Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 37

Lin Siyi knocked on the door and no one responded, she pushed the door and found that it was locked and her key had already been handed in to the dorm manager.

“She should be in class.”

Lin Siyi took a look at her phone at the few people who were asked by Bo Leng and went to find a teammate first.

In the evening, Lin Siyi was the first to arrive at the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard. She, who was always late, was the first to arrive for the first time. It was unbelievable, but she was still depressed.

A person standing in a place full of ghosts in the courtyard, it would be difficult not to be frightened.

She glanced at her phone, Wu Ke’er and the others should be here soon.

She boringly looked up at the sky and started counting the stars. When she heard footsteps she thought it was Wu Ke’er who finally arrived and immediately asked, “How come you’re so late?”

After speaking, she froze.

Nan Xueqing stopped, stood in front of her and did not speak.

The moment was embarrassing and Lin Siyi looked to her left and right, wondering why Wu Ke’er and Lin Chuliu have not come yet.

Since everything was explained yesterday, this was the first time the two had met.

Lin Siyi really wanted to ask where she went last night and why she didn’t go back to the dorm.

But then she felt that she had no right to ask at all.

The woman is the murderer of the original owner, so she must hate her very much and has been tolerating it. And now it should be easy to make it clear that she hates her and wants to stay away from her.

But on the other hand, because she thought she wasn’t the original owner, maybe, Xueqing didn’t like the original owner and not her?

Lin Siyi was both torn and a little scared.

After knowing that the other party was not a saintly mother, Lin Siyi was suddenly filled of confusion and danger in this world.

Not to mention that the plot she had read had changed long ago. Just because the female lead was not a white rabbit, she knew that this world was much different than what she knew and the sudden variables made her unable to catch up.

She didn’t know how to face the female lead at the moment.

Nan Xueqing stood in front of her, watching the other party’s eyes looking everywhere, but her.

Her heart felt very uncomfortable.

“Lin Siyi.” Wu Ke’er’s voice rang out, “ah, Xueqing, you’ve arrived too. I blame Lin Chuliu for being late, otherwise I would have been the first to arrive.”

Lin Chuliu followed Wu Ke’er with a black face.

“This is the team form, you two sign it.”

Lin Siyi took the form handed to her by Wu Ke’er and there were already three names on it.

Shao Yang.

Lin Siyi’s eyes fell on this unfamiliar name, “This is another teammate?”

Wu Ke’er nodded, “He’s my good buddy”

After saying that she looked at Lin Chuliu, “He’s also a friend of Chuliu. The three of us have agreed to team up before, he has his own mutant. I’m telling you this now, he’s funny when he mutates, you’ll understand when you see it.”

Lin Siyi looked at the words cat mutant after Shao Yang’s name and imagined the other party growing cat ears and couldn’t help but get goosebumps. Can’t really imagine a big man like that.

Nan Xueqing noticed the other party’s demeanor and then landed on the two words on the sheet.

“Have you found a formation master?” Lin Chuliu asked.

Lin Siyi rubbed her head in embarrassment, “I’ve made many trips today, most of them already have a team and the small portion who didn’t have a team doesn’t quite meet our requirements.”

“So you didn’t find any?” Lin Chuliu’s tone was a little rough.

Nan Xueqing, “She found one.”

Lin Chuliu looked at her, the other party’s eyes were cold, with a hint of displeasure.

He thought deeply.

Lin Siyi was surprised, how did Xueqing know that she had found one?

Wu Ke’er saw these two people lock eyes with each other and felt discontent, but she did not dare to snap at Nan Xueqing, so she pushed Lin Chuliu, “Standing here in my way, go and stand over there.”

Lin Chuliu didn’t understand her thoughts and believed that he was really in her way and took a big step back for her.

This made Wu Ke’er even angrier.

“Did you find one or not?” She asked Lin Siyi.

Lin Siyi nodded, “Found one, it’s just-“

“Just what?”

“It’s just that he,” Lin Siyi looked towards a figure running towards them in the distance, “should be a little unique.”

