Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 29 – Crisis

When Nan Xueqing woke up, she felt her body being tightly bound and abruptly opened her eyes.

Looking down at the small head buried in her arms, her heartbeat instantly accelerated, breathing a little sharply.

Her body stiffened, not knowing whether to move or not.

When did she get into her bed, she had no memory of it.

A sense of crisis in Nan Xueqing’s heart slowly rose, her alertness has become so dull at some point, if this continues…

So right now she should…

Nan Xueqing looked at the person in her arms, kick her down?

The person in her arms made a “hmm” sound and moved a few times.

Her thick eyelashes trembled, the closed eyes showed a curved arc, the baby fat on her face was comfortably piled under her eyes because of the upward corners of her mouth, and then she breathed, and the eyelids slowly opened.

Nan Xueqing did not have any moment to think before closing her eyes.

Her heart was so nervous that it didn’t know how to beat.

After Lin Siyi opened her eyes, her round eyes wandered around, glanced at the still-sleeping female lead, and then quietly stretched out her hand to touch the corner of her mouth.

Thankfully, there was no drooling.

Lin Siyi saw that the other party’s hands were not on her body, while her hands were holding the other party, she curled her lips and her heart inexplicably had a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, the other party did not wake up, so Lin Siyi decided to get out of bed…inconspicuously…


Looking at the female lead who opened her eyes and looked at her calmly, Lin Siyi actually had a feeling of being caught in the act.

“Actually, I can explain.”


Nan Xueqing looked at the other party who had one foot on the floor and one foot still on the bed, awkwardly smiling at her.

Somewhat funny, her eyes suppressed the amusement underneath.

Looking at the female lead’s increasingly icy face, Lin Siyi was a little flustered.

“I just remembered about the footsteps yesterday and the more I thought about it, the more suspicious I felt, then I was a little scared, so I just…”

“Meow!!!” The cat that was thrown to the ground by Lin Siyi in the middle of the night screamed in anger, it finally realized today that it was this woman who moved him from his warm nest three times!

He thought he was sleepwalking!

Lin Siyi immediately glared at the grey cat. She was not angry that a cat could sleep next to the female lead, but she just wanted to sneak in the middle of the night to find a sense of security!

Nan Xueqing eyes droop, and really pursued the root of the problem, it was still that her sense of precaution had become lower.

However, Nan Xueqing looked towards Lin Siyi who was smiling at her.

If she does not pursue the matter, will it make the other party think that she has hope?

It was impossible for her to be with another person.

What’s more, the other party is a woman.

Thinking of this, the temperature around Nan Xueqing instantly dropped.

Lin Siyi immediately took down her other leg, a little nervous.

Is it possible that she stepped on the bottom line of the female lead?

Think about it, who would like to wake up suddenly next to a person, the posture was also…very intimate…

Lin Siyi couldn’t help but recall the scene of her hugging the heroine to sleep, and to be honest, it was really the most peaceful and comfortable sleep she had ever had since she came to this world.


Nan Xue got up and stepped off the bed, “I’m not like you, don’t get any more ideas about me.”


Lin Siyi was startled for a moment, what does that mean, could it be possible that the female lead saw through her? Knew that she approached her to seek protection?

“Xueqing it is not what you think!”

Nan Xueqing snapped back to look at her, her tone somewhat nonchalant, “No matter what it is, don’t come near me.”

There was a tone and demeanor that had never been there before.

The saintly female lead, who had always been gentle and considerate in the original story, would one day speak to her with such an angry tone.

Lin Siyi felt that her tear glands were about to secrete a weakly acidic, transparent, and colorless liquid.

Nan Xueqing’s pupils shrank slightly and immediately withdrew her eyes and walked into the bathroom.

Lin Siyi took a few steps forward, slightly lost in thought, and called out, “Xueqing, Xueqing…”

The bathroom door was mercilessly closed.

Lin Siyi whimpered and thought back to all the things she had done to the female lead after arriving in this world.

The other party had treated her sincerely and spoke warmly and softly, while she, however, approached the other with a purpose.

It really is too much!

Lin Siyi, how can you be worthy of the other party’s sincerity!

If you were the other person, and you knew that the other person approached you just to seek protection, how would you feel!

Hasn’t she already turned her face long ago!

And the female lead, analyzing her previous words, should have seen her intention, but was still friendly to her.

Until today, when she completely angered the other person.

Lin Siyi was instantly filled with guilt and remorse. She stood hesitantly at the bathroom door, waiting for the female lead to come out and was sure to apologize properly to the other person.

When Nan Xueqing came out and saw Lin Siyi, who was desperate to talk, she walked around, went to the closet and took some clothes, and then closed the bathroom door again.

Lin Siyi understood that the female lead was completely angry and might not be able to explain clearly for a while, but she must have patience.

A few minutes later, the female lead came out again.

Lin Siyi immediately spoke, “What happened before Xueqing was all my fault, in the future I will definitely-“

“Bang,” the dormitory door slammed shut.

Lin Siyi froze, then quickly said, “Xueqing, where are you going, wait for me!”

She looked at herself still in her pajamas without washing up and suddenly got anxious.

