Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 36

“Courtyard A is different from our C Courtyard, there are lively people everywhere.”

Liang Liang followed after Lin Siyi, looking left and right, his eyes full of desire.

At this timing, a ball suddenly fell from the sky and was about to hit him as he watched. Lin Siyi quickly pushed Liang Liang away and weaved his body, so that he did not suffer.

Liang Liang was so frightened that he patted his chest, “Where did this ball come from? Fortunately, you pushed me away, otherwise, that ball was going to hit me.”

Lin Siyi did not answer him, her eyes looked ahead.

“I was wondering who it was, it turned out to be Lin Chulu’s sister, Lin Siyi. What, you want to come and pester Fan Ao again?”

“Hey, who are you talking to?”

Liang Liang immediately turned around, but in the moment of seeing the person coming, he quickly hid behind Lin Siyi.

A woman in the lead was dressed in a sexy tight black dress with smooth, short hair and gaze like swords1.

Another woman put her arms around her chest, her straight hair was loose, and her face was sharp, “Is this your new target? This man’s looks can’t really compare with Fan Ao, your vision is getting awfully worse.”

“Oh yes, Luo Mei, it’s been a long time since Lin Siyi went to C Courtyard, don’t you want to say something to her?”

The eyes of Luo Mei who walked forward and looked at Lin Siyi were full of disdain, “I heard that the academy arranged for you to be in a group with Lin Chuliu and Nan Xueqing. I feel really sorry for them that they have to drag a waste like you with them.”

“Lin Chuliu is my brother, even if I am a waste, I think he will still be happy to drag me around, so I don’t need you to worry for him.”


Liang Liang came up to Lin Siyi and introduced in a whisper, “The one who started talking is called Dai Lu, Healing Class 3, the other one is Luo Mei from Auxiliary Class 1.You should know both of them from B Courtyard.”

“The leader is A Courtyard Thunder Class 1 Mao Yue, this person’s background, including strength, is not inferior to Fan Ao.” 

(Courtyard A specializes in offense, B is auxiliary and healer, and C is for the soul crossers)

Lin Siyi, “How do you know this?”

Talking about this, Liang Liang is a little proud, “Cheng Hou from B Courtyard, he’s my good buddy, there’s no gossip I don’t know.”

Dai Lu watched the two whispering and said, “In broad daylight, they can’t help but stick together so blatantly, don’t blame me for not reminding you when rumors start flying.”

Lin Siyi really couldn’t understand, the original owner was also considered a vicious female supporting character, so why are they making things difficult for each other?

“Thank you for your concern, but I have things to do so I’ll leave you alone for now.”

Luo Mei, “Who cares about you, Lin Siyi, stop right there!”

Luo Mei blocked their way forward.

Lin Siyi looked at her and the other party who raised her chin in a condescending manner.

“Do you like this road? Then we can give way to you.”

After she said that, Lin Siyi pushed Liang Liang to walk in a different direction.

Luo Mei froze and immediately became angry, “Lin Siyi, stop!”

Stop? The person who stands still is the fool.


A lightning bolt suddenly appeared in front of her. After less than a second of the flash, the sound fell very loud.

“Did you not hear to stand still?” Mao Yue turned her head and looked stern.

As soon as Lin Siyi stopped, Liang Liang immediately tugged at her coat, “Don’t be arrogant, don’t argue.”

“Is there anything else?” Lin Siyi naturally knew better not to do anything else and had a friendly tone.

Mao Yue stepped forward and Luo Mei and Dai Lu stood next to her with a look of mirth.

“Nothing much, I just can’t stand you.”

Lin Siyi, “……”

She calculated in her mind to understand, these people were just here to purely find trouble.

“If I remember correctly, it’s forbidden to fight on campus.”

Dai Lu couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re really your brother’s own sister, are you here to be funny?”

“There is a problem with this statement, since you know that I am my brother’s sister, it is natural that we’re a family and I am a sister at that. Student, don’t you think that what you said is funny?”

“You!” Dai Lu was livid.

Luo Mei immediately exclaimed, “Sister Lu, don’t be angry, she’s really arrogant. Sister Yue will teach her a lesson for us!”

