Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 40

Lin Siyi looked at the clash between their eyes and immediately interfered, “We just want to know the truth, there has already been one person killed, Teacher Xun should not want to get more people implicated.”

Wu Ke’er, “Yes, Teacher Xun, if you really have something you can’t say, I believe my Dad will understand.”

Teacher Xun’s gaze rested on Wu Ke’er, “Xiao Ya is my sister. I don’t want her to suffer any more harm after her death.”

“She likes to be free, so I had her marked but not fully crossed, so that she can appear and also help her leave the Soul Crossing Courtyard.”

“I alone bear all the wrongs she has laid down and this has nothing to do with others. Is this enough?”

The wind of the summer night blew against the people, cool and comfortable followed by a dry heat.

Shao Yang raised a question, “Do you think that Teacher Xun is telling the truth?”

Wu Ke’er, “There are some doubts, at least I have never heard that tutor Teacher Xun had a sister.”

Lin Chuliu, however, thought, “She shouldn’t have the need to lie to us.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Qiao Zheng had said that the legless ghost had to be crossed over by her as well, Lin Siyi wouldn’t have dug too deep into the matter. She just needed to know why the other party would hurt Zhang Hua.

However, “Just now, Teacher Xun said that Xiao Ya had already been marked, so do I still need to cross her over?”

Wu Ke’er expressed that she didn’t know.

Lin Chuliu, “You can go ask Teacher Qiao.”

Nan Xueqing took back her phone, “I asked, once we solve Zhang Hua’s matter, we can prepare for the examination.”

Lin Chuliu looked up, “You and Teacher Qiao seem to know each other pretty well?”

The relationship between Nan Xueqing and Qiao Zheng as uncle and niece should be known only to her and Wu Ke’er.

Lin Siyi immediately hinted at Wu Ke’er, although this was not a shameful relationship, she always felt that it would be troublesome if Lin Chuliu found out about it.

Wu Ke’er seemed to be more anxious than her, “Teacher Qiao is our teacher, it is right for Xueqing to be familiar with him.”

It seemed surprising that Wu Ke’er would speak for the other party, which made Lin Chuliu feel as if the woman in front of him was becoming more and more mysterious.

Just the marriage contract that his mother announced on her deathbed, a name that he had never heard of before, would make his mother instruct him a thousand times and remember it until his death.

“Where do you get the impression that I know him well from just from sending messages?” Nan Xueqing did not change her face.

Lin Chuliu didn’t say anything.

“Okay, okay, let’s think about how to solve the matter of Zhang Hua” Wu Ke’er said. “We can’t bring the legless ghost to her, I don’t know if Zhang Hua will settle her grievances by speaking to her.”

Lin Siyi footsteps suddenly stopped, immediately saying, “Tomorrow we will try and find out. Let’s go and rest before it is too late and we will talk about this tomorrow.”

Shao Yang was the first to agree, “Let’s go back, let’s go back. After this discussion, my stomach has been screaming for a long time and my fragrant fried rice is calling for me.”

Wu Ke’er was disgusted, “Can you have a moment that you don’t eat?”

“Let’s go.” Lin Chuliu’s eyes locked with Nan Xueqing as he left.

Lin Siyi saw everyone leave and was a bit uneasy, “Xueqing, I still have some things to do, why don’t you go back first?”

Nan Xueqing looked at her seriously, “Are you sure?”

Lin Siyi hesitated for a moment, “It should be… okay.”

Although she didn’t say it, nor did she know how, but she always felt that the female lead had insight into everything about her.


Seeing the other party turn to leave, Lin Siyi inexplicably had the urge to call out to her.

“You and her don’t seem to have the same feelings.” A voice came from behind her.

Lin Siyi placed one hand in her pocket and held the teleportation talisman tightly, as long as the other party made any move that threatened her, she would immediately teleport away.

The girl played with her braid, “Don’t be nervous, although I wanted to kill you at the last second, I won’t do anything to you now.”


She fiddled with her dress, “Because women are fickle.”

“Do you want to know how I died?”

“Will you tell me?” Although the female lead told her that as long as the matter of Zhang Hua was over it would be fine, Lin Siyi was always a little curious at heart. Otherwise she would not have been distracted from the others when they were asking her.

“Your last name is Lin.”

Lin Si nodded.

“Is your father Lin Er ?”

Lin Er, her father?

To her embarrassment, she didn’t know the name of the original owner’s father either. The memories she inherited didn’t have any memories of the original owner’s parents.

Lin Siyi was a bit troubled.

To say no, it would be embarrassing if it was her father and the opposite would be even worse. Stating the wrong answer would be tantamount to misidentifying her father.

Her troubled appearance was seen in the eyes of the other party, but she was torn between admitting it or not admitting it.

The girl didn’t make it difficult for her, and said straightforwardly, “I want to remember the past again.”


“The Lin family, I know them, the most loyal servants of the Ko Si’er clan, but ended with the escape of your father.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Siyi perked up her ears for a moment, raising one hundred and twenty percent of her energy. The original owner still have a mysterious identity?? Why does it feel somewhat exciting?

“I forgot, at that time you should not have been born yet. I do not know anything more, because I only overheard it.”

She originally thought that the original owner was just an ordinary vicious female supporting character, but she did not expect that there was a mysterious background, which completely drew out her curiosity.

