Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 35

Lin Siyi thought of many possibilities, for example, the other party tried to get close to the female lead by frequently feeding Aversion.

But it didn’t occur to her that Aversion was given to the female lead by the other party.

“What I would not have guessed, however, is that Xueqing would let you have a contract with Aversion.”

Lin Siyi clenched her teeth, “That’s natural, after all, my relationship with Xueqing is not ordinary.”

The corners of Yang’s mouth hooked up slightly, “Actually, this approach of Xueqing’s is also very correct. After all, only in this way, can she monitor you very well.”

Lin Siyi looked at him, “What do you mean?”

Yang smiled, “You don’t really think Xueqing gave you a contracted beast for nothing, do you?”

Lin Siyi, “Whether it was given to me for nothing or not, what does it matter to you?”

Lin Siyi understood this person was jealous of the relationship between her and the female lead and came here to sow discord.

“Although I don’t know what you are talking about and the bad water have in your stomach, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to listen to your nonsense.”

Lin Siyi stretched out her hands to Yang’s arms, “Aversion, come here, we should go back.”

“Meow,” Aversion wagged his tail and did not move.

Lin Siyi became a little angry and just as she was ready to go forward and pull Aversion out of the other person’s arms, Yang suddenly spoke, “Aversion has attacked you, right?”

Lin Siyi lifted her head, “How did you know?”

Yang’s smile deepened, “Do you know why Aversion attacked you? It was… because Xueqing… wanted to kill you.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Lin Siyi’s pupils dilated, remembering everything that had happened before. She looked at Yang in front of her and couldn’t help but take a few steps back, “I see, it was you. It was you who instructed Aversion, it was you who wanted to kill me.”

Yang moved one step closer, “Lin Siyi, don’t fool yourself. To tell you the truth, since the beginning, Xueqing has murderous intent towards you. However, the first night you came to C Courtyard, it is true that I let Aversion lure you to be killed.”

Lin Siyi huffed, “You think I will believe whatever you say?”

The persona of the female lead in the book was a saintly mother, how could she have murderous intent towards her.

Yang looked at Lin Siyi, who was full of disbelief in front of him, suddenly had some sympathy, “Our original plan was to create an accident after you were expelled from the Academy and then to finish you off, it’s just a pity….”

Looking at Lin Siyi’s suddenly different face, Yang clicked his tongue a few times, “Oh yes, your friend is called Xiao Rui, right? What happened at that time was actually arranged by us, did you think that without the ‘help’ of Xueqing you might change the medical items? Lin Siyi, you are so naive. “

Like a bolt out of the blue, Lin Siyi’s mind went blank.

“If it wasn’t for your sudden change in character, which caught Xueqing’s attention, you would not have been able to survive until now. Xueqing was merely curious about you. Friendship? That’s ridiculous.”


Lin Siyi suddenly said, hers voice was trembling a little, “Come down, let’s go back.”


Aversion obviously felt the other party’s mood swings, and seemed to be very confused as to why it suddenly changed so much.

It meowed at Yang, then leapt down from his arms, and fondly followed behind Lin Siyi to leave.

Lin Siyi’s entire body fell into a wandering state, not knowing when she had returned to the dormitory.

She looked dumbly at the bed of the female lead’s across the room and her whole body trembled, shivering and biting her index finger.

All this time she was concerned about her own safety.

Wanting to know the truth about the original owner’s death was the thing she had always wanted to know the most.

Now that the truth is right in front of her eyes, it made her feel more terrified and frightened.

She would rather not have known the truth.

In the end, she still had some disbelief and even tried to find a flaw in the truth, even if it was just a glimmer, to be able to appease a little bit of her fear at this moment.

The door was suddenly opened and Lin Siyi immediately stood up, looking at the female lead who just walked in. She stepped forward by reflex to meet her, but remembered the flower store owner’s words and hurriedly stepped back.

Nan Xueqing looked at the other party’s strange behavior and nervous appearance and walked towards her, who knew that the other party would panic and retreat, but then almost fell because their back was towards the table.

