For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 27 – It’s a lover’s kind of like

On the morning of the first day of school after the National Day, the last two classes were physical education classes. When she chose the class, Lin Xian was encouraged by Shi Man to choose table tennis together. Although she had no foundation, Shi Man convinced her with conviction that table tennis is the most time and energy-saving, Lin Xian believed in her evil in the heat of the moment, but regretted it later and it was too late.

In this class, the teacher had forewarned that they would be preparing to complete their first physical fitness test in college. The test was completed in a total of two weeks. The standing long jump and the 800 meter run were the first tests of this week.

The standing long jump was relatively easy and everyone passed it with ease. After a small break, the next 800 meters was a headache for many people.

Shi Man was no exception. The small face scrunched up into a ball, she thought, after running this 800 meters she was afraid to lose half her life. She looked sideways at Lin Xian, who was standing calmly, poked her and asked, “Are you a fast runner?”

Lin Xian blinked her big eyes, smiled to reveal white teeth, and answered her somewhat cheekily, “It’s okay, but I suspect that I should be faster than you.”

The beautiful peach blossom eyes of Shi Man narrowed slightly and gave her a glare, deceitful! She moved her arms and legs, but knew better than to admit, “Then I’ll run after you, if I keep up with you, I should be able to pass.”

Lin Xian hesitated, frankly advising her, “I may run faster and you may have a harder time following me at the back. It’s best to go at your own pace, then follow the big group and don’t fall too far behind, and you’ll probably be fine overall.”

Shi Man took a look at Lin Xian’s small body in suspicion, the disbelief in her eyes showed undoubtedly… so powerful?

Lin Xian saw her doubt, hooked the corner of her lips, and confidently said, “You will know later.”

Five minutes later, the 800-meter test began. Shi Man, Lin Xian, and a group of ten other classmates started running at the same time. With the command of “start”, Lin Xian rushed out like an arrow released from the string without hesitation.

After one lap, Shi Man was already panting and out of breath. She was distracted by looking at Lin Xian, who was half a lap ahead of all her classmates and was already sprinting to the finish line, and finally believed that Lin Xian’s words were true….

Her legs are installed with a motor, right?

When the time came for Shi Man to reach the end of the line, her half dead body almost fell to the ground, and Lin Xian, who had slightly calmed down her panting, was able to come over to support Shi Man and even mock her.

She did not let Shi Man sit down, but pulled Shi Man and continued to drag her heavy legs slowly along the playground, while walking with her and ridiculed her, “You are too weak, you should exercise more often.”

Shi Man’s strength to walk was gone, but still defiantly refuted her sporadically, “You… you just…. run…. faster than the average person…. a little faster… Zhijin…. Zhijin also runs very fast…. you… you compare to her and say again….”

Last school year, Xia Zhijin represented the School of Finance and Economics in the 800-meter sports event. She took second place, and Shi Man complimented her, but it was not an exaggerated boast. However, just now, the physical education teacher also sent an invitation to Lin Xian, hoping that Lin Xian could represent the freshmen in the school sports event. Who ran faster between her and Xia Zhijin, is in fact difficult to say. It’s just that Shi Man doesn’t know about it yet.

Lin Xian smiled and did not bother with her, instead, she glanced sideways at Shi Man, who had a proud face when talking about Xia Zhijin, and the corner of her lips rose in an arc that deepened. Yo, it is after the National Day, reconciled?

When the two of them had rested and started ping pong practice, Lin Xian was ridiculed by Shi Man for hitting the ball everywhere, and boasted about how good Xia Zhijin’s ball skills were. When eight out of ten sentences were about Xia Zhijin, Lin Xian finally couldn’t help but pry, “You and Senior sister made up?”

Shi Man served a ball carelessly and asked Lin Xian, “When did we not get along?”

Because Lin Xian was distracted, once again, she watched the ping pong ball lightly touched on the table and then bounced up, with a beautiful arc, flew past her eyes, and the outstretched paddle fell short…

As she ran away to pick up the ball, she muttered in her heart, how dare she pull her every day to eat together, leave school together, and not say a word to Xia Zhijin who was sitting next to her? What she saw was a lie? Cut, tough mouth!

She once again awkwardly served the ball, the bright eyes turned for a moment, calculated in her mind, and changed her words, asking Shi Man, “What did you do for National Day? Have you been traveling?”

Shi Man easily backhanded back to the ball, casually answered, “Zhi Jin and I went back home together to see her grandmother and sister, where I stayed for four days.” Speaking of this, she was obviously in a better mood, her charming and bright face softened and glowed, “Zhijin took me over to the fields on her bike, watching the wind blow the wheat fields, and took me to the mountains to overlook the sleeping village. Zhijin’s hands are particularly skillful, she casually picked off the dogstail grass on the side of the mountain road and could weave it into a lively little grasshopper….”