With that, both of them looked at Mao Yue expectantly.

However, Mao Yue said something unexpectedly, “What makes you two think I will stand up for you?”

The moment these words came out, Dai Lu and Luo Mei were confused.

Luo Mei, “Si…. Sister Yue what do you mean by this?”

“Literally. Did you not understand?”


Dai Lu immediately pulled Luo Mei and said, “Sister Yue, Fan Ao is here.”

As soon as the words came out, the crowd immediately looked around.

Fan Ao was wearing a gray tank top that revealed his bulging biceps, sweat was sliding down his forehead and down his cheeks, he had obviously just finished a sparring session.

Many people behind him leaned over the railing to watch them and even whistled boisterously.

“Isn’t that Lin Siyi, why is she here?”

“Needless to say, it must be to chase the boss again.”

“This is going to be a good show to watch.”


“Mao Yue, what are you guys doing here?” Fan Ao’s eyes swept over Lin Siyi very casually and naturally rested an arm on Mao Yue’s shoulder.

Mao Yue directly shrugged it off, “Smells like sweat, stay away from me.”

Fan Ao’s brow furrowed, a trace of gloom flashed from his eyes.

Liang Liang quietly said to Lin Siyi, “In front of so many people, how did Mao Yue not give Fan Ao face to at all?”

Lin Siyi whispered, “Are the two of them boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Liang brightly nodded and shook his head, “It can be considered, mainly because Fan Ao has recently chased after Mao Yue, but the other party did not reject nor did she agree, so the relationship between the two is as ambiguous as a couple.”

Lin Siyi thought, then she prodded Liang Liang, “Let’s go.”

Luo Mei saw these two people who actually wanted to leave again and immediately grew anxious, she looked at Fan Ao and Mao Yue in a stalemate and immediately said, “Lin Siyi, didn’t you cme here to find Fan Ao? How now that Fan Ao is here, you want to leave instead?”

Lin Siyi was really helpless, “I almost thought you could read minds, but I didn’t expect you to talk nonsense and get people’s attention.”

“What did you say!”

Lin Siyi felt that today’s problem could not be avoided, “Students Luo Mei, may I ask, from the beginning to the end, when did I say that I came here to find Fan Ao?”

Dai Lu felt a sense of amusement, “If you are not here to find Fan Ao, who did you come to look for?”

Luo Mei, “Everyone knows you dream of being with Fan Ao, who would believe you if you say you are not here to find Fan Ao?”

Fan Ao looked at Lin Siyi with great interest. He wanted to see what tricks this woman was playing.

Mao Yue watched Fan Ao’s eyes on Lin Siyi and frowned.

Lin Siyi really didn’t want to be entangled with these people, but she always repeatedly looked to cause her trouble, which made her angry.

“Students Luo Mei and Dai Lu, I remember that as soon as you saw me, you said that I was Lin Chuliu’s sister. Because I am Lin Chuliu’s sister, I naturally came here to find my brother.”

“On the contrary, you two should remember, we are from C Courtyard, so the question should be, why are you here?”

Luo Mei and Dai Lu, “You-“

“That’s enough.” Mao Yue suddenly spoke out. She looked at Lin Siyi and Liang Liang, “You two can go now.”

“But Sister Yue, she-“

“Shut up, isn’t it humiliating enough?” Mao Yue’s eyes were full of warning.

Luo Mei also relied on Mao Yue and had to shut her mouth, but in her heart she cursed Mao Yue.

Lin Siyi didn’t understand Mao Yue, she was the one who stopped them before and now she’s the one who told them to leave, which is really strange.

Liang Liang shrunk his head, “Shall we go?”

“Go, of course.” However, Lin Siyi was stopped again as soon as she turned around.

Only this time it wasn’t a woman who called out to her, but a man.

Fan Ao saw that the other party did not look at him from the beginning to the end and her eyes were not as blatant as before to the point it disgusted him.

Asking, “Did you really come to find Lin Chuliu?”

Mao Yue saw the look Fan Ao gave Lin Siyi were different, her eyes immediately dipped.

Fan Ao approached step by step, the atmosphere around him became heavy as he approached Lin Siyi, his lips moved, and the corners of his mouth raised.