“How are you sure I’m from the Lin family you’re talking about?”

“She told me, I originally wanted to devour you directly, a soul crossing master with a special bloodline that would make me more powerful than other soul crossing masters, but…” Her eyes became misty, “I’m tired, I don’t want to go on like this anymore.”

Although most should not listen to the words of ghosts, but Lin Siyi still wanted to gamble for once. To bet that the other party was not lying, but also wanted to try the capabilities of these eyes after they opened.

Nan Xueqing stood not far away, her body was hidden by the trees and the moon was bright as water which made her eyes look even colder.

Lin Siyi took out her phone, turned on the clock, and set it down for ten minutes.

“It’s my first attempt, so I can’t stay in it for too long. Since your soul crossing master is someone else, I can’t directly cross you over.”

“I understand, let’s begin.”

Lin Siyi concentrated the essence in her body into her eyes and was a little nervous.

From the few times she had unintentionally opened her eyes before, she found that these eyes of hers seemed to be able to see something different.

Although it was painful every time, she couldn’t resist her curiosity.

Earlier in the afternoon, she had gone to ask Qiao Zheng for advice and although the other person despised her at first, he told her about the training method, which was rather boring, but at least it was better than not opening it all the time.

She slowly opened her eyes, her vision that saw the scene continuously affected her brain, could she not fail on the first try? She didn’t want to lose face!

Strongly supporting the girl’s eyes, the brain momentarily went blank. Layer by layer, a black vortex emerged, as if to draw her soul in.

Numerous images flashed rapidly, Lin Siyi’s brain exploded with a bang, and her body lost consciousness.

Nan Xueqing embraced her and looked at the girl in front of her, her pupils were dull and her body gradually became limp.

“Uncle, you shouldn’t let her mess around.”

The sound of footsteps behind her stopped, Qiao Zheng extinguished the cigarette in his hand and threw it back into his pocket, “She’s curious herself, I was just going along with it and the faster she gets a grip on it, the better it is for us, isn’t it?”

Nan Xueqing did not speak, she took Lin Siyi’s phone and looked at the countdown time.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Ya won’t attack her.”

“She’s the one Uncle marked.” It was not a question but a statement.

Nan Xueqing was smart and Qiao Zheng never denied it, “Yes, it’s kind of a favor to Xun Fang. Just marking so she can appear in front of ordinary people.”

Nan Xueqing put Lin Siyi on a bench nearby, “What happened to Zhang Hua?”

Qiao Zheng’s heart was a little drained, resisting the urge to smoke another cigarette, “Suicide.”

Nan Xueqing’s pupils dilated.

“At first I also thought Xiaoya did it, then I mulled it over and thought she didn’t need to. Every year I will help remove her hostility, she can think clearly and enter the reincarnation path herself. There is no need to dig her own grave.”

“Aversion had launched an attack on her, she would have to devour a good soul to make up for it.” Otherwise, she could no longer stay in this world.

Qiao Zheng wondered, “Aversion?” His face was instantly ugly, “Was it ordered by Yang?”

Nan Xueqing, “He ordered the second time on Lin Siyi.” As for Zhang Hua’s matter, she didn’t know and didn’t want to know.

“Damn it.” Qiao Zheng cursed.

“Meow,” Aversion cowered in the bushes and called out weakly.

Qiao Zheng took a big step up and grabbed it, “Is Yang still in the academy?”

Nan Xueqing nodded.

Qiao Zheng felt Aversion struggling in his hand, and asked, “Who made a contract with it again?”

His line of sight fell on Lin Siyi who was lying on the bench, “Her?”

Nan Xueqing said, “These are just contracts in the ordinary sense. If Uncle wants to take it back for investigation, don’t worry about us being implicated.”


Qiao Zheng’s eyes lingered on Lin Siyi for a long time and finally did not speak and nodded.

Lin Siyi looked at her calloused hands and was a bit lost in thought.

“Sister Peng pour me a glass of milk.”

“Yes, miss.” Lin Siyi immediately touched her throat, what happened to her voice?

The body, however, walked towards the refrigerator with no control, poured a cup of milk and handed it to the girl sitting on the sofa, “Miss, the young master of the Xun family will come over in the afternoon.”

The girl fiddled with her braid and was a little happy to hear the words, “The young master of the Xun family will come, what about Miss Xun?”

She shook her head and the girl curled her lips and ran upstairs in her bare feet.

Lin Siyi was stunned. In that moment, she really seemed to have become the Sister Peng that the girl spoke of.

She immediately walked to the bathroom and looked at a face of her own.

There was some astonishment.

Is this what Qiao Zheng meant by going back to someone else’s memory?

Time was different here than in the real world and Lin Siyi didn’t know how much time had passed.

But according to Qiao Zheng’s words, she must find the same thing that is closely related to the outside world in here to use as a medium to go back safely.

She used her phone to set a timer, so… yes, Sister Peng’s phone should be able to work as a medium.

Lin Siyi dug into her pocket and pulled out a phone that was obviously an older model, magically turning into her own phone after it came into her hand.

She immediately opened the timer and found that it was still ten minutes.

It seems that the difference in time between here and reality was quite large, she was relieved.

Translator: @Hartmann_san ask and you shall receive.~

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