Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 32 – Tease

“Xueqing I-“

The atmosphere was a bit strange, Lin Siyi opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

First, let’s explain what happened before.

“It’s not the more handsome the more I like, I am not a superficial person.”

Nan Xueqing look at her, “Then what kind of person are you.”

“I… I-“

“Was he good-looking?”

Lin Siyi did not respond for a moment, “Who?”

Nan Xueqing looked at the back of the person leaving not far away.

Lin Siyi followed her look, “Zhang Chi, he’s okay.”

The temperature around them instantly went cold.


“What?” Lin Siyi immediately knew that the other party had misunderstood, “How could it be possible, he is not my type. Xueqing, you must not misunderstand, I really just happened to pass by. Absolutely no thoughts whatsoever, especially about him.”

Lin Siyi was afraid of being misunderstood by the female lead that she was hitting on Zhang Chi and immediately assured her.

Nan Xueqing, “Even if you look at him, I will not have a problem, no need to be nervous.”

Why would the female lead suddenly say this, is it actually because she has a crush on Zhang Chi?

So fearing that she also likes him and will steal the man from her in the future, she’s testing her right now?

This feeling of being misunderstood should have made her angry and then strive to explain.

But Lin Siyi only felt a bit stuffy in her chest, the doubts pressed in her heart were as heavy as boulders, “What about you, Xueqing? Do you like him?”

The other party asked her in return and her eyes sank, “I’ve only met him a few times, so there’s nothing to like.”

A few times?

Sure enough, they had met without her knowledge and Lin Siyi breathed a little sharply, “That doesn’t rule out love at first sight.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyebrows knitted up, “Love at first sight? So when your eyes fell on him from the moment you entered the ward, it was love at first sight?”


Lin Siyi was confused, “I meant you. How could I possibly fall in love with him at first sight? I have absolutely no feelings for him.”

Nan Xueqing obviously did not believe her, “Completely no feeling, but chased out to eavesdrop?”

“N-….. no, I came out to do the discharge procedures for Rui. To say chasing out, it should not be chasing him but chasing you.”

Once the words came out, both of them froze.

If it was in the past, Lin Siyi will never think deeply, but after listening to the words of Lin Chuliu, Lin Siyi suddenly felt that his words…. seemed to be a bit suggestive…..

The point is that she does not know if the female lead thought too much, but instead, she started to think about it because of what she said…

Then is the female lead afraid that she might like Zhang Chi, when in fact, there may be a reason for this. Is it because… she likes her?

Lin Siyi’s cheeks instantly burst red. This thought was too shameful.

It’s also not possible for Lin Chuliu to tell, how could the female lead like a female, especially her?

Lin Siyi hurriedly waved away such thoughts in her mind.

“Zhang Chi is Lin Chuliu’s rival, you should not have any thoughts about him, so as not to spark a fight.”

Lin Siyi met the female lead’s serious eyes.


Therefore, this must be the reason why the female lead asked her about her feelings towards Zhang Chi from the beginning and was afraid that she would like him.

Was she actually afraid of making it difficult for Lin Chuliu?

Sure enough, how can the female lead like females, what a foolish thought….

Wait, was the female lead thinking about Lin Chuliu?

Is Lin Chuliu the person that the female lead likes?

The male lead is Lin Chuliu?

The scene of two people holding hands emerged in her mind and Lin Siyi could not accept it at all.

“Xueqing, can I ask you a question?”

Nan Xueqing had been observing the other party’s expression, very expressive, “You say.”

“You… do you like Lin Chuliu?”

“I have a marriage contract with him.”

“But the marriage contract can also be ignored, the key is to be happy.”

Nan Xueqing, “Lin Chuiu said this was your mother’s last wish, do you not want to fulfill it?”

Lin Siyi froze, “But even if it is a last wish, you have to like them.”

Nan Xueqing lightly and turned around, “Go do the discharge procedure.”

Lin Siyi followed, “You haven’t said whether you like Lin Chuliu.”

Nan Xueqing’s feet paused and the corners of her mouth rose slightly, “I have someone I like.”

“What?” Lin Siyi was dumbfounded.

The other party turned her head to look at her, their eyes locked, Lin Siyi’s heart rate accelerated a little, her red lips opened slightly, and Lin Siyi’s heart instantly rose to her throat.

“It’s not Lin Chuliu, don’t worry.”

Looking at each other with a nervous look, Nan Xueqing’s eyes couldn’t help but leak a smile. To worry so much about her liking someone else is really going to make people think.

Lin Siyi breathed a sigh of relief, just now she almost thought that the female lead wanted to confess to her.

That trash Lin Chuliu, blame his nonsense, causing her thoughts to go off the runway.

However, the female lead said she had someone she liked, who would it be?

Zhang Chi?

The conversation just now should not be so.

As for Lin Chuliu…

It was completely rejected.

Then who else could it be?

Lin Siyi suddenly remembered that there was another in the original story, in the quarter she read, although he did not appear, he was always revealed very mysteriously from the mouth of others.

Courtyard A bully, Fan Ao.

This person is considered a legend.

The natural element is the most common in offensive magic, but it does not exclude magic that has its own mutation.

For example, having the ability of a certain animal such as the zodiac.

Fan Ao is one of them, he has the strength and agility of a tiger.

