Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 39

The atmosphere became very tense for a moment.

Shao Yang whispered, “An auxiliary master raising cloud cats is only for the rich, what is the Goddess’s family condition?”

Wu Ke’er raised her eyebrows, “When did she become your goddess?”

Shao Yang hugged his chest and responded seriously, “All the good-looking ones are my goddess.”

“Shame on you.”

Wu Ke’er watched the three standoffs, stepped forward, and said, “This isn’t the time to talk about these things. Finding the legless ghost is more important.”

Lin Chuliu’s eyes fell on Lin Siyi and Nan Xueqing back and forth a few times and finally did not make a sound.

Shao Yang ran over, “This cat can really find the ghost?”

Lin Siyi nodded hesitantly, “I think so.”

Shao Yang felt incredulous, “It’s the first time I’ve heard of cloud cats having this ability.”

In fact, Lin Siyi was not too sure. According to the flower shop owner, he had made Aversion lead her into danger before. As for whether Aversion could find the legless ghost, Lin Siyi looked at the female lead nervously.

Nan Xueqing smoothed down the hair of Aversion before putting it down.

Leaving his master’s embrace, Aversion was instantly unhappy.

In the face of curious eyes, Lin Siyi had to squat down to her skin, “Aversion, remember the legless ghost from before?” After looking around she immediately whispered, “The ghost that you led me to before.”

Shao Yang, “What are you whispering about?”

Yin Yuan, “You should be communicating with feelings.”

Shao Yang, surprised, “Yo, buddy you know a lot.”

Yin Yuan was embarrassed, “It’s not bad.”

Lin Siyi hugged Aversion and muttered several times, then let go, “Take us to it quickly.”

“Meow,” Aversion gave a lazy huff.

Lin Siyi became a little embarrassed.


The low voice vaguely carried some hint of majesty.

Aversion’s fur immediately stood up and then it ran towards a place.

Lin Siyi instantly laughed, “Let’s quickly follow.”

Lin Chuliu’s eyes lingered on Nan Xueqing’s body for a moment, noticed the crowd chasing after it, then followed.

Aversion stopped in the middle of a fork in the road.

Yin Yuan panted, “Is it here?”

Wu Ke’er looked around, “Lin Siyi, look around to see if there’s any difference.”

Lin Siyi circled around and shook her head.

Shao Yang silently took out a soul-seeing mirror and put it on, “I’m really afraid that a ghost will suddenly appear behind me.”

Wu Ke’er looked back, “Coward.”

Lin Chuliu, “How far can your ghost eye cover now?”

Lin Siyi estimated, “With me as the center, it’s no more than a hundred and fifty meters.”

Shao Yang was pleased, “Luckily I had the foresight to bring the soul-seeing mirror.”

Wu Ke’er looked at him with the look of looking at an idiot and then Lin Chuliu and her both tacitly agreed to take out a soul-seeing mirror as well.

“Hey, you guys brought one too? We three are really worthy of being brothers, just as smart as the other.” Shao Yang did not spare any praise.

Lin Siyi suddenly remembered, “Can you guys not see ghosts?”

Lin Chuliu, “Ghosts cannot be seen by ordinary people if they have not been crossed over.” Paused, “You three do not have the ability to protect yourselves, so wait here, we will go around to check.”

“Let’s look for it together. One more person gives us one more strength and can save a lot of time.” Lin Siyi said immediately.

Lin Chuliu stared at her, as if trying to see what the other party was thinking.

Wu Ke’er, “It is also for your safety Chuliu.”

Nan Xueqing looked at Yin Yuan next to her, “Is there still a teleportation talisman?”

Shao Yang, “Yes, there needs to be a teleportation talisman. If there is any danger we will be able to teleport away.”

Yin Yuan immediately said, “There are some.”

Lin Chuliu remembered the last teleportation point, giving an unpleasant look, “Set the teleportation point here.”

“Huh?” Yin Yuan froze, “Now it set up right now?”

“Otherwise what?” The teleportation point is one of the most basic and simple actions of the formation class, “You are given three minutes, after three minutes the teleportation point must be set up.”

After the setup, he took the teleportation talisman from the other party’s hand.

Shao Yang patted the other party’s shoulder when he took it, “Buddy, you have worked hard.”

“Then can I not look for it? I don’t have a soul-seeing mirror.”

Although pretty much everyone in the A Courtyard has a soul-seeing mirror, it still costs a lot and was not something Yin Yuan could afford.

Lin Siyi expressed his understanding, “Of course you can. Just wait for us here and leave yourself a teleportation talisman. If you encounter danger, leave first.”

Yin Yuan nodded excitedly, fortunately, someone understood him.

Nan Xueqing placed on a soul-seeing mirror, replying, “Let’s go.”

Lin Siyi chose a remote path, the surrounding leaves swayed, the surrounding leaves were swaying, and the lights on both sides of the road were a little dim. To be honest, she was still a little scared in her heart.

There was no abnormality along the way, just when Lin Siyi was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a figure suddenly appeared by the lake.

The shimmering water looked somewhat charming in the faint light.

The girl leaned against the side of a large tree’s thick roots and waved in her direction.

Lin Siyi looked around, pulsed up the essence in her body, focused on her eyes, and then closed them.

After hesitating, she walked up, but how come she didn’t see the white high heels?

The girl seemed to see what she was thinking, “You were able to escape from my hands once, proving that your will is strong. It is not something I can shake.”

