My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 59

When Shu Tang said these words, the face of the Sect Leader changed a little. This time, the disciple of the Shangxian caused trouble in the mortal realm and the human sect did not know how to deal with it. Now that the culprit came to their door, but she looked like she didn’t know and even said she wanted to investigate clearly. He, as the head of the sect, should believe it or not?

One of the disciples standing behind the three elders kept looking at Shu Tang, remembering the last time she came over, he suddenly opened his mouth and said improperly, “Sect Leader, the person who came with Miss Shu last time did not look like an honest person, but did she bring trouble to the disciple of the Shangxian?”

His speculation seemed to have some truth to it and the Sect Leader immediately looked at Shu Tang and asked, “What is the origin of Miss Shu’s close friend?”

Shu Tang suspected Miao Jinghan in her heart, but she would not betray her at this time, “If necessary, I will tell you, but it seems inappropriate to answer you at this time, right?”

There was silence in the hall and only after a long time did the Sect Leader say, “Then I will listen to the girl.”

Shu Tang nodded slightly and proposed a condition, “However, I hope that the people of the Qing Rong Sect will not say anything about what I promised today and will not be late to announce it when I return.”

After saying that, the other party agreed, she bowed to the top-seated Sect Leader as a salute, and then got up to leave, without sweeping her gaze at anyone other than the Sect Leader from the beginning to the end.

After leaving the Qing Rong Sect smoothly, Shu Tang once again cast an illusion and carefully avoided the crowd. After spreading the news that Shu Tang had left the Qing Rong Sect, she quickly set off on the road to the Barbaric Wasteland.

This was the third time she had been to the Barbaric Wasteland and also her first time to come alone. Shu Tang broke through the killing array, and as soon as she left the entrance of the formation, she was greeted by two beast souls who came forward to provoke her. She was annoyed and settled with them quickly and did not chase after them as they were dying to escape.

Around the pile of white bones, there were more beast souls. Perhaps because Yuangui had sent out the affair, not many teams were in the Barbaric Wasteland. One glance swept through the vast yellow sand, only to see someone fighting in the distance with the beast souls, but could not see clearly through the sand and dust.   

Shu Tang pursed her lips and wiped her face, while carefully avoiding beast souls and looking for Chi Yan.

This guy usually comes out fast, but this time he did not come out after a long time. She didn’t know what was going on, but Shu Tang was always surrounded by many beast souls. She had something to do, otherwise, it would be good to use them to practice, but there was no time to delay. Her hands condensed two swords with qi and when the swords appeared and fell, wherever the sword went, only the beast souls were wailing.

The first time she entered the Barbaric Wasteland, she easily attracted the beast souls, but at that time it was because she was too weak. Logically speaking, with her current strength, these beast souls should not be provoking her so easily, what happened here?

After driving away another water-based beast soul, Shu Tang simply stopped avoiding them carefully and quickly headed deeper.

The Red Flame Beast should be aware of her own breath. If he knows she was coming, he would most likely rush over, right? She originally thought this way, but at this time, Shu Tang could only be unsure and looked carefully.

Unexpectedly, just as she was looking, the jade pendant on the spiritual platform in her head shook violently. The shaking of the power of the jade pendant was in the spiritual platform, naturally, it was not a trivial matter. Just for a moment, it made Shu Tang dizzy and she could hardly take a step.

However, if she was not wrong, this shock, she seems to have received a warning of danger.

Shu Tang’s eyes were immediately sharp, cautiously scanning around, feeling where the source of the danger. But after standing in place for a while, there was nothing abnormal except for the two beast souls that were coming to devour her.

Could it be that she was perceiving it wrong? Shu Tang breathed a sigh of relief, sacrificed a bit of Taotie fire, flicked it to the two beast souls, and drove them away very quickly.

She looked around for a bit, raised her feet to leave when a strong force struck her from behind. This force Shu Tang’s heart jumped, immediately turned around, and leaped back a few steps, running the true qi to set up the defense in front while looking for the next best angle to dodge.

Vaguely, she seemed to hear a cold snort, and the gathered energy of light shot along with this cold snort. Shu Tang didn’t have time to think about the sound, quickly taking a breath and jumped, and her temporarily free hands gathered the power of the Taotie, striking the pillar of light with an explosion.

The moment the two forces came into contact, the surrounding air was then stilled for a second. The next moment, the surging force burst open.

Shu Tang’s body was shaking to fly off when she was trying to resist the force, a red light “swoosh” to her from afar. She turned over and grabbed what could be held in the red light and she vanished in place in a blink of an eye.

When the aftershock of that power that clashed dissipated, a blurred figure appeared in the place where Shu Tang had left, his eyes were tightly closed and his expression was intoxicated.

“Tch, the last power of the true gods, but in a little girl…” He sniffed the last bit of breath left by Shu Tang with enjoyment, then he suddenly opened his eyes, the face was blurred and transparent, only the pair of eyes were clear.

The blue eyes seemed to carry the vast night sky, and the gleaming light looked to be filled with stars.

And at this time, Shu Tang was grabbing a few handfuls of hair on the Red Flame Beast, moving fast in the air. Chi Yan had already withdrawn the flames from his body. He was not so scary, but his face was hideous, and his bloody mouth opened, “Beauty, you’ve grown stronger, you’re gripping too hard, it hurts!

Shu Tang’s face reddened, embarrassingly loosened her hand, and patted Chi Yan’s head.

The majestic Red Flame Beast was soothed by this humiliating way of comforting the beast. He reluctantly stopped frizzing his hair and talked to her about the incident just now, “You reacted well just now, if you hadn’t created such a big commotion, I wouldn’t have dared to act rashly.”