The person wearing a black hat, holding a book in his arms and because he ran too fast, his glasses were covered with fog. He took them off and used his clothes and wiped them, then put them back on. His voice was a little out of breath, “Hello, I am Yin Yuan of Formation Class 6, I am honored to join your team, please guide me.”

Wu Ke’er opened her eyes wide and looked at Lin Siyi, “Formation Class Six, Yin Yuan?”

Yin Yuan said with a straight face, “Yin from earnest and Yuan from origin.”

“Okay, Yin Yuan, I understand.”

Then gave Lin Siyi a look, didn’t she ask her to find a powerful one? Class six was generally the bottom of the class and you dared to find one there? And he looks just like a nerd too.

Lin Siyi helplessly grimaced. She couldn’t help it, who made her go look for people, and this one was still not in a team.

Yin Yuan saw the sheet in Lin Siyi’s hand, “Is that the sheet to sign? I brought a pen.”

As soon as the pen was taken out of his pocket, Lin Siyi immediately showed that she didn’t need it, “I have one in my hand, I don’t need it.”

But Yin Yuan said, “I saw the pen in your hand, but I’m more used to using mine.”

The corners of Wu Ke’er’s mouth twitched a little, such an oddball.

Lin Siyi was not embarrassed, smiled, and after signing her name, she glanced at the female lead next to her and hesitated a bit.

How should she give it to her? How should she speak?

Before the words were organized, Nan Xueqing saw her hesitation and stretched out her hand to take away the pen and paper from Lin Siyi’s hand.

The moment the pen was taken away, it gently slid across her hand, leaving Lin Siyi’s mind momentarily blank.

She glanced to the female lead who bowed her head and signed her name.

Nan Xueqing’s hand paused and the corners of her mouth showed a slight curve.

Xueqing she’s… very pretty.

Lin Siyi became a little lost in thought.

Wu Ke’er tapped her and whispered, “Did you and Xueqing have a fight?”

Lin Siyi, “Hmm?”

Wu Ke’er felt a little guilty, “The matter of the marriage contract is not her fault, you don’t have to hold it against her for me.”

Lin Siyi froze, so the other party misunderstood that she had a fight with Xueqing because of the marriage contract.

She shook her head, “Me and… Xueqing,” her voice was hoarse, “did not have a fight.”

Wu Ke’er didn’t believe it, “Didn’t fight? Really? Usually you two are so close that you want to stick to her and today you haven’t said a word for a long time, are you sure you didn’t have a fight?”

It turned out that their previous interaction was like this in the eyes of others.

Lin Siyi took a peek towards the female lead, but did not expect to lock eyes with the other party. She didn’t dare to breathe and immediately looked away.

“I’m done signing, who’s next?”

Yin Yuan looked at the group.

Lin Chuliu stepped forward, “Me.”

Yin Yuan, “Are we still going to enter the Soul Crossing Courtyard?”

Lin Chuliu looked at Lin Siyi.

“I still have some questions I want to ask Zhang Hua.”

Lin Chuliu nodded and explained to Yin Yuan, “This counts as one of our group’s assessments.”


Lin Siyi was confused and wanted to ask a question, but she was glared back by Lin Chuliu.

“Is the group assessment starting so soon?” Yin Yuan questioned.

Lin Chuliu said with a serious tone, “En, it’s because we are quite special.”

Yin Yuan pushed his glasses, “I came late, so I might have missed some of it.”

“It’s okay, we don’t mind.”

“That’s good.”

Wu Ke’er opened her eyes a little incredulously, it was unbelievable that Lin Chuliu would lie.

Lin Siyi mobilized the essence in her body to focus on her eyes for sharing.

Yin Yuan felt the energy surging towards him and knew it was the sharing of the Soul Crossing Master’s ghost eyes and immediately accepted it.

However, in less than a minute, he couldn’t bear to open his eyes and the power quickly escaped.

He looked at the changes in the eyes of everyone around him, surprised, “You all shared it?”

Originally Wu Ke’er was the one lagging behind, now that she saw another who also could not endure Lin Siyi’s ghost eyes, she instantly felt some pride, “Don’t be discouraged, the first time is like this, hold on more next time.”