In the distance, Nan Xueqing walked into A Courtyard and saw this scene, her eyebrows quickly frowned and her eyes gave a murderous stance.

Fan Ao seemed to notice it and turned his head to look, but found no one suspicious.

Nan Xueqing sent a message to Qiao Zheng and changed paths and walked towards A Courtyard’s training room.

Liang Liang touched Lin Siyi, “What did Fan Ao say to you just now? I can see those guys looking at you with the same look as if they want to eat you.”

Lin Siyi remembered Fan Ao’s words with puzzled eyes, “He said, he’ll watch and let me continue to perform.”

She looked at Liang Liang, “Does this mean that he’s cheering me on?”

Liang Liang do not know what to say, shouldn’t the meaning of this sentence be interpreted as, woman, you’ve successfully attracted my attention?

But, “Maybe it really just means cheering.”

Lin Siyi nodded, “I thought so too.”

They arrived at the base of the school building, “I told Ke’er I’ll wait for her here, she’ll be here in a minute.”

Liang Liang immediately became excited, “What do you think the first thing I should say when I see the goddess later?”

Liang Liang, “Like ‘hi’, ‘hello’, or ‘how is the goddess doing’?”

Lin Siyi, “Shouldn’t the first sentence be an introduction?”

Liang Liang closed his mouth, he suddenly felt it was better to dwell by himself.

“Lin Siyi, why did you come to A Courtyard to look for me?”

A few moments later, Wu Ke’er finally came out.

Her golden curls glowed in the sunlight, a beautiful dress with embroidered snowflake was exquisite on her body, just like a little princess.

“Wh-wh-wh-….” Liang Liang stammered in excitement.

“What kind of female is this? Is it possible that all the women before are men?”

Wu Ke’er said, “Lin Siyi, where did you find a stutterer?”

Lin Siyi, “This-“

“Goddess, I’m not stuttering I can speak fluently. I’m just so excited to see you. My name is Liang Liang and I belong to the C Courtyard like Lin Siyi. I can finally meet you today, it is indeed my eight lifetime of blessing that came.”

Liang Liang held Wu Ke’er excitedly, “Goddess, you may not know, I have always admired you, you are absolutely unique and irreplaceable in my heart, just seeing you, I almost fainted with excitement, you really are beautiful, look at my hair, I specially dyed for you, I’m really… “

The other party talked a lot, and Wu Ke’er was stunned. Although she has heard a lot of praise since childhood, it was rare to be as excited as the other party was.

Feeling a moment of embarrassment, she was afraid to admit that the person he was talking about was her and her face showed a hint of red.

Lin Siyi looked at Wu Ke’er’s reaction and couldn’t help but to pinch his cheeks, “Is it difficult not to make drama?”

“What are you doing! Put your hands down!”

Lin Chuliu’s voice suddenly boomed, storming over with fire in his eyes and roaring.

Liang Liang was so frightened that he almost fell backwards.

Lin Chuliu blocked Wu Ke’er behind him, his voice was low but contained anger, “What are you doing in broad daylight?”

“I didn’t do anything, I’m just excited. Lin Siyi, quickly help me explain!” Liang Liang immediately hid behind Lin Siyi again.

Lin Chuliu looked at her, “Did you bring this person?”

Lin Siyi’s peripheral vision caught Wu Ke’er, who was hiding behind Lin Chuliu, and couldn’t help but smirk.

She sighed, “His name is Liang Liang, he is Teacher Qiao’s disciple.”

Lin Chuliu, “Disciple? Then why would he pull Wu Ke’er’s hand and not let go?”

“This… is actually a gesture by people to show their enthusiasm. Lin Chuliu, aren’t you thinking too much?”

“Yeah!” Wu Ke’er pushed away Lin Chuliu in front of her, “Liang Liang just shook hands with me, what are you complaining about?”

Lin Chuliu stared at Wu Ke’er, “Just a hand shake?”

“Of course, or is it a relationship? And even if it is a relationship, it doesn’t have anything to do with you, does it?”

“Good. Very good.”

