For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 29 – Did you take gunpowder?

In the end, Lin Xian succumbed to the temptation of gaining additional scores on the comprehensive quality test and signed up for the 800-meter race at the school sporting event, and participated in the following after-school training. But because it didn’t take up any time when she usually goes home, Lin Xian didn’t mention it to Xiao Yuqing. It wasn’t until one night, a week before the school event, that Lin Xian mentioned it by accident.

When she first heard that Lin Xian was going to participate in the school sporting event, Xiao Yuqing was inevitably a little surprised. Although Lin Xian was not tall, her body proportion was excellent. With a pair of long legs that were slim and beautiful, without the slightest impression of muscular legs. It was hard to imagine that she could have that kind of endurance and speed and was the best at sprinting.

At that moment, Xiao Yuqing had just finished her bath and was working in the study room with Lin Xian as usual.

Xiao Yuqing was sitting in front of the desk, freshly washed with her wet hair casually scattered behind her. Her clean face was free of powder, which showed her natural beauty, and her skin was like cream. She gently rested one hand under her jaw and pursed a lovely lip line was between her lips.

Lin Xian finished a subject homework, raised her eyes carelessly, and saw the beautiful scenery, and couldn’t help but stop her action. She stared at the beautiful lip line, slightly… in a daze.

From Xiao Yuqing’s peripheral view, she seemed to notice that Lin Xian was looking at her, so she turned her head sideways and looked at Lin Xian with some confusion, curving her lips, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xian was caught off guard, unable to look away, grabbed a pen from the table in a panic, and unconsciously opened and closed the pen cap before finding an excuse to change the subject, “Aunt Xiao, I’m going to represent my department in the school sporting event next Saturday for the 800 meter run.”

Xiao Yuqing’s beautiful eyebrows were gently raised in obvious surprise. “Xianxian is very good at running?” She seriously looked up and down at Lin Xian and joked, “It’s because I’m ignorant of Mount Tai, I can’t figure out how a small body like yours can do it.” Lin Xian was a little shorter and thinner than her and shortly after the military training, Lin Xian had quickly whitened back up and from the looks of it, was a completely white and slim little beauty. Xiao Yuqing also gave Lin Xian a fitness card and every week the two will go to the gym together, but Lin Xian did not seem very enthusiastic about it and she really could not tell on weekdays.

Lin Xian saw Xiao Yuqing’s incredulous look, winked at her, and said with some smugness, “I have to hide a few tricks, so that Aunt Xiao can slowly discover and be surprised, and you can keep your interest in me.”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows softened as she gazed at the young girl’s openly smiling face, reaching out to scratch her pretty little nose and dotingly agreed with her, “Yes, yes, yes, of course, our Xianxian is full of talent.”

Lin Xian listened to these words and always felt that something was wrong. She pondered for a moment, reacted with a small face of a tiger and with a pair of heroic eyebrows raised, said dissatisfied, “Aunt Xiao you called me a pig1!” She twisted her body and moved closer to Xiao Yuqing and wanted to reach out to tickle the flesh around Xiao Yuqing’s waist.

Xiao Yuqing was so afraid of Lin Xian’s hand that she hastily shrank to the side, and her face, which was always quiet and gentle, had a rare panic on it. She hurriedly begged for mercy and explained, “I really think Little Pig is cute. Pink and tender, delicate and charming, with some cleverness, how cute…”

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing’s hard to see cute and pitiful little expression, and her eyes were tinged with a layer of clear laughter. But she was still not ready to let her go and continued to play aggrieved and pouty, “I don’t care, my fragile little heart just took a hit, Auntie Xiao actually called me a pig, I’m so sad…” acting, she also raised her hand and covered her face with a sobbing look.

Xiao Yuqing knew she was fooling around with her, but in the end she was still a little worried that she had really said the wrong thing and had poked at the girl’s unhappy spot. A girl of this age who loves beauty seemed to be unexpectedly sensitive to such adjectives as pig. Could it be that Lin Xian is just too shy to say it directly before using this as an excuse to cover up the embarrassment? You must know that for many things, the speaker has no intention, but the listener has the intention.

She collected her expression, the bottom of her eyes flooded with slight concern and seriously apologized, “Xianxian, I was joking.”

Lin Xian lowered her head and just wanted to comfort Xiao Yuqing. After a moment of contemplation, she suddenly improvised. Sounding angry, she took the opportunity to propose a condition, saying softly, “Then I’ll give you a chance to make up for it, okay?”

