My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 61

“You….” Shu Tang subconsciously tried to stop her and then realized that even if she lived, she seemed to be in danger.

Although she didn’t know why these people became so excited after knowing she had the power of the True God, she could guess a thing or two from it. She does not know much about the power of the True Gods yet, only that it is extremely powerful and extremely rare. The last time she saw the power of the True God of Reincarnation, it was likely that it was the last power in the world…. but, assuming that the power was really in her, what use would these people have even if they could obtain it themselves?

But looking at the situation at hand, it was clear that it was a fight to the death. Shu Tang felt cold. Looking at the elders of these immortal sects, the words of pleading could not come out.

She wanted to tell Miao Jinghan to stop, but if she really stopped, even if she temporarily escaped from here, she was afraid that she would not be able to live in peace from now on. Shu Tang was not a saint, she also had her own selfishness, but if she really watches these people die at the hands of Miao Jinghan…

She bit her lip as she struggled inside and Miao Jinghan looked back at her, smiled softly and asked, “Want to deal with them together?”

“I-…” before Shu Tang could finish her sentence, a strong force suddenly pulled her away. She quickly looked back and saw that it was Nantan Shangxian and Luhua Shangxian, so she stopped moving. 

When she went down to the mortal realm, she decided not to cause trouble for her master, but she still did it. Shu Tang hung her head and did not say anything, but Nantan Shangxian stood in front of her and said to the people present with an attitude of looking at the world with askance, “The people of my immortal realm, if we want to talk about punishment, we will personally settle it, so we don’t need your intervention.”

The two Immortals on the scene sat down and no one dared to make a move. After everyone calmed down, they also realized that they had lost their poise, but it was the power of the True God… how many people in the world would be indifferent to it?!

Just because Luhua and Nantan were good-tempered in front of Fuyu, it didn’t mean that they were the same outside. Nantan coldly snorted, swept his gaze over everyone present, and said in a cold voice, “The head of a sect, who strikes out at a junior, does not know what shame means. This person said that Shu Tang has the power of a true god, does she really have it? If she really had this kind of power, would the Immortal Realm just let her go to the mortal realm for training? Did you all use your brains before you act?” As he spoke, his gaze fell on Miao Jinghan’s body.

When they came in Miao Jinghan only had a smile on her face, but she quickly returned to her original attitude. At this moment, hearing Nantan targeting her, she said frankly, “Whether or not there is the power of the true god, Fuyu Shangxian is the most clear, why don’t you two ask her to confront us? I heard that Fuyu Shangxian is not good at lying, I think that her words are more credible than yours.”

Even when facing the two Immortals, her tone remained the same. Some people had already doubted the truth of her words and now they were wavering again.

Shu Tang, who was behind Nantan, wanted to go out and say something, but was pulled by Luhua. Immediately after that, she heard Nantan Shangxian say, “If the Shangxian was at your beck and call, you wouldn’t be here to do this battle of words with me. Miao Jinghan, I have checked your identity and your master’s identity clearly, and advise you to go back and pass on a message to him, do not do useless things again.”

“Is it useless? Lord Shangxian himself is the most clear.” Miao Jinghan lightly laughed, suddenly approached Nantan, and said in his ear, “It’s just a pity that you thought you had ruined my plan, but you actually helped me…”

Her voice gradually became distant, Shu Tang pupils shrunk, and Nantan and Luhua were also stunned at the same time. Everyone in the room watched as Miao Jinghan’s body disappeared in place — it turned out that this was actually a phantom!

Phantom is a spell unique to people in the Demon realm, this is to say, the Demon realm…. is beginning to revive.

Except for Nantan and Luhua, everyone was shocked by this news. No one thought that thousands of years after the end of the Ancient God and Demon War, there were still remnants of the demon realm left in the world!

Shu Tang also understood that Miao Jinghan only made a phantom to lead her and the two Shangxian to act in a play. In this play, she first spread the rumor that she had the power of the true gods, then led her to see the true nature of these sects, and the most crucial step was to calculate the appearance of Nantan and Luhua, thus allowing the people to see the importance of their own in the immortal realm….*

If Miao Jinghan previously did not mention the true god’s power in this matter, the appearance of the two Shangxian would just be to support her, but now, their appearance seemed to confirm the content of the rumor. There is no room for further explanation.