This time, Lin Siyi clearly saw the rubber block on the girl’s head, “How old are you?”

The girl’s eyes looked lost, “Come to think of it, it has been thirteen years. I can’t believe I’ve been dead for a whole thirteen years.”

Lin Siyi was shocked, the normal appearance of ghosts can be maintained before death, so if calculated, the other party should have been twenty □ years old.

It’s about the same age as Teacher Xun.

Lin Siyi probed, “You knew we were looking for you?”

The other party appeared openly in front of her, it must have been the wind.

The girl smoothed down her skirt, “Does it look pretty?”

The long light blue dress was soft and fairy-like.

“This is the last gift she gave me.” The girl smiled a little bitterly, “It’s just a pity that even a good-looking dress, worn on someone with no legs, is a waste.”

“I have a lot of sympathy for what you’re going through, but you can’t harm others because of it.”

“Ridiculous!” The girl’s face changed and twisted, “You sympathize, do you know what happened to me? You all don’t understand, you can never understand!”

“Take it easy, let’s talk slowly.” Lin Siyi tried to calm the other party.

The girl’s expression was instantly normal, as if everything before was an illusion.

“You’re looking for me to help cross someone else.” The other party’s tone was affirmative.

“She’s innocent to be involved.”

The girl thought it was funny, “Innocent? No one is innocent. If she wasn’t greedy, if the cat didn’t attack me, she wouldn’t die.”

Cat? Could it be Aversion?

“What do you mean?”

“Why do you think that cat sensed me? It’s because it devoured a small part of my power and destroyed my soul.” She gritted her teeth, “But it didn’t digest my power that well.”

“So, you killed Zhang Hua in order to perfect your soul.”

The girl seemed a little angry remembering this, “Yes, but she got away.”

“So, you were trying to kill me before?”

The moon was suddenly covered by dark clouds and the faint light made a scratching sound.

Lin Siyi couldn’t help but take a step back.

A weird smile appeared on the girl’s face, “Not only before, but also now.”

Feeling a trace of coldness in her hand, Lin Siyi immediately looked at it, somehow the hand holding the talisman paper had turned into white high-heeled shoes.

She was so scared that she immediately let it go.

Looking fierce, “People are most easily controlled when they talk. Don’t worry, I will take your resentment and go to hell together!”

The darkness around her swept towards her.

“Lin Chuliu!”

As the words fell, a blazing fire burned, instantly burning the darkness away.

Lin Siyi fell into a warm embrace, “Is everything okay?”

The bottom of Nan Xueqing’s eyes carried worry and Lin Siyi shook her head.

“Fortunately you guys came in time.”

Lin Siyi was not a fool, out of the few people, excluding Yin Yuan, only she and the female lead had no attack ability.

As a soul crosser, she should be both intimidating and tempting to ghosts.

The soul of the soul crossing master has to make up more than ordinary people.

When Aversion stopped, Lin Siyi actually felt that the ghost was around.

But she didn’t say that because there were so many people, the ghost might not dare to show up. 

So when the group separated, she felt the other party’s breath as she left.

The phone hidden in her pocket was secretly opened and the location sharing was turned on in the WeChat group.

Lin Siyi and Nan Xueqing stood aside and saw Lin Chuliu and the three others tangled with one another. Seeing that they were about to have the upper hand and stop the ghost, a black figure suddenly appeared to control Lin Chuliu and the three others.

Nan Xueqing, “Here it comes.”

When Lin Siyi saw the other party covering their face, they controlled Lin Chuliu and the three and then shouted at the girl, “Quickly go.”

But the girl did not move, instead, the corners of her mouth revealed a sarcastic smile.

The visitor was distracted, that was the opening. Shao Yang, by relying on his flexible body, directly wrapped around the visitor and was immediately stopped by Lin Siyi as soon as he wanted to throw the opponent out.

She watched Shao Yang’s ears turn into a pair of furry cat ears, held back her laughter, and walked up with the female lead.

“Teacher Xun, you dropped your stuff.”

The visitor immediately looked at her, her eyes full of incredulity.

Lin Siyi picked up the ribbon on the ground.

“Give it back to me!” Teacher Xun also ignored the disguise, directly ripping off the cloth from her face and roared.

Lin Siyi was startled and patted her chest, “Don’t be angry, I’ll give it to you-“

However the ghost was even faster.

The girl picked up the bow and the sarcasm at the corner of her mouth grew even bigger, “Xun Fang, you make me increasingly sick.”

“Xiao Ya,” the voice was pained.

“Heh,” the ghost disappeared from the spot.

Wu Ke’er, “Not chasing?”

Lin Chuliu looked at Teacher Xun in front of him and shook his head.

Shao Yang joked, “This legless ghost is quite good-looking, in fact, she is quite good as a ghost. You see, as a human you can’t stand up, but a ghost can still float around.”

“Shut up,” Teacher Xun’s eyes were as sharp as knives.

Shao Yang immediately shut up.

They watched Teacher Xun’s trance walking to the lake, sitting on the stone where the girl sat before.

When facing them, her face changed instantly, “Ask what you want to ask and ask quickly!”

Lin Siyi cautiously said, “If I’m not wrong, this legless ghost should be your sister or your friend, right?”

Teacher Xun’s tone was terrible, “She has a name!”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were cold, “The Teacher of the Soul Crossing Academy is harboring a ghost, dragging innocent people of the Teacher and this group together. Teacher Xun’s conscience should be overwhelming.”

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