Yin Yuan was a little embarrassed, “Sorry, I’m holding you guys back.”

Lin Chuliu, “Take your time.”

Nan Xueqing, “Go ahead.”

Yin Yuan looked at the group, “I won’t go in and drag you.” He hesitantly took out a few pieces of talisman paper from his pocket, “This is a teleportation talisman I made recently, the location of the teleportation giving you was specially chosen by me-“

“Okay, thank you, if you stay outside and get bored go back first, just don’t be late tomorrow at eight o’clock.” Before the other side finished, Wu Ke’er took the talisman paper in his hand.

Lin Siyi sensed Zhang Hua’s presence and entered the Soul Crossing Courtyard with the group and looked at the location of the stairs where she saw the other party before.

Lin Chuliu, “Something’s wrong.”

Lin Siyi, “What?”

Nan Xueqing said, “Just from coming in until now, not a single ghost has been seen.”

Lin Chuliu nodded, “This is a little different from the scene we saw before in the Soul Crossing Courtyard.”

Wu Ke’er muttered, “Maybe it’s not completely dark yet and these ghosts haven’t come out.”

Lin Chuliu looked at her, “It’s always correct to be vigilant.”

Lin Siyi agreed.

Zhang Hua, who was sitting on the stairs, seemed to sense something and raised her head, “Lin Siyi?”

Lin Chuliu, “What do you have to ask and ask quickly, I feel that there is something wrong with the Soul Crossing Courtyard tonight.”

Wu Ke’er opposed him, “What problems can there be? Lin Siyi don’t listen to him, take your time to ask, we’re not in a hurry.”

Lin Chuliu’s scrutinizing eyes looked at Wu Ke’er, causing Wu Ke’er to feel guilty.

Lin Siyi didn’t care about that, in fact, she also felt that the atmosphere was a bit off today.

She looked at Zhang Hua, “Can you be more specific about your experience before you died?”

Zhang Hua, “What do you mean?”

“It should have been very late at that time, why did you appear at the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard?”

This made Lin Siyi very puzzled, the Soul Crossing Courtyard is in C Courtyard, although it’s closer than A courtyard to B courtyard, it was still a bit of the distance.

Zhang Hua’s eyes flickered as she slowly spoke, “You want to know?”

“You can’t say it?” Could it be some sort of secret?

“I’ll tell you if you come closer.”


“Come here,” Zhang Hua waved at her, the corners of her mouth smiling very weird, “come here. Come here and I’ll tell you.”


The wind around was cold, making anyone outside shiver. Yin Yuan touched his bare arms, guessing that the people would not get out for a while, hesitated, decided to go back to bed early.


Lin Siyi took a step forward, Zhang Hua’s smile deepen, as she was ready to take a second step Nan Xueqing suddenly tugged her and shouted, “Lin Chuliu!”

Lin Chuliu did not hesitate for a moment and the surrounding flames immediately raged to surround the other party.

“It’s too late jiji.”

“Zhang Hua” face began to crumble and a hideous and terrifying face appeared in front of the group, cackling an eerily laugh.

“That’s Zhang Hua,” Lin Siyi was startled.

Wu Ke’er was even more frightened, “It’s the big ghost that appeared a while ago, how did it come back.”

“But it’s okay, as long as we don’t follow it’s way, he can’t attack us.”

Lin Chuliu’s voice was low, “It’s too late.”

“What’s too late?”

Lin Siyi suddenly remembered that the other party just asked her to come over and realized, “It just asked me to come over and I took a step towards it.”

Wu Ke’er, “But you only took one step, how can it be considered as a success!”

Nan Xueqing, “The heavier the resentment of the evil spirits, the lower the restrictions of the rules are for them. We will retreat first.”

Lin Siyi looked at Nan Xueqing holding her hand tightly, her heartbeat started beating a little faster.

Nan Xueqing saw the other party lowered her head, looked away, her lips were slightly pursed, and the strength in her hand gradually relaxed.

Lin Siyi thought that the other party would shake her off, but only felt the hold loose a little.

Her heart vaguely cheered with joy.

