My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 54

The paper was dissolved into dotted light and disappeared in Fuyu’s hand. Nantan also did not know what to say. Shu Tang in this matter, was completely being used as a target and Miao Jinghan played a role, but, if such words were said, except for Luhua and Caitong, who would they believe? Everyone will get the news–Fuyu Shangxian’s first disciple is domineering, has bad character, and if she doesn’t agree with someone she will assassinate the other party, cause the whole sect to suffer heavy casualties, and greatly damage their strength.

Fuyu has not encountered this kind of trouble for thousands of years, but she is willing to manage this matter. Who let the leading star of the matter be her unsuspecting disciple?

So, when the immortal paper completely disappeared, she opened her mouth and said to Nantan, “The Qing Rong Sect has already contacted the Yuangui Sect and it’s only a matter of time before they send someone to the immortal realm. I’ll leave the cook from the Yuangui Sect alone for now, but I just need to trouble you to find someone to keep an eye on him and not let him have any contact with the outside.” After a pause, she added, “In addition, these days I will first take Huahua in for closed-door training. I took her pulse yesterday, the true qi in her body has grown a lot after using the limitation and is only one step away from the third realm….”

Before she finished, Nantan already understood her intention, and was only slightly surprised, “You actually want to let her face it alone?”

“En,” Fuyu lightly responded, got up, and walked forward, “Didn’t you say she must always have to walk her own path? I can protect her completely right now, but she herself is still weak. As a master, I can be considered incompetent.”

Nantan watched her back disappear into the main hall and sighed quietly. This person was clearly looking like she wanted to protect her disciple’s well-being, but after things turned around, she acted as if she had figured it out. However, Nantan understood her, Fuyu appeared to care about nothing, but once she cared about someone or something, it was a big deal.

In other words, don’t look at the calmness of her words, when something really happens, she may not be able to maintain her aloof look.

Nantan gave another light sigh and then found the manpower to calm down and got up to find Luhua.

The relationship between the two of them and Fuyu was very deep, in the immortal realm of other ranks have always been a fierce competition, but the three of them have known each other for thousands of years. In spite of Fuyu often making Luhua angry, it was not a big dispute. Now, Fuyu’s valued disciple is in trouble, as friends how can they stand by and do nothing?

What’s more, the teacher-disciple relationship of such feelings, how long has it been for Nantan? The past was still fresh in his mind, and even for this, he must not allow Shu Tang to be beaten down and never recover.

Yet, Fuyu did not know about this. As soon as she returned to the side hall, she saw her disciple nibbling on snacks alone, and nearly choked when she saw her.

Shu Tang’s heart was so exasperated, she had been practicing since she had sent the unknown cook away, and could only rest for a while before seeing her master arrive in front of her. The sweat of those youthful struggles she had previously envisioned, as well as the beautiful smile looking back, and in the blink of an eye, it was all ruined on this plate of snacks….

Fuyu she did not know what she was thinking, only to see her face tangled, her heart was immediately startled, afraid that she was aware of the Yuangui Sect. But then she thought about it, if Huahua was eating the fragrant snacks, she must not have something on her mind, so she was relieved.

Shu Tang inwardly wept silently, put half of the leftover snacks in her hand back into the plate, wiped her mouth, and hurriedly stood up to explain, “Master, I have been practicing hard just now and only took a short rest now.”

“En, I’ll take you to closed-door training.”

“Closed-door training?” Shu Tang was slightly surprised and accidentally repeated the word, “Isn’t Master going to teach me true qi condensation?

Fuyu lightly said, “You can already use spells skillfully when you cultivated in the human realm and when you learn to condense things with true qi you can try to break through the second realm and enter the third realm. However, although your true qi is sufficient, you still have the power of the jade pendant in your body, and in order not to make a mistake, I will protect you throughout the whole process.”

Shu Tang’s eyes were full of surprise, unbeknownst to her, she was able to enter the third realm? Although the third realm is only one step away from the second realm, they are not worse in terms of the degree of abundance of true qi, as well as the control and ability of spells. Most importantly, after entering the third realm, she is not only one step closer to becoming an immortal, she can also take the form of a maiden!

That is to say, once she enters the third realm, she will no longer be treated as a little girl, but a real adult… This is so tempting to her that Shu Tang couldn’t wait to go up and hug her master’s thighs right now, while screaming–“Master quickly take me to closed-door training and don’t stop!”