Lin Xian didn’t get the ball again, simply put the racket directly on the table, gave up struggling, and listened carefully to Shi Man.

This sis-con, again, ah. But she also caught another point, puzzling asked Shi Man, “You still have a hometown, are you not a local?”

Shi Man paused for a moment, looked deeply at Lin Xian, suddenly smiled lightly, and invited Lin Xian, “Let’s go sit next to the side for a while and take a break.” After saying that, she went straight to a corner where no one occupied the bench.

Lin Xian did not have any doubts, picked up the ball and also grabbed the racket, and followed.

The two of them sat leisurely on the bench and Shi Man rubbed the handle of the racket back and forth with both hands. After rubbing it for a short while, she finally looked at Lin Xian sideways and said, “Lin Xian, although we haven’t known each other for a long time, I trust you and know that you’re not the kind of person who likes to spread rumors around with a big mouth, so I’ll be straight with you.”

Lin Xian looked back at her and reflexively said, “En?”

Shi Man withdrew her eyes, lowered her head to look at the red ping pong paddle in front of her, and lightly began to tell the story, “Zhijin is really not my sister, but for a while, I really did treat her as my sister and called her my sister.”

She said, “Did you know that there is a reality show called Metamorphosis?”

Lin Xian nodded, there was a time in her early years, her parents liked watching and teased her while watching. If you are so disobedient, shouldn’t you also go to a poor family to experience life before you know how to be grateful and cherish the life you have now? Lin Xian always disregarded and hummed twice and ignored her parents.

Shi Man continued, “It’s kind of similar to what that show did, right? Before I was 12 years old, I was very rebellious and did not like to study, and shortly after I entered junior high school, I was ordered to drop out of school because I was pulling gangs and leading senior classmates in inter-school fights.”

Lin Xian has always been a good student. Since her childhood, she has been ordered by her parents and teachers to stay away from such things as the past from the mouth of Shi Man, which adults feel are bad students. She couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded, the current Shi Man, really, she can’t tell at all.

Shi Man smiled lightly, not caring about Lin Xian’s surprise, “I do not have a father and I don’t know who the father is.” When she said this, her tone was calm, as if she no longer cared at all. “My maternal grandfather’s family is quite rich, right? My mother inherited my grandfather’s family fortune, and her work always seems to be very busy. So I follow the nanny all year round and I may have seen her a few times during the New Year holidays. In the beginning, I was young and timid and the nanny abused me and threatened me because my mom didn’t come back often enough to know what was going on at home, but I didn’t dare say anything. Later, I grew up a bit and went to an advanced grade school, because my pocket money was a lot, I quickly made a group of friends in the upper grades and junior high school who were alcoholic and started to get tough. The nanny couldn’t control me anymore, so she complained to my mom that I was learning to be bad outside, and my mom actually believed the nanny instead of me, and the more I thought about it, the more angry I got, so I really gave her a bad look. Anyway, apart from giving me money, she doesn’t care about me and can’t control me anymore. “

“After being withdrawn from school, she and I were finally able to meet every day, and she began to try to discipline me personally, but it didn’t work. Instead, she quarreled every day and was angry with me, and it was as if she only began to really know that I had grown to the point where she was completely unable to discipline me.” Perhaps because of the flashbacks to those unpleasant years, Shi Man’s beautiful and delicate face was covered with a layer of gloom Lin Xian had not seen on her face before. “So, I don’t know who’s advice she listened to, tricked me into the most remote and poor mountainous area in our city, and threw me to a family that she gave money for me to live there for two months.”

“Zhijin, is the daughter of that family.” She raised her eyes, looked at Lin Xian, and faintly spilled the truth.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but open her eyes wide and froze for a moment in disbelief.

Xia Zhijin’s surrounding temperament and style, even the way she was dressed, oh, and driving a BMW to and from school with Shi Man! It’s not like being born in a poor family. Xia Zhijin is now the office manager in the student council, the student council people are speculating that Xia Zhijin may be a low-key rich young lady…