Nantan had no intention of explaining. After Miao Jinghan left, he no longer mentioned what had transpired, directly used the immortal technique on Yuan Hai’s corpse to recreate the events of that day, and then said indifferently, “He was indeed under a demonic curse and the black light in his eyes is the best proof. As you can see, this matter has nothing to do with Shu Tang, if you all present want her to stay, then you have an ulterior motive.”

After saying that, he turned around and left. Lu Hua followed with Shu Tang, leaving only a group of people in the hall with blue and white faces, wanting to chase, but not daring to do so.

Easily leaving the Yuangui Sect, Shu Tang finally had the opportunity to speak, “Two Shangxian, sorry for the trouble.”

“You are Xiao Furong’s disciple, this little thing is nothing.” Luhua was very handsome, casually covering the three of them with an invisible boundary, hiding their bodies.

Nantan glanced at Luhua, “Just now, you didn’t even say a word.”

“… My whole existence stood there, it has a formidable persuasive effect!” Luhua Shangxian expressed his disbelief.

The two of them made such a scene, Shu Tang suddenly felt much better. Nantan gently patted her shoulder, saying, “You have done very well. If you did not bring Yuan Hai’s corpse, I do not know how to clear your name. There is nothing wrong with going to the Yuangui Sect alone, the fault lies in the fact that someone has schemed against you. Don’t think too much, if you have any questions, just go back and ask your master.”

“Are we going back to the Immortal Realm now?” Shu Tang’s heart warmed and asked.

Nantan was lost in thought for a few moments, then said, “You are now wrapped in rumors, it is not convenient to stay in the Mortal Realm. I still have some things to do, you and Luhua go back first, your master should also be worried about you.”

Shu Tang noticed that his face was off, immediately nodded and said, “Thank you so much for today.”

“Why didn’t you say thank you to me?” Luhua stammered at the side, like a child who did not get a reward. Nantan was too lazy to pay attention to him and Shu Tang embarrassedly said, “….also thank Luhua.”

Luhua joyfully patted her head, Nantan laughed, then left the boundary and disappeared in the blink of an eye. After Shu Tang and Luhua rushed back to the Immortal Realm, she got up to look for that person.

In Qing Rong City, the news of Shu Tang’s innocent identity had yet to come and there were still people talking about this recent event. Talking as if they had personally experienced the killings in the Barbaric Wasteland. Nantan walked through the city in stealth, followed a scent, and finally found him unconscious in front of a demon boundary in an alley.

“Nanxiu.” He bent his body and called softly.

The deranged loose immortal who had previously chased after Shu Tang was lying on the ground, unresponsive. The blood on his hands had dried up and they were covered with teeth marks, which were actually bitten by him. Nantan cast a spell to heal his wounds, probing his spiritual platform, and was repairing his old wounds when the person on the ground suddenly opened his eyes.

He was still hidden, Nan Xiu could not see him, but his eyes were lax and he called out, “Master…”

Nantan’s heart soured, but did not answer back. Back then, Nan Xiu was a rare talent to cultivate immortality. Because he was a nameless sea demon, he personally gave him a name, the same surname as herself “Nan”.

He was his only apprentice and she always took good care of him, but then Qi Xuan appeared and completely ruined him.

Betrayal of the Immortal Realm, severing the relationship between master and disciple, self-destructing his spiritual roots for the sake of that woman…. one thing after another and in the end, the entire sea of demon companions died by Qi Xuan. He came to realize what he had done, but he also went crazy under the strong stimulation. From time to time, he will be sick.

With his talent, a few hundred years was enough to become an immortal, but in the end, he only became a loose immortal, no longer having the possibility of advancement.

Nantan looked at him in a complicated mood, he came to visit him after more than a hundred years. If he and Shu Tong had not crossed paths this time, he would not have come out again. For this disciple, he blames herself more than hating iron and steel. If he had not taught him poorly, how would it have led to the subsequent disaster? Therefore, when he knew that Shu Tang had fused with the jade pendant with the power of the curse, his first thought was of him.

