My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 63

Fuyu looked at her grown-up disciple and did not say anything.

So, Shu Tang asked again, “Master, I can give the True God’s-…” Before she could finish her sentence, her master beside her had already got up and interrupted her, “Huahua, you shouldn’t run away.”

“I’m not running away, I just….” Shu Tang bit her lower lip, no matter what she could not say the next words.

She just wanted her Master to become a Demigod. She just wanted her to be physically healthy after fusing with the power of the True God. She didn’t even think about running away, she–just thought of her Master.

And her master, why was she different? The true God’s power is such a valuable thing, just look at the reaction of those people in the Yuangui Sect. However, her master was completely unmoved by it, all because of her disciple, afraid of her running away from reality.

Usually misunderstood by her master, Shu Tang was not afraid to explain anything. But this time, after a struggle, she finally said firmly, “I believe Master can enter the Demigod realm after having this divine power, then Master will not be injured again.”

Fuyu was taken aback, only to realize that she had misunderstood her. She slowly reached out and patted the head of the young girl on the couch, she said gently, “I am already very satisfied with myself, I only hope that you can grow up, so that when you do not need Master. At that time, you will then be able to go out and face the storm yourself.”

Shu Tang did not know which muscle was wrong, stumbling onto her feet, standing barefoot in front of her Master and said, “But Master is always hiding Master’s injuries, have Master ever considered that Master’s disciple is also worried about Master?”

Once these words were said, she, who was rather courageous, was instantly deflated and goaded. She…. how could she talk to her master like this? Moreover, these words had obviously crossed the line and if Master realized something…

Shu Tang didn’t dare to think about it, she bit her lower lip tightly and wanted to slip away from her Master. Fuyu was stunned by her question. At this time, seeing her about to leave, she reflexively stretched out her hand to stop her, but for a moment she forgot that Huahua had grown up, and obviously wanted to take her by the shoulder, but he held her waist.

Fuyu was thick-headed, touching her disciple’s thin and soft waist, only feeling that her heart felt a little off and then let go of her very naturally.

Shu Tang, “…..”

Master, after taking advantage don’t be so calm, okay?!

, Shu Tang understood in her heart that her Master’s action was just a casual one. She thought too much about it, but how would her Master think of it?

Finding her grievance a joke, Shu Tang understood in her heart that her Master’s action was just a casual one. She thought too much about it, but how would her Master think of it?

But at least Fuyu has stopped her this time. Walking in front of Shu Tang, Fuyu said seriously, “I do not have any injuries. For thousands of years, I have lived very comfortably, there is really nothing that I need to exert my efforts on. Huahua, I have always felt that as long as I am still alive, that is a gift. Therefore, the injuries you mentioned do not exist at all.”

Her Master explained to her so earnestly, as if it was an encouragement, which made Shu Tang’s earlier impulse come up again — “Then why is Master so easily tired, how come Master vomited blood in the secret room, and how come Master has fainted several times? I don’t care if Master is willing to accept this current situation, I just… just want to make sure that you are well.”

The words that had been pressed in the bottom of her heart for a long time came out in a rush and Shu Tang was also surprised by herself. She wanted to run away again, perhaps she really was as her Master had said — like to run away.

Fuyu’s heart felt warm, completely not seeing Shu Tang’s embarrassed look and still seriously said, “Master’s original body shattered ten thousand years ago, missing a piece. This is a flaw in the original body, no matter how much recuperation is done, it is useless.”

What she didn’t say is that because of this, some of her immortal power is unusable and once she uses it she will be greatly injured. She had already used it once in order to fuse Shu Tang’s spiritual roots and again when she fought with Miao Jinghan in the Barbaric Wasteland last time, which really hurt her qi. In addition, a few days ago, in order to integrate the power of the true god with the jade pendant, she used the power of ten thousand precious origins, and lost most of her qi.

This should be what her disciple wants to know, however, how can she, the master, say these words to her disciple?

Only then did Fuyu realize in a daze that she had somehow learned what to say and what not to say.

Shu Tang also heard what she hadn’t finished. After waiting for a while and seeing that her master hadn’t continued, she asked, “If the missing part is found, can Master be cured?”

Fuyu shook her head, “That part has been separated from your master for ten thousand years, there is already a difference between the sea and the land. It has become an independent individua and so has your master. Two independent individuals, how can they fuse together?”

“Since this is the case, the divine power is powerful and so the divine power of the true god of reincarnation should be able to repair Master’s original body. Why doesn’t Master want disciple to give it to Master?” Shu Tang hung her head and lightly bit her lower lip.

Both were quiet for a long time, Fuyu raised the corners of her lips, obviously smiling but with some helplessness and grief, “Qian Lun is my old acquaintance. The first time I saw a piglet in the world, I saw it from her. I can’t fuse with her power left behind after her death. What’s more, what’s the point of becoming a demigod? I just want to see you ascend to immortality these days.”

“Master, I understand.” Shu Tang thought for a moment, her face suddenly colored with a red hue, “Master, after I become an immortal, can I become a Master?”

Fuyu’s body stiffened, “You really want to become a Master?”

Shu Tang nodded and then shook her head, “I’m just asking.”

