My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 55

When the immortal servant said this, Shu Tang could not help but mutter, but she couldn’t think of why this suddenly happened. The two immortal servants left together after cleaning and the courtyard returned to an empty state. Shu Tang also came out from the dark, full of thoughts on the matter.

Perhaps she should go down to the lower realm now and take a look?

She had only just formed this idea when she heard a voice close to her say, “What are you doing here?”

Shu Tang jerked back and almost bumped into the chin of the person who came up. She jumped back a step and stammered, “Master, I… nothing, just a little nervous.”

“The human form has already been transformed. It’s just a breakthrough. There is no need to be nervous.” Fuyu comforted her, took her hand and walked into the room, “It’s late, come in.”

Shu Tang was pulled by her master and all the blood instantly rushed to the top of the head, becoming a pretty face flushed red. Her master’s hand has always been slightly cool, not warm or cold, extremely comfortable to hold. When her master took her to the exterior of the chamber, she reacted with confusion, no, she just wanted to go down to the lower realm to investigate the situation, how did her head become mush when her master gently pulled her hand?

So, as soon as she reacted, she held her master’s hand and gently pulled it back, “Master, can I go down to the lower realm?

“Yes,” Fuyu agreed, “but only after you break through the realm.”

Shu Tang gave a pause, only to obediently nod, “Yes, Master.”

This was indeed her impatience, regardless of whether the immortal servant’s words were true or not, the matter of breaking through the realm was indeed more important right now. Shu Tang felt ashamed, since her master has been with her all the time, she must have seen everything in the Qing Rong Sect. Now when she thought about it, she had confusedly gotten into trouble, not only did she not insist on taking the responsibility, but she was used by Miao Jinghan as a disciple of the Supreme Immortal to resolve the matter, which was really wrong.

Shu Tang secretly made a decision, after she broke through the realm, the first thing she would do was to go to the human realm, whether the rumors were true or not, she should go to make up for the mistake she had made.

In a short time, she had already planned things out. The moment she entered the chamber, her fingers traced the empty wrist of her master, and suddenly remembered what she had thought when she was in the human realm.

This time in the lower realm, first buy a bracelet for the master, and then go to solve the matter of the Qing Rong Sect.

Shu Tang peeked at her master’s wrist, white and slender, beautiful as jade. She was inexplicably happy, and her mind was filled with images of her master wearing the bracelet she had chosen.


A soft sound came into her ears, Shu Tang woke up from her daydream and looked nervously at her master, “Disciple is here!”

“Huahua, you are now at the critical point of breaking through, don’t wander off.” Fuyu’s words were quite serious, as soon as Shu Tang heard it, she was busy chanting the clear heart technique and waved her wild thoughts away to the clouds.

After her mind calmed down, the master and disciple sat opposite each other in a meditation position and closed their eyes at the same time. Fuyu raised her hand to move the immortal qi in her body and moved her hands slowly around the major acupuncture points of Shu Tang’s body to channel the energy in her body. 

Shu Tang, who was obediently cooperating with her master, initially thought that she was regulating the energy of the jade pendant for her, but later she felt that something was wrong. Not sure if it was her illusion, Shu Tang vaguely felt as if there was another power in her body, this power was like flowing water, but with a domineering force of a waterfall, unlike any kind of power she had.

However, her body has something additional for no reason, how could she not know it? Moreover, if this power was really unknown to her, her master would have explained it to her and it would not be like this.

Thinking of this, Shu Tang immediately put down her mind, no longer thinking about it, and instead, she cooperated with her master, channeling the turbulent qi in her meridians into the spiritual platform, and slowly fusing it with the power of the glowing jade pendant.

An hour later, Fuyu finally withdrew her hands, her posture maintained, but her forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. Shu Tang opened her eyes, before she could feel the changes in her body. Her heart thumped and she rushed to her master’s side and asked, “Master, what happened to you?”

“Master is fine.” Fuyu replied lightly, closing her eyes, “You will cultivate the exhausted true qi back. Your master will rest for a while and later protect you to break though.”

Shu Tang wanted to say that since Master was tired, why don’t they come back the next day to break the realm. However, at the moment when the master closed her eyes, she realized very clearly that her master was absolutely determined this time. Even if she suggested it, it would be of little use.

With a small sigh, Shu Tang sat on the ground and quietly meditated and cultivated.

The quietness in the secret chamber was incomparable. Fuyu woke up from her rest and saw that her disciple was still cultivating, so she sat quietly and did not bother.

The True God’s power was fused into the jade pendant and it took a lot of effort to avoid Shu Tang’s discovery. Fortunately, before, Miao Jinghan was also afraid of being discovered by her. She had sealed this power and hid it in Shu Tang’s body meridians. It was extremely inconspicuous. If not for her own sensitivity to the power of the True God, perhaps it would not have been discovered. Now, she will withdraw this power and fuse it with the jade pendant, still retaining the seal, without being discovered by her disciple, and enabling her to successfully break through. Even if she gives the power the source, it will also be worth it.

Fuyu gently touched her own pulse and after feeling the weakness in it, she could not help but place her gaze on her disciple who was meditating.

