My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 62

Fuyu shamelessly stayed in Luhua’s residence for a while until after Luhua understood every detail of the bracelet completely, and only then did she settle down.

Luhua was exhausted, but still told her all kinds of things that happened over the Yuangui Sect. He originally wanted to brag to her about his own and Nantan’s skills. Unexpectedly, after listening to it, Fuyu’s face changed repeatedly and she left in a hurry.

Once back at the residence, she set up a boundary outside the residence and at the same time pass down the message, ordering everyone in the residence to leave and temporarily go to work at Luhua Shangxian. Yuan Jin packed his things to leave, but Fuyu directly let him go back to the Yuangui Sect.

Yuan Jin face became ugly, not expecting to be expelled back directly. His heart was uncomfortable and he was a little reluctant to leave the young girl who had just returned and had not had time to take a look.

Hearing that she has successfully broken through the realm and transformed into a young girl, but he is nothing after all and couldn’t even see her from afar.

After Yuan Jin left, only Fuyu, the master of the residence, and Shu Tang, who was asleep in the house, remained. Fuyu rubbed the bracelet on her wrist and entered the house. Seeing that Shu Tang was still asleep, she sat beside her.

Looking at her disciple’s sleeping face, Fuyu Shangxian slowly stretched out a hand and put her fingers together. A soft light shot out from her fingertips and linked with Shu Tang’s eyebrows.

This action was to probe the situation in her spiritual platform, but her power had just entered it when Shu Tang violently opened her eyes and made a fire fusion technique.

Fuyu expressionlessly dissolved the fiery flames attacking her and withdrew her hand.

Shu Tang came to her senses and saw that the person in front of her was her Master and her heart fell. She felt in her sleep that someone had invaded her spiritual platform and with her Master’s previous training in vigilance, her body instinctively attacked the other party. Who expected this other party to be her Master, making her now embarrassed beyond measure.

“Master…” she could not think of what to say, so she pulled a long voice to pout. But once the words were out, she suddenly realized that she was no longer a ten-year-old girl, she was now a slender girl with proper development.

Sure enough, when you get older, even acting spoiled with your master becomes a luxury… this is so heartbreaking.

Fuyu looked at her face that was constantly changing expressions and said lightly, “Don’t move, let your Master check something on you.”

There was no ambiguity in what she had said, but Shu Tang, whose head was full of her Master, was morbidly blushing.

This was strange, obviously, her Master spoke in a serious way, how did she feel that she was going to do something to her…

Shu Tang shook her head. Her pretty face was flushed and she sat honestly and closed her eyes.

Fuyu also felt strange in her heart. Her little disciple blushed when she grew up and was flushed at every turn, making her feel subtle as a master. As for how, she can not say, but she felt something wrong in her heart.

Fuyu is not a person who likes to think about things, but when it comes to her disciple, she must think clearly. However, right now she has more important things to do, so she has to put this matter aside for the time being and focus on checking the spiritual platform of her disciple.

After inspecting around and making sure that there was no change in the power within her disciple, she relaxed a little. After thinking about it, Fuyu said to Shu Tang, “Huahua, do you have any questions to ask your Master?”

When she came back, Shu Tang was only focused on giving the bracelet to Master, but she forgot about the important things. When asked by her Master, she said, “Yes, I do. Master, Miao Jinghan said I have some kind of true god power. Although I don’t believe it, I have to ask Master… do I really have that true god power?”

Fuyu looked into her eyes, looking at the clarity in them and asked rhetorically, “If you had it, what would you do?”

Shu Tang froze. She hadn’t thought about this question, but it was not a difficult question. She thought about it for a moment and replied, “If I have it, I have it and I won’t change because of it.”

“No,” Fuyu denied. “You will not change because of this, but you will be changed by others because of this.”

“Master….” Shu Tang murmured. Her heart already had a very bad feeling. As expected, Fuyu said next, “But I hope you will remember, whether you have a modest power or the power to look out over the world, you have to be good in your heart. You are brought up by me, I naturally know that you have a clear heart, but Miao Jinghan has repeatedly tried to lead you to the heart of the demon. Even your Master does not know what she will do to you. Master is willing to sacrifice her body to protect you, but you will still have to leave Master in the end. Huahua, you just need to remember what I said today, in the future if you encounter something that must be wrong, you must stick to your nature. Do not commit evil, do not become a demon.”

Her Master said so many words, Shu Tang only froze and listened. She was sitting on the couch covered with a quilt, but her hands and feet were cold.

After a long time, she gently asked, “Master, do I really have the power of a true god?”

Fuyu hesitated and nodded, “What you encountered in that cave was not an illusion at the beginning. When you woke up after absorbing the True God’s power, that was the illusion created for you by Miao Jinghan.”

“In other words,” Shu Tang’s heartbeat accelerated slightly, “what she said today in the Yuangui Sect was all true.”

Fu Yu nodded her head and after feeling that her disciple was not feeling well, she put her hand on hers1.

“The power of the True God itself is not terrible, as long as you ascend to immortality, it is yours and no one can take it away.”

With this reassurance, she heard her disciple suddenly ask —

“Then Master, can I give you the power of the True God?”

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1 They held hands!! That’s definitely NOT gayyyyyy.

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