My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 56

After a day of happiness with her Master, Shu Tang finally arrived at the moment she had been waiting for. While her master was cooking, she went around the house in circles, her heart incredibly nervous. After circling for a while, she stood still at the table, silently recited the words, and apprehensively transformed into the appearance of a young girl.

When Fuyu returned with the food, she saw her disciple standing shyly at the door, pretending to greet her but she was in fact trying to show her newly transformed appearance.

The young girl in front of her was standing in a pavilion, her face was not decorated with powder, but her skin was like cream, her eyes were clear and clean with a hint of charm, and her lips were touched with rouge. With such a good-looking face, the Upper Immortal Fuyu, who has always been calm, could not help but look a few more times because this person was her disciple.

Shu Tang bit her teeth and stood at the doorway waiting for her Master to speak. However, her Master kept looking at her and she blushed, embarrassed.

When Fuyu had seen enough, she curved her lips and smiled gently, “What a pretty girl.”

Shu Tang: “….”

Wait! Is her greeting posture not right!? Why is it that when Master speaks so gently, her words seem like she is teasing her?

Shu Tang’s face became even redder and after coughing dryly twice, she awkwardly said, “Thank you for the compliment, Master.”

Fuyu smiled gently again and walked in with the delicious food, while Shu Tang was still standing at the door.

It’s not that she did not want to go over, but because… because her legs were weak, she couldn’t walk!

Shu Tang imagined spending time with her master in her mature form, but no matter how she thought about it, she could never imagine that she would be so embarrassed when she really experienced it. She told herself countless times in her mind to be the same as usual and not to change. But as soon as she saw her master, she forgot all about it and her heart was full of tension.

When you become an adult, you are no longer a child and some things will be different. She did not dare to go to her master’s side. She was afraid that she would not be able to talk to her normally as an adult and she was afraid that she would reveal her feelings and make her disgusted….

“Huahua, why don’t you come over?”

After Fuyu had arranged the dishes, she didn’t see Shu Tang move. When she turned around, she saw a red and flushed face. She went to her disciple’s side, reached out and took her wrist, gently took her pulse, and then wondered, “Your body is fine, but are you hot? Why is your face so red?”

Shu Tang looked at her master calmly, saw the concern in her eyes, and without saying a word…. turned back into a little piglet.

She very shamelessly hugged her Master’s hand that was taking her pulse, wiggling it around while saying, “Master, I’m a little uncomfortable….”

Fuyu looked at the little piglet she was carrying in her hand, and after a long time, the corners of her lips rose and she smiled sweetly.

This smile almost dazzled Shu Tang’s pigveyes and almost fell from her master’s hand for a moment, but fortunately, her master quickly grabbed her little hoof.

So, for this meal, Shu Tang refused to turn back into a human form and insisted on eating in her beast form. Fuyu was worried that she would think too much and repeatedly emphasized during the meal that her disciple looked good, but unexpectedly, her disciple seemed even more afraid to take on a human form.

How is this happening, Huahua was so eager to become an adult, but now she is showing her fears again?

The Immortal Fuyu felt that she had to seek some advice from Luhua.

However, right now there are obviously more important things than asking for advice, after Shu Tang finished eating, Fuyu finally said to her what she had been deliberating for a few days, “Huahua, you still have two months left in your cultivation in the human realm. You said earlier that you wanted to go to the human realm, so you can go and do your business in these two months.”

Although Shu Tang wanted to go to the human realm, she could not let go of her master. Last time she gambled and went straight down, this time she must ask what she wants to ask, “Master will not accompany me there?”

Thinking of the last time she secretly followed her disciple to the world, Fuyu suddenly felt embarrassed. After a dry cough, one hand rubbed the tea cup on the table and said, “This time, Master will be recuperating in the immortal realm, so I will not go down with you.”

Although it was expected, Shu Tang still felt a bit lost. The ears on her little head drooped down softly and her pink tail also drooped, wiltingly saying, “Master needs to recuperate. These days you are tired and you really can not go down to the human realm with your disciple anymore.”

Fuyu gave another dry cough and answered “Nn”.

This time, Fuyu did not even accompany her to the exit, the lonely Shu Tang felt heartbroken and sorry for her master. In the past few days, her Master’s unhealthy body seemed to be weakened by her own breakthrough. Therefore, she must not cause trouble for her Master again when she goes to the lower realm.

After transforming into human form, Shu Tang went straight into the clouds and rushed to Qing Rong City. After entering the city, she first went to several jewelry stores to choose a nice bracelet for her master. However, she looked left and right, but could not find an object that could match her master, so she could not help but feel a little irritated.

When she walked to the place where the loose immortals gathered, she finally saw a delicate and beautiful bracelet. The body of the bracelet was made of all silver, small and delicate, with a beautiful hibiscus flower engraved on it, and a light blue crystal embedded. Just with a touch, Shu Tang could feel the gentle power contained in the crystal stone and could not help but brighten her eyes.

The bracelet seller was a loose immortal with a stall and when he saw a customer, he lazily said, “This bracelet can only be exchanged for earth spells.”

Shu Tang wondered, “Can’t I buy it with silver?”

“This bracelet is encrusted with crystals that can nourish the three souls and seven spirits and can protect the spiritual consciousness. Do you think it can be exchanged with silver?” After saying that, the loose immortal giggled lightly, very disdainful.

Shu Tang thought about the earth spells that she had learned and did not know which one was rare, so she simply picked out two that were quite difficult to learn and said, “Are these two spells okay?”

Hearing her words, the lazy attitude of the loose immortal instantly changed and the body that was lying on the ground sat up, “If I want all the spells you mentioned, what do you think?”

“You have a big appetite, I can only teach you one.” Shu Tang’s attitude was tough, obviously refusing to lose.

“We can make another deal. You teach me these two spells, I will not only sell you the bracelet, but I can also tell you two things.”

This bracelet had deeply won Shu Tang’s heart, it was beautiful, not to mention that it can also nourish her master’s body. However, as long as she is not in the presence of her master, she is not a stupid person, immediately saying, “I want to ask the things, what if you don’t know them?”

Being questioned by her like this, the loose immortal was not angry, but just mysteriously lowered his voice and slowly said, “The things you want to ask, I will know for sure.”

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