My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 53

It was not until the early morning that Shu Tang began to feel a little sleepy and finally drifted off to sleep, but the sleep was slightly restless. When she opened her eyes, the sky was already bright and there was a fragrance coming from over the table. According to her analysis of the smell, there was at least two entrees and one soup on the table.

Shu Tang rubbed her eyes and scrambled up in a daze. Just as she was about to drift towards the food, a cleansing technique came to her face and startled her.

“Your alertness is too poor when you sleep and also when you wake up.” Fuyu Shangxian, who had given her the cleansing technique, walked out from the corner and said indifferently, “Since you said you wanted to rest in the same room with me yesterday, then I will exercise this alertness of yours.”

Shu Tang who did not have a good rest last night, listened to the words in confusion and failed to understand the meaning of the words of her master for a while. Fortunately, her body was strong after cultivating immortality and although her mind was confused right now, she still reacted correctly and nodded seriously, “Yes, Master.”

Fu Yu nodded in satisfaction and said to her, “The new cook has prepared food for you and I have prepared a tonic soup for you. Go and eat once you are awake.” After saying that, she straightened her sleeves and went out of the door, “After eating, you will cultivate here and when I return I will teach you true qi condensation.”

Shu Tang’s mind was still a little muddled and after dully responding, she sent her master away. She stood by the door for a while before she remembered all that had happened yesterday, it didn’t matter what she remembered and she instantly felt her cheeks heating up and her body had the tendency to go out and run laps on its own.

If she remembered correctly, her master last night…. was sleeping next to her, right? Moreover, in the early hours of the morning, she vaguely felt her master’s breath spraying in her ears, and later, it seemed that her hand was also on her body…

Shu Tang was now only an eleven or twelve year old child and she was sure that her master would not think much of her and would not care about such trivial things. But! She is essentially an adult, and she will definitely think about this kind of thing!

The excited Shu Tang rubbed her hot face, turned her excitement into motivation, sobered up, and went straight to the table. After drinking the tonic soup carefully cooked by her master, she smacked her lips and reached out for the other food.

After the meal, along with last night’s excitement, Shu Toang cheerfully culivated, ready to greet her master with hard work and sweat after cultivating. But, her master did not return after a long time and even the new cook arrived at the side hall.

The pure young man, with a shy face, carried the food container in his hand and stood at the door stammering, “Girl, did you have enough to eat this morning? I made some snacks, this… cough, do you want to try it?”

Shu Tang had just finished practicing a set of techniques and there were some beads of sweat on her forehead. She wiped away the sweat with her sleeve, thinking that she had mostly scared him last night, so she said without much concern, “Thank you, bring it over.”

She vividly remembered her master’s instructions to her last night and was determined not to have more communication with him. Not even talking to him about what happened in the Barbaric Wasteland.

The young man answered with a red face and brought out the snacks in the food box and laid them out on the table one by one. When placing the dishes, he also peeked at Shu Tang and was inadvertently caught by Shu Tang’s gaze, so he hastily lowered his head again and his earlobes was smeared scarlet.

Shu Tang looked at him strangely and could not figure out what he was shy about.

On the other side, Fuyu was also talking with Nantan about the new cook and his eyebrows were knitted together.

Nantan sighed and said, “He is the most qualified and honest disciple in his generation. When he was in the sect, he practiced his cooking skills diligently in order to get the opportunity to come to the immortal realm. I checked his background and made sure there was no problem before placing him in your residence. I didn’t know that this would happen….”

“This matter is not your fault,” Fuyu said. “Huahua has poor consideration in the first place. That person took advantage of the situation and entered, no matter what you say, it has nothing to do with you.

“Right now Yuan Jin has not yet gotten the news from the Yuangui Sect, if he knows…” Nantan Shangxian rarely hesitated when he spoke.

Fuyu rubbed her eyebrows. Even Nantan was unable to come up with a solution, so how could she think of one?

Now things were indeed a little problematic. Fuyu herself did not care what happened, but she was afraid that her disciple would think too much about it and the impact it would have on her.

