As a liberal arts student, I think the world will end sooner or later Chapter 3

Ah, hello everyone, it’s me again, Asahi. I’ve finally calmed down completely today, and thanks to Natsume Soseki, I still have some mental support.

Just because I’ve accepted the reality, doesn’t mean I’ll give up on it. After calling and emailing my parents and friends, I found that I could still reach them, and they were all fine, while wishing me a good time in Japan. But when I asked about certain writings, suddenly they weren’t impressed.

I asked my father, who is a businessman, about The Wealth of Nations, and he said he had never heard of it; I asked my mother, who loves literature, about Dream of the Red Chamber, and she had never heard of it; I even asked my former classmates about Zhu Ziqing’s Spring, and they had never heard of it either.

Damn it, have you all forgotten the fear of being ruled by “please read and recite”? Forgotten the frustration of memorizing the notes after the original? Forget about the days when we made mouth cues to each other in front of the teacher? Ah, the corners of my eyes, they’re wet.

I’ve decided to put that aside and sort out what’s happened so far.

On a beautiful morning, Rei and I traveled to Yokohama, Japan, and after some more strange people and things, we found ourselves traveling through a different world.

Everyone already knows what I encountered, so I won’t repeat it, but is it that the literary giants of various countries have suddenly disappeared, and even their works are gone? What’s the big deal…well ahhh, can’t cry, the store manager will laugh.

Ahem, all in all, besides me, Xiaoli also met something amazing. According to her, she was convinced that someone flew through the air that day. The next morning, she went to look for the truth, and she did find a clue.

Xiaoli said she went to the place where the explosion had occurred yesterday and found that it was sealed off and inaccessible, so she asked the people around her for information. The conversation went something like this:

  Riku: “Auntie, do you know why there was an explosion yesterday?”

  Passerby: “Hey ah, I’m still very young.”

  Riku: “Okay, big sister, do you know the cause of the explosion?”

  Passerby: “I don’t know, ask someone else.”

  Riku: “This beautiful big sister, can you tell me what happened yesterday?”

  Passerby: “Ah, whose kid is so talkative, of course, it’s no problem.”

So, Xiaoli got the news by selling her dignity. In fact, I’m more curious about how Xiaoli’s paralyzed face could have made such a cheeky compliment, as she usually only spits at me, but if I put on my glasses, I’d be a standard spiteful servant.

Anyway, Xiaoli found that yesterday’s explosion of that magnitude seemed like nothing to the locals and everyone’s reaction was normal. It was as if it wasn’t an explosion, but fireworks, and no, maybe the fireworks would get more attention.

Xiaoli and I were puzzled by the fact that the city of Yokohama was a simple city with a lot of people before we came here, but now it’s become the New York of the Marvel movies and the Gotham of the DC movies.

The first thing that you need to do is to find a new trail, and you’ll see the person who flew in the air yesterday. The most beautiful boy on the street, the best looking boy on the street.

I actually have doubts about whether she can recognize the existence of doubt, after all, the distance was not close, there is still smoke blocking, but Xiaoli herself swore. According to her: “Would you recognize a boy with orange hair and blue eyes who is super good-looking?” I have to admit, she convinced me that such a person is indeed rare.

Xiaoli continued to secretly observe him and here I have to mention Xiaoli’s ability to control her presence at will, as long as she wanted to, even if others were standing in front of her, they wouldn’t be able to find her. The fact that we’ve become friends has something to do with this, but let’s keep it a secret for now, Xiaoli is a child who is shy when she meets a stranger.

Xiaoli said that the strange boy had a cool motorcycle and flew up the building on it? It was the kind that flew straight up, with no support below. And under her observation, there is no auxiliary device such as Avia, and there seems to be no one besides her, so it is impossible to be a shooting.

What to say? Although I’ve accepted the fact that I’ve crossed over, it’s a bit stimulating for my heart, especially when I found out that there might still be superpowers in this world. Maybe there will be some kind of man-eating tiger and other magical events next, think about a little bit of anticipation.

In the end, I could only sigh, “Gravity has been broken and Newton died in peace. Then can we stop studying physics?”

Xiaoli coolly retorted me, “Dream on, the earth doesn’t explode, we don’t take holidays, even if we cross over, we still have to learn physics.”

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