Female Lead Is a Black Lotus – Chapter 41

“Sister Peng, is Xiao Ya in her room?”

The clock hanging in the living room had turned to 2:00 p.m. in a flash of time.

Lin Siyi opened to call out to Teacher Xun, but found herself once again out of control, turning into the figure of Sister Peng.

“In her room.”

The teenager Teacher Xun, whose face was still full of innocence, nodded to her and walked upstairs.

Lin Siyi moved around freely.

It seems that she can only return to herself when she was not in contact with the people involved, or else she would automatically enter the role of a character.

It looks like the legless ghost should not be Teacher Xun’s sister, so, why would mentor Teacher Xun lie?

Lin Siyi wanted to go up and eavesdrop, but found that she couldn’t go up, and could only move within the living room and kitchen.

Teacher Qiao only gave some warnings, the rest he did not know very well, letting her figure out for herself.

Was it because the person she was impersonating had not been upstairs during this time period, so she could only move around in the area within the range of her activities?

“Why aren’t these two kids down for dinner.”

“Auntie, why don’t I go get my sister and Xiao Ya?”

“No, no, you eat.” The middle-aged woman stopped the teenager from getting up, “Sister Peng, go tell them to hurry up and come down to eat.”

Without warning, it had switched over to dinner time, there was a couple and a teenager sitting at the table.

“Yes, Madame.”

The girl’s room was upstairs at the far end, just out of sight of the people downstairs.

Lin Siyi immediately withdrew her hand that was ready to knock on the door.

She suddenly had some doubts, the legless ghost couldn’t have been killed by Teacher Xun, right?

She pushed open a slit, pricked up her ears, and a small sound came from inside.

The moment Lin Siyi glanced over, her brain instantly blanked out, and her almond eyes widened beyond measure.

They… they were actually…. actually….

The young Teacher Xun sat on the end of the bed, hugging the girl, her eyes were filled with deep emotion, and she lifted the girl’s fine bangs as Lin Siyi stood at the doorway feeling the other party’s ragged breathing.

The girl’s dress piled up at her thigh, her slender legs wrapped around the other party, sitting on her lap, and wrapping her arms around her neck in intimate contact together.

Lin Siyi held her breath.

The girl’s fingertips rested on the other’s lips, Teacher Xun’s eyes looked infatuated as she held the other’s hand and kissed her lips without hesitation.

The last string in Lin Siyi’s head utterly snapped, the screen in front of her continued to stimulate her.

How… how can these two be in this kind of relationship?!

“Xiao Ya, it’s time for dinner.” The sound of urging came from below.

The two people kissing ignore the peeping instead of jumping in fear.

“How many times have I told you, I don’t like Xu Xun and I’m only sixteen right now, there’s no way I’m engaged to him!”

One moment she was shocked by the scene of the two kissing and the next she appeared in the living room cleaning.

The girl’s mother appeared to be annoyed, “Sixteen years old, your grandmother had me when she was sixteen and I only have you engaged!”

“You also said grandmother, what era is that? Nowadays it is all about free love, I absolutely can’t -pAH-”

The girl covered her face and tears welled up in her eyes. Her mother, who had never struck her since she was a child, actually did it to her because of this.

“Xiao Ya,” the voice of the girl’s mother was also very pained, “your father, the company has a problem, you and Xu Xun must get together. We also have no choice!”

The girl’s eyes turned cold, “No matter what you say, I will not agree.”

Watching the girl leave without looking back, her mother gasped in anger, Lin Siyi immediately held the other party, in the figure of Sister Peng, “Madame, are you all right?”

She gripped her hand, “Sister Peng, I always feel as if Xiao Ya is hiding something from me. Help me keep an eye on her and find out which people she went to see and what she did.”

The scene changed again suddenly, the girl’s mother was lying in bed, Lin Siyi stood next to her handing on a bowl of porridge, but the other party angrily threw it down.

“You…. you are both girls, ho-how can you do such a shameful thing!”

Lin Siyi looked at the two standing in front of the hospital room, was the relationship discovered?

Xiao Ya, “Shame? We are both in love. One, we did not ruin the relationships of others, two, we did not do anything harmful, how is this shameful?”

Her mother’s fingers trembled with anger, “You have a marriage contract with her brother, yet you are in love with his sister. You you are simply destroying the family tradition. Get out of here, our Ya family does not have you as an unfilial daughter!”

“The marriage contract was made by you privately, I never agreed to it, how does that corrupt the family tradition, please be reasonable!”

Xun Fang immediately stopped Xiao Ya and pulled  her out of the ward.

Lin Siyi wanted to follow and see, but she could not control her body.

“Sister Peng, do you think I did the right thing?”

Man and man or man and woman, in short, it is just two people who love each other and want to be together, as for the gender, it does not matter.

“Madame, you are also doing it for the sake of the young lady. If you drive the young lady out of the house, Master and the others can’t interfere with them. It’s just that you will suffer and you have to suffer together with the Master.”

With a frowning face, “It’s okay for me to suffer, but I am worried that my child will suffer grievances in the future because she grew up pampered since childhood.

It turns out that it was not that she did not understand her daughter’s love, but was in order to protect her child.

Lin Siyi sighed that a mother’s love was really marvelous.

After she waited for the other party to fall asleep, she secretly looked at her phone’s countdown and was surprised that most of the time had passed.

“It’s unusual to see two women jumping off a building together these days.”

“I heard that those two were a couple.”

“What did you say? Two women, a couple?”


The surrounding crowd was loud. Lin Siyi squeezed in to help the girl’s mother walk forward.

She looked up for a moment only to see two figures falling straight down.

Screaming and shouts filled her eardrums.

In the next scene she saw the girl’s father and Teacher Xun’s father, one was aggressive and the other was fighting back.

The two girls were so overwhelmed that they decided to die for love.

Fortunately, the rescue cushion had been laid out long before the two jumped, except that the girl’s legs… were gone.

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  1. so they tried a double suicide and she lost her legs due to that but still survived? then how did she ended up dying?

    thanks for the chapter!

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