“When you don’t need Master, just leave.” For some reason, Fuyu felt stuffy inside. In order to dissipate this feeling, she mentioned that the house had no one in it, then said, “You will be cultivating in the house from now on, don’t go out. Master will bring back enough secret techniques for you. The news that you have divine power will soon spread. Although the people of the mortal realm are powerless against you, the people of the immortal realm will also have attempts on you. I will stop them for you, you just need to concentrate on cultivating here and ascend to fuse with the divine power as soon as possible.”

Shu Tang responded back and only after her Master had left the house did she react. Did she say the wrong thing?

She wanted to leave her master, but only to break the relationship of master and disciple with this person in order to give herself one last chance to be with her master. Although she knew full well that her master would not be in love with her, but if they were to always be just master and disciple, there would never be any possibility.

It is better to have a thicker skin after leaving Master. Even if she falls in the situation of Zhu Caitong, she will accept it.

Shu Tang stepped on the ground where her master left and walked out of the house barefoot. Looking at the faint flicker of the boundary above, she inexplicably felt that she was now running away, relying on her master’s protection to escape.

She had divine power and she knew full well that as long as someone caught her before she ascended, that person would only need to kill her and clear her spiritual platform to take away the true divine power.

But in the end, the real owner of this divine power is not her, but Miao Jinghan. This person’s mind is erratic and unpredictable, but Shu Tang understood that it was inevitable that the True God’s Power was given to her, even if she insisted on giving it back the little cat would not want it. Why would she need to meet with this calculating person ever again? Moreover, even if she returned the divine power, who would believe that it had been returned by her and was no longer in her possession? Everyone would just take it as a lie.

She went to the side hall to meditate, but she did not know that the outside world was already in an uproar over her.

The Yuangui Sect, the Qingrong Sect, as well as Miao Jinghan had all spread the word about the divine power to everyone. For a while, these usually calm immortals were not calm and they all wanted to meet Shu Tang and find a way to cheat the divine power from her.

The power of the true god was not an ordinary treasure and it was now in the Immortal Realm, so who wouldn’t want to have this good thing?

So, while Shu Tang was cultivating hard, Fuyu was outside solving these things for her. After Luhua and Nantan knew that the matter of divine power really existed, they were also astonished. But, to the Immortal Realm, people were always different from others and they were only surprised for a moment before they joined Fuyu to protect Shu Tang.

The tide outside was raging, while the house was calm and slightly frightening. The happiest time of the day for Shu Tang was probably when she rested with her Master at night, however, her master always seemed to be quite tired. Even if they were resting together, the two of them didn’t communicate much. Only occasionally will Shu Tang sleep poorly and throw her arms and legs on her Master’s body.

Fortunately, Fuyu Shangxian was not surprised by the experience and soon got used to her disciple’s unsophisticated sleeping posture.

In a flash, nearly half a year had passed and those outside the storm finally subsided a bit. Fuyu also became free everyday to instruct Shu Tang’s swordsmanship and spells in the side hall or spacious courtyard. If Shu Tang wanted, she would also create a simulated shadow for her to fight against. Sometimes, when Fuyu was motivated, she would also personally exchange a few moves with her young disciple.

But looking at the progress of her disciple, Fuyu was both relieved and had an inexpressible hard time. Every time she thought of her disciple’s departure from her, she would have thoughts that it would be better if her disciple had taken a slower ascension.

In these days, Fuyu Shangxian thought most was not the matter of disciple leaving, but the strange feeling in her heart. Shu Tang would often see her Master get distracted while instructing her in swordsmanship and she would think about it.

Fuyu was a slow reactor, but she was not stupid. Even the most complicated things, if given a month or two it can be figured out. But this time, she thought for a whole half year but still had nothing.

The only thing that has changed is when she got closer to her disciple in recent days, the more she felt something was wrong. This matter had some effect on her normal life, Fuyu Shangxian thought about it, and said to her disciple, “Master has not been feeling well recently, you can go back to the side hall to sleep for the time being.”

Immortal cultivators could have used meditation instead of sleeping, but for Shu Tang in order to have more contact with her master she ran to sleep with her every night. In the past six months, she has been sleeping soundly, no longer have the strange nightmare, and could not find a reason to stay so she had to pack up and go back to the side hall.

Thus another year passed and the Master and disciple saw each other less and less every day. Before it was Shu Tang who avoided the Master, but now the both of them have switched positions with each other and it became Fuyu who avoided Shu Tang.

Shu Tang only assumed that her Master was not feeling well and needed to recuperate, so she cultivated relentlessly, wanting to reduce her Master’s burden quickly. As a result, thinking that her disciple’s behavior was to leave sooner, Fuyu’s heart became even more stuffed.

In fact, Fuyu’s logic was very simple, since contact with her disciple made her uncomfortable, she had less contact with her. But once she had less contact, she was still worried about her disciple and she would always missed her.

Tangled for a little more than half a year, Fuyu finally went to ask Luhua about her situation.

After listening to her description, Luhua didn’t offer any useful comments, opting to say with a horrified expression, “Xiao Furong, this looks like lovesickness!”

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