Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 33 – Weight

Lin Siyi was shocked.

What does she mean?

The original owner and Fan Ao knew each other?

But whether it was in the original story she had read or the original owner’s memory….

“Uh!” Lin Siyi suddenly held her head, Xiao Rui quickly supported her, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Siyi stood up with some difficulty, “No…. nothing.” Fuck your mother.

What the hell is this? The joke of giving her crippled memories.

Just a moment ago, her mind instantly flashed back to the memories of the original owner and Fan Ao.

Lin Siyi walked forward with the luggage.

The original owner was an arrogant and showy person and Fan Ao is the school bully, so naturally she wanted to climb on the other.

It’s a pity that the frequent gestures of goodwill were followed by disguised humiliations from the other side and she finally had to give up.

But, why was this memory not there before?

Was the original owner suffering from amnesia, or is it because she did not fully inherit the other party’s memories?

“Thinking about Fan Ao?” Xiao Rui saw that the other party had been lost in thought and asked.

Lin Siyi immediately said, so as not to be misunderstood, “It’s nothing like that, I have almost forgotten this person, how can I still think about him.”


“More real than gold.” Lin Siyi swore.

Xiao Rui sighed, “I did it for your own good too.”

Lin Siyi smiled, “I know.”

“By the way, I heard that you transferred to Courtyard C?” Xiao Rui turned her head to look at her, “I never knew you were a soul crosser.”

“This, I also only recently learned about it.”

“Today, Zhang Chi invited me to join his team, I originally wanted to bring you and Xueqing with me,” she paused in her tone, “but your brother is Lin Chuliu, I guess he wouldn’t need my help.”

Lin Siyi nodded, “I’m happy you thought of me. I am now on a team with Lin Chuliu, Wu Ke’er, and Xueqing.”

Xiao Rui’s eyes flashed, “That’s right, Xueqing went to Courtyard C with you, so naturally she will be on the same team as you. I just didn’t expect that the two of you would be so close now.”

“Actually, we’re not particularly close.”

Lin Siyi thought of the female lead, although the two of them do seem to have a close relationship, she always felt that…. um, it was still not enough, they could still…. be able to be a little more intimate1….

Xiao Rui watched each other person’s face suddenly flush, puzzled, “Is it hot today?”

Lin Siyi shook her hand, “Not hot, not hot.”

“Let’s put the stuff here, I’ll buy you dinner.” Xiao Rui put her things at the bottom of the dormitory stairs.

Lin Siyi took a look at the time, before she knew it, it was past 12:40.

She immediately said, “I should have treated you to eat, but I have some things to do right now, so I’m afraid it’s too late.”

“It’s okay, you go ahead and do your work, I’ll pack my things.”

Lin Siyi picked up the luggage, “It’s only a few minutes, I’ll send you upstairs first.”

“No, I-” Xiao Rui did not finish and Lin Siyi had already carried the luggage up the stairs, and she immediately followed.

There was some distance between Courtyard A and Courtyard C, it took Lin Siyi about twenty minutes to reach her destination.


Lin Chuliu’s eyes were serious, “You’re four minutes late.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not very late.”

“Four minutes is not late? Do you know that even a few seconds of hesitation in a duel can lead to defeat?”

Lin Siyi looked at Lin Chuliu who had a serious face and was a bit speechless, “Are we in a duel here too?”

Wu Ke’er saw that the atmosphere between the two was a bit tense and immediately went forward to ease, “It’s just a few minutes, it’s okay, it’s okay as long as people come.”

Lin Chu Liu stared at her closely for a few seconds, and then moved away.

Lin Siyi looked around and immediately straightened up, “Where’s Xueqing, she hasn’t come yet?”

Wu Ke’er, “Yes, is she not with you?”

Lin Siyi shook her head, remembering the moment of parting at the hospital, her face instantly tinged with red again.

“She said she would come.”

Lin Siyi took out her phone, “I’ll give her a call.”