“Go.” Lin Chuliu immediately tugged Wu Ke’er’s arm to leave.

However, the light around them disappeared, plunging them into darkness.

“You will all stay with me jijiji” the ghost laughed horribly.

Lin Chuliu’s flame that trapped the ghost instantly went out and the other party’s figure disappeared in place.

Fortunately, they were still using Lin Siyi’s ghost eyes at the moment, so the darkness did not trap them at all.

Nan Xueqing looked around, this was not the Soul Crossing Courtyard.

There was a blue sky, green grass, and nothing more.

Wu Ke’er, “Are we caught in the illusion of this ghost set up?”

Lin Chuliu observed the surroundings and suddenly said, “Be careful!”

Not far from the sky, a black and dense mass flying towards them.

“It’s vultures,” Wu Ke’er said, “Is this ghost trying to use vultures against us? That’s stupid!”

Wu Ke’er was lucky to have the wind element around them, and watched as a group of vultures were about to approach when they were suddenly in chaos in the air.

The clothes of the people fluttered up with the wind, watching the huge wind stop the vulture’s approach.

Wu Ke’er was pleased.

“Something’s coming.” Nan Xueqing spoke.

Then the ground shook and Lin Siyi’s body almost fell to the side, but Nan Xueqing obediently caught her.

Wu Ke’er, “What’s going on?”

Because of the shared ghost eyes, Lin Siyi’s eyes have always been closed. At this moment when they suddenly open, the distant scene abruptly deepened and her brain turned upside down. As her body seemed to be sucked away, Nan Xueqing immediately covered her eyes, “Don’t open them.”

Lin Siyi’s body instantly became weak, leaning in the arms of the female lead, “It’s beasts- no, it’s spirit beasts, very many, running towards us.”

“What? What rank of spirit beast is it?” Wu Ke’er asked out and received a warning from Nan Xueqing’s eyes.

“Uh, there are so many you wouldn’t be able to tell.” She turned towards Lin Chuliu, “What should we do? Is this place an illusion made by the ghost/ Are these things real or fake?”

Lin Chuliu, “Whether it’s real or fake, the ghost must be hiding in one of these beasts, trying to give us a fatal blow when we’re not paying attention.”

Lin Siyi touched her pocket and then touched two talismans, one was given by Qiao Zheng previously (Ch.26) and it looks like it should be useless in this situation.

The other, “Can the teleportation talisman given by Yin Yuan be used?”

Wu Ke’er, “How did I forget about that, but will it work?”

Lin Chuliu, “Let’s try it.”

The crowd picked up the talisman paper in their hands and injected their essence to activate it. A burst of light shot out and then the group disappeared from the same place.


Lin Siyi ended the sharing of the ghost eye and found herself sitting on a toilet. She immediately pinched her nose and ran out.

But there was no one around, she pulled a person outside and asked, “Where is this?”

The passerby had a look of looking at someone crazy and said, “We’re in the dormitory and still asking me where she is, must be sick in the head.”

Lin Siyi looked around carefully, there were quite a few people walking around in the corridor.

She went out down the stairs and looked at the familiar scene in front of her and then looked at the number next to the building.

Dormitory Building No. 9 of B Courtyard.

It couldn’t be the teleportation location set up by Yin Yuan, right?


“Ah! Pervert, pervert!”

“If you don’t leave and hurry up and get out, I’ll catch you and report it!”

“How the hell did he get in? Despicable!!!”


Lin Chuliu fled and ran out in a messy manner.

Lin Siyi held back her laughter.

“Lin Chuliu, you wouldn’t have also appeared in the toilet, did you?”

The other party’s face was odd and ugly.

After that, Nan Xueqing Wu Ke’er walked out one after another.

Nan Xueqing saw Lin Siyi and the moment she saw her, a breath of relief left her heart.

Wu Ke’er, “I can’t believe he teleported me to someone else’s dormitory, causing me to explain for half a day.”

Lin Siyi stared at Lin Chuliu, desperately wanting to know where the other party had been transported to.

Lin Chu Liu did not hold back, “How did he, a male, set up a formation in the girls’ dormitory.”