If a disciple is not guided well, they are likely to go astray, Nan Xiu is a good example. What’s more, Shu Tang has the power of the curse, once she goes off on a digression, the consequences are unimaginable. Today, Miao Jinghan deliberately stimulated her with the reaction of the Sect Leader and others to the power of the True God. There is no guarantee that she will not lose hope for the Mortal Realm and in the long run she is likely to produce heart demons.

When Nantan thought about things, Nan Xiu’s gaze always looked at the nothingness where he was. The two have long since lost the relationship between master and disciple, but there were still a few points of love between master and disciple.

Nan Xiu saw his master’s figure gradually appear, his eyes suddenly turned a little red, and then looked at his hand injury that had been healed. He immediately got up and kneeled down, giving her two kowtows.

Nantan did not know what to say, so he looked at him with downcast eyes. Nan Xiu was no longer crazy, his mind was clear, kneeling there and saying, “Thank you for still being willing to visit me.”

“Do you remember what happened earlier?” Nantan asked.

Nan Xiu thought back carefully. He had always had a faulty memory when he was crazy, but only vaguely remembered a young girl who came to buy a bracelet, so he answered truthfully.

“That is the disciple of Immortal Fuyu, but fortunately you did not hurt her, otherwise….” he said up to that point but stopped and did not continue.

Otherwise, otherwise what? Nan Xiu himself was naturally clear. But he has long been unable to control his behavior. The next time if he meets that young girl again, it may still be the same result.

Nantan also did not force him to do anything, only to remind him a little. Since the matter has been said, he will not stay any longer. Before leaving, Nan Xiu took out the bracelet from his bag and handed it to him, “I hope that Master will pass it to her for me and that she will not hold a grudge against me.

Nantan took the silver bracelet and suddenly asked, “Do you still want revenge?”

This question, she has asked countless times, he did not even have to think about it, directly answering, “Every day.”

Nantan looked at him quietly and did not say anything, after a long time he disappeared from the spot.

In the silent alley, Nan Xiu stared blankly at the direction of his master’s departure and the past came flooding back to him.

When he worshipped Nantan as his master, he was still just a real person. Today, he is still nothing, while he is already a Shangxian that is admired by millions of people…

Over the years, he unconsciously collected some treasures and traded them, just to learn more earth-based spells so that he could use them to suppress the water-based spiritual root of Qi Xuan and take revenge. But he was often crazy, at times normal, and frequently delirious, identifying the buyer as her and beating and killing them. There were times when he ran into strong opponents, but it was his master who came to his rescue, which is how he survived until today.

They were no longer master and disciple, but his master still wanted to take him back to the right path, but he hated himself for being useless and he was afraid he could never get out of this nightmare.

If he could live another life, he would never know that woman again and just be a magnificent immortal cultivator. In that event, he still has his master, his home in the sea, and his complete self.

Nan Xiu kneeled on the ground for a long time, his gaze was listless. After half a day, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him, he looked up at the person in front of him dressed in a black silk robe with eyebrows like a scholar.

The man said, “Do you want to take revenge?”

Nan Xiu and him stared at each other, only to feel his soul shuddered. A few moments later, he looked at the man and said — “Yes.”

The streets of Qing Rong City were still bustling and the black-robed man in the deep alley was laughing softly under the evil energy coming from his body.


In the Immortal Realm, outside the residence of the Fuyu Shangxian.

Shu Tang has been squatting at the door since she returned with Luhua, not knowing how to enter and face her master.

One, because she had made trouble. Two, because she still cared about her current appearance. And her master also seemed to be unaware of her return with no movement at all behind the door. The whole house was quiet, only she was foolishly squatting outside.

Not knowing how long she squatted, she finally saw a figure, but this person did not come from the house, but Nantan Shangxian who just came back.

Nantan saw a person squatting at the door, thinking which immortal maid ran out. Upon closer look, it was actually Shu Tang. She had to ask helplessly, “What are you doing at the door?”

Shu Tang shushed in anxiousness and said in a whisper, “Nantan Shangxian, I don’t dare to go in to find Master.”