However, when she opened the phone, it occurred to her that she didn’t have the other party’s number at all!

Thinking that there should be something in WeChat, she immediately opened the app to look for it.


“Xueqing? Mmm…. okay, I understand.”

Lin Siyi watched dumbfounded as Lin Chuliu hung up the phone, “How do you have Xueqing’s number?”

Wu Ke’er was also looking at him, seemingly curious about when he had exchanged phone numbers with Nan Xueqing.

Lin Chuliu raised his eyebrows, “Nan Xueqing is my fiancée, why is it strange that I have her phone number?”

Hearing the word “fiancee”, Lin Siyi immediately exploded, “Who is your fiancee? Lin Chuliu, don’t make a fool of yourself, Xueqing hasn’t agreed yet!”

Lin Chuliu ignored her and allowed her to spill her feelings.

“Chu….Chuliu” Wu Ke’er’s voice was of disbelief, even with some tremors, “What fiancée?”

Lin Chuliu’s eyes were evasive, not meeting her eyes, “I mean it literally.”

Wu Ke’er turned her eyes to Lin Siyi again.

Lin Siyi suddenly couldn’t bear it, “I… I also only learned about it this morning. Lin Chuliu he…. has a marriage contract with Xueqing.”

The other party’s tears instantly rolled in her eyes, Lin Siyi immediately said again, “But don’t worry, Lin Chuliu will definitely not be with Xueqing. Marriage contract or whatever is just talk, don’t take it seriously!”

Not knowing if Wu Ke’er had heard her, with tears in her eyes, she looked at Lin Chuliu, but the other person shifted his gaze, “Lin Chuliu, tell me, is this true?”

Lin Chuliu’s adam’s apple rolled and his brow furrowed, “It is obvious whether it is true or not.”

Wu Ke’er instantly collapsed, her tears flowed down uncontrollably, and her voice took on a crying tone, “Lin Chuliu, do you like her?”

The other person wanted to speak, but Wu Ke’er cried again, “You look at me, you look at me and answer!”

Lin Siyi stood next to her and was at a loss. Never having experienced this scene before, she had no idea what to say or do.

Lin Chuliu very slowly turned to look at Wu Ke’er in front of him, his heart trembled when his eyes met her tear-stained but stubborn young face.

“You tell me, do you like her?” Wu Ke’er forced to ask.

Lin Chuliu opened his mouth, “This is my mother’s last wish, it must be completed.”

“Lin Chuliu, you bastard!” Wu Ke’er violently pushed him violently, then turned around and ran away.

Looking at Lin Chuliu who was still standing in place, Lin Siyi immediately said, “You are still not chasing after her!”

Lin Chuliu was a little lost in thought, “Why should I chase?”

Lin Siyi was a little anxious, “Even if you do not like her at all, she is a girl. In extreme sadness, it is inevitable that she will do something to hurt herself, not to mention that she is like this right now, are you not afraid that she will be bullied by others?”

Lin Chuliu looked slightly shaken, then immediately chased in the direction Wu Ke’er had left.

Lin Siyi watched the other side chased after her and sighed in satisfaction. Obviously he liked her, wait!

“Lin Chuliu, you still haven’t told me what Xueqing said or you can just send me Xueqing’s number as well!” Lin Siyi immediately shouted at the back of Lin Chuliu.

Not long after, she received a text message from the other party.

[Nan Xueqing had something to do and couldn’t come. xxxxx]

After that was a string of numbers, Lin Siyi immediately saved the number and then dialed it.

After a few beeps, she was connected.

Lin Siyi instantly got nervous.

She immediately organized her words.

“Lin Siyi, what’s the matter?”

The other party’s voice was low and soft, ringing in her ears, as if soft words were whispered, gently brushing over her heart.

“Xue-Xueqing, you…. Where are you, how come you didn’t…. beep beep beep…”

Lin Siyi was stunned and looked at the phone that was disconnected, her whole body was instantly enveloped in gloom, with a look as if the mountain was about to collapse.