Lin Siyi and Wu Ke’er were instantly shocked when they heard each other’s words.

Right, to make a teleportation spell, you must set up a unique formation in the place of teleportation as well.

Wasn’t Yin Yuan a male? So, how did he enter the girls’ dormitory to set up the formation?

Nan Xueqing, “Someone should have helped him set it up.”

Lin Siyi, “Just that is bad enough.”

Wu Ke’er, “No, I have to go back inside and take a closer look to see if there’s any other teleportation locations and it must be destroyed. This behavior of his is simply shameless!”

“Hey,” Lin Siyi did not stop Wu Ke’er, she looked at Lin Chuliu, “Brother, you still haven’t told me where you were transported to.”

Lin Chuliu looked at the sky, “It’s late, I’ll go back first.”

“Hey, aren’t you waiting for Ke’er?”

Lin Siyi didn’t hold back her laughter.

Looking back at the original place, only she and the female lead were left.

The air was instantly quiet between them.

She softly said, “Xueqing”

“Let’s go back.”

On the way, Lin Siyi lowered her head and didn’t know what to do. When she returned to the dormitory, she finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

Nan Xueqing turned her back on her, is she finally going to ask?

“Go ahead.”

“Do you, still hate me now?” There was some tension.

“I’ve never hated you.”

The other party’s answer made Lin Siyi freeze, “But didn’t you want to… to….” She did not continue.

Nan Xueqing turned to look at her, “Does wanting to kill a person need a reason?”

“You don’t need a reason?”

Nan Xueqing slowly approached, “I didn’t want a person to live, is this considered a reason?”

Lin Siyi backed up, a little scared.

“Are you afraid?”

“No, no… not afraid.”

Nan Xueqing’s heart couldn’t help but laugh, her teeth were obviously chattering.

She stopped and turned around, deciding not to tease the other party.

Her wrist was suddenly gripped, and Lin Siyi decided to gamble, “Now, Xueqing, do you still have the intention to kill me now?” When it came to the end, Lin Siyi’s voice was getting increasingly quiet.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes fell on the other party’s hand holding her wrist. Lin Siyi thought the other person minded and immediately dropped it.

“Just now, in the Soul Crossing Courtyard, I could have left you there.”

“What?” Lin Siyi did not react.

Nan Xueqing voice soft, “Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid?”

Lin Siyi remembered in the Soul Crossing Courtyard, the other party pulled her back as she walked towards ‘Zhang Hua’, after that….

The scene of the other party holding her hand emerged in her mind, her cheeks instantly flushed, “So, Xueqing, you don’t have any killing intent towards me now?”

The other party did not answer.

It became a silent agreement in Lin Siyi’s eyes, which made her instantly revive in place.

“Xueqing, I know that the previous me was not good to you, you not wanting me is very normal, but right now I am not the previous me. We should put down the former grudge, live well, and start over. You don’t want to kill me now, so I’m happy.”

Nan Xueqing was silent. Did she not listen to her? She wanted to kill her not because of any personal grievances, but simply because…

Looking into the other party’s sparkling eyes, Nan Xueqing had a brief moment of distraction.

Forget it, let her think what she wants.

It’s also considered a solution to the troublesome matter.

Later that night, Lin Siyi was lying in bed too excited to sleep. Yesterday’s torment no longer existed, she seemed to have gained a new life, suddenly full of hope for the world.

“By the way, Xueqing, I went down today to find Teacher Xun again.”


Lin Siyi recalled the scene where Teacher Xun got excited when she saw her and drove her away violently.

“I think Teacher Xun might know who the legless ghost is.”

Nan Xueqing finished blowing her hair and walked out, “Why do you think so.”

Lin Siyi pointed to herself, “I wore up a hair style exactly like the legless ghost today and my body figure is similar to the legless ghost too. When Teacher Xun saw me, she was very surprised, muttering something from her mouth like she recognized me as someone else, and after reacting, she got very angry and kicked me out.”

“Why test her?”

“Xueqing you actually guessed that I was deliberately testing Teacher Xun, you are too smart!”

Nan Xueqing folded her clothes with her hands, did this need to be guessed?

