The Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 30 – Crazy

Lin Chuliu, “…..”

“Is that so?” Nan Xueqing looked at the other party’s anxious look and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curve up.

Lin Siyi, “Of course.”

“I’m frivolous, where am I frivolous?” Lin Chuliu’s whole face was black.

If it was in the past, if her brother put on such a black face, basically she would be in big trouble.

But this was not her own world and this Lin Chuliu is not her own brother.

So there was no fear, all fears were just scaring herself and nothing will happen.

Lin Siyi constantly reminded himself.

Replying, “You’re frivolous, of course you can tell from your peach blossom debt1.”

“Peach Blossom Debt?” Lin Chuliu tried hard to hold back the hand that wanted to teach the other party at the moment.

Lin Siyi opened her mouth, “For example, Wu Ke’er is infatuated with you. She is the principal’s daughter. She could find a man, but she prefers you. Why is that? You must have tempted her. Flirting with others but not being responsible, you are the behavior of a scumbag.”

Lin Siyi became more aggressive the more she spoke, “Xueqing, you don’t want this kind of man, the marriage contract is for resisting. Don’t be afraid, I will help you.”

She wanted to take the female lead’s hand, but the other party refused, which made Lin Siyi a little sad.

Looking at his sister’s secretly sad and desperately against it, a very absurd thought suddenly popped up in Lin Chuliu’s heart, his eyebrows knitted up, “Lin Siyi, come here for me.”

“What for?”

Her mouth said so, but she still obediently went over.

Looking at the two siblings standing at the side talking, Nan Xueqing’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Chuliu, “You and Nan Xueqing have suddenly become very close recently?”

Lin Siyi did not know why the other party would suddenly ask this, but with her understanding, there was definitely something bad waiting for her.

She answered cautiously, “Wasn’t it you who told me to be more friendly and intimate with my classmates?”

Lin Chuliu was silent.

Then spoke, “Why do you oppose the matter between me and Nan Xueqing.”

“Naturally because… because you two are completely incompatible,” she said. Even she didn’t know why she was so against it, except, “Just think about how uncomfortable it would be if your best friend suddenly became your sister-in-law. “

Listening to it this way, Lin Chuliu seemed to find some sense in it, “That’s it?”

“What else?”

“That’s good.”

“What?” Lin Siyi didn’t understand what this sudden sigh meant.

Lin Chuliu looked at his sister, “Nan Xueqing’s previous roommate was a homosexual.”

Lin Siyi immediately said, “How did you know?”

Seeing the other party react so strongly, Lin Chuliu’s eyebrows wrinkled, “I have a marriage contract with her, so I have known about it since, but how did you know about it?”

It turned out to be this case, “She’s called Bo Leng. I’ve seen her before and there’s also WeChat.”

Lin Chuliu’s brow frowned deeper, his tone serious, “Lin Siyi.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you like Nan Xueqing?”

“Of course I like her.”

The air pressure around them instantly lowered, Lin Siyi looked at the dark-faced Lin Chuliu and suddenly reacted, the other party should not be thinking strangely, right?

“Lin Chuliu, what are you thinking inside your head? I like Xueqing. A friend kind of like. Xueqing is beautiful and kind and anyone will like her. What are you thinking about?”

This was the first time she was misunderstood as gay, Lin Siyi was a bit speechless.

“Is that it?” Lin Chuliu was still a little unconvinced.

Lin Siyi, “What made you misunderstand me as a homosexual? I like men, okay? The more handsome they are, the more I like them.”

 “Is that it?”

“Of course!” Wait, why was there something different about that voice?

She immediately turned her head and saw the female lead standing beside her expressionless, looking at her with very cold eyes.

Lin Siyi’s heart inexplicably panicked a little, “Xueqing, listen to me-“


“Explain what?” Her tone was unusually cold.

Lin Siyi was stunned, yeah, what does she need to explain?

But… there was a voice in her heart that kept telling her that she had to explain, but what should she explain, what was wrong with what she just said?

Nan Xueqing’s eyes rested on the other side for a long time.

Lin Siyi scratched her head anxiously, but was unable to say anything.

So, from the beginning, it was all her misunderstanding?

Her eyes grew colder and colder.

“If there’s nothing to say, I’ll leave first.”

Lin Siyi was anxious, “Xueqing wait.”

Nan Xueqing’s footsteps stopped, with a particular expectation in her heart.

“It’s not just the more handsome they are, the more I like, I’m not a superficial person, much less a nymphomaniac. Don’t get me wrong!”

Oh, Nan Xueqing left without turning her head back.

Lin Siyi wanted to chase after her, but was pulled back by Lin Chuliu.

“What are you doing? Xueqing must think I am a superficial person, I have to go explain.”

Lin Chuliu saw the expression and attitude of Nan Xueqing just now, “Stay away from her.”

Lin Siyi raised her head to look at him, “Are you having some kind of problem today? First of all, not to mention that Xueqing and I are good friends, we are all teammates in a group, so it’s not good to be estranged, right?”

