Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 38

Lin Siyi and Nan Xueqing passed by Bo Leng’s dormitory.

“Don’t you want to go to Bo Leng first?”

“Later, I don’t think she’s back yet.”

“Xueqing, what are you doing here?”

Nanzi had just returned from dinner, not expecting such a coincidence and when she saw Lin Siyi next to her, she suddenly hesitated.

“We came to look for Chen Xing.” Lin Siyi said.

“Chen Xing?” Nanzi got the assurance from Nan Xueqing’s eyes, but still hesitated, “You shouldn’t go to Chen Xing right now.”

“Why?” Is it possible that the other party has not returned?

Or did the ghost that made the footsteps not leave and harmed her?

Lin Siyi became a little worried.

Nan Xueqing noticed the change in the other party’s look, her eyes fell, and did not speak.

Nanzi did not hide anything, “It’s nothing, but she should be sleeping right now. In the last few nights, she hasn’t slept well. Today, she finally didn’t have any class, so she should be sleeping.”

“Why can’t she sleep well?”

“It’s because the first year students downstairs make noise every night and last time Chen Xing dragged me to lecture them. In the end, they dare to argue saying it’s not them and not to be angry. Nanzi seemed to recall the occasion and the more she said, the more angry she became.

Lin Siyi suddenly remembered a time when Chen Xing asked her if she had heard anything in the middle of the night and after she said no, the other party stopped talking.

“Did you hear it too?”

Nanzi shook her head, “Not really, it seems that only Chen Xing heard it on our floor, perhaps it’s because the location of the room is relatively remote.”

Lin Siyi thought, “Did she say what kind of sound it was, like the sound of footsteps?”

Seeing Lin Siyi ask so many questions, Nanzi asked curiously, “Why are you so concerned about Chen Xing all of a sudden?” Could it be some bad intention?

Lin Siyi did not care about the other party’s tone, “Chen Xing is at least my former roommate, it’s always right to care.”

Nanzi looked at the other person carefully, as if considering how much truth there was in their words.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Lin Siyi was still more concerned about the sound of footsteps.

“It’s not the sound of footsteps. According to Chen Xing, it’s the sound of someone downstairs banging something into the wall.”

Lin Siyi, “Are you sure it was from the person downstairs who made it?”

“Of course, when Chen Xing and I went to look for them, we noticed that there were nails on their walls. At first sight, they had just chiseled in and were going to hang things. Although they would not admit it, I think the sound belonged to them!”

Nanzi’s words of certainty made Lin Siyi doubt her earlier judgment, did she really just think too much?

Nan Xueqing actually didn’t quite understand it. Since she had already moved out of this dormitory, why bother to care about whether there were ghosts here.


The other party suddenly called out her name, “Hmm?”

“Why don’t we go first?”

That’s right, what does the life and death of others have to do with them.

“You guys are leaving?” Nanzi had some trouble, “Xueqing, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, can’t you stay longer?”

She and Xueqing used to be the closest of friends, but she didn’t know when she and Xueqing started to drift away.

And Lin Siyi, the person who had always been at odds with Xueqing, was getting closer and closer to Xueqing little by little, which made her a little jealous.

“We still have things to do.” Nan Xueqing did not want to waste time here.

Nanzi clenched her teeth as she once again called out to Lin Siyi, “I apologize to you for what happened to Zhang Hua.”

“Hm?” The sudden apology made Lin Siyi freeze.

“The school issued an announcement and the teacher also said that Zhang Hua’s death had nothing to do with you. I misunderstood you before, I’m sorry.”

Nanzi immediately lowered her head.

“It’s actually normal for you guys to suspect me, there’s no need to say sorry.”

She looked at the back of the two leaving in a trance.

On the way out of the dormitory building, Bo Leng and Zhang Xin came face to face.

“Here to see me?” Bo Leng winked in gesture.