It is reasonable to say that people with natural elemental magic are more notorious, but Fan Ao is firmly on the school bully’s throne.

Probably because of his strong physique and fierce appearance?

Or maybe because he had money?

Lin Siyi does not know the specifics, after all, she had only read a quarter of the book. This person did not appear at all in the quarter that she had read and was known through passer A and passer B’s words.

Could it be that the female lead has also met with him in advance, so she likes him?

“Xueqing, who do you like?”

Nan Xueqing, “Do you think I will tell you?”

She just used the words of Tang Sai1, she doesn’t even know who this person is, so how can she tell her.

Lin Siyi followed her and saw that the other party had done the discharge procedures for Xiao Rui.

“You send Xiao Rui back first, I still have some things to do.”

Lin Siyi, “What is it?”

Nan Xueqing looked at her.

Lin Siyi was a little embarrassed, and suddenly felt that she was asking so abruptly, “I’m, I’m just afraid that you won’t be back in time for the afternoon.”

Nan Xueqing stepped forward.

Looking at the female lead who suddenly moved closer to her, Lin Siyi’s heartbeat accelerated again and she looked up at the female lead.

Skin as white as snow, droopy eyes, long eyelashes fluttering slightly, and red lips that look soft and inviting. No matter how you look at her, she’s perfect without any flaws. Xueqing, she is also very good to look at….

Nan Xueqing lifted her hand, Lin Siyi held her breath, her own heartbeat echoing in her ears.

A slender white hand fell on her head, tenderly rubbing it2.

The other side bent over slightly and the hand that was on her head slowly moved to the back of her head. Not knowing if it was a reflex or if it was involuntary, Lin Siyi’s body actually moved forward a little bit on its own, bringing the distance between the two of them a step closer instantly.

Nan Xueqing naturally noticed this small move of the other party, her pupils shrunk slightly, the hand placed on the back of the other party’s head was instantly a bit perplexed, and somewhere in her heart she felt tempted to move.

She strongly suppressed it and squeezed out the words, “See you this afternoon.”

After saying this sentence she immediately withdrew her hand and left.

Completely forgetting that she intended to tentatively tease the other party for a bit.

Leaving Lin Siyi in a mess of the wind.

Well, although there was no wind, her heart was tantalized by the crazy beating, completely unable to stop.

Lin Siyi covered her heart, what was she thinking in her head just now? It’s too dirty, Lin Siyi, your thoughts are really too dirty. Dirty!!!


Lin Siyi walked towards Xiao Rui’s ward, she really seemed to be teased by the female lead.

When she remembered the other party’s action, Lin Siyi’s brain could not help but explode, the female lead is too provocative!

Just now she completely forgot that the other party was also a woman. There was an impulse to hug her, and even some…

Lin Siyi recalled the lips of the female lead; red and smooth, like a red dango.

Her feet instantly became a little unstable, immediately grabbed the wall next to her, then leaned back and tilted her head in despair.

God, what is this all about. She, as a female, is thinking about another female and the point is that this person was the female lead.

“Lin Siyi, you’re here.” Xiao Rui’s voice popped up.

Lin Siyi immediately reacted, she came out to do the discharge procedures for Xiao Rui, but she was goned for so long.

“Sorry Xiao Rui. I just got caught up in some things so I was delayed, I’ve already done the discharge procedures for you. Is your bags in your room? I’ll go get them for you.”

“Wait….” Xiao Rui saw that the other party was running away in a hurry before she had time to speak.

“That’s strange.”

 Xiao Rui took out her phone and sent a message to Nan Xueqing.

[Siyi seemed a little strange. Just now, you and her left together and you didn’t do anything excessive, right?]

The phone in Nan Xueqing’s pocket vibrated and she saw the message Xiao Rui sent her.

The previous emotions that were easily suppressed at the bottom of her heart were instantly released and her eyes simply stared at the words ‘a little strange’ on the phone screen.

[How strange]

The other party’s message came back quickly, [I can’t tell, but it’s just very strange].

Nan Xueqing tightly clutched her phone, then press the power button and the screen went dark, but her heart could not calm down anymore.


Lin Siyi helped Xiao Rui carry her bags and stepped into Courtyard A for the first time, her first intuitive feeling was that it was a place where hormones exploded.

Just entering, there were at least three rings with intense fighting and competitions and a boisterous crowd underneath shouting.

“Fan Ao, Fan Ao, Fan Ao!”


Lin Siyi seemed to have faintly heard Fan Ao’s name, but the distance was a bit far and she couldn’t see which figure in the ring he was. She wanted to go closer to see, but Xiao Rui’s voice rang out, “Siyi, the dormitory is over here.”

“Oh okay.”

Lin Siyi immediately carried the luggage over.

Xiao Rui looked at her.

Lin Siyi, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Rui, “Did you hear Fan Ao’s name?”

Lin Siyi, “How did you know?”

Xiao Rui’s face changed, “You wouldn’t still be thinking of him, right?”


Xiao Rui, “I told you more than once, Fan Ao is a person you can’t afford to mess with. Even your brother, when he sees him, he has to have to take a few steps back. Listen to my advice, don’t provoke him anymore.”

1 “Tang Sai” sometimes known as “Dong Sai”, it is from a Chinese book and is commonly interpreted as lying. I’m not too positive if this is what it means though.
2 Lol. Try not to make this a joke.

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