Nan Xueqing wanted to stretch out her hand to help, but the other party immediately stabilized her body, “Xue-Xueqing, you you came back.”

Nan Xueqing stopped in her tracks and suppressed the worry in her eyes, “What happened to you?”

Lin Siyi took a deep breath, “Xueqing, can I ask you a question?”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were deep, “Say it.”

“I met the owner of the flower store today… He said.”

Lin Siyi secretly observed the other party’s reaction, but could not read anything, so she had to say it in one breath, “He said that Aversion was actually given to you by him.”

Obviously, she wanted to ask whether the other party was really the murderer of the original owner the most, and what came to her lips was this.

Nan Xueqing eyes instantly narrowed slightly, revealing the danger, “What else did he say?”

Lin Siyi clearly perceived the killing intent in the other party’s eyes and she froze.

In her memory, Xueqing should have a gentle and obedient image, how coould she show this sort of expression at the moment?

Her voice was weak, “He also said that you…. use Aversion to harm me and the matter of Xiao Rui, this… Is it true?”

“I know I shouldn’t listen to rumors of others, especially to judge a person by what others say, but is what he said really-“

“It’s true.” Nan Xueqing voiced without any emotion, “What he told you is all true.”

Lin Siyi’s body leaning on the table was instantly weak and fell to the floor.

Nan Xueqing immediately embraced her before she touched the ground.

The soft body belonging to the young girl was in close contact with her and Nan Xueqing’s whole body gave a jolt, then her eyes dropped and she moved closer to the other’s ear, her voice low, “I’ve never been a good person.”

Lin Siyi’s lips trembled, her brain was completely unable to think at this moment.

Nan Xueqing was ready to let go of the other person, but Lin Siyi was as weak as cotton candy and slid to the ground once again.

An icy voice followed, “Stand up for me.”

Lin Siyi’s entire body instantly collapsed.

Looking at the other party standing obediently, Nan Xueqing lightly took a few steps back.

Lin Siyi’s whole body stood stiffly in place, her cheeks couldn’t help but twitch.

A pair of eyes were wide open, holding on for dear life, not even daring to blink.

Nan Xueqing looked at her appearance at this moment, her heart suddenly felt a bit of an ache.

Looking at each other deeply, she then turned around and left.

The moment she opened the door, her footsteps paused for a moment but no sound sounded behind her. She couldn’t help but give a mocking smile and step by step, she left the house.

The moment the door closed, Lin Siyi’s entire body sat paralyzed on the bed.

From her first impression, she was certain that the female lead was a holy and sacred white lotus, gentle as water.

But she did not expect her to be a black lotus.

Pretending to be patient and unknowingly eradicate the dissidents, but also praised by people to win a good reputation.

In fact, this is right. If the female lead was really unduly good, this book will not be called “The Magical Girl Takes Over the World”.

This was a really cool book of dominance. The actual fact that she was naive enough to think that staying by the female lead’s side would be safe.

But who knew that the person who wanted to kill her was the female lead.

Thinking about everything that happened before, she always thought she was brushing up on her favorability, but the female lead was actually trying to kill her.

The annoying person was clinging to her side, Xueqing supposedly tolerated it the whole time.

Lin Siyi curled up on the bed, the tears in her eyes flowed out abruptly, staining the pillow.

After the fear, she actually felt very regretful.

Regret for going to Aversion and learning all of this and even more regret for asking Xueqing in person.

Now everything means that she and Xueqing will never get along with each other like before.

She didn’t know what to do afterward, only knew that all of this could only be digested by herself.

The next morning, Lin Siyi walked into the bathroom with dark circles under her eyes and messy hair, and after a wash, she tied a low braid for herself and put it on the side of her chest, then put on a light makeup.

Liang Liang was teasing the cat under the dorm building and when he saw Lin Siyi walking over, he immediately got up, with a little surprise in his eyes, “I feel like you’re not the same as yesterday.”

Lin Siyi smiled politely, “Is that so?”

She saw Aversion lying on the ground, lingering for a moment then withdraw her gaze, “First, let’s go to A Courtyard to find Ke’er, there are some things we still need her help with.”