Lin Siyi hesitated and whispered, “Why don’t you talk to Bo Leng first, I want to ask Teacher Qiao some questions.”

Nan Xueqing didn’t quite want to let the other person leave alone, but said, “Can you look by yourself?”

Lin Siyi nodded her head.

Zhang Xin felt a little sullen when she saw Bo Leng raising her eyebrows at Nan Xueqing, “You two chat, I’ll go back first.”

Nan Xueqing, “Not chasing?”

Bo Leng put her arm around the other’s shoulder but was shaken off, “Of course your business is more important.” Her eyes squinted towards the back of Lin Siyi as she left.

At night, the members of the newly formed group got together neatly for the first time.

Shao Yang held a few grilled sausages in his handand said to Yin Yuan, “Do you want some, buddy?”

Yin Yuan’s head shook his head like a rattle, “It’s not good to eat at night.”

“Are you a girl?”

Yin Yuan looked up, “Do I look like one?”

“Aigoo1,” Shao Yang hugged the other party’s neck, “Buddy, you are too funny.”

Yin Yuan did not understand, it was obvious that the other party asked him such an idiotic question, why did he say he was funny instead?

Wu Ke’er couldn’t stand it, “Shao Yang, can you be serious, don’t bully honest people.”

“What are you talking about, do I look like someone who bullies honest people?”

“Yes.” These words were said by Lin Chuliu.

The corners of Wu Ke’er’s mouth curled up, “Hear that, Chuliu even said it was similar.”

“You two are just bullying me for being a loner.” Shao Yang sulked.

Wu Ke’er hummed.

Lin Chuliu ignored him and walked forward.

Lin Siyi was fiddling with the soul-seeking instrument, “Why is it swinging everywhere.”

Lin Chuliu asked, “Have you determined the direction?”

Lin Siyi put her hand on the soul-searching instrument, the needle inside constantly swaying from side to side and finally stopped somewhere, only to change its direction within a few seconds.

Nan Xueqing, “There may be more than one ghost in the campus.”

Shao Yang immediately exclaimed, “No way, I usually don’t sense anything, how can there be so many ghosts all of a sudden?”

Lin Chuliu, “It’s nighttime and we’re in C Courtyard, the students are all out in class.”

Lin Siyi suddenly remembered, “At night a lot of soul crossing masters will come out to guide the ghost. It’s to complete their assignments. Isn’t it because of this that it’s affecting the soul-seeking instrument?”

Lin Chuliu, “Very likely.”

Wu Ke’er, “Then the soul-seeking instrument is useless? How can we still find the legless ghost?”

Lin Chuliu’s eyes fell on Lin Siyi.

Lin Siyi, “What’s wrong?”

“How did you meet the legless ghost before?”

Thinking of the previous dangerous situation, Lin Siyi suddenly hesitated and peeked towards the female lead in the afterglow.

How could Lin Chuliu did not notice, “Xueqing, do you know?”

“How can Xueqing know, this is my story, how can you ask people indiscriminately.” Lin Siyi was afraid of involving the female lead and making the crowd misunderstand.

“I know.” Nan Xueqing’s eyes teased, “I know all the things about Lin Siyi2.”

Shao Yang swallowed a bite of sausage and gawked, “Why is the atmosphere a little off?”

Wu Ke’er elbowed him, “Eat your food.”

Yin Yuan pushed his glasses, “There’s a love triangle feeling.”

After saying that, he felt several intense gazes.

Wu Ke’er and Shao Yang, the former has man-eating eyes and the latter was burning with the blazing look for gossip

Yin Yuan panicked and was at his wits’ end.

Lin Siyi stood between the two, but with her height, she couldn’t stop their eyes from colliding.

In order to end this bizarre atmosphere early, Lin Siyi decided to move the topic.

“I met it unintentionally, but my cat it may know how to find the legless ghost. You guys wait for me here for a while, I’m going to bring my cat here.”