Shu Tang still had a feeling of fear about what had just transpired, “The person who attacked me was very powerful, I was no match for him. Chi Yan, do you know him?”

When they first met, the little female beast called him “Senior Chi Yan”, but now, she is calling him “Chi Yan”. Chi Yan was upset and threw his head back, almost throwing Shu Tang off, “Of course I know him.”

“Then why did he attack me? It’s strange to say, but I think all the beast souls in the Barbaric Wasteland have their eyes on me and every one of them wants to have a fight with me.” Shu Tang was puzzled.

Now that she is on the path, it was not convenient for her to ask about the Yuangui Sect for the time being, so she could only pick up some unimportant but curious things and ask about them.

Chi Yan looked behind him to make sure no one was following before he said, “The one who attacked you is the leader of the magical beast souls, the Star Beast. However, I do not know why he attacked you, is it possible because you look more delicious?”

On the head of Chi Yan, Shu Tang looked down on it with condescending contempt.

“I wanted to come to see you soon after you entered the Barbaric Wasteland, but that guy was always watching you from the shadows. I couldn’t step in, so I had to wait. Who knew he would be so ruthless, if not for your cleverness, if I wanted to save you, it would have taken a lot of effort.”

Chi Yan was unhappy, but it did not hide anything when it spoke. Shu Tang sat quietly on its head to let him cool down. After a while, she said, “Chi Yan, why do you care for my master like this?”

“Who takes care of her!” Chi Yan’s mouth was hard, “Little Furong, every time I am irritated half to death, which is not as cute as you. If we talk about who I take care of, I still take care of you more.”

Shu Tang helplessly smiled. She was not a fool, how could she not know what Red Flame Beast really thought? When she first learned of the Barbaric Wasteland here, she heard Nantan Shangxian was quite scared of this place. Although her own master’s mouth was accepting, when she really arrived at the Barbaric Wasteland, she did not seem a bit worried? In the end, is it not because there is her good friend in this Wasteland – Chi Yan? And, if you think so, her master had also said to Chu Yan “The Luhua I mentioned”, that is to say, Nantan and Luhua Shangxian were not even aware of the existence of Chi Yan.

The three Shangxian have known each other for thousands of years, so there must be very few secrets between them. And Nantan Shangxian, who manages all the affairs of the immortal realm and knows more about others, does not know the existence of Chi Yan.

It can be seen that her master and Chi Yan have an unusual relationship.

Seeing that she did not say anything, Chi Yan hummed a few times and said, “When I met Little Furong, she was still a piece of jade, foolish and clumsy, talking to other pendants every day. No one paid attention to her, and I, as her master’s immortal beast, naturally had a better relationship with her.”

Shu Tang was stunned, she did not expect him to talk about that distant story. Her heart was happy, wanting to know more about that distant master, so she hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“Later? Later she stopped talking and cultivated all day, but I talked a lot. It was rare that she did not open her mouth to chase me away.” As he said this, he laughed lightly and his tone was full of nostalgia, “At that time, Xiao Zhouzhou and Qianlun had a good relationship and that guy Qianlun had a problem like your master and liked to raise things. However, the animals she raised were mostly taken from the mortal realm, unlike your master, who raised pigs endlessly and always failed to raise them alive.”

He continued to ramble on, but Shu Tang was very fond of listening, lying on its head and listened attentively, and did not interrupt.

“By the way, Xiao Zhouzhou is your master’s master, the true god of curses and Qianlun is the true god of reincarnation. Xiao Zhouzhou didn’t think her name sounded good, so she called himself Fu Zhou for fear of scaring others. We immortal beasts and other true gods called her Xiao Zhouzhou, she was not offended, but occasionally scared others with curses.” Chi Yan’s tone of voice was light, “What Qianlun raised the most seemed to be parrots. I remember she had a crow and when the crow left, she was sad for a while. Xiao Zhouzhou had said that parrots were better than crows. They looked good and could learn how to talk, so she raised parrots instead.”

Shu Tang responded, listening to him continue, “If I remember correctly, the last animal to be raised by Qianlun, seems to be a piglet. Coincidentally, your master had just cultivated her soul at that time, there was a lot of spiritual energy. Xiao Zhouzhou liked to take her out to show off. Qianlun compared her own piglet to your master, saying that raising pigs is more fun than raising jade. At that time, I was leading the war outside and didn’t have the opportunity to talk to your master. When I came back, your master went to play with the pigs and didn’t bother to care about me!”

It was very unconvinced and asked, “You tell me, can a pig with no wits compare to me!”

As a real pig, Shu Tang said very firmly in order not to be thrown on the road, “Impossible.”

“That’s right.” Chi Yan was proud of himself for a while, and heard Shu Tang ask, “Then what happened, where did this pig go?”

At this question, Chi Yan’s light-hearted appearance stopped. Only after a long time, he replied softly, “That pig was accidentally blown into a bloody mess and died during the ancient gods and demons war.”

Thank you Sapphic Toast for supporting this novel and Female Lead is a Black Lotus. Very much hope you enjoyed reading~~

If you’re confused, I was too but I the relationship is:
Fuyu is Xiao Zhouzhou(Fu Zhou)’s jade pendant and later disciple
Chi Yan is Zhouzhou’s immortal beast
Zhouzhou and Qainlun are really good friends
Qianlun, the true god of reincarnation, liked to raised animals
Huahua, a pig, now has the power of the true god of reincarnation

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