For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 24 – Similar to love

After living together for almost a month, Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian finally had a calm and normal weekend without problems. Although it was a weekend, Xiao Yuqing did not sleep in. In the past month, her biological clock had gradually adjusted with Lin Xian’s routine, and she could wake up early without the need for an alarm clock.

She got up, prepared breakfast as usual, put it in the pot to keep it warm, then took a book and half leaned on the balcony chair to read, with the fresh morning breeze and the warm sunrise, and quietly waited for Lin Xian to wake up.

Lin Xian usually needs to get up early every day due to morning study, which was also very difficult, and Xiao Yuqing was very understanding. It was hard to get through high school, which was probably the most hardworking and desperate time for many people in the first half of their lives, so it is understandable to relax a little now. She wanted to let Lin Xian have a comfortable sleep, but not too late, breakfast still has to be eaten. Her bottom line, was nine o’clock.

Fortunately, Xiao Yuqing did not have to wait to wake up Lin Xian with difficulty. Lin Xian woke up at 8:30.

She turned her head habitually to look at the alarm clock on the bedside table, ah, it was half-past eight. Then, there was a joy in her heart, Aunt Xiao was so gentle! She did not come to pull her out of bed! If it was at home, even on weekends, Zhou Qin would not stop waking her up. At 7:30 she will definitely pull her up. The principle was that the plan of the day is to get up in the morning and teenagers should not waste the morning light. Even Lin Zhan’s pleading for his daughter was not enough to get her to relent, and he was always disliked for giving Lin Xian a look of self-sacrifice. Although Lin Xian was unwilling, she could not twist her arm, so she had to give in.

Aunt Xiao is simply a little angel!

With such an excited thought of gratitude, Lin Xian washed up before she left her room to look for Xiao Yuqing.

She followed her usual habit and searched all the way from Xiao Yuqing’s bedroom to the kitchen and the living room, and finally, she found the familiar figure on the balcony. Under the warm golden sun, her smile seemed more gorgeous than the morning light, “You’re up, good morning.”

Lin Xian arched her eyebrows and said back to her, “Aunt Xiao, good morning.”

Xiao Yuqing closed her book, stood up, smiled, and walked into the house, “Are you hungry? Shall we have breakfast?”

Lin Xian was surprised for a moment and asked offhandedly, “Aunt Xiao, you haven’t eaten yet either?”

Xiao Yuqing opened the rice cooker, took a spoon to serve the porridge, and naturally smiled at her, “What are you talking about? Of course I want to wait for you to eat together.”

Lin Xian was suddenly a little embarrassed.

She didn’t know when Xiao Yuqing got up, how long she had waited for her, and if she was hungry. She secretly made a note in her heart that it was better to get up earlier tomorrow.

After eating breakfast, Xiao Yuqing had to go to her study to work. She gave Lin Xian great freedom, informing her that she could watch TV and surf the Internet at will. There was even a prepared video game console in the TV cabinet to play. She said, “You just have to know what you want and be able to organize your time. Relax properly and combine work and rest.”

Lin Xian became more and more certain that Aunt Xiao must be a little angel sent from heaven to save her, a poor person who had been oppressed by Zhou Qin for years!

But the study habits that had been developed by Zhou Qin over the years still made Lin Xian unable to play at ease until she had completed some of her homework first. She couldn’t watch TV, nor could she play on her computer at ease, and finally went back to her room, sat down at her desk, took out her textbook and notebook, and seriously prepped to review the various subjects of her major.

However, as she did so, her mind was always wandering.

Obviously, they had just met, but she still couldn’t help thinking about Xiao Yuqing. She remembered the last time she was in her study, she was amazed when she saw a serious working Xiao Yuqing. By Xiao Yuqing’s side, the passage of time seems to be exceptionally peaceful and long, making people feel at ease and calm.

Lin Xian could not settle down, and finally, with a grit of her teeth, she hugged a stack of books and ran out of the bedroom.

She gently knocked on the study door, and after getting Xiao Yuqing’s attention, she poked her little head in and asked her slightly coyly, “Aunt Xiao, I… can I come in and study right next to you?”

Xiao Yuqing was writing something, stopped the action of the pen in her hand, looked at her, her eyebrows were gentle, nodded with a smile, and said, “Of course you can, as long as you don’t mind the sound of my mouse and keyboard affecting you.”

Lin Xian then ran in with a spring, sat down on the position where she sat last time, tilted her head, and looked at Xiao Yuqing cheekily. “No no, Aunt Xiao if you don’t mind me disturbing your work.”