Lin Chuliu, “I repeat, stay away from her, as for the team, I will go and request to transfer you and me out.”


Lin Siyi, “Lin Chuliu, what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Siyi calmed down at the moment, organized her thoughts, and felt more and more that Lin Chuliu was not right today.

“She treats you differently.”

The other party managed to squeeze out a sentence after half a day.

Lin Siyi, “Xueqing and I are good sisters, of course she treats me differently.”

Lin Chuliu did not know how to describe this feeling to her, “You know that her former roommate is a homosexual, so-“

“So you suspect that Xueqing also likes women?” Lin Siyi couldn’t help but laugh when he finished.

This made Lin Chu Liu a bit humiliated.

Lin Siyi, “Lin Chuliu, let me tell you this, even if everyone in the world is gay, Nan Xueqing will not be.”

Although she only read a quarter of the original book, there were several people who were suspected of being the male lead and there were many people raised their voices to let the female lead have a harem in the comments.

With so many beautiful men in front of them, why would they like a woman?

She would not believe anything.

Looking at what Lin Siyi said so surely, Lin Chuliu was a little suspicious of his own thoughts.

Lin Siyi went up and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t talk nonsense about such things in the future. You should be glad that I have a good temper, if it was someone else who was accused of being gay it would be impossible not to have a fight with you.”

Lin Siyi sighed, “Okay, I’ll go first, see you in the afternoon.”

Only when the other party’s figure was far away that Lin Chuliu reacted to the fact that he had been lectured by the little girl?

It’s like having no respect!

Lin Siyi ran towards the dormitory building with slower and slower steps until she finally stopped.

Speaking of which, she read a quarter of the book and the male appeared quite a lot, but none of them were identified as the male lead.

Wouldn’t what Lin Chuliu said be……

Lin Siyi immediately shook her head. Crazy, how can she casually doubt the sexual orientation of others?

However, Lin Chuliu was right about one thing, to know that the female lead’s previous roommate was gay…

Living together day and night, will not….

Lin Siyi slapped her head hard vigoriously. She was crazy, she swore that even if all the people in the world could be gay, the female lead would not be and now she was doubting herself?

However, Lin Siyi still couldn’t help thinking, if…if the hostess really likes females, what type would she like?



“Why did you come back?” Bo Leng was lying on the bed playing a game when she heard the sound of the door opening, took a glance, and was a little surprised.

Nan Xueqing walked over.

Seeing that the other party did not say anything, Bo Leng looked up and almost frightened.

“You… don’t look at me with a black face, I’m afraid you’ll hit me.”

She immediately put down her phone and the screen showed the game she was playing.

“Bo Leng, why are you standing there and not moving, you’re going to die, you’re fucking with  this old lady ah!”

The woman’s angry roar came from the phone.

The woman’s voice was heard over the phone and the screen was immediately turned off.

Nan Xueqing tone of voice was cold, “Got together?”

The other party’s appearance made Bo Leng afraid of her and nodded, “Are you…. hurt?”

As soon as she finished, she felt the instant drop in temperature around her, Bo Leng couldn’t help but smack her own mouth, how did she get it right?

She didn’t know how to speak for a while.

The silence lasted for more than ten seconds.

Nan Xueqing spoke, “She does not like women.”

“Who?” Bo Leng thought hard, and asked tentatively, “Lin Siyi?”

Nan Xueqing didn’t say anything, but Bo Leng knew she had guessed correctly.

 She cautiously asked, “Did something happen?”

Nan Xueqing looked towards a pot of succulent placed on the table, which was given by Zhang Xin to Bo Leng before, but when the two broke up, she remembered it being thrown away by the other party.

“When did you pick it up?”

Bo Leng followed the other party’s line of sight and instantly became embarrassed, “Actually, I didn’t throw it away. I was young and ignorant and was ashamed that if you knew I was still keeping something from my ex after the breakup, so I kept it secretly.

Nan Xueqing had a deep look in her eyes, then said, “She likes men and the more handsome they are, the more she likes.”

“What?” The topic of the other party jumped a little fast and Bo Leng was not able to react, then asked, “She said it herself?”

Nan Xueqing didn’t answer, but stared at her, making her a little embarrassed.

“You tell me, does she like men or women.”

“Actually, I think you are more interested in knowing whether she likes you or not, right?”

Just after she said it, Bo Leng detected a trace of danger in Nan Xueqing’s eyes and immediately stated, “You, you should also face the reality. Lin Siyi did not have any good intentions towards you before and I also knew that you were even more disgusted with her, but why did the two of you suddenly become close, didn’t you think carefully about it?”

Yes, when did she become so close to Lin Siyi.

Nan Xueqing remembered that at first she was just curious about the other party’s change, but after that, more and more things went out of her control.

Nan Xueqing withdrew her thoughts, “Are you trying to say that I like her?”

Bo Leng nodded tentatively.

She let out a cold laugh, “If I told you that I almost killed her before, would you still think that I like her?”

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1 “Peach blossom debt” to play with the feelings of others and deceive them. 

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