When Huahua mentioned the Yuangui Sect her eyes shone brightly, obviously she had a better experience of this team battle. However, she did not know that after she left the Yuangui Sect, Yuan Hai actually died a violent death and was subsequently possessed by an evil spirit that killed everyone except for Yuan Xiang.

They all say that the Barbaric Wasteland is dangerous and a life takes nine lives to enter it. However, this is the first time that a possessed person has killed a fellow disciple.

It is said that Yuan Xiang was rescued by a red beast soul, escaped from death, and she hastily returned to the sect to report the matter. This shocked the entire Yuangui Sect and also stunned Fuyu who heard the news.

In Yuan Xiang’s own description, her senior brother died a violent death shortly after Shu Tang left and in a few breaths, he had turned into a living dead, clearly under a curse. Those who traveled with him were all people of good character in the Yuangui Sect, how could someone have framed him? Moreover, this matter is obviously detrimental to any person of the Yuangui Sect, who would be crazy enough to do such a thing? Yuan Xiang also wanted to believe in the harmless little girl, but her appearance and departure were full of suspicions, and most importantly, after Yuan Hai’s killing spree, he kept chanting “black clothes”, “girl”, “become a god”, and “kill”. Only these four words.

The words “black clothes” and “girl” both point the finger directly at Shu Tang.

Fuyu doesn’t believe that Shu Tang could put a curse on someone. Even if her disciple really wanted to, she hasn’t learned any kind of curse right now, so how could she do it? However, this matter was indeed inextricably linked to Shu Tang, one because of the True God’s power in her body and two because of the frame that person put on her.

So, in the final analysis, once Shu Tang knows about this matter, given her character, she will regret that she got involved with the Yuangui Sect and its people, causing them to meet the disaster of death. Moreover, if this matter spreads, the news that Shu Tang is carrying the power of the True God will probably spread as well.

At present, even Nantan does not know the existence of this true God’s power, but once the matter spreads, not to mention the immortal realm, the entire three realms will want to grab this power.

The two were silent for a long time, Nantan sighed deeply and said apologetically, “The Yuangui Sect still doesn’t know that the little girl is your disciple, but as long as Yuan Xiang is alive, there is a possibility of her being discovered. If Shu Tang and Yuangui Sect no longer have a small connection, this possibility will be less, but I have sent a disciple of Yuangui Sect…. ah.”

Hearing him speak, Fuyu paused and suddenly looked up and said, “I really don’t need a new cook here, why don’t we send him back…”

Before she finished her sentence, Nan Tan already shook his head and said, “If Yuan Jin returns to Yuangui Sect, he will definitely learn about this. At the moment, there are already people in the Yuangui Sect who are describing your disciple’s appearance for clue gathering and Yuan Jin will know who it is just by listening. What we need to do now is to keep him in the immortal realm and not let him learn anything.” Speaking of this, he took a sip of tea and continued, “Fortunately, your disciple has not had time to contact too many people after transforming into a human, except for Caitong, Qi Yan, and Miao Jinghan, no one knows how she looks. Now, as long as Miao Jinghan and the others do not release the news, there is no big problem for the time being.”

Fuyu smiled, nodded in approval, but then she thought of something and was suddenly stunned. She recalled a scene in the human realm and gradually clenched her fist and said, “No, there is already someone else who has seen her.”

Nantan, who was still drinking tea, was also stunned, raised his head, and asked, “Who is it?”

“Miao Jinghan took Shu Tang to the Qing Rong Sect early in the morning, with the intention of letting the people of the Qing Rong Sect know her identity. I did not know her purpose at that time, but now…” Fuyu Shangxian said halfway when a person from the immortal residence suddenly announced outside and hurried in after getting permission, handing the urgent letter to the two people.

When he withdrew, Nantan unfolded the paper. After reading it, with a trace of fatigue between his eyebrows, he handed the paper to Fuyu, while continuing her previous words in a deep voice, “Now, I’m afraid things are a bit bad.”

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    1. That is what Fuyu had hinted at because Fuyu said to Nantan that Miao Jinghan was the one who took Huahua to the Sect to have her identity exposed. I low-key think that it’s Lie You whos plotting everything

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