As a liberal arts student, I think the world will end sooner or later Chapter 5

Hello everyone, today is a very sad Asahi.

I got a hard lecture from Rei yesterday, but that’s not what saddened me, but Xiaoli was right, there’s really no way that Nakahara-san and I are together.

After all, if my parents found out I was with a Japanese guy with orange hair and blue eyes who wasn’t even as tall as me, they’d probably rip up my passport, break my legs…and even more cruelly, they’d cut off my living expenses.

Once again, I recognized reality and, between Mr. Nakahara and MONEY, I chose the latter.

It’s already the fifth day, and it’s clearly the fifth day, but Xiaoli and I have done nothing. Today, a change had to be made, we wouldn’t be so unlucky as to run into explosions several days in a row.

An hour later, I smirked at the raging fire and smoke, then threw myself into Xiaoli’s arms and cried so loudly.

This time, even Xiaoli wasn’t interested, especially after seeing that passerby again, and she even grabbed my hand and ran away.

Xiaoli and I decided to continue our sightseeing tour and not to worry about anything else. We went to see the Three Streams Garden, the museum and the sea breeze. We walked around and finally rested at a coffee shop. We enjoyed mellow coffee and sweet cakes and marveled at the years. Suddenly, a scream pierced through my eardrums and I heard someone yell, someone is dead….

As a dedicated high school student in Oobata, I never thought that death would be this close to me, and I feel a little bad. In this case, I have to say, Yokohama, count you out (middle finger)1.

The police soon arrived and from what they described, it was a murder and the victim, a woman, was struck from behind with a heavy object in the bathroom. But nothing else was found beyond that, and they never found the murder weapon, let alone the killer.

In the end, it was the young man I had met on the first day, calling himself a famous detective, who stepped in to solve the problem and he pointed out the murderer directly. And after some reasoning that I couldn’t understand at all, I just understood that Japan is a country that really knows how to play, and what the hell is a secret room and time difference, Detective Conan?

This doubt rose to its peak when I heard the young man’s name. His name was Edogawa Ranpo, yes, that Edogawa Ranpo. I even wondered if he had taken APTX48692 and lived into the 21st century. Though his body is smaller, his mind is still nimble, and he’s an omniscient detective, there’s always only one truth.

But then I thought of the world without mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo, and once again I began to get confused. But since I can’t figure it out, I don’t want to. I’m a person with no other merit than optimism.

Xiaoli and I went up to say hello to Mr. Ranpo. He seemed to have recognized us a long time ago, and he was not surprised. He said, “It’s you” and there was no more. I looked around and didn’t see the tall blond young man who was just following him. Before I could ask, Mr. Ranpo answered me first: “Kunikida went to the police station. You are going to send this detective back.” I went to ask Xiaoli and she said it was fine. I thought about it and it was really impossible to let him go back alone, so I agreed.

At this point, I didn’t know how hard of a blow I would receive in a little while, the truth was worse than the non-existence of all literary heroes in all countries.

Xiaoli and I sent Mr. Ranpo to where we were last time, and this time he let us go up with him. And when we were confused, he said lightly, “Didn’t you guys cross?”

I stopped, this is not Conan anymore. This kind of force that seems to know the correct answer in advance must be the son of the god, who was holding the script when he was born.

Xiaoli and I followed Mr. Ranpo to the place where he worked, called the Armed Detective Agency, and learned about the nature of this world. It turns out that the literary heroes of this world are still around, but they’ve abandoned their pens and taken up other professions…

Edogawa Ranpo became a detective, Akutagawa Ryunosuke and Nakahara Chuuya are mafias, Mori Ogai is still a lolicon, and even the money printed on it is not Yukichi Fukuzawa.

After that, what Mr. Ranpo said, I have been completely inaudible. It was as if my brain was made of flour that had been thrown into a bucket of cold water and turned into a paste.

After being brought back to the hotel in a muddled state by Xiaoli, I burst into tears and repented.

Xiaoli sighed, “What? I finally understand the seriousness of the matter.”

I burst into tears, “Well, what should I do, they turned out to be great Japanese writers, and I just forgot to ask them for an autograph QAQ.”

The author has something to say:
This is the first time I’m writing. To be honest, there are only two chapters to end. I’m not sure about it, and my style will be different from the previous one. Tomorrow, the remaining two chapters will be sent out, and the whole thing will be clear, it will not be very long, so I hope you can read the whole story.

1 Uhh. I guess she’s not having an ideal time

2 I’m not too sure but I think it’s a Detective Conan reference. Never seen it so I don’t know.

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