bastard for being too much of a jerk, and then punched the man away.

As I watched the man make a beautiful arc in the air, I couldn’t help but exclaim, Yokohama, there are so many handsome men. From the fashionable young man who follows trends, to the contrasting young man who is unexpectedly sharp but can get lost, to this gentleman who has a good heart and a great attitude, and even a cheeky guy who pretends to be an old lady, all of them are very good-looking, and there are all kinds of them. Honestly, you guys are going to debut soon, let’s call the group Yokohama F4, if it comes out, it’s going to be a hit!

Afterwards, Mr. Nakahara thanked me in earnest, and I learned his name, bumper to bumper! I was quite surprised to see that his name is the same as the Japanese literary hero Nakahara Nakanaka, which I have to say is quite a coincidence.

I told Xiaoli about these things and then excitedly smoothly thought about my bright future with Nakahara-san.

Xiaoli helplessly held her forehead, “Aren’t you forgetting something important.”

And I smile happily, “How come? I’ve certainly thought of the child’s name and kindergarten.”

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