Remembering the trouble she had caused — not only did she get herself involved this time, but also the other two Shangxian. Shu Tang was really embarrassed to face her master.

Nantan was amused, took out the silver bracelet, handed it to her and said, “This is something a loose immortal offered to apologize for you. He didn’t mean to hurt you, I hope you don’t hold a grudge against him. You can take this bracelet and go to your master.”

Shu Tang took the bracelet in a daze, the blue crystals embedded in it glowed softly. She asked curiously, “Why does he want to make it up to me?”

“Because he was my former disciple.” Nantan Shangxian replied very calmly, “All right, it is not early, you go in.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she opened the door and pushed Shu Tang inside and then left.

Shu Tang was confused and entered the door and when she wanted to run out, it was too late. Fuyu had heard the movement outside and had come out at that moment and was looking at her quietly, scaring Shu Tang, who was busy stuffing the bracelet into her pocket.

“Is everything settled?” Her master asked.

Shu Tang stiffened her head and answered uncomfortably, “Nantan and Luhua helped, so I was proven innocent, but….”

“But what?”

Now or later, she had to say it eventually. Shu Tang simply told the truth, then hung her head and waited for her master to speak.

But her master what did not comment on the matter, sighed and approached her, “Come in and rest.”

Speaking of which, she was supposed to go down to the mortal realm this time to cultivate, but after this incident the two months of cultivation could only end here. Shu Tang hung her head and followed her master into the house, but when she entered the house, she accidentally tripped over the threshold and almost fell.

Fuyu quickly reacted and turned back to help her, but because of this, Shu Tang’s hastily stuffed silver bracelet fell out.

“What is this?” Fuyu picked up the bracelet and immediately felt a warm power spread along the fingertips, feeling very comfortable.

Shu Tang blushed and talked to her about the bracelet in a vague way. At the end of the talk, her pretty face flushed and she was about to bury her head in her chest.

Fuyu didn’t care if she was thin-skinned, but thinking about how much her disciple remembered her, even if she was in trouble, she could not be angry. She reached out and touched her disciple’s red cheek, smiling and said, “I like it very much, thank you.”

Being touched by her Master, Shu Tang only felt like she was going to faint from shame. Struggling for some time, she finally gathered her courage and said, “Master, may I put this bracelet on you?”

Fuyu froze, quickly handed her the bracelet and said softly, “Okay.”

After saying that, she lifted the long sleeve, revealing her delicate wrist, which almost made Shu Tang abandon the bracelet and run. After taking a deep breath, she took her master’s hand and solemnly clasped the silver bracelet on.

On the white wrist hangs a silver bracelet, the bracelet is exquisitely carved with hibiscus and Fuyu was reflected. Shu Tang looked at her Master’s good-looking face, her heart was like a drum and she waited for a while before she heard her Master say, “It’s very beautiful, you’ve taken the trouble to do this.”

“No, it’s not me,” Shu Tang bowed her head and whispered, “It’s still thanks to Nantan.”

Fuyu put down her sleeve and said, “You should be more generous when talking to people. It’s okay for girls to be thin-skinned, but your status is different from ordinary girls, so you still need to be a bit imposing.”

Shu Tang knows in her heart that she will only be like this when she faces her master, but how dare she say it? She could only say, “I understand”.

Fuyu had a smile on her face and seemed to be in a good mood. But Shu Tang always felt that her master didn’t want to disappoint her, so she smiled at her like this on purpose. She was a little lost in her heart, but after all, she had not caused much trouble recently and did not dare to say anything more.

Fuyu’s hands in her sleeves shook lightly, once she felt the presence of the bracelet, she felt very comfortable. After telling Shu Tang to go back and rest, she said that she had something to do and needed to go out, so she left like this.

Lol. A Lot of the comments for this chapter is about how Fuyu and MC are so cute.
Another thing: I made a HUGE grammar error. Apparently… I think… All the Shangxians are females. I was rereading and the characters said “she”. It never described their looks as feminine except for Fuyu; “the most beautiful woman”. Dang, I can no longer unsee the “she” now but kept the “he” to prevent confusion from the sudden change. Should I change the “he” to “she”? I see no problem with accidental gender switch yet though.

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