Lin Chuliu saw that Lin Siyi’s legs were moving the fastest they had ever moved and continued, “Did you think about the marriage contract?”

At this time, Lin Chuliu actually talked about the marriage contract??!

The anger in Wu Ke’er’s heart rose up and she tried to suppress it.

Shao Yang immediately perked up his ears.

Yin Yuan was puzzled by the situation at the moment, didn’t they come here to catch a ghost?

The last conversation between Lin Chuliu and Lin Siyi, Nan Xueqing had heard everything, and naturally knew very well what the other party was worried about.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Shao Yang always knew that Lin Chuliu had a marriage contract. As for who the other party was it was actually the goddess of B Courtyard, and he only recently learned about this.

“What are you worried about? Aren’t you talking about the marriage contract? Worrying about not fulfilling the marriage contract?”

Wu Ke’er immediately hated and stepped on his foot hard, “Talk too much!”

Lin Chuliu sighed with relief, what he was most worried about was Lin Siyi going astray.

However, if the other party had no intention in this regard, Lin Siyi alone would not have made that much of a commotion.

“Your worry will eventually become reality, it’s better not to worry. Lamenting about it will hurt your body.3

Lin Chuliu raised his head fiercely, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth forcing him to tell himself to calm down.

Yin Yuan was a little apprehensive and couldn’t help but hold the book in his arms tightly, “I-I feel that these two are going to fight.”

Shao Yang went over with a stir, “What nonsense, this is called love and hate!”

Shao Yang suddenly suffered in pain. He picked up his feet, took off his shoes dierctly, and cried, “Ow ow ow!”

Yin Yuan covered his nose and silently moved away from the other.

Wu Ke’er face grim, “If you dare to talk nonsense again, believe it or not next time will be this.”

Her leg violently indicated a certain part of the other person’s.

Shao Yang immediately covered himself to hide away, “Big sister, I was wrong. Please spare me for what I didn’t know when I was young.”

“What’s going on?”

Lin Siyi held the neck of Aversion with one hand and touched the head with the other.

Aversion saw its master in front and immediately stirred up its legs in mid-air and Lin Siyi caught it with one hand.

Feeling the eyes thrown by the crowd, especially the female lead’s, hurried to explain, “Aversion wasn’t listening and had a temper hahaha.”

“This is a cloud cat?” Shao Yang asked surprised, “You, an auxiliary master, is actually raising this thing?”

Lin Chuliu did not care about the breed of the cat, what he cared about was, “Where did the money come from.4

Damn, she had forgotten all about the money.

If she told them that Aversion was given by the female lead, Lin Chuliu’s brain might come up with those strange thoughts from before.

Furthermore, Aversion had lured her to meet the legless ghost and if she let Lin Chuliu know about it later, it would definitely be very troublesome.

So she decided to conceal the truth, “What’s wrong, you used to give me so much money, I can’t save it to buy a cat?”

Shao Yang wanted to speak, “The problem is this cloud cat and ordinary cat-“

But immediately Wu Ke’er gave a look to stop: you should talk less, you shouldn’t care about the brother and sister’s affair!

Lin Chuliu looked at her, his eyes clearly did not believe her, “You saved money?”

“What’s wrong, I can’t?” Although the original owner’s spending money was not credible, Lin Siyi decided to take a gamble.

“Come here.” Nan Xueqing’s voice suddenly sounded.

Aversion that was grasped by Lin Siyi suddenly disappeared from her hands, followed by a mid-air leap into Nan Xueqing’s arms.

“Meow~” The long-lost embrace, Aversion was delighted.

“I raised it with her, any comments?”

1 Aigoo” it doesn’t actually say “aigoo” but it was the best translation without confusion and deep explaination .
2 Sorry. I try not to do any double-standards, so that’s creepy FL. Definitely on a different level of romance.
3 Oh. OH.? *smiles big* (If you didn’t get it, look two lines above.)
4 *Heart starts palpitating*

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