My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 58

Shu Tang took a deep breath, walked to the entrance of the Qing Rong Sect, and said to the disciple guarding the entrance, “Shu Tang requests to see the Sect Leader and Elders of the Qing Rong Sect, please pass the message.”

“Shu Tang?” The disciple frowned, looked at the ordinary-looking woman in front of him and said disdainfully, “There are many people looking for our Sect Leader and Elders, where did you come from?”

The heat of the treasure hunting frenzy in Qing Rong City has faded away slightly, now the guards are no longer as strict as before and not many people pay attention to this place as people come and go. Shu Tang turned her eyes slightly and said loudly, “What if I say I am the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian?”

Once this statement was made, the crowd was in an uproar!

What is this situation? The murderous disciple of the Shangxian has finally shown up? And as soon as she showed up, she headed for the Qing Rong Sect’s Sect Leader and elders, could it be that this person was going to kill the elders of the Qing Rong Sect as well?

Many people were not afraid to see what was going on and many people fixed their eyes in that direction to keep an eye on what was going on. The disciple guarding the door did not expect her to make such a wild statement and immediately said, “The disciple of the Supreme Immortal Fuyu is still a pretty girl of more than ten years old, you impersonate her without inquiring clearly.”

Shu Tang’s eyes narrowed, raised her hand to use her energy, and the immortal seal given to her by her master before she left surfaced in her palm, “This, can it prove my identity?”

The appearance can be faked, the identity can be faked, but this immortal seal can not be faked. The disciple was stunned for a moment and went in to pass on the message and in a short time, she was invited to enter the boundary and disappeared from the eyes of the people.

In a short time, this matter has spread among the people, it was estimated that if Shu Tang does not come out for a long time, there will be a lot of commotion outside.

This was Shu Tang’s little idea, she will enter the Qing Rong Sect alone and if there was any danger, these rumors outside can also be helpful to her.

The disciples didn’t give her a hard time on the way and sent her to the hall where they discussed official matters and met with the Sect Leader.

Shu Tang politely greeted everyone present, raised her hand to remove the illusion from her face, and returned to her original appearance.

At this moment, those who had seen her and those who had not seen her were astonished. The three elders were surprised by her fast cultivation, while others were surprised by her beauty.

For a while, those with shallow knowledge could not help but hesitate, could this beautiful and well-behaved young girl be the evil-doer that kills without blinking an eye?

The hall was filled with the buzz of whispers, the Qing Rong Sect’s Sect Leader coughed lightly on top and the crowd suddenly quieted down. He turned to Shu Tang and said seriously, “What is the reason for your coming to my sect?”

“Sect leader has a sharp mind, of course, he knows why I have come. If you still have grievances, you can find me and my master, but why did you put me in such a situation together with the Yuangui Sect?” Her words were very unkind, but on second thought, there was nothing wrong with them.

The Sect Leader swept his eyes at the others without The Sect Leader calmly glanced at the other people, then said, “The matter of injuring our sect’s disciples was indeed resolved earlier. However, how do you explain the matter of killing the disciples and elders of the Yuangui Sect?”

Shu Tang was naturally unconvinced, “You said that I killed the Yuangui Sect elder, you also need to show evidence.”

She and the Yuangui Sect elder had only met, and although the other party had reprimanded her, how could she have been motivated to kill? However, after the Sect Leader finished telling the story, she was stunned in place.

Yuan Hai was violently killed to become a demon, the contents of his nonsense, and the sins he committed….

Shu Tang took a step backward incredulously and her mind naturally thought of Miao Jinghan. This matter, could she have done it?!

She wanted to believe in this kitten at this time, but if she didn’t do it, who else in this world would cause her trouble like this? And who else could be so big that they could come and go without a trace in the Barbaric Wasteland?

She had a stifling pain in her chest, coul2d it be that, in order to frame her, Miao Jinghan had actually laid hands on the people she had traveled with…. that is, if she had no contact with Yuan Hai, the team sent into the Barbaric Wasteland by Yuangui would not have so many people dead.

However, the fortunate thing was that Yuan Xiang was saved and the person who saved her was most likely Chi Yan.

Shu Tang’s thoughts turned, the energy to suppress the sadness and grief that rose to her chest, the sorrow on her face was revealed without the slightest concealment.

If this matter has to be solved, she must go to the Barbaric Wasteland to ask a clear question with Chi Yan. However, the existence of Chi Yan can not be known to these people, she must now think of other ways.

So, when the surrounding area was in an uproar, Shu Tang suddenly said indifferently, “I did not do this, the real culprit is someone else. If you want to know the truth, I will come back here in three days and tell you about it. What do you think?”

The author has something to say:
Not only is it late but also less… I will organize the outline tomorrow and I will no longer be a short person!

Translator: Oh. I was wondering why this chapter was so short.

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