My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 57

Upon hearing this, Shu Tang’s heart became more alert. However, before she could ask any more questions, a man pulled her back and whispered, “Girl, this man is a lunatic, you’d better leave quickly.”

A lunatic?

Shu Tang was stunned and looked back at the person who kindly reminded her. The two of them faced each other, and the person’s face immediately turned red. Shu Tang smiled, this was an acquaintance.

The person who kindly reminded her was the long-haired man she met in the demon realm while searching for the Spiritual Spring of Fire, the same black bear who had a conflict with Miao Jinghan. Shu Tang looked at his red face with amusement, when he was arguing with the pitiful Miao Jinghan, she thought he could disregard any beauty.

Naturally the black bear could not recognize the person in front of him as the piglet he saw that day. When he saw such a beautiful person, he only knew how to stammer at this moment, “Well, girl… I, I don’t mean anything else. I just want to remind you not to be deceived and not to get into trouble….”

Shu Tang smiled. It is always a comforting experience to see an acquaintance without malice in the human realm, so she addressed a few words to the loose immortal and got up to go with the big man and said, “How do you know he is a lunatic?”

“I often run to the human realm to trade, this lunatic stalls everywhere and there are only a few things to sell. Once someone wants to buy his things, he will trade on the condition of earth spells, but every time he sold something he goes crazy. He will insist that the buyer stole his things, saying that the person killed his whole family, and the other party will beat him to death…. So, in the human realm, most people know him and hide after seeing him. “

Hearing him say so, Shu Tang also did not know whether to be grateful. It’s good that she escaped a disaster with a warning, but… when will her problem of attracting strange people change?

Thanks to the big man, Shu Tang decided to stay away from this crazy loose immortal. Who knew that this person would quickly close his stall and follow her all the way, constantly asking if she wanted to trade.

Shu Tang missed the lazy attitude of this person when she first met him, but she was also annoyed by him, so she said, “I don’t want to trade, don’t pester me anymore!”

But unexpectedly, after hearing this, the man was suddenly mad and pulled her arm fiercely, “Your magic is the same as hers, why not her!”

What is this! Shu Tang secretly cursed and said that she should not provoke him and immediately twisted her wrist and made a clever effort to break away from his restraint.

She didn’t want to be entangled with him, but she also didn’t want to be noticed, especially by people from the Qing Rong Sect. She hasn’t inquired about the matter yet, she’s in the dark and the Qing Rong Sect is in the light. As long as she doesn’t reveal her identity, she still has an advantage now.

She didn’t think that this loose immortal would be so terrifying when he went crazy, hitting her on the street, while his eyes were disoriented and he slurred his words, “It’s you…. why did you kill them! Why can I only live like this! You came to me, haha…. you actually came to me!”

Shu Tang could not understand what he was saying, frowning in response to his actions, and then scanning the surrounding terrain, thinking about how to get out.

At this time, the black bear man who left was actually back again, pulling Shu Tang up and running, “I’ll take you to hide!”

Shu Tang could no longer care about the bracelet and could only run wildly with the big man. However, she a pig demon who just entered the third realm, plus it was unknown what realm the bear demon was, so no matter how fast she ran, she couldn’t compare to a loose immortal. How could this be better?

She didn’t understand, what kind of physique does she have to get into trouble so easily? The combination of a master who speaks to offend people and a disciple who gets into trouble everywhere is reasonable.

Fortunately, the black bear was extremely familiar with the terrain, and in a few strokes he entered a boundary set up for demons. The madness of the loose immortal outside the boundary went crazy, shouting nonsense words, and constantly tried to break the boundary but could not enter.

Shu Tang exhaled, moved his arm out calmly and said, “Thank you brother, if you need any help in the future, I will help.”

The righteousness of the jianghu, Shu Tang understood this. Although the current world is the cultivation of immortals, the rules of the jianghu would not be too bad.

The black bear was really flattered, scratching his head and said, “You don’t have to thank me, girl. This is a demon boundary secretly set up in the human realm and will only be activated when in danger. After all, it is too dangerous for demons to be in the human realm, so this boundary is quite secure. Please rest assured.”

Shu Tang nodded, looked at the crazy person outside, and sighed again. This person was also persistent, knowing that he can not break this boundary but still here in vain.

However, when she was looking at him, she seemed to notice something wrong.

After this person had said strange things, he seemed to have been calling out a person’s name–Qi Xuan.

Shu Tang’s body jolted. Qi Xuan, isn’t this the sister of Qi Yan, the demon immortal who lives in the sea? If she remembered correctly, Miao Jinghan said this person was a crazy person. She killed all the demons in the sea, turned them into pearls, and lived alone in the sea. Thinking about what this crazy loose immortal said, she couldn’t help but envision that he could have had some kind of story with Qi Xuan and the two went crazy together, that Qi Xuan killed all the demons in the sea, while only he escaped….

It must be said that she became extremely intrigued by the matter, but thinking of the consequences of her curiosity in the Qing Rong Sect, Shu Tang busily put back all those curious thoughts of hers away.

No matter what has happened to them, they have nothing to do with her, once these things get involved, it is sure to cause trouble again. Although Shu Tang thought she understood, she had no idea that she had long been involved in this matter.

The black bear and her rested in the same place for a while, before taking her away from there and to a safer place. After completely getting rid of the crazy immortal, Shu Tang thanked the big man again and again before getting up to leave.

After being distracted by what happened earlier, she also forgot to pick out the bracelet and began to concentrate on inquiring about the Qing Rong Sect.

Shu Tang first cast an illusion over her face, then entered a pub, listened to people fooling around, and inserted herself in with people fooling around. Constantly talking, she already knew almost the whole story, but the truth was mixed and she didn’t know how much of it was reliable.

In her understanding of the story, there was a demon in the Yuangui Sect, many people died, and later the Yuangui Sect took her as a demon. After asking around, they went to the Qing Rong Sect and came to the conclusion–Fuyu Shangxian, her disciple is a wicked evildoer. Not only did she hurt the disciples of the Qing Rong Sect, but she killed the elders and a group of disciples.

Shu Tang was speechless, not to mention the truth of the rumors, the attitude of the Qing Rong Sect before and after, the difference was not a little. And, with the power she had at the time, how could she kill an elder? This rumor was also too unreliable, it must have been exaggerated a lot.

Reluctantly inquiring about the situation, Shu Tang immediately left the pub, opened a room in the inn, and meditated while thinking about it. How would she solve this matter?

It doesn’t matter if she was slandered, but she was an immortal not long ago, how would anyone know her name? Once she was mentioned, the world must be talking about her master, and how could she let her lose face?

After a night of thinking, Shu Tang decided to enter the Qing Rong Sect with great fanfare, one is to let people outside know that the disciple of the Immortal Fuyu is not the rumored person who only knows how to ask her master to help solve problems after committing crimes and killings and the second is to ensure her safety after entering the sect.

Yes, even if she really killed someone, she must admit to it honestly, how could she not respond to it at all?

However, after thinking about it, Shu Tang suddenly realized–why her master suddenly said she’ll help her to the third realm, could it be that she already knew about these rumors in the human realm?

Shu Tang was a bit stunned, because her master knew about this, that’s why she took the time to help her break through the realm, in order to let her face these problems herself, right?

She felt a warmth in her heart and suddenly remembered the gentle face of her master and her heart trembled again.

Such a person, she, Shu Tang, can lose the world, but she…. must never lose her.

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