Xiao Yuqing smiled, her eyebrows stretched out, and the worry in her heart dispersed. She heard it, Lin Xian was obviously not upset. She knew that Lin Xian always had a sense of measure and she wasn’t afraid that this girl would make things difficult for her, so she gently agreed with her, “Okay, you say.”

Lin Xian instantly gave up her fake attitude, fiercely put down the hands that covered her face, and her face was covered with bright and cheerful joy, “Then next Saturday’s, during the school sporting event, if you don’t work overtime, Aunt Xiao, if you have time, go and cheer for me, okay?” She didn’t want to go into details and didn’t dare to go deep into why she suddenly had such thoughts in her heart. It was just a hunch that if she could see Xiao Yuqing’s waiting figure at the finish line, she would be satisfied and very happy.

The smile on Xiao Yuqing’s lips deepened and her eyes became much more gentle. She reached out and rubbed Lin Xian’s hair, “What’s not to like about this.” She thought about it and thoughtfully added, “I’ll bring my camera and try to take pictures of your athletic body, so that I can put together a photo album of your college years to remember you by later, what do you think?”

Lin Xian happily reached out and hugged Xiao Yuqing’s slender arms, rubbing her face against her like a satisfied puppy, saying, “Aunt Xiao, you’re so kind.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at the girl’s adorable action and her heart was soft and warm. She stretched out the hand that was not held by Lin Xian and gently flicked the girl’s forehead, scolding her and said, “Silly…”

On the last weekend of October, the sky was clear and windy, and the school sporting event was held as scheduled. Xiao Yuqing did not break her promise, as she had previously agreed with Lin Xian, she personally drove with Lin Xian to Jiangnan University, and then accompanied her to the stadium together acted as her photographer and cheerleader.

They arrived not too early, the field was already full of people, and the radio was broadcasting the schedule of the next events over and over again. Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian walked side by side, guided by Lin Xian, and soon found the main office of their finance and economics – a blue tent next to two big red drums.

Shi Man was chatting with Xia Zhijin under the tent, and when she saw Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian coming towards them, she immediately raised her hand to greet them, “Lin Xian, this way….”

Lin Xian walked leisurely, and when she heard Shi Man’s call, she also raised her hand and waved gently towards her, indicating that she understood. And then, she turned her head sideways to explain to Xiao Yuqing, “Sister Xia Zhijin is also representing our school, we are participating in the same event.” After she finished, she showed a mischievous smile and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Who do you think is the faster runner, me or senior sister.”

Xiao Yuqing took a serious look at Xia Zhijin, who was wearing a gallant sports outfit and had a high ponytail, not far away, and couldn’t help but sigh: people are not what they seem.

But she didn’t hesitate in the slightest, she softly answered Lin Xian with certainty, “You run faster.” The tone of her voice was unquestionably decisive.

The curve of Lin Xian’s lips deepened for a moment, and her eyes carried a tender expectation that she didn’t even notice, asking Xiao Yuqing, “How are you so sure, Aunt Xiao2?”

Xiao Yuqing gently pulled her arm, signaling her to stop. Then, in front of Lin Xian, she squatted down, leaned over, and under Lin Xian’s stunned gaze, helped Lin Xian tie her shoelaces that had somehow fallen apart.

Lin Xian’s eyes had been following Xiao Yuqing’s movements, only when Xiao Yuqing stood up and looked at her evenly, did she feel that her heart was extremely hot…

Xiao Yuqing didn’t even notice, as she helped Lin Xian to pull back her loose hair, smiling softly, and calmly answered, “I am very sure, our Xian Xian, must be the best.”

Lin Xian gazed at her, smiling away contentedly.

When Shi Man and Xia Zhijin came to their side, Shi Man smiled brightly when she saw Xiao Yuqing and greeted her warmly, “Sister Xiao, you’re here too, are you here to cheer for Lin Xian?”

Lin Xian heard her call Xiao Yuqing “sister” and felt her eyebrows jump…. a sis-con called her sister….

She was immediately dissatisfied and refuted Shi Man, “Who is your sister, what nonsense, your sister is next to you. Are you trying to be my aunt?”

Xiao Yuqing suddenly couldn’t help but laugh, even the always cool and calm Xia Zhijin had a small smile on her face. Shi Man was full of anger and yelled, did Lin Xian eat gunpowder3 early in the morning?