Lin Chuliu’s gaze locked on Liang Liang, his voice was hoarse, “Relationship? You can try.”

After saying that, he turned around.

Wu Ke’er immediately shouted at his back, “What are you doing threatening people for no reason, don’t think that I can’t be with someone else if it isn’t you!”

“Female goddess, are you serious?” Liang Liang’s eyes glowed, although Lin Chuliu was hard to handle, the temptation of the goddess was greater.

The corners of Wu Ke’er’s mouth curved, her mood was instantly better.

“What’s true? Put away your crooked mind, studying hard is the right way!”

Liang Liang was greatly disappointed at once.

“By the way, no matter what reason you were looking for me today, put it aside first, there’s an important matter here that needs to be done right away.” Wu Ke’er suddenly remembered something.

Lin Siyi, “What is it?”

“Tomorrow is the deadline for team submission, did you get the team form to sign before the sixth?”

Lin Siyi shook her head, “I think it was said to me before, but I never received it.”

Wu Ke’er muttered, “Hmm I also didn’t remember myself.” Then she continued, “It’s okay, I’ll have Chuliu bring it to you when we gather this evening.”

“More importantly, we are still lacking a auxiliary master. In the group requirements, there must be a soul crossing master and two auxiliary masters. Right now there is only one auxiliary master, Xueqing.

“Weren’t you from B Courtyard previously? You should know more people than us, so this task will be left to you. Make sure to finalize the list by tomorrow morning.”

Lin Siyi thought for a moment, “I did have a roommate-“

Before she could finish, she was denied by Wu Ke’er, “No, none of the ones in your previous class will work. The healer we already have is the best, so it can’t be a healer again, it’s better to find a formation master.”

“Formation master?” Lin Siyi remembered Bo Leng, she seemed to be a formation master.

“Yes, it has to be the best formation master, after all, we have to form the best team.”

Liang Liang saw that the two were discussing about the team, and weakly raised his hand, “A team up to six people, how about adding me to the group?”

Wu Ke’er immediately glared at him, “You think too beautiful, we already have Lin Siyi, so the remaining one spot is naturally from our A Courtyard.”

“Okay.” Liang Liang, at this moment, wished he was an auxiliary master so that he could team up with the goddess.

On the other end, Fan Ao pulled out his phone despite Mao Yue’s angry glare, saw the words on it, and his eyes narrowed as he turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” Mao Yue immediately asked.

Fan Ao gave a cold smile, “Do I have to tell you?”


“Sister Yue don’t be angry, Fan Ao must be joking with you.” Dai Luo said.

Luo Mei’s tone was a bit strange, “That’s not certain, after all, the current Lin Siyi is very scheming, who knows if Fan Ao will be seduced by her-“


Mao Yue did not hesitate to slap Luo Mei.

Luo Mei covered her face and stared angrily.

Mao Yue pressed closer, her eyes full of ruthlessness, “Angry?”

Luo Mei wanted to tear her to pieces in her heart, but she didn’t dare to on the surface. She suppressed her anger, “I’m the one who spoke out, Sister Yue taught me a lesson, how can I be angry.”

“That’s good to know.”

Fan Ao walked all the way to the training ground, the one who sent the text message was an unfamiliar number, but… the corners of Fan Ao’s mouth rose.

Interestingly, this text message was provoking him. Very bold, there was someone who dared to provoke him in A Courtyard, it was very intriguing

He glanced at the training room door number written on the text message and walked in after reporting his name to the person in charge.

“Huh, a female?”

The person in front of him wore a mask, her black hair was pulled up high, revealing her fair and slender neck, and although she was wearing a simple casual suit, for Fan Ao, who’s used to women, he still saw at a glance that the woman’s appearance in front of him was an ultimate beauty.

Fan Ao still had a trace of vigilance, but at this moment he completely dropped it, “I never hit at women, but if you are interested we can-“

Before his words were finished, the woman suddenly struck so fast that Fan Ao could not react at all and the sharp ice pierced into his skin.

Fan Ao touched his face, the bright red color came into his eyes.

Not angry but applauded, “You’re very good. Ice, the water element needs to be extremely well controlled to be transformed into ice, but how come I don’t remember seeing someone as good as you in the water class?”