Xiao Yuqing raised her hand and casually snapped on the pen’s cap. With the pen, she smiled and gently nudged the tip on Lin Xian’s nose, “Fool….” Her tone was clearly doting, and Lin Xian listened, her heart softened and she was delighted.

At dinner in the evening, Xiao Yuqing suddenly asked Lin Xian, if she would be afraid if she was home alone.

Only then did Lin Xian know that every Saturday night, Xiao Yuqing would go to dinner with Wen Tong and go to the gym together after the meal. During these two weeks it was because of Lin Xian’s arrival that she had purposely stayed at home without going to the engagement. However, Wen Tong was a bit dissatisfied with her repeatedly missing appointments. If they can’t eat together, they can still do exercises, right? Xiao Yuqing may have to handle it this week.

The word “handle” was the original word of Xiao Yuqing. When she said it, there were some helplessness and doting on Xiao Yuqing’s face. That tone, was the kind that was used for those who were very familiar to her.

Lin Xian bit her lip and suddenly asked Xiao Yuqing, “Can I go with you?” Naturally, she was not afraid of being home alone. Since she had grown older, when she was at home, there were times when Zhou Qin and Lin Zhan were busy and came back late at night.

However, she suddenly wanted to meet and see this “Wen Tong” who had repeatedly been mentioned by Xiao Yuqing, and wanted to know what kind of person she was and how she could become Xiao Yuqing’s best friend and the person she mentioned to others in such an intimate and familiar tone.

Xiao Yuqing first froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “Of course you can. I had thought about taking you along, but I was worried that you weren’t interested in fitness and I was afraid of taking up your rare time of rest.”

Lin Xian hooked her lips and said with a sudden realization, “I am particularly interested in this. I was just wondering earlier how you maintain such a good figure, Aunt Xiao. It turns out that you have been working out seriously all along.”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t hear her flattering words, but the softness in her eyes could not help but deepen, but she verbally scolded her, “There’s nothing you can do with this mouth…”

Lin Xian smiled showing a mouthful of small white teeth, with extreme sincerity, “What people say is the truth!”

So, after dinner, Xiao Yuqing drove the car and took Lin Xian to the gym with her. She and Wen Tong had arranged to meet at the gym.

As soon as she arrived at the gym, Lin Xian saw the female receptionist at the door greeting Xiao Yuqing extremely naturally, “Haven’t seen you for a long time, you haven’t been here for the past two weeks, it seems.” She didn’t even let Xiao Yuqing swipe her card and allowed her to go in, just a little curious about this little friend behind her, Lin Xian.

Xiao Yuqing smiled lightly and replied extremely kindly, “Recently, I’ve been busy playing with this little friend and not thinking about it. I brought her here today to have some fun, and if she likes it, I’ll get her a card.”

The other party did not object and very politely let them in, and reminded that there were new classes in the evening, so they could try them out. Xiao Yuqing nodded her head and said thank you, and answered okay.

There was also a treadmill at Lin Xian’s home, and on weekdays, Lin Zhan and Zhou Qin would run when they had time, but Lin Xian thought the indoor air was not as good as the outdoor air, and preferred to go out and jog along the road, so she did not try the machine. As for the other equipment, she has only seen it on TV. When she came to the gym for the first time, she was like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, looking at everything with novelty. Xiao Yuqing took Lin Xian inside to look for Wen Tong, while thoughtfully introducing Lin Xian to the various machines she could see. When she came across a free machine that interested Lin Xian, she would encourage her to go up and try it out.

Lin Xian listened to her encouragement, also had some willingness to try, along the way, tried several. Until, when trying an equipment that Xiao Yuqing said was used to exercise the back muscles, Wen Tong came looking.

Lin Xian’s back was turned to Wen Tong, only to hear a clear and cold, with a few points of a low magnetic female voice, complaining behind her, “I waited for you inside for half a day. You seem well, having fun here by yourself.”

She did not react at first, thinking it was someone else chatting. Then, however, she heard the usual warm and pleasant voice of Xiao Yuqing answering the other party’s question, and replied with a rare sappy tone, “Isn’t this me walking inside to look for you?”

Lin Xian instantly reacted, hastily dropped the arms of the equipment, and her whole body jumped up, trying to turn around to see Wen Tong.

Xiao Yuqing noticed her movement and immediately reminded her with some concern, “Slow down, don’t twist.”

