My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 60

 The pig was blasted into a bloody mess and died.

These words fell gently into Shu Tang’s ears, the wind and sand continued to rage, and she felt a little numb.

She grabbed the hand of the red flame beast and clutched it tightly until Chi Yan screamed “Ouch ouch ouch”. Only then did she realize that she had lost her thoughts and let go of her hand.

Chi Yan said in its clear voice, “Although the pig ended up miserable, at least it’s better than me, trapped in this Barbaric Wilderness for eternity. It is better to be blown to death.”

Shu Tang asked in a trance, “Then why do you still have this obsession to live?”

“Maybe it’s because I still have something left in my heart,” Chi Yan spoke seriously, “but people and beasts killed by the gods are not reincarnated, so when you compare, I’m better than that pig. For some reason, it was killed by Qianlun, so it will not have another chance to reincarnate.”

Shu Tang’s heart was in turmoil. Clearly, Chi Yan was talking about the pig from tens of thousands of years ago, but she could not help but involve herself in it. Could it be the commonality of species?

She shook her head, no longer think further. Chi Yan had also reached his destination, landed in front of the cave, and covered the outer surface with a layer of boundary.

“You rest here first, I’ll be right back.” Chi Yan stretched out his claws and patted Shu Tang’s head, but his claw accidentally clipped a few strands of hair and he ran away as if nothing happened.

Shu Tang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, combed her hair again, and sat in the cave waiting for Chi Yan.

After a while, Chi Yan dragged a corpse back to the cave. Shu Tang was startled at first and then saw that the corpse was wearing the clothes of the Yuangui Sect.

“Is this Yuan Hai?” She hesitantly stepped forward, her heart suffocating with pain.

Chi Yan answered and pushed his body forward, “I know you came for this matter, fortunately, I saved his whole body at that time.”

Shu Tang was shocked, “Someone wanted to destroy his corpse?”

“Yes, and this person is the one who framed you.” Chi Yan said.

“How do you know someone framed me?” Shu Tang asked strangely.

Chi Yan hummed and said rather divinely, “Someone mentioned something about you when they entered into the Barbaric Wasteland a few days ago, but they were already taught a lesson by me.”

Shu Tang was silent for a moment and decided to turn back to the topic, “What happened that day?”

Chi Yan set Yuan Hai’s corpse to the side and then told her the story. It turned out that on that day after Shu Tang had left, the Yuangui Sect had continued with their assault on the beast souls. However, just as they cooperated in the attack, Yuan Hai suddenly fell to the ground and died, and within a short time, turned into a walking corpse again with a body full of demonic energy.

The elders wanted to kill him, but Yuan Xiang stopped him and caused a big catastrophe. After that, Yuan Hai’s power instantly multiplied and he killed everyone except Yuan Xiang with great brutality. At the moment when he was about to kill Yuan Xiang, Chi Yan happened to return after parting with Fuyu and her disciple and saw this scene. He immediately stepped in to save Yuan Xiang.

However, before Chi Yan could say a few words to her, Yuan Xiang had fled the Wasteland in panic, leaving behind only a bizarrely smiling Yuan Hai.

Chi Yan perceived an old acquaintance in him and dispelled the demonic energy for him after deliberation. However, as soon as the demonic energy left his body, he died simultaneously, and the demonic seal on his body skyrocketed. Seeing that the power of the demonic imprint was going to turn the corpse into dust, Chi Yan drew out the demonic imprint from him, saving his corpse at least.

In the end, he did all this just to wait for Shu Tang to come back and investigate. Shu Tang’s heart was moved, but her mouth did not say anything else and only asked, “Who is that familiar scent?”

“So many years have passed, I can’t really remember his name, I only remember that he called himself Demon Dao.” Chi Yan recalled. (C24)

“Is Demon Dao someone from the demon realm?” Shu Tang frowned, she did not remember offending this person.

Chi Yan waved its claws and denied, “He is half demon and half beast, no realm belongs to him. I thought he had died back then, but I didn’t expect him to be alive.” After thinking about it, Chi Yan added, “I remember that his beast form is a crow.”

A crow? Shu Tang thought of the raven raised by the Reincarnation God and thought of Miao Jinghan and vaguely felt that there should be some connection between them.

The matter has already been inquired clearly, Shu Tang took out a magic tool to store objects and put Yuan Hai into it. Although Chi Yan still wanted to stay with her for a bit longer, but after taking into consideration of her affairs in the Yuangui Sect, he had to immediately escort her all the way out of the Barbaric Wasteland.