In fact, for Shu Tang, entering the third realm would not have been a difficult task. The first condition to enter the third realm is the sufficiency of true qi, followed by the mastery of spells. The problems that regular people encounter when breaking through this bottleneck is mostly the slow cultivation of true qi and not much spell cultivation.

They cultivate true qi, with ten years of savings, it is not as good as the results of Shu Tang in a month. In addition, for most large sects, spell secrets will always be scarce, as for those small sects needless to say. If the number of spells cultivated by immortals is not enough, they can only learn the existing ones thoroughly and become the most proficient before they have a slim chance of entering the third realm. But what about Shu Tang? The various types of spells she has learned are more than some immortals who have ascended from sects, not to mention her Taotie technique–only this one move, if she became proficient in it, she would not be at a disadvantage in future fights with people in the various sects in the human realm.

So, Shu Tang immediately left happily with her master and went to her bedchamber. A few immortal servants came to clean up the snack and the side hall suddenly became empty, so when Yuan Jin came again, he did not see half a person.

The teenager carrying the food container was a bit lost and turned to leave. After this, for several days in a row, he finally could not resist asking the immortal servants, but no one knew where they had gone.

When Yuan Jin came without a senior to introduce him to the experience, he did not know how lonely it really was in the immortal realm, and only after asking the immortal servants did he completely understand that they were just cooks who cooked for the immortals, so how could they care where they went? In the end, he was nothing here.

Yuan Jin originally thought that although the reputation of the disciple of the Shangxian and the identity of their own should not be a particularly large gap, but now that he thought about it, they were too far apart from the beginning.

While he was thinking about this nonsense, Shu Tang had already learned to condense true qi and touched the edge of the third realm, just one step away from breaking the barrier completely between the two.

These days, she has been cultivating in the secret room in her master’s room, only occasionally meditating with her to rest. Fortunately, her master had completely fulfilled her earlier promise and coldly striking out when she was resting, which greatly improved Shu Tang’s reaction speed during her rest.

However, at the critical stage of her training, Shu Tang was entering a bottleneck that should not have occurred. She hit the third realm several times and even with such a powerful protector as her master, she was unsuccessful. In one case, she even suffered internal injuries and had to rely on her master’s help to heal her wounds.

Left thinking, Shu Tang felt that the problem still appeared in the power of the jade pendant, so she tackled this power hard, trying to integrate and refine it, but this power was really strange. After two days of training, there was no progress and she had to give up.

However, although she did not know the real reason, Fuyu was aware of it. What really stopped her was the power of the True God and it was that part of the power that needed to be refined, but Fuyu would not tell her this, only saying, “You do not have enough control over the power, you can go out to get some air now. Come back in two hours and I will guide you.”

Shu Tang had seen her master who had vomited blood and fallen to the ground in this chamber, so she did not have a good impression of it and was naturally quite happy to go out.

She was lying at the railing outside the bedchamber, looking at the bright sky in the distance, and her heart was also a bit nervous and apprehensive.

She was now more and more aware that she is getting closer to being an adult and did not know what she would look like when she grew. However, if she grows up, it is definitely not a good idea for her to jump into her master’s arms and act pampered. In that case, she can only take advantage of today to act spoiled with her again. Otherwise, if she wants to be pampered again in the future, she will need to take the form of a beast. Not only is it difficult to find a reason, it is also humiliating to do.

Having made up her mind, Shu Tang took a deep breath and jumped back. At this moment, outside the bedroom, which was rarely visited, two immortal servants were cleaning and talking at the same time. Shu Tang had no intention to eavesdrop, but a sentence fell into her ears, making her immediately stunned.

In the empty courtyard, only to hear one of the immortal servants say, “The Qing Rong Sect seems to be spreading bad news about our immortal and I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

Shu Tang quietly concealed her body and in her heart she made calculations. When she went to the human realm, she made a small mess, if what the immortal servant heard is not empty rumors, then it is most likely this matter.

But why did the Qing Rong Sect suddenly bring up this matter again? Is there something hidden in this, or is there something wrong?

She was thinking, when she suddenly heard another servant whisper, “Most likely it’s true, right? I’ve heard that Nantan Shangxian has gone down to the Qing Rong Sect.”

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