This is the disciple she took great care of…. She has been buried in the soil for thousands of years and cultivated for thousands of years. This is the first time that she has a sense of accomplishment and this illusory feeling. She gave her the power of the Origin of Life, willingly.

As if sensing this gaze, the little girl meditating suddenly opened her eyes, and the two of them looked at each other and for a while both were speechless.

Fuyu had nothing to say, while Shu Tang was nervous and did not know what to say. She has been with her master for a long time, but never had this kind of silence in the situation of staring at each other. Now that it happened, her brain immediately turned into a mess and when she recovered, she wanted to move her eyes away, but felt that it was too deliberate.

So, they continued to look at each other in silence for a long time before Shu Tang said, “Master, can I break through the realm now?”

Fuyu nodded slowly and came behind her, saying, “Get ready, I’ll protect you.”

Knowing that Master was behind her, Shu Tang’s heart was incomparably stable. Even for the sake of her master’s hard work, she must succeed this time!

Taking a deep breath, Shu Tang swiftly mobilized all her true qi and broke through the barrier between the second and third realms with all her might. This time, everything went extremely well until the last moment, when a woman in blue suddenly appeared in her consciousness!

This person was the same person she had seen several times in her dreams, but this time the woman was not in the Barbaric Wasteland, but dressed in fancy clothes and standing in front of her.

Shu Tang was at the most critical juncture of breaking the realm at this time and her will could not be distracted, so she could only grit her teeth and hold on, trying to ignore the illusion. However, the woman was still nicely located in her consciousness and said to her, “Opportunistic and carrying a curse, why do you want to cultivate immortality….”

Shu Tang’s consciousness was instantly disturbed and the true qi in her body was then disrupted. She did not know exactly what the woman was saying, but her consciousness was instinctively controlled by the other party and she could not resist at all.

“Opportunistic and carrying a curse, why do you want to cultivate immortality….”

The words again, Shu Tang’s mind became more and more confused. Fuyu, who was protecting her, noticed that something was wrong and immediately cast a blessing to bring back her consciousness.

Shu Tang did not know that she had a tendency to go off the rails. At this time, she was thinking about what the woman had said.

She worshipped the immortals as teachers and took advantage of the road to immortality. The word opportunistic is still understandable, but where does the curse come from? Curse, what kind of curse is it?

Before she thought about it, the woman opened her mouth again. But this time, before she finished speaking, her body was suddenly struck by a stream of light. The white light scattered it and wrapped around Shu Tang’s consciousness, suddenly rushing out of the demonic threat that trapped her.

In the moment of breaking out, Shu Tang’s body was immensely relaxed, as if immersed in holy water and the internal organs were cleansed.

Fuyu breathed a sigh of relief and slowly injected immortal qi into Shu Tang’s body, nourishing her meridians and consciousness. After another half a tea, Shu Tang’s eyebrows were bright, and after a slight distortion of her face, she suddenly uttered a violent cry. The true qi in her body grew rapidly until it could no longer grow and she let out another loud cry. The excess true qi gushed out of her body like a mountain overturning the sea, and where the airflow passed, except for the immobile Fuyu, were overturned and disrupted.

The good part is that there were not many things in this chamber and it was extremely strong. Although this tremor was big, it was not a big problem. However, when Shu Tang opened her eyes she was still shocked and could not believe that this mess was from her own hands.

Fuyu retracted the immortal qi, slowly exhaled, and then said, “You nearly went off the rails again.”

Shu Tang was shocked. She had just walked through the gateway of demons, thanks to her not knowing anything and wondering what the curse was.

“However, this time it was not someone who set you up, but your own heart demon has not been removed.” Fuyu was also worried with her and was tired of speaking at this time.

Shu Tang thought about everything just now, “This disciple does not have a heart demon, I don’t know why it is like this.”

“The heart demon is the unconscious, it is hidden deep inside you, maybe it is a memory you forgot, or it could be a conjecture you are unaware of.” Fuyu stood up, smiled gently and changed the topic, “No matter what, this breakthrough has been a success, how do you feel now?”

Shu Tang nodded and raised her hand to cast a few spells, and indeed the power was very different from before. However, when she tried to take the form of a young girl, there was no response. She repeatedly tried several times, her heart fuming, her first image of a young girl is for her Master to see!

After several attempts and no change, Fuyu had to reach out to stop her and said, “No need to try again, you have just broken through the realm. Your cultivation is unstable, you can first turn into a beast to recuperate, tomorrow you can turn into other forms of age, no need to rush.”

Shu Tang listened and immediately transformed into a small pig and stood beside her master.

To her surprise, after entering the third realm, although she still has some problems with the human form, now is able to control the size of the beast form. Thinking of the former master’s love for the piglet, without saying a word, Shu Tang immediately transformed into a piglet, lying on the ground and grunting.

She didn’t forget to act spoiled. Right now it was a great opportunity to act spoiled, why not use it?

Hearing the grunting sound, Fuyu looked down and saw her disciple shamelessly transforming into a piglet. The corners of her mouth curled up gently and she leaned down to pick it up.

“You will be an adult from now on, the beast-shaped piglet in front of your master is good, but not in front of outsiders, remember?”

Shu Tang nestled in the arms of her master, the great beauty, and quickly wagged her tail and hummed, “Master, my disciple knows.”

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