Once out of the Barbaric Wasteland, Shu Tang found someone to send a message to the Qing Rong Sect, asking them to make a trip to Yuangui Sect, and then she began to head to Yuangui Sect.

The Yuangui Sect was located in Yuangui City, which is somewhat similar to Qing Rong City, except that its streets were a bit more prosperous than Qing Rong City. However, she does not have the leisure to shop now, she hurried to the Yuangui Sect and stood guard outside.

Only when she saw that the Qing Rong Sect’s group had arrived did she show up and enter Yuangui Sect, led by the disciples all the way to the main hall and faced the two sect heads directly.

At this point, if she said she was not nervous it would be a lie. After all, this matter did start because of her and she could not explain about the Demon Dao, so she could only say, “I have brought back Yuan Hai’s body and he was struck by demonic energy. After he was injected with demonic energy, he died and turned into a demon, which led to what happened later.”

For her explanation, the Yuangui Sect Head did not believe it. When she released Yuan Hai’s corpse, he loudly reprimanded, “If you hadn’t injected him with demonic energy, how could he be like this!”

Yuan Xiang stood next to the Sect Head, although she did not say a word, her luster remained the same. However, in the moment when she saw Yuan Hai’s corpse, her eyes had tears in the corner.

The Qing Rong Sect has seen the Immortal Fuyu and was also afraid of Shu Tang, and moreover, they did not have any deep hatred with Shu Tang. But the Yuangui Sect is different, for them, Shu Tang caused their sect heavy losses, and was considered a murderer, it was unforgivable.

Shu Tang was not angry, this matter is connected to her. The Demon Dao has not appeared in the world for thousands of years and would have no reason to fight with the Yuangui Sect. In the end, it is still her fault.

So, she took a deep breath and was about to open her mouth to explain, when she suddenly heard a commotion from outside. She looked back, only to see a woman in a black brocade dress walking up with a smile on her face and said, “I killed the person, I was the one who injected the demonic energy. It has nothing to do with her.”

When this statement was made, the whole hall was in an uproar. The people of the Yuangui Sect did not know this person, but the elders of the Qing Rong Sect did – wasn’t this the woman who broke into the Qing Rong Sect with the disciple of the Shangxian that day?

Miao Jinghan walked with a light smile and Shu Tang’s heart felt a sense of foreboding, and sure enough, this person said, “Xiao Tang has the True God’s power in her body. It is normal to have a beast soul attack, but your elders disrespected her, so I killed Yuan Hai and used his hand to take out my anger for Xiao Tang.” She arched her eyebrows, “Is this explanation satisfactory to Sect Head?”

However, in fact, the sect leaders and elders present had no time to listen to the explanations that followed. When they heard the words “True God’s Power”, they were already breathing heavily and could not restrain themselves for a while.

The True God’s Power was in the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian! This news made everyone present excited and the gaze on Shu Tang became more and more greedy.

The power of the True God, that is the power that every immortal cultivator desires beyond measure. The true god has been extinguished, but the remaining power can last for ten thousand of years. This power can not be sought nor encountered. How could the two sects expect to be approached by one?

Although they didn’t know whether this was true or not, Shu Tang already said secretly in her heart that this was bad. However, as she was about to stop Miao Jinghan, she heard a gust of wind coming from behind her. She was able to dodge this blow and was fiercely pulled behind Miao Jinghan, hearing her say, “Everyone present should understand that the power of the true god is not a trivial matter…”

Before she finished her sentence, an elder of the Yuangui Sect had already struck out again and said, “No matter how trivial or big the matter is, you two will have to stay here today!”

Shu Tang’s pupils fiercely shrunk and stood in place in disbelief. Were they actually going to make a move against her? To strike at Miao Jinghan is to take revenge, but to strike at her… is for the sake of the made-up True God’s power?

Not to mention that the true God’s power is not in their own body, even if it really is in their own body, these people know that they are innocent, but also want to kill themselves?

At this moment, she seemed to understand the reason why Miao Jinghan said these words.

Shu Tang felt cold. Seeing that the people no longer cared about any reserve and shame, they struck out one after another, when they heard Miao Jinghan continue, “The power of the True God is not a trivial matter, that is to say, those who know of its existence…” The corners of her mouth pulled out a curve, and the immortal power of her hands suddenly appeared. “Can’t live any longer.”

Miao Jinghan exposes Shu Tang.
Me: *Gasps*
Shu Tang: ∑(OдO)
Fuyu: I’m going to kidnap and hide my disciple now.

Oh. I need to mention this, I think it’s a little funny, but the author said that they realized everyone might not understand the plot now. I think there is just too many things happening at once.

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