Shi Man’s eyes became distant, as if in the memory of seeing the past time again, “house is particularly difficult, but the whole family is very simple and reasonable. After I arrived at her home, they took the best things in the house to receive me, although, at that time, I could not see it at all, and could not accept it. Zhijin’s father died when she was seven years old. There is an elderly grandmother above the family and a younger sister who is five years younger than Zhijin. The family relies only on her mother to work all year round to earn money to support them. When I first arrived at her house, I upset her house and vented all the grievances against my mother on them, but they did not hold any grudges at all. They have always been as gentle and tolerant towards me as ever. Once I called my mother to ask her to pick me up to go back to no avail. After gambling to walk home on my own, I fell on the rugged mountain road and rolled into a deep ditch. Zhijin jumped regardless of danger. She came down, pushed me up, and then waited for rescue in the pit. Do you think she’s stupid? She was not afraid that I, a bad child, would just walk away and leave her in the pit there. The first time I saw her cry was when I threw the bamboo basket that she and her grandmother had stayed up all night to make into a fire in the earthen stove. From the first time I saw her, she had always been exceptionally calm and collected, no matter how much I tossed her around and made a fuss, she acted like nothing was wrong. Until that time, she squatted by the stove, crying so sadly, choking on the ground breathless, but silent, I realized that she didn’t really care. Her sister said that those bamboo baskets would have been sold so that she could buy medicine for her grandmother. For the first time, I felt as if I had done something wrong.”

As if in self-ridicule, Shi Man gently laughed, “I really didn’t know that being rich was already considered good and happy.”

“Later, that night they began to stay up knitting again, I slept, but in the end, it was difficult to rest inside, and finally got up and reluctantly kicked their bamboo strips, asking them ‘Hey, how do you knit this’. From then on, I began to slowly integrate into their family and fell in love with the simple but tender life in their home. Zhijin told me, I envy you, your life is your own. Don’t waste it because of anger. I remembered her words.”

Lin Xian chewed on these words, imagining Xia Zhijin’s state of mind when she said these words, and suddenly also felt some sadness. Shi Man’s life was her own, she envied it, so, isn’t Xia Zhijin’s life, her own? What is the fate she set for herself?

“Then I went home, but I kept in touch with her. When I left, I made a pact with her to study hard and, later, to go to the same high school, where we would meet again. I asked my mother to finance the tuition and living expenses of Zhijin and her sister, using my serious study and good performance as a bargaining chip. However, later, two years after our reunion in our senior year, Zhijin’s mother died of kidney failure. At that time, I said to Zhijin, from then on, my family is your family, my mother is your mother. After she went to college, I asked my mother to invite Zhijin to live in our house because my mother was not at home all the time and I lived alone in a big empty house.”

“I always claimed Zhijin as my sister because I didn’t want Zhijin to live under the name of a so-called poor student, although she never hid anything when someone asked about her family history. But I just don’t want everyone to think of her life experience the first time they know Zhijin and cast a pitying glance at her before praising her as a golden phoenix from a ravine. She is such a proud person, she does not need the pity of others. I hope that when everyone sees her, they will know, they will remember, only, how excellent Xia Zhijin is, how powerful, how outstanding, how worthy she is of others’ admiration.”

Lin Xian’s heart could no longer be described as shock.

When Shi Man said this, her look was so serious and firm. Every time she mentioned Xia Zhijin’s name, her eyes, as if there was starlight in them twinkled so bright and so gentle. Lin Xian found for the first time that the girl in front of her was not as petulant and arrogant as she had always thought, but that she also had such a down-to-earth and reliable side.

She was silent for a few seconds before she said emotionally, “Manman, you must like her a lot.” She thought that only those who really like a person and treat the other person as a close friend, will they be so compassionate and considerate for the other person and consider the other person in this way.

Shi  Man’s bright eyebrows were filled with tenderness. The curvature of her lips, slowly deepen, and gave low long sigh, “Yes…. I like her very much….”

She suddenly raised her eyes, leaned close to Lin Xian’s ear, whispered with a smile to Lin Xia, and said, “I tell you a secret that no one knows.”

Her voice was soft, with a little bit of a seductive affection, “I like her a lot, but not the kind of friends and sisters, but the kind of lovers.”

Lin Xian reflexively nodded gently, so, I know ah….

Half a second later, she looked back.

Eh? Not right! Wait!

Lin Xian’s brain instantly shut down for a moment. Shi Man had just! Just! Said it! She just said it! What?!

What do you mean it’s like a lover!!


The author has something to say:
Hahaha, the token of love came together later, Lin Xian joked wishfully. So far, Xiao Yuqing has only liked Lin Xian as the younger generation who got along.

Thank you Steven for supporting this novel!!

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  1. I kinda felt that Xian would need to see another lesbian first before understanding her feelings, thx to Manman I think we’re really close to her knowing what her recent emotions towards Yuqing are.

    Hahaha I fucking knew it bro, I smelled that shit from a mile away Shi Man really is a gold master kind of haha, she just kinda gave me that feeling you know, and I knew it was something along the lines of them taking the sister in, it’s understandable she fell for her now I just wonder if their relationship will work out, you know how poor people are, very inclined to poor people things like having tons of children and being ignorant, I feel the grandmother may start going bonkers and sister girl herself won’t understand it.

    Maybe? Hopefully though cuz Shi Man seems to depend on her sister a lot.

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