After tidying up, she immediately went downstairs, but has long since lost the female lead, and sent a few messages to the female lead, but it seems to have sunk into the sea without any response.

Nan Xueqing put the phone on mute and put it away, looking at the teenager standing not far away.

He was facing her sideways, with a high nose, a lean face, smooth lines, and no resemblance to a young girl’s baby-fat face.

She approached and the teenager seemed to have noticed and turned around to face her.

Hmm, the eyes are still a bit similar.

Thought Nan Xueqing.

Lin Chuliu took something out of his pocket.

It was a jade pendant.

Nan Xueqing took it, on it was engraved three small characters, it was her name.

She calmly put the jade pendant into her pocket and smiled, “Sorry, my jade pendant, I don’t know where I had placed it, perhaps I may never be able to find it in the future, did it bother you?”

Lin Chuliu’s mood was a bit complicated and he shook his head, “I actually wanted to find you a long time ago.”

“What a surprise, it’s the opposite for me.” It never crossed her mind.

“The marriage contract was left by my parents’ generation and my mother told me about it before she died. She told me to make sure I find you.” Lin Chuliu’s eyes were serious.


“After coming to the academy, I got to know you.”

Nan Xueqing’s voice was faint, “How did you know that I was the one you were looking for?”

Lin Chuliu answered, “I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m sure.”

“It was made by my parents’ generation and I also hope that I can fulfill my mother’s last wish.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes looked not far away, the striking red figure was slowly approaching.

She said, “This matter was decided by my father, but I love my mother more, so I need to consult her about her wishes.”

Lin Chuliu nodded, “This is natural. I will come to see Auntie another day, I wonder where she lives now?”

Nan Xueqing walked forward a few steps, heard the words, and turned her head to look at him, “Maybe she’s in heaven, maybe…. she’s in hell.” Smiling back at him, “After all, she was not a good person either.”

Lin Chuliu froze.

“Xueqing!” Lin Siyi panted and ran closer before realizing that the person talking to the female lead was actually Lin Chuliu, “Lin Chuliu? Didn’t you say we’d meet at one in the afternoon?”

She poked her head out, “What were you guys talking about?”

Lin Chuliu, who had suddenly learned that the other party’s mother had died, was a little surprised, but thought she must be even more sad. He originally wanted to comfort her, but didn’t expect his sister to run over.

He instantly shut his mouth, there were some things that he did not want her to know yet.

Who would have known that Nan Xueqing would take out the jade pendant in her pocket and show, “Talking about the marriage contract.”

Five thunders!!!

Lin Siyi’s already large eyes instantly widened, disbelieving, as if she had heard something big.

Remembering that Lin Chuliu had indeed talked to her about a marriage contract before, but how could it be with the female lead!!!

In the original, she did not see any connection between the female lead and the original owner’s brother.

Is it because she had only read a quarter of the plot or has the plot changed because of her arrival?

She probed, “Xueqing, you, have a marriage contract with Lin Chuliu, my brother?”

Nan Xueqing smiled.

The smile that fell in Lin Siyi’s eyes became a happy smile.

She immediately looked at Lin Chuliu next to her, a hint of anger protruding from her heart, “What the hell is going on here, how can you have a marriage contract with Xueqing!”

Lin Chuliu was silent, then spoke, “Our father arranged it and our mother’s last wish.”

“But isn’t a marriage contract something only made in ancient times? Maybe our parents were just talking about it as a joke and you took it seriously?”

Lin Chuliu, “Sister, when will you stop being stupid?”

Lin Siyi, “How dare you say your sister is stupid, you are stupid, I am not stupid!”

Lin Chuliu, “Not.”

“What’s not, you’re obviously insulting me!”

Lin Chuliu, “When will you not be stupid, this is also our mother’s last wish. If this was an insult, it should be our mother who wants to insult you.”

“You….. I….” Lin Siyi was momentary speechless and then remembered that the other party had pulled away from the topic and immediately said, “Nowadays, society talks about marriage and marriage is about your love. This marriage contract, is completely feudal thinking.”

She looked at the female lead, “Xueqing, you also do not want to live with this little bastard Lin Chuliu for the rest of your life, right?”

Little bastard?

Lin Chuliu suddenly felt that it was time for his sister, who had no respect for him, to be taught a good lesson.

However, he looked at Nan Xueqing and was also a little curious to know the other party’s answer.

Feeling the sight of the two, especially the look in front of her, blazing unusually.

The person she like suddenly becoming your sister-in-law should make her very sad and angry, right.

Nan Xueqing’s heart suddenly had a trace of evil, “Want to. Also need to get along after to know.”

Lin Siyi felt a little breathless, is the female lead really going to be together with her brother?

If…if the female lead and her brother are together, her safety should be more secure, but… but….

“You can’t be with Lin Chuliu!”

Nan Xueqing raised her eyebrows, “Why?”

Lin Chuliu looked at his sister agitated and was also a little curious about why the other party was so unwilling to have Nan Xueqing be with him.

“Because….. because….. because Lin Chuliu, he…. he’s too frivolous.”

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