Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 28 – Resentment

“So how the did you die?” Wu Ke’er became a little impatient. She didn’t like to listen to people talk all the time without a focus.

Zhang Hua lifted her head and looked seriously at Lin Siyi, “Can you choose to cross me over?”

“Of course you can!”

The moment Lin Siyi saw Zhang Hua, she had a feeling of having no place to go after stepping into iron shoes and it took no effort to get here1.

It is certainly more convenient to be with a familiar ghost than a stranger.

Lin Chuliu felt a little hasty, “You have resentment in your heart, what is it?”

Only ghosts without resentment can enter the Clean Soul Temple and all they have to do is to overcome the resentment in their heart.

Not knowing whether the words stimulated the other side, Zhang Hua’s face instantly became distorted, and Lin Siyi reflexively retreated behind the female lead.

The voice became miserable, “I’m not willing, I’m not willing to die like this. I still have a lot of things to do, I can’t just die like this!”

Nan Xueqing look constant, “If you are trying to come back from the dead, we can’t do that.”

Zhang Hua’s eyes fell on Nan Xueqing’s body, then glanced at Lin Siyi behind her and froze, “You guys, when did your relationship become so close?”

“Does this have anything to do with you?” The voice was faint, but very soft, so that people did not feel any discomfort.

Zhang Hua lowered her eyes, with a trace of sadness.

Lin Siyi poked her head out from behind the female lead, “You still haven’t said how you actually died?”

Zhang Hua shook her head, “Actually, I’m not sure. I remember that at that time, I came to the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard and saw a white high-heeled shoe, and then… a very good-looking girl appeared and asked me to pick it up for her, and I just… picked it up, and then…um”

Zhang Hua suddenly covered her head in pain, “I…. I… then I died…. why… why did I die…”

Lin Siyi and the female lead stared at each other.

Wu Ke’er grabbed the keyword white high heels and immediately said, “Could this be the legless ghost you met before?”

She looked at Lin Siyi, saw the other party nodded, and she finalized, “In that case it would be very easy to do!”

“Didn’t Qiao Zheng say that that ghost would also be yours to cross in the future? Now that it’s such a coincidence that both things have come together, won’t it be a lot easier for us!” Wu Ke’er said very cheerfully.

Lin Chuliu gave her a look, “Do not think things are too simple.”

Wu Ke’er pouted and muttered, “It’s not that simple.”

Sitting on the stairs and leaning disheveledly against the corner, Zhang Hua suddenly got up, and only then did the crowd notice that there were no legs under her skirt!

“Are you saying that the person who killed me is a ghost?”

Zhang Hua was surprised.

“The girl you saw, did she have a thick twist braid on her chest?” Lin Siyi asked.

Zhang Hua nodded.

“That’s right, you may not have noticed at the time, under her skirt um…. just like you right now, had no legs.”

Lin Siyi looked under Zhang Hua’s skirt hesitantly.

Zhang Hua but full of disbelief, “Impossible. It is impossible for ghosts to kill people in the school, or else the Soul Crossing Courtyard will sense it and quickly bring their souls in, and then the instructors in charge will send someone specifically to collect them.”

“Maybe it’s an exception.” Lin Chuliu thought of this aspect when he heard that there were ghosts wandering outside.

“Exception?” Zhang Hua’s face suddenly became odd, “Do you guys not want to find the murderer for me, so you specially made up a ghost out so you can fool me!”

At the end of the sentence, she almost hissed at Lin Siyi, “Don’t think I don’t know that you have to cross the ghost if you want to get the credits, don’t think I’m easy to bully!”

In Lin Siyi’s impression, Zhang Hua belonged to the weak and timid type who didn’t dare to speak loudly and was the easiest to bully in school bullying.

At this moment, to see the other party hissing and venting out, she did not know whether to feel relieved or miserable for her.

Wu Ke’er seemed to be frightened by this scene. One second she was normal, the next she was as frantic and quietly grabbed the corner of Lin Chuliu’s coat.

The air was quiet for a few seconds.

Zhang Hua once again collapsed on the steps, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to be like this. It’s just… I’ve been repressing it for too long.”

“It’s okay, we understand.” Lin Siyi immediately said.

Lin Chuliu glanced at the time, “It’s almost time.”

Only then did Lin Siyi remember that Qiao Zheng had only given them half an hour.

She hesitantly looked at Zhang Hua in front of her, not knowing what to do, “This….”

Nan Xueqing took a step forward, “Zhang Hua.”

She called out, the other party looked up at her, “Since you chose Lin Siyi to cross you over, you should trust her.”

She knew that Nan Xueqing was the number one in the Healing Department, and her popularity was the best and considered the most benevolent in the class.

Zhang Hua thought, even if she couldn’t fully trust Lin Siyi, then what about Nan Xueqing?

She could always go and trust her.


As time passed, Wu Ke’er looked at Lin Siyi who was still standing next to her, “Why aren’t you going to mark her?”

“Ah, okay.”

Lin Siyi just remembered that when it was determined that a ghost was going to be crossed, it has to be marked, so that others could cross the marked ghost.

