Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 43

She exploded immediately. The last time Xueqing refused to join their team, even a fool could see that she was rejecting them in disguise.

This Zhang Chi even dared to have the idea of chasing Xueqing .

This time, Lin Siyi didn’t care whether this person could be the male lead or not, he cannot have the idea of taking Xueqing.

Wait, why was she so upset about the female lead being with someone else?

Lin Siyi touched her lips and her face instantly turned red.

Just now, was the female lead confessing to her?

Then, they also…

The salient, she also reciprocated…

Lin Siyi covered her face. What the hell is going on? How can she be like that with the female lead?They are both girls.

But it’s not like girls could not be together.

Bo Leng and Zhang Xin, Teacher Xun and Xiao Ya…

Her and the female lead, can too.

Lin Siyi held her heart, so… did she actually like Xueqing a little?

Otherwise she would not be so bothered by the female lead being with other men.

Lin Siyi looked in the direction of the door, so why did she just say that she preferred men?

Isn’t this a subtle rejection of the female lead?

She instantly panicked, the female lead ran out in the middle of the night where would she go?

Doesn’t the male lead meet with the female lead when she is sad and then the other will comfort her and the two will develop mutual affection for each other and make promises?

Many books are written like this!

Lin Siyi put her phone in her pocket and quickly ran out.

As soon as she opened the door, Lin Siyi froze, the female lead was leaning against the wall and looking at her with a smile.

She immediately became embarrassed and nervous, “Xue-Xueqing, you’re back.”

Nan Xueqing crossed her arms, “I was always here.”

“Come in?” Lin Siyi was at a loss for words and gestured to the room behind.

“Aren’t you heading out?” Nan Xueqing’s eyes fell on the other person, “I’ll accompany you?”

“Heading out?” What heading out? She was going to look for the female lead.

Now that the female lead was in front of her, how could she not say anything?

Lin Siyi wanted to slap herself, when did she become such a coward.

In her life, wasn’t she the one who cried with her sisters every day for a date?

Now that the object was placed in front of her, she was stunned, what a coward!

“Xueqing, what you said before-“

“I was joking.”

Lin Siyi immediately raised her head, “Joking?”

Nan Xueqing’s mouth carried a faint smile, stroking the other party’s frizzy head, “Go to bed early.”

Lin Siyi stood dumbfounded at the spot.

J… joking?

Then that kiss, was that also a joke?

“Not coming in?” Nan Xueqing took a pajama from the closet and walked into the bathroom.

Lin Siyi’s body moved a little, she still had a hard time accepting it. How could it be a joke?

She walked into the room and sat on the bed, staring blankly at the bathroom door, not even knowing when Nan Xueqing had finished washing, opened the bathroom door, and walked up to her.

“Thinking about something?” Nan Xueqing sat down next to her.

Lin Siyi looked at her, “Xueqing, just now, were you really joking?”

Nan Xueqing’s hand that was wiping her hair paused, “Do you want me to be joking?”

The half-dried hair was slightly tousled, a drop of water slid down the other party’s cheek and over the collarbone, then Lin Siyi’s eyes looked at the other party’s pure white pajamas, and even the protruding dots were clearly visible.

Her throat suddenly became a little dry, “I-I want some water.”

Lin Siyi’s hands trembled, picking up the glass of water on the table, and out of the corner of her eyes, she peeked at the female lead next to her.

“The water is dripping.”

Lin Siyi felt the wetness on her chest and promptly put down the cup of water, pulling out napkins to wipe.

Nan Xueqing, “Just go take a shower.”

Lin Siyi had a bout of fluster and Nan Xueqing went up to hold her hand and took the napkins away from her hand, “Go take a shower.”

“Ok….,” feeling the female lead’s slightly cool hand, Lin Siyi calmed down a lot. It was summer, why was Xue Qing’s hand so cold?

She grabbed her pajamas and walked towards the bathroom, taking one step forward and three steps back, still a little unconvinced. Was Xueqing really joking with her?

She turned on the shower head and showered. She really felt like she liked her.

She was a girl who likes another girl, she admits it, why was she joking?

An evil thought suddenly emerged in Lin Siyi’s heart.

It would be better to directly ask the female lead at night…. hehe.

So whether the female lead was joking with her or not, she can’t be with other men.

She can, in turn, slowly cultivate feelings with the female lead.

“No, how can I have such dirty thoughts!” Lin Siyi scratched her head in annoyance.

However, remembering the kiss earlier, Lin Siyi’s face instantly burned up.

Her heart was pounding, it seemed like she really was in love with Xueqing, a person who was a girl just like her.

Nan Xueqing.

Lin Siyi’s heart silently called out this name.

She must have had a crush on Xueqing before today, no, it must have been even earlier.

When it was, she could not tell. She only knew that every time the other person came near her, she felt that she reacted very strangely.

