Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 42

Tears flowed down from the corner of her eyes, dripping onto the tips of Nan Xueqing’s fingers. Nan Xueqing looked at the tears on her fingers and her eyes slightly wavered.


Lin Siyi suddenly opened her eyes and got up, breathing heavily.

Nan Xueqing immediately sat next to her, gently soothing her breathing.

Her eyes were filled with tears and her mouth muttered, “How… how did she die?”

“Lin Siyi?” The deep voice showed concern.

Lin Siyi looked up and froze, “Xueqing?”

Her eyes immediately became wet.

The lights were on, the curtains were drawn, and Lin Siyi was sitting on the bed and the moment she saw Nan Xueqing she had someone to talk to.

She gestured with both hands and her voice was tinged with sobs, “One second everyone was safe and sound, the next second I was at a funeral and everyone around me was crying. They were all crying… and then I was crying too… wuwuwu.”

Lin Siyi suddenly stopped.

A long and slender finger landed on her lips, with a slightly cold touch, and Lin Siyi’s mind instantly recalled the scene where the girl and Teacher Xun kissed gently.

Her throat moved and she held her breath, afraid to take in a breath.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes faintly moved and she withdrew her fingers, “Don’t fall in too deep.”

“Xueqing,” Lin Siyi stammered, then noticed her surroundings, “Why am I in the dorm?”

Nan Xueqing poured a glass of water, “I brought you back, drink.”

She took the glass of water, her hands instantly warmed up, “Oh.”

Although she replied back, her mind was not there.

“Xueqing, do you think that the relationship between Bo Leng and Zhang Xin will ever be understood?”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes jumped, “Why would you ask this?”

“Because…because…” Lin Siyi didn’t know if she should speak about Teacher Xun’s and the legless ghost’s past. After all, it concerned other people’s privacy.

“Because I’m quite curious, they’re both women after all.”

“Is it against the law to like women?” Nan Xueqing took the cup away from Lin Siyi’s hand, “This is what you said before.”

“I-I only took a sip.” Lin Siyi feebly said.

“I seem to have said that before, but what do you think of it Xueqing?”

Nan Xueqing lowered her head, “I think you should be asking about the legless ghost right now.”

“Ah, yes, the legless ghost-“

“Teacher Qiao took it away.”

“Teacher Qiao?” Lin Siyi was confused.

“You should not hide from me if you go to ask him about the ghost eyes.”

Lin Siyi nearly forgot that Qiao Zheng was Nan Xueqing’s uncle and it was perfectly easy to find out what she had said to him.

“I…. I didn’t want you to worry. It was the first attempt, after all.”


“By the way Xueqing, you haven’t said why Teacher Qiao took the legless ghost.”

Nan Xueqing, “Because Teacher Qiao is crossing it.”

“Teacher Qiao?” Lin Siyi was surprised and then seemed to understand, “So that’s why, no wonder he asked me to go…”

“Did you see something?”

Lin Siyi’s mind floated to the image of the two kissing.

Xueqing in front of her stood in the light, her skin appeared even snowier, her sweet red lips were extremely seductive, and she pinched her thighs fiercely. What was she thinking!

“It’s just some of her memories, but I can only see some of the scenes of the person I possessed and there are still many things I don’t understand.”

Obviously, one second, because Xiao Ya broke her leg, her father had no choice but to compromise and the two were discussing going to Country R to get a certificate and the next second she appeared at the funeral.

The image of the memory rested on the last figure.

The young Teacher Xun was dressed in a black suit, she held an umbrella, and because of the distance, it was impossible for her to see her expression, only to see her place a box down and turn away.

“Maybe it will be clearer tomorrow.”

Lin Siyi nodded, the legless ghost was taken away by Qiao Zheng, presumably for the purpose of crossing.

“By the way, Xueqing, why did you go look for Bo Leng this afternoon?

The other party changed the subject a little too fast, “Why do you suddenly ask?”

Lin Siyi also did not know why, just thinking, “Didn’t she and Zhang Xin get back together? I think we should keep some distance from her. You’re really good, it wouldn’t be good if Bo Leng can’t control herself.”

The important part is that Bo Leng likes women. She was afraid that if the female lead got too close, it would be dangerous. After all, the female lead is so good, who knows if the other party would want to cheat. She is doing it for the sake of the female lead.

Nan Xueqing looked at the other person’s evasive eyes, “How do you feel about Bo Leng?”

What do you mean?

Could it be that the female lead really had thoughts about Bo Leng after she mentioned it?

“No, Bo Leng is with someone and think about it, you and her had shared a dorm for so long, if there was a spark of love it should have been there a long time ago. Xueqing, you are delusional, you should not be thirsty!”

At that moment, Lin Siyi could not remember the previous firm belief that the female lead likes men.

Affected by the memories of the legless ghost, she had the feeling that everyone in the world was gay instead.

Nan Xueqing, “???”


“Uh,” Lin Siyi realized she had gotten a little carried away and said the wrong thing and shrunk her head.

The hand that Lin Siyi had placed under the quilt clutched the sheet, nervous.

“But you’re right, in a dorm for so long, if I liked her, we should have gotten together a long time ago.”

“Yeah.” The female lead was so close to her that Lin Siyi could clearly smell the faint scent of jasmine.

Nan Xueqing moved closer to her again, the distance between the two people was barely more than five centimeters, “I think there is one more word you should know.”