Lin Xian turned around and stood still, raised her eyes to look in front of her, and saw a tall woman with a high ponytail and wearing a dark sweatshirt, standing one step away from her in a beautiful manner. The woman was very beautiful, the opposite of Xiao Yuqing, with an aggressive kind of beauty. She has a pair of very heroic eyebrows, a pair of bright amber-like brown eyes, a high upright nose, thin pursed lips, and profound and sharp features, making people feel stunned and memorable at first glance. And, it seems to carry some, an exotic style?

Lin Xian thought, the expression in her eyes was so indifferent, imposing, and a little intimidating…

At the same time as Lin Xian was sizing her up, Wen Tong was also sizing up Lin Xian.

Xiao Yuqing stood in the middle of the two and curled her lips to introduce them to each other, “Xian Xian, this is your mother’s senior sister, my old classmate and good friend Wen Tong. Wen Tong, this is Lin Xian.”

Lin Xian, as a junior, very sensibly opened her mouth to greet first, sweetly saying, “Hello Aunt Wen, I am Lin Xian….” However, just as the words fell, Lin Xian received a very obvious eye slash from Wen Tong, her body was a cold, and she hastily looked at Xiao Yuqing for help.

Xiao Yuqing gently laughed out loud and teased Wen Tong, “You scared her, what are you doing? Is it because you don’t want to be old? What’s wrong with Xian Xian calling you aunt? If you have the ability to call Sister Zhou Qin an aunt, you will have to be the same generation as Xian Xian.”

Wen Tong looked at Xiao Yuqing and her sharp eyebrows were strangely gentle. For a long time, she sighed and spoke to Lin Xian as if she was resigned to her fate, “I am your Aunt Wen…”

Xiao Yuqing laughed happily and openly on the side.

Lin Xian could not help but think somewhat sourly, Xiao Yuqing just met Wen Tong, and seemed to be smiling much happier and relaxed than other times.

Fortunately, this Aunt Wen Tong looks a bit fierce and powerful, afterwards, when accompanied by Xiao Yuqing to teach her to be familiar with various fitness equipment, was also quite gentle and patient.

The three people strolled around while gossiping, and finally started real exercise on each of the three treadmills side by side.

She didn’t know that after a long time, from not far away, came an abrupt cell phone ringing: “Recently, I and you have the same mood. That is something similar to love. Finding love is approaching on the same day. It’s not love…”

Elva Hsiao’s “Similar to love”, Lin Xian could not help but silently sing along in her heart, next to her Xiao Yuqing suddenly reached out, dropped, and turned off the treadmill. The whole thing stopped abruptly.

Seeing this, Wen Tong also slowed down the speed of her treadmill and gradually stopped.

Lin Xian looked puzzled and was about to turn off her treadmill and stop as well, when Wen Tong handed Xiao Yuqing a towel and gestured faintly to Lin Xian with a side glance, “It’s okay, you continue.” Lin Xian then had to withdraw her hand and continued running with her feet, but her mind was quietly tied to the two people on the side.

She heard Wen Tong be silent for a while before asking Xiao Yuqing in a low voice, “Are you still waiting?”

The air was silent for a long time before Xiao Yuqing’s voice rang out, as if there were a few laughs, more like self-mockery, “No, I’m not stupid. I’ve never believed and I’ve never waited.”

Wen Tong looked at Xiao Yuqing with a complicated expression, wanting to ask her, then did you forget? However, after a long time, she exhaled and still said truthfully to her, “I heard that he might have a second child and the family has always wanted another boy1.”

Lin Xian couldn’t understand what riddles they were playing, but only vaguely guessed that this person, who might have an extremely deep relationship with Xiao Yuqing, was very likely to be… related to Xiao Yuqing’s past feelings?

Xiao Yuqing’s back was turned to her, Lin Xian could not see her expression, and only heard her voice faint, soft, but a sullen silence that she had never heard before, like a murmur, “Is that so? That’s good too.”

When she saw that, Wen Tong’s face became a little worse, her heroic and sharp eyebrows tightly wrinkled, a look of wanting to say something but stopping.

Lin Xian’s heart, suddenly also followed, wrinkled up. She gazed at Xiao Yuqing’s silent and frail back, her feet gradually became weak, and suddenly, she couldn’t run anymore, nor did she want to run…

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1 Remember., when spoken “he” can be “she” and vice versa. So the question still remains: Is Xiao Yuqing gay? We shall never know.

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  1. That scene at the end… (clutches chest)……. my heart wrinkled up too… what a place for this 10 chapter rush to end, lol.

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