The kind of strange that she did not understand before and did not bother to explore.

Now, she seems to have the answer.

It was a heartbeat that she had never had before.

Since she had confirmed her feelings, she should take some initiative.

Thinking about every drama she watched, because of the female lead’s lack of initiative, missed out of several years or up to even more than ten years and only got together near the end. She felt annoyed just thinking about it.

If she doesn’t take some actions now, continue to get along with the female lead in the same way as before… Lin Siyi became uncomfortable.

What if the female lead was taken away by another man at this time?

No, she can’t just sit around and wait for death.

In this world, her love rivals are very many and the number one love rival is her brother, Lin Chuliu!

When she thought of the marriage contract between Lin Chuliu and Xueqing, she was incomparably upset.

Before, she didn’t know why she strongly objected to their marriage contract, but now she knows, it’s because she likes Nan Xueqing!

So, in a way, Lin Chuliu was also considered to be an answer.

But according to the way he acted before, he probably doesn’t want her and Xueqing to be together, maybe it was because he couldn’t accept two girls or maybe it was because he and Xueqing had a marriage contract.

But she didn’t care, there was no one she liked in her  world.

It wasn’t easy to meet one here, did she need to worry about others?

Don’t be a coward, Lin Siyi, just go out and do it!

“Nan Xueqing!” Lin Siyi plucked up courage and pushed open the door, only to wince when she saw Xueqing’s cold eyes.

Nan Xueqing?

(Nan Xueqing POV here) One should know that Lin Siyi has never even called her by her first and last name. Was it after a shower and remembering the kiss before and still felt disgusted?

Or was she so eager to get rid of her and find a man?

As a result, when she ran out to look for her in a hurry, was she just pretending?

The more she thought about it, the colder her heart became. (To here)

Lin Siyi stood where she was. She was a person who didn’t like dragging things around to make it a mess. She had to say what she had in her heart right away.

Looking at the expressionless face of Xueqing, Lin Siyi took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to blow-dry my hair!”


The sound of the hair dryer sounded, Nan Xueqing held the phone in her hand, her thumb pressing hard, and a crack appeared on the screen.

Lin Siyi looked in the mirror and kept taking deep breaths.

Lin Siyi, you’re too much of a coward.

Think about every drama you’ve seen, where the female lead was a coward, were you are not dying to go in and slap her a few times?

It was obviously something that had to be said right away but could not be said and had to be postponed for later.

This was not the same thing!

Okay, even if she didn’t say it now, what about the variables that will come up later?

At least for this moment she can be sure that the female lead liked her a little in her heart.

Otherwise, how could Nan Xueqing kiss her?

Although Xueqing said it was a joke from her mouth, perhaps she was lying to her?

Therefore, she must also say what’s in her heart. In this way, everyone has made it clear that there may be half a chance of success.

If not, let alone a half, it would be impossible in this life.

Lin Siyi put down the hair dryer.

She patted her face, receiving more courage.

Preparing to get up but found that Xueqing had gone to bed to sleep….

Lin Siyi stood still, looking at the other’s back facing her on the bed, uncertain how to start….

She looked up at the light, how about…

“Xueqing, I’ll turn off the lights.”

The other party did not respond and the lights were turned off.

Lin Siyi used the light from her phone to open up the curtains a little.

She sat on her bed and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness at the moment.


She gently called out but the other person still did not respond.

Lin Siyi touched her head, could it be that she was asleep?

She tiptoed over when the other person suddenly got up and looked at her. Lin Siyi was so frightened that she almost fell down, but was pulled back by Nan Xueqing and fell into her arms.

“What do you want?” Nan Xueqing’s voice was low and dull.

Her eyes were bright like stars, even if it was dark, but it was still so dazzling, “Want… want to do you…”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were baffled, then returned to normal, “Do you know what you’re saying?”

Lin Siyi reacted. Oh God, what was she saying, such frivolous words, how did she say it?

Seeing the other party’s repentant hatred to strangle herself, Nan Xueqing’s face went cold, “Go to bed.”

Nan Xueqing’s face was suddenly filled with shock, the young girl’s soft lips pressed against hers and her brain seemed to go emoty.

The time stood still, the door of the balcony was not tightly closed. When the wind blew it made a squeaking sound but no one paid attention to it.

As the young girl’s lips left, her cheeks turned red, not even daring to look at her directly in the eyes.

“Lin Siyi.” She had never called her name so seriously before.

“En?” The young girl’s soft voice penetrated her heart.

“You have to take responsibility for me.”

“Eh??” Lin Siyi did not react in time, the other party’s hand seized the back of her head and once again began a kiss. The kiss was not like her cautiousness before, nor the gentleness at the beginning, but a domineering invasion.    

The entwined tongues rubbed against each other, making Lin Siyi’s mind go blank as she closed her eyes and reached out to embrace the other party.

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