“You speak too much.”

The voice spoken was cold.

“Is that so, it seems that if I want to communicate with you, I’ll have to beat you first, watch out!”

As the words fell, Fan Ao’s original protruding biceps exploded even more, his hair instantly became longer, his black eyes were as sharp and ferocious as a tiger’s, and he let out a wild cry, like a tiger possessed, and ran in the direction of the woman.

The woman’s eyes did not change in the slightest, still cold and indifference.

She stood right where she was without even dodging.

Fan Ao’s heart flashed with doubt, the distance was getting closer and closer, just when he wondered if the other party was afraid and hesitated to stop his hands, his feet suddenly could not move.

The cold air under his feet struck his whole body. Fan Ao looked down and saw that his feet were wrapped in ice, which quickly froze him in place, and the ice was not like any ordinary ice.

The pain was like a needle stabbing into his legs and feet, and not only that, it even tore at him, making the essence in his body run wild.

He tried to crush the ice with his hands and just as he bent down, not only hands, but his entire body except for his pair of eyes and mouth, could not move!

Fan Ao gritted his teeth, his gaze was ruthless, watching the woman in front of him take one step at a time towards him.

His eyes rested on her white, slender and skinny hands.

Fan Ao immediately roared, “You dare!”

However, the woman did not even pause for a moment!

Without a moment of hesitation, she directly pinched both of his cheeks hard, completely ignoring his glare.

If Fan Ao could move at this moment, he wanted to break this woman into pieces!

She dared to use his usual manners of flirting with women on him. This is simply a humiliation and naked provocation!!!

“Is this handsome?”

The woman murmured.


Fan Ao looked at the corners of the woman’s mouth curved slightly up, and actually felt infatuated.

However, the woman did not say anything else and she let go of her hand and then took out a wet wipe and rubbed it clean.

Fan Ao was quickly triggered, “Woman, have the ability to report your name!”

Nan Xueqing sneered.

After leaving the training room, she took off the mask and then threw it into the trash can aside.


“You have a team?”

Lin Siyi watched the game being played by Bo Leng and the voice of a girl came from the game.

“Bo Leng, who’s you next to? I’ll tell you, if you dare to cheat with any other girls behind my back again, see if I don’t kill you first.”

“Of course, of course, you can rest assured that I’m an honest person. It’s Lin Siyi, she approached me to invite me into her team.”

“Is that so?”

“I swear, Lin Siyi, you say something,” said Bo Leng, looking at Lin Siyi.

Lin Siyi moved over, “Zhang Xin?”

The voice came from the phone, “It’s me, Lin Siyi, Bo Leng is with me and my brother’s team, sorry about that.”

“Zhang Chi?”

“Yes, my brother.”

Lin Siyi was dumbfounded, remembering that Xiao Rui was also in the other party’s team and how the other party wanted to invite the female lead. Now that her relationship with the female lead fell, will Nan Xueqing switch over?

Three auxiliary masters, maybe the other side will really break the quota for the female lead.

A stone instantly clogged her heart.

It felt uncomfortable.

Bo Leng looked up at her while playing the game, “How come you’re not curious about why Zhang Xin and I are playing the game together?”

Lin Siyi felt a little bitter, “It’s normal for old feelings to rekindle.”

“Hey, are you alright?”

Bo Leng remembered how Xueqing looked before and looked at Lin Siyi again, “I don’t think you and Xueqing need to fight each other, just stay happy together.”

“What?” Lin Siyi didn’t understand.

Remembering that Xueqing didn’t like her getting involved in her affairs, Bo Leng shrugged, “You can pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“By the way, I can ask a few people for you later. There are some who haven’t found a team yet, you can try and ask them.”

Lin Siyi nodded, “Thank you.”

She pushed the door and left, going down the corridor glanced at the innermost section. Since she was here, she might as well go see Chen Xing and ask about the ‘footsteps’ in the meantime.

1 “Gaze like swords” was originally “eyes like arrows” but I thought of this and decided to change the phrasing.

I thought of this ↓ and felt offended.

Cultural Embroidery Design: Happy Asian face from Machine Embroidery Designs

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