“When I saw Teacher Xun before, I saw a bow in her hand and thought it was her daughter’s, but Liang Liang told me that she wasn’t married, much less had a daughter.”

Lin Siyi recalled, “That bow has no clips, no leather band, nor does it look like it belongs on clothes, I think it must be worn on the head only to fall off, then I remembered the braid of the legless ghost. The leather strap she had tied to her braid had a block of glue on it, so it must have been decorated with accessories.”

“The important part was that Teacher Xun had reacted when she heard that I was looking for a legless ghost and even went off track, and even more importantly, she actually gave me an almost useless soul-seking instrument.”

Nan Xueqing suddenly sized her up seriously, “You remember very well.”


“Weren’t you scared when you encountered the legless ghost at that time? And to even notice the details of her leather strap, Lin Siyi, you’re getting more and more competent as a soul crossing master.”

The sudden compliment from the female lead made Lin Siyi bashful, “Actually, I didn’t pay that much attention, it’s just that when I recalled, these details suddenly appeared in my own head. It feels like my memory suddenly became very good hahaha.”

“So you are going to start with Teacher Xun?”

Lin Siyi hesitated, “These are also just my guesses and there is no concrete evidence, so I thought of trying with the soul-seeking instrument first to see if I can find the legless ghost.”

Nan Xueqing nodded.

The next day, the two arrived at the entrance of A Courtyard, there were very many people around, almost all the third year students from each courtyard came.

Today was the day the group had to submit its application and will be officially formed. Everyone needed to go through the process.

A Courtyard was the main courtyard of the Academy, the courtyard alone accounted for a quarter of the Academy.

Lin Siyi looked around at people signing, fingerprinting, measuring magic, and even the height, weight, and lung capacity needed to be checked.

It’s a bit like a large-scale body information harvest.

Lin Chuliu was the captain, he took the form and lined up to turn it in, Wu Ke’er walked together beside him and did not want to leave for a second.

At this time, a man carrying several cups of milk tea ran up to her.

With a small shaved head and a sunny and cheerful look, he reached out and handed the milk tea to her and the female lead.

“Lin Siyi and Nan Xueqing, right? What two big beauties.”

The other party’s eyes especially lingered on Nan Xueqing’s body for a long time and Wu Keer slapped his head directly from behind.

“Shao Yang, can you not commit sexual harassment?”

Shao Yang covered his head, “I will grandma, can you stop hitting me in the same place every time? Look, this place is going to be dented by you,” he pointed to his head to show.

He looked at Lin Chuliu, who was walking towards the back, and said, “You don’t care about your daughter-in-law, taking it out on me every day!” Before he could finish, he received another blow.

Wu Ke’er explained to them, “This is what I said about Shao Yang yesterday, usually quite modest, but sometimes needs a beating, so don’t mind it.”

Lin Siyi, “Very interesting.”

“Interesting.” Nan Xueqing spit out the word, her tone was inscrutable.

“By the way, the one called Yin Yuan hasn’t come yet?” Wu Ke’er glanced around, only to see a man running from afar while waving his hand at them.

He then stopped beside her, panting.

Wu Ke’er looked at the book Yin Yuan was holding in his hands, “What are you doing with a book you’re always holding?”

Lin Siyi was also a bit curious and wanted to ask before, but kept it to herself out of politeness.

“Because… because there is no end to learning. The book is very knowledgeable. I haven’t finished this book thoroughly yet, so… so I have to carry it close to me so that I can refer to it at any time…”

“Weirdo.” Wu Ke’er muttered.

“Shall we go over there and get fingerprinted together?”

Lin Siyi was just about to say yes when Nan Xueqing said, “We’ll go over there first, there are fewer people.” She pointed to the side of the height and weight measurement place.

Wu Ke’er nodded, “Meet me at the door when it’s over”

Yin Yuan hugged the book, “Then I will go test the formation first.”

Saying that, he ran away again.

Leaving Nan Xueqing and Lin Siyi, the two people, alone.

While waiting, Bo Leng passed by and saw the two people standing together and immediately went to Nan Xueqing’s side, “Are you two together?”