After they played around for a while, the radio started to remind that the 800-meter race would be held in 20 minutes, so participants should gather at the all-weather running track. Xia Zhijin then reminded Lin Xian that it was time to go.

Lin Xian pointed to an entrance not far from the bleachers and urged Xiao Yuqing, “The track is over there, if you need anything, you can always find me there…”

Shi Man interrupted her and pushed her and Xia Zhijin forward, “I will take care of Auntie Xiao, you can go without worry.” Hearing the words “Auntie Xiao”, she bit down extra hard, obviously, still upset.

Xiao Yuqing also nodded towards Lin Xian who looked back at her, reassuring her, “I know, you forgot, I also came from here….” Suddenly, she seemed to remember something, lifted the single-lens reflect camera hanging on her chest, and made a quick motion of pressing the shutter, indicating for Lin Xian and Xia Zhijin to pose.

Only now did Lin Xian remember, yes, Aunt Xiao was also a graduate of Jiangnan, and was perhaps more familiar with everything here than herself, a freshman, and finally felt a little relieved. Once her heart was relieved, she looked much more relieved. She moved closer to Xia Zhijin, tilted her head, smiled at the camera, and made a heart in front of her chest. Xia Zhijin just smiled lightly, giving a peace sign. When Shi Man saw this, she also jumped up, stood next to Xia Zhijin, stood on her tiptoes, and made a posture of kissing Xia Zhijin. Xia Zhijin was hugged by Shi Man’s arms, not caring. But Lin Xian thought, ah, Shi Man, this guy, I didn’t see it! She secretly glanced at Xiao Yuqing and saw that she looked as usual, seemingly unaware of anything, and was inexplicably a little relieved and a little depressed.

Xiao Yuqing looked at the three energetic young girls outside the camera, smiled and pressed the shutter, and in her eyes there was a touch of nostalgia and envy.

Once, she had also spent her youthful sweat here, leaving behind the sound of laughter. And now, here, everything was the same as before, older, but she was once a teenager.

Reluctant to leave, Lin Xian once again seriously admonished Shi Man “Trouble you to help take care of Aunt Xiao.” Shi Man waved her hand impatiently before she took a step back and followed Xia Zhijin to the all-weather running track to gather.

Shi Man took Xiao Yuqing back under the tent to avoid the sun and thoughtfully explained to Xiao Yuqing, “Let’s wait until their race is about to start and then wait for them at the finish line, it’s so hot right now.”

Shi Man noticed that there were a few boys in the stands and in the next tent who started to look towards them.

Standing under the tent, Xiao Yuqing was taking pictures of clusters of young people in groups on the field and at the sound of her voice, she turned her face sideways to look at Shi Man and agreed good-naturedly, “En, I’ll listen to you.”

Shi Man stared at Xiao Yuqing for a long time, then suddenly leaned close to her and whispered in her ear, “Auntie Xiao, you look more like a college student than many of the girls here.”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but curve her eyebrows and teased, “Are all of you kids nowadays so good at talking? They only know how to make this old auntie happy.” One was Lin Xian, another was Shi Man, did they become friends because they both had sweet mouths?

Shi Man laughed softly and said proudly without thinking, “I never flatter people, if I compliment people, it’s naturally from the heart.” When she spoke, her charming eyebrows were full of the proud and high-spirited demeanor of a teenager.

Xiao Yuqing gazed at her and smiled lightly.

It was only when she came into contact with these children that she truly felt that she was indeed old. No matter how much the face can be maintained, inside, the heart of a once brave and energetic heart has long been aged and cannot be changed.

The author has something to say:
Lin Xian: Me, me, me! I will be your heart!

The author covering their face: I want to line up to give Auntie Xiao a flick to the nose and pop her forehead. Auntie, look at me! ╯^╰

Lin Xian: Where is my forty-meter sword!

In fact, it will be a bit regretful that the FL was born before MC was born. But if Auntie Xiao was the same age as Lin Xian and met her a little earlier in the years, she might not have been touched by Lin Xian and fallen in love with her. Not a little early, not a little late, in fact, it is just right.

1 “Pig” one of the Chinese Zodiacs signs and it represents talent; intelligence, docile; honest, and ignorant; clumsy.
2 This is a trick question! The answer to this is that Lin Xian is a pig!!!
3 “Gunpowder” to curse/give an attitude for no reason

Translator: There was something that I wanted to say, but… I don’t remember what it was hmmmm…

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