Her fingers trembled a little and once again she tapped on the string of numbers, trembling to dial through.

This time, there was nothing but the beeping sound.

It… it must be that there is something going on, so it was not convenient for her to answer the phone. That must be it.

Lin Siyi comforted herself.

Then it suddenly occurred to her, how did Xueqing know it was her calling?

She didn’t seem to say anything at first?

Could it be… Xueqing has her number?

The more Lin Siyi thought about it, the more excited she became.

Xueqing actually has her phone number!

It must have been specially saved.

She knew that her weight in Xueqing’s heart was not light!

Lin Siyi was just about to go for a casual stroll to see if she could have a chance encounter with the female lead, when she received another text message from Lin Chuliu.

[Go to office number four to find Teacher Xun about the legless ghost.]

Lin Siyi pursed her lips, she was really pitiful, to have to embark on a ‘journey’ alone.

However, she had not yet properly strolled through Courtyard C, and of course, she did not want to.

Because the word that can be used to describe this place was desolate.

After walking for half a day and not meeting anyone, Lin Siyi looked up at the teaching building in front of her and wondered if the office number four that Lin Chuliu said was here.

After hesitating, she still walked in.


A pair of hands suddenly tapped her on the shoulder, and she immediately took a few steps back, “Who!”

The visitor immediately raised his hands, surprise on his face, “It’s you.”

“You know me?” Puzzled, Lin Siyi looked at the kid in front of her with dyed yellow hair and eyes narrowed into a slit.

The boy with yellow hair and a naive smile, “In the trading street, I also patted on your shoulder at the time and asked if you could buy incense.”

Lin Siyi remembered, it was the night she bought yogurt for Xueqing, “I remember, you were the manager, no, it was the manager who chased after you. You…. were not arrested, right?”

With some embarrassment, he scratched his hair, “No, no, I have a lot of experience in combat, so I know where to run to get rid of the opponent.”

Lin Siyi, “Is that so.”

“By the way, do you want more incense, I have here-“

“No, no, no. No need.” Lin Siyi suddenly remembered that the candles that Qiao Zheng had asked her to buy before were still in the dormitory and she didn’t know when to use them.

The boy with yellow hair seemed to have some regret, “Then why don’t we add each other on WeChat? If you have anything you want to buy in the future, you can find me, I’ll give you a discount.”

The other party was too enthusiastic, Lin Siyi was overwhelmed and had to agree.

“My name is Liang Liang. I’m from the third class, you must be new, I haven’t seen you before.”

Lin Siyi nodded, “I just recently transferred here, are you still divided into classes?”

Lin Siyi, who had carried out more than a week of nightly visits to the Soul Crossing Courtyard to observe the kids, indicated that she was still a little unclear about the rules and regulations of Courtyard C.

“Of course, you don’t know?”

Lin Siyi, “I’ve been trained by my teacher alone these days, so I don’t quite understand many places.”

Liang Liang, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Ask me if you don’t understand anything in the future, but you just transferred here and you were taken by a teacher for individual training, it seems that you are very unique.”

“It’s…it’s alright.”

Liang Liang put a hand on her shoulder, with the appearance of a brother, “Don’t be modest, our Courtyard C is short of talent, but you must not know when you just come, our Courtyard C is not the same as other courtyards, classes are held at night and we rest during the day…. “


“You have become more and more in control of the ice element recently. The training room is no longer enough for you, it is time for you to find an opponent to officially spar with.”

Qiao Zheng was looking at Nan Xueqing, who had stopped suddenly, and followed her gaze suspiciously.

He saw Lin Siyi chatting with a young man intimately.

“Liang Liang? This little brat, not resting in the daytime and is going to be late for night classes,” Qiao Zheng cursed lowly, rolling up his sleeves and walking forward.

1 That sounds a little gay. Oh wait. It is gay…

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