Lin Siyi’s mind recalled the contents of the book. Her heart was a bit apprehensive, if the mark was wrong, wouldn’t it be a shame?

The light blue light flashed on the palm of her hand, Lin Siyi looked very natural and relaxed on the surface, but in fact, she held her breath in her heart, afraid that she could not mobilize the hot energy in her dantian.

Zhang Hua closed her eyes, and the blue light ran directly into her forehead, then disappeared, leaving a blue tear-like mark.

Lin Siyi’s mind received Zhang Hua’s will to cross and resentment determined: must know who killed her, even if it is a ghost, she also want to know who it is.

Lin Siyi can clearly perceive this resentment wandering in the depths of her heart.

“We will try our best, whether it’s a human or a ghost, we will give you a satisfactory answer.”

Hearing the other party’s voice of assurance, Zhang Hua nodded.

As she was prepared to leave, Lin Siyi suddenly remembered something and turned her head to ask, “Did you go back to the dormitory after you died?”

Zhang Hua’s expression was a bit complicated, “Yes, it was me you saw when you returned the money that day.”

Lin Siyi sighed with relief, “Actually, I was a bit confused when you gave me the money, so I didn’t think of returning it to you. When you came to my dormitory at that time, I think it was to get your money back, it scared me.”

“What? To your dormitory?” Zhang Hua was puzzled.

Lin Siyi thought she did not say it clearly, “Just after you were killed, did you not go to my dorm? When I was in the shower, so I was frightened to hear footsteps but could not see anyone.”

“But I did not go to your dorm. Ah, at that time, I only went back to my own dorm, then you came over, and then… I went to the Soul Crossing Courtyard.”

Lin Siyi was confused, “You…you didn’t come looking for me?”

Zhang Hua shook his head, “No.”



Chen Xing tightly tugged on the quilt, covering her ears, and finally could not stand it anymore, jumped out of bed and kicked the ground a few times hard, “Is there no end, every night knocking. What the hel! Let people sleep!”

The sound disappeared.

Chen Xing thought that the people downstairs had finally received her anger and lay back in bed with peace of mind.

However, within a quarter of an hour, the sound of knocking sounded again.

Chen Xing, who was going crazy, grabbed her headphones and put the music to the max and covered herself with the quilt.

As soon as they left the Soul Crossing Courtyard, Lin Siyi immediately dispersed the magic essence concentrated in her eyes, then opened her eyes, and for a few seconds the darkness made her feet a little unsteady.

It’s a good thing that a hand behind her held her up.

The faint scent of jasmine instantly cleared up a lot.

“Is everything okay?” A flash of worry passed through Nan Xueqing’s eyes.

Lin Siyi shook her head, “It’s fine, it should be a bit too much physical exertion today.”

Then she asked, “How do we find the legless ghost?”

Lin Chuliu pondered, “Without the mark of a Soul Crossing Master yet able to appear in the academy to do evil and not be admitted to the Soul Crossing Courtyard in time, there should be something about this ghost that masks her presence.”

Wu Ke’er, “What you said makes perfect sense. Why don’t we go and ask Teacher Xun tomorrow? She is specifically in charge of the Soul Crossing Courtyard, so she must know something about the legless ghost.”

Lin Si nodded, then looked around and wondered, “Where did teacher Qiao go?”

Nan Xueqing looked not far away under the dark corner of the wall, a cloud of smoke came out one after another.

Lin Siyi looked along and shouted, “Teacher Qiao, we are out, do you have anything else to explain?”

Qiao Zheng was shocked by the sound of the voice, smoked the cigarette, then immediately stood up, “Oh, then go back to sleep. Finish this task for the next three weeks,” and said a gesture of inhaling, “I’ll go first, you guys make yourselves comfortable.”

Lin Siyi looked to the crowd and said, “So…. we go too?”

Wu Ke’er nodded, “He gave us three weeks which is still plenty of time. These days we are out at night, why don’t we spend a day tomorrow to fall back on the time difference?”

Lin Siyi was the first to agree, but was opposed by Lin Chuliu, “Not three weeks for you to find the ghost, but to cross over. How do you know she won’t have other demands after we find the truth about her death for her?”

It seems to be quite reasonable when he said that.

Lin Siyi, “Then why don’t we meet tomorrow at one in the afternoon?”

Lin Chuliu was a little hesitant, he didn’t like to waste time.

Nan Xueqing said, “See you tomorrow afternoon, let’s go.”

The other side did not give the other side time to react and left, with Lin Siyi immediately following.

Wu Ke’er secretly touched Lin Chu Liu’s hand, the other party immediately turned back to look at her, instantly a bit vulnerable, “Shall we go too?”

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi who was following her with a tangled face.

“Thinking about the ‘footsteps’?”

Lin Siyi nodded, “I always thought it was Zhang Hua before, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now that I know it’s not her, I have a creepy feeling.”

“Do you think my room have other ghosts in it?”

Nan Xueqing, “Whether it does or not, it has nothing to do with you anymore.”

That’s right. She doesn’t live there anymore and now with the female lead around, who can harm her?

However, that roommate of hers… It shouldn’t be a problem…..

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