Nan Xueqing looked at her, “No.”

“Oh, that’s not right.”

“What’s not right?” Zhang Xin’s voice rang out behind her, “I just blink and you were able to run away, why so anxious to flirt with other girls?”

Bo Leng immediately explained, “No, I saw Xueqing-“

When they looked ahead, there was no Nan Xueqing or Lin Siyi.

“How dare you make excuses!” Zhang Xin roughly picked up the ears of Bo Leng.

“Ow ow ow, I was wrong Xin Xin I was wrong, loosen your hands-“

“So you’re admitting that you flirted with a girl?”

“It’s not true that I flirted with a girl owowow-“

Nan Xueqing and Lin Siyi were currently lined up in another line.

Her cell phone rang, Nan Xueqing took it out and saw it was sent by Bo Leng.

[If I remember correctly, didn’t I ask you if you like women and you said no??!!!]

[Are you two still one step away? Come find me, I have rich experience, I will definitely help you to succeed in one minute, waiting for you at night]

“Bo Leng texted you?”

Lin Siyi saw the female lead put away her phone.


Just now it was Lin Siyi who saw Zhang Chi at a glance not far away, so she immediately pulled the female lead and ran away.

No matter what, she was still unable to accept the female lead with anyone else.

Whether it was Zhang Chi, Lin Chuliu, or even Fan Ao.

She also doesn’t understand her own thinking, but she just feels that… these people are not good enough for the female lead!

Yes, just not worthy of the female lead.

“Did you hear that yesterday afternoon Fan Ao ran to all the water department’s classes like crazy?”

“The water department? He ran there for what? Isn’t Mao Yue in the Thunder Department?”

The person who spoke lowered his voice, “I heard that he was looking for someone, a woman.”

“No way, Mao Yue has only been chased for a few weeks and now it’s someone else?”

“Who knows.”


Lin Siyi pricked up her ears and eavesdropped, her body couldn’t help but move closer, wanting to listen in more carefully.

Nan Xueqing took this scene into her eyes and frowned.

Are you so concerned about Fan Ao?

Lin Siyi couldn’t suppress the corners of her mouth that wanted curl up, she didn’t care who Fan Ao was  looking for, as long as he didn’t bother the female lead.

Even prayed that when Fan Ao finds the female, they will fall in love with each other and be together, there will never be a possibility of having a relationship with the female lead again.

“Hey, Xueqing where are you going?”

The voice was cold, “Getting air.”

Lin Siyi looked around, there were a lot of people and the air was not pleasant, so it was right to go out for air.

“Then I’ll go with you!” Lin Siyi ran over.

The back of Nan Xueqing stiffened.

It was nearly eleven o’clock when the process was finally finished.

The group rejoined at the door.

Lin Chuliu, “We have two weeks to relax and then we’re going to proceed with the assessment.”

He looked to Lin Siyi, “We need to try to end the legless ghost matter as early as possible.”

Lin Siyi nodded, “Tonight we can try to find it with the Soul Seeker.”

Yin Yuan sighed, “It seems that our team really is rather special that our team started the assessment earlier than other teams.”

Shao Yang sucked on his milk tea, “Friend, you’re stupid, do you really believe what they told you?”

“What?” Yin Yuan looked to the group, but saw Lin Chuliu and others turned away.

Wu Ke’er, “Today the squad was established, let’s go to dinner and celebrate!”

Shao Yang sympathetically patted his shoulder, “Hey, now you can’t even think about regretting it.”

In the restaurant, Shao Yang specifically contributed two walnuts from his pocket before going out to play, “Eat some, nourish your brain.”

Yin Yuan hugged his book and decided to seek comfort from it.

Wu Ke’er and Lin Siyi gestured at each other with their eyes and finally Lin Siyi spoke, “Yin Yuan, can I ask how the teleportation talisman you gave us yesterday set up a teleportation location in the girls’ dormitory?”

Yin Yuan pushed his glasses, talking about this he became a little proud, “Isn’t it very convenient?”

Lin Siyi, “Convenient, very convenient, but how did you set it up in the girls’ dormitory? Hahaha we don’t mean anything else, just a little curious.”