“Wu Ke’er. The principal’s daughter Wu Ke’er?”

Lin Siyi nodded, “Just in time to introduce you guys to each other.”

Liang Liang covered his mouth with excitement, “Do you know that Wu Ke’er is my goddess? I never thought I would be able to meet my goddess one day. It’s so incredible.”


Liang Liang became even more excited, “You do not know, the goddess is a wind essence master, she should be using long-range attacks, but she changed the norm and became proficient in close attack. You must know that you can use the wind element to attack at close range, but it is very difficult. But the goddess actually did it, you can’t say it’s not amazing!”

Lin Siyi said, “Ah, don’t be too excited when you see her then.”

Liang Liang suddenly sighed, “It’s a pity that the goddess has someone she likes. Hey! That person seems to be your brother, Lin Chuliu!”

Then he sighed again, “Why did it have to be your brother? If it wasn’t your brother, I might have been able to fight for it.”

“You like Wu Ke’er?”

“Of course, who doesn’t like the goddess.”

Lin Siyi, “Actually, you can fight for it, my brother he…. has a marriage contract with someone else.”

After speaking, Liang Liang was silent, then he excitedly shouted.

“Is that true? Lin Chuliu and someone else has a marriage contract? I didn’t hear that wrong, right? The marriage contract? So it’s not possible for the goddess to be with him? This is great too!” Liang Liang nearly jumped up in excitement.

Seeing the other party’s silent look, he immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing, “Ah, I’m not glad that the goddess and your brother won’t be together, don’t misunderstand, I jus-…”

Lin Siyi looked up and smiled, “It’s okay, I don’t care about this, after all, it’s their own business.”

Liang Liang breathed a sigh of relief, then he naturally put his hand on her shoulder, “Don’t worry, if I get together with the goddess, I will definitely give you a feast to thank you properly. Lin Siyi, you really are my good friend!”

The more he talked, the more excited Liang Liang became.


Aversion tentatively stretched out his paws and pulled at the shoes of the person in front of him.

Nan Xueqing looked at the two people who were intimately talking and laughing in front of of her and her face instantly sank. She lifted her foot and threw Aversion, that had climbed onto her shoes, to the side mercilessly.

“Meow,” Aversion meowed sadly.

He stared at the fragrant breakfast in his master’s hand and his tail wagged furiously.

Nan Xueqing looked down at Aversion indifferently, “Just like a dog.”

Walking to the trash can in front of her, she directly threw away the breakfast in her hand and left.


Waiting for his master to walk away, Aversion glared and jumped into the trash can, his sharp teeth yanked out the breakfast that Nan Xueqing threw away and immediately ran out to hide.

Translator: Hmm. I don’t really like how Siyi is taking this. She’s too honest and asks questions directly to the person in question and even then when she found out that it was true, it felt as if she no longer cared about her safety and only worried about her relationship with Xueqing and how they “will never get along with each other like before”. She’s not even trying to leave Xueqing, like moving out or changing teams, she’s just…moderately avoiding her. Does this make sense? I hope in the next chapter, Siyi will try to get away from the original owner’s murderer, because if not, this story is pretty stagnate.

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  1. Well, the trouble is she might like Xueqing. She’s scared and hurt that the FL intended to kill her, but on some level their relationship already changed. So right now Lin Siyi probably doesn’t want to get close to her, but going too far away might also hurt. A little bitter.

    I also don’t think leaving her brother’s group is a good solution, especially since she has been moved to the ghost courtyard with like, zero explanation as to how things work there.

    As for the room, I don’t think Xueqing will be allowed back to the room for quite some time. I don’t think she’ll try, either; it would be such an obvious breach of trust.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Siyi is still in a shock, and she might be having little feelings for Xueqing without realizing it that’s why she’s feeling bitter. But I do hope she needs to do something, it’s not realistic when you stay next to a person who murdered someone and make it look like it’s your fault

  3. Finally. I think it’s good that the blinders are finally off. Looking forward to where it goes. Thanks for translating.

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