“What word?” Lin Siyi didn’t dare to speak loudly.


Nan Xueqing’s body leaned forward, the tip of her nose gently touched Lin Siyi’s soft nose. She lowered her eyes to look at the other party’s pink lips, but before she could make the next move, the other party suddenly stepped backwards, pulling the distance between the two apart.

“Xueqing, I remembered there are still some cakes in the fridge, are you hungry? Do you want to eat some?”

Lin Siyi scrambled up and avoided her eyes, trying to run away.

“Come here.” Nan Xueqing’s eyes were lowered, her expression unreadable.

“Xueqing, you must be hungry, let’s eat some.”

Nan Xueqing got up and walked towards her, “Why did you avoid it?”

“Wh-what did I avoid? I just remembered that there is-”

Lin Siyi froze as she met Nan Xueqing’s cold eyes.

She suddenly felt as if she had never understood her.

“Xueqing,” Lin Siyi called out weakly.

“Lin Siyi, let’s date.”

She jerked her head up and her whole body suddenly fell into the warm arms of Nan Xueqing.

The moment her lips covered hers, Lin Siyi’s brain stopped working.

It wasn’t until the moment the slightly cool tongue touched her mouth, the electric sensation swept her every nerve. Her eyes were wide, incredulous, and her hands were stiffly hanging from the sides of her body.

What are they doing? This is the female lead, the female lead who may start a harem, the female lead who is a girl like her, how can… how can she be kissing with her…???!

The female lead’s fair skin was flushed with a soft layer of red, her long eyelashes sparingly fluttered, although her eyes were closed, it somehow made her look very charming.

The tip of Lin Siyi’s nose smelled the faint fragrance of jasmine from the other party’s body and Lin Siyi’s heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably, trying to jump out.

Nan Xueqing’s tongue wrapped around hers and Lin Siyi’s body trembled violently, going soft in the other party’s arms.

Nan Xueqing had one hand around the other’s waist and the other hand held her head, claiming the breath that belonged to her.

Lin Siyi found that she could no longer think and feeling the other party’s hot breath, she suddenly closed her eyes and held Nan Xueqing’s neck with her hands, responding with her tongue wrapping the other.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes immediately opened and the hand holding her waist strengthened more.

A few moments later, Lin Siyi let go of the hand holding the other party’s neck, slowly opened her eyes, facing the smile in the other party’s eyes, and her face exploded red.

Sh-she…. what in the world is she doing?

“X-Xueqing, I can explain, th-this is just a conditional reflex. It’s impossible between us,” her voice was abnormally hoarse and she was stunned when she finished.

The smile in Nan Xueqing’s eyes dissipated instantly, “Conditional reflex? Oh right, I forgot that you have had many ex-boyfriends.”


Lin Siyi remembered that the original owner, in order to show off, did date a lot of rich people, but the original owner did have a bottom line. She only swindled the money not the intimacy, this was still her first time.

Lin Siyi felt really cheap. What conditional reflex? Where did the conditional reflex come from? What is wrong with her? Couldn’t she say a different word besides “conditional reflex” here?

Regardless of the reason, the female lead must have misunderstood. She opened her mouth and tried to explain.

“However, I can strive to not mind.” Nan Xueqing’s voice was cold and Lin Siyi could feel the temperature around her drop a little.

Lin Siyi controlled her restless heart, “bu-but, I like men-“

“-Boom-” the cup on the table burst. Lin Siyi was shocked to see that the water inside had become ice and the cup was destroyed by ice shards, scattered on the floor.

Nan Xueqing stared at Lin Siyi and then took a step forward, Lin Siyi immediately took a step back and wanted to say something else, but saw the other party pass her and opened the door and left the dorm.

Lin Siyi’s body collapsed on the floor and she touched her burning face. Her phone rang for a long time without her noticing before she scrambled to press the answer button, “Xi-Xiao Rui, is there something the matter?”

“What’s wrong with your voice? Why is it hoarse, do you have a cold?” Xiao Rui was worried.

Lin Siyi kneaded her throat, her mind remembering the details of the kiss, and her body was struck with electricity, “No…. no, but you, what’s wrong?”

She rigidly got up and sat down on the bed, her eyes glanced across to the empty bed of the female lead, lost in thought.

“Didn’t I team up with Zhang Chi? It seems that there is a person who is a former roommate of Xueqing so Zhang Chi proposed that our two groups should get together for a meal tomorrow?”

“A meal?” Lin Siyi froze, “shouldn’t this be discussed with Lin Chuliu?”

“As I was saying, Lin Chuliu asked me to ask you guys what you thought.”

“Wait, aren’t Lin Chuliu and Zhang Chi rivals? Why are we having dinner together?”

The other party was silent for a moment and said, “Siyi, we don’t understand the relationship of men, but I do know one thing, Zhang Chi organized this meal for Xueqing.”

Xueqing? What does this have to do with Xueqing?

Lin Siyi suddenly stood up, “He wants to chase Xueqing?”

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      1. One solution is basically Xueqing take a rope, tie up the MC in the bed and make her way on the MC until the next day. For there and on she gonna understand that she like girls and Xueqing like her.

      2. You know from the beginning I was waiting to see Xueqing be s black lotus and make some kind of move in the MC, but this was more white that I spented.

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