Yin Yuan, “This was inspired by a female classmate. She helped me get the teleportation point. I didn’t think it was safe for you to teleport to any place at night, so I specially gave you the teleportation point that was in the female dormitory. “


Lin Siyi and Wu Ke’er understood, but they didn’t understand how this female student was not afraid of Yin Yuan using this talisman himself to run into the girls’ dormitory?


Lin Chuliu put down his chopsticks with force.

“What? What is it? Lin Chuliu you scared me.” Shao Yang swallowed his mouthful of rice and almost choked.

Lin Chuliu ignored him and his eyes were as sharp as a hawk looking at Yin Yuan.

“What… what’s wrong?” Yin Yuan was holding the book in fear.

Lin Chuliu said word by word, “Do you know that I am a man?”

Yin Yuan, “Of course I know!” He stood up violently, “I gave you one yesterday too-“

Wu Ke’er and Lin Siyi immediately nodded their heads.

Yin Yuan, “I, I, I… I’m sorry!” He bowed fiercely, the action was so big that Shao Yang immediately moved to the side with his bowl.

“I didn’t realize at the time, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know you were a male, ah no, I know you are a male, I just didn’t pay attention when handing in the talisman to the girls dormitory, so sorry-“

Wu Ke’er couldn’t help but laugh, “Okay, okay, we know that you have no intention, we forgive you, quickly sit down and eat.”

Yin Yuan was filled with guilt.

Lin Siyi, “By the way, do you have any other girl dormitory talisman paper?”

Yin Yuan immediately shook his head, “No, the female student just gave me four, I gave them all to you.”

“That’s good, from now on it’s better not to set up such a teleportation location, it’s weirdly bad that you’re a guy holding this.”

He originally did not feel anything, but when they said so, Yin Yuan face turned red, “O… okay”


“Xueqing, do you ever feel that Yin Yuan is a fun person to watch?”

After saying goodbye to Wu Ke’er and the others, Lin Siyi walked up to Nan Xueqing’s side smiling.

“Fun?” asked Nan Xueqing.

“Yeah and Shao Yang too, you don’t realize how much he ate today, he’s really worthy of being Lin Chuliu’s friend.”

Nan Xueqing’s footsteps stopped, “Will you pay attention to anyone?”

“Huh?” Lin Siyi, “I just thought they were fun, so I watched a bit more.”

“You’re fun too.”

What Xueqing was saying was becoming more and more incomprehensible to her.

She watched the female lead walk in the direction of B Courtyard, “Where are you going?”

Nan Xueqing, “To find someone and learn from their experience.”

Lin Siyi rubbed her head, “I don’t quite understand.”

“Later, you will understand.”

Lin Siyi didn’t dwell on it and followed, “It just so happens that I’m going to go see Chen Xing, we’ll go together.”

Nan Xueqing stopped, “See Chen Xing? What for?”

“I’m still a little worried about the footsteps, so I’ll take a look along the way.”

“Okay, I’ll join you.”

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    1. “Woman, you’ve caught my attention” doesn’t really need a reason but if that’s not good enough for you then it’s because she noticed that Lin Siyi was different and paid more attention to her. It might have something to do with how much of a fool Siyi is too and Xueqing liked it. I also think it’s because Xueqing likes how honest/pure Siyi’s eyes are too.

      1. So she fell for the honest, innocent, little idiot that Siyi is right?

        But I feel this going to fast. At least made more escene between the two or something more.

      2. The black-bellied characters gotta eat something sweet and innocent,, no??

        I think so too. I was actually thinking about that and the only thing I can think of is that the author is making shortcuts with the story. Take “For the Rest of Our Life” as example, the author goes REALLY in depth with the story but and description whereas “My Disciple Comsumes Too Much” has a good amount of description and storyline. Compare those novel to this novel, it’s really short with the characters and story. You can tell by how Xueqing speaks, it’s usually just two words, or by how the author words/format when they speak. It’s usually “Lin Chuliun, ‘Did you…'” and I personally input “said” “asked” “question” etc.

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