For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 21 – Boobs are great!

When she saw Lin Xian again in the afternoon, Shi Man felt that her deskmate had come back to life. The morning she had was a sad look, but after a lunch break, she came back twenty minutes before class and was suddenly smiling brightly again.

When the class has not yet started, Shi Man asked her with gossip, “Where did you go at noon?” Lin Xian’s body, seems to carry a smell of bruising medicine?

Lin Xian did not hide and told her frankly, “I went to see Aunt Xiao, she took me to the hospital to see the doctor and then I went to her office to rest for a while.”

This time, Shi Man finally had a little conscience as a friend, withdrew her smile, her delicate face carried obvious concern, and with some nervousness asked her, “See a doctor? So the fall was very serious this morning? What did the doctor say?”

After Lin Xian was smoothed out by Xiao Yuqing, she had long since disregarded the others’ morning neglect. She smiled and reassured her, “It’s okay. It’s my aunt who made a fuss, just rub a little bit of medicine and you’ll be fine.”

Only then was Shi Man a little relieved. Her charming eyes were slightly closed and she hesitated for a moment before taking out a packet of traditional chinese medicine from her bag and handed it to Lin Xian, “I told Zhijin at noon that you had a fall, and this is what Zhijin asked me to give it to you.”

Lin Xian slightly raised her eyebrows, obviously looking very surprised.

When Shi Man was a little unhappy, her red lips were slightly pursed, and her peach blossom eyes revealed a bit of dissatisfaction, “Surprised, aren’t you? I also do not know why she is so gentle and considerate!”

She don’t know if it was an illusion, but Lin Xian felt that when Shi Man said the words “gentle and considerate”, it was as if she had gritted her teeth.

Seeing the young beauty’s face inexplicably unhappy, Lin Xian did not dare to probe deeper. She took it with both hands as if she was blessed, and smiled coquettishly, “Help me thank your sister.”

Shi Man “hmm hmm” twice. Just two seconds after handing it over, she suddenly reached out again and took back the medicine from Lin Xian’s hand, and said in a dainty manner, “You have medicine anyway, you don’t need this anymore, you can give it back to me.”

Lin Xian looked dumbfounded, froze for a moment to react, immediately poked Shi Man’s shoulder, raised her eyebrows and questioned with a smile, “What do you mean? How can you give something to someone and then take it back? O…. I get it! You didn’t intend to give it to me in the first place, did you? Then when you heard that I was seeing a doctor, you thought about it and gave it to me, and now you regret it?” She actually did not need this medicine, but thought it was Xia Zhijin’s good intention, she couldn’t let her down, so she accepted it. Now, when Shi Man refused to give it to her, she became excited and had to snatch it back from Shi Man’s hand.

She leaned forward and reached out to snatch the medicine from Shi Man’s hand, but Shi Man was prepared and gently tilted backwards to avoid it. However, when she dodged, her whole body was pressed by Lin Xian, unable to move.

They were sitting in the fifth row, close to the start of class. Although it was a large class with four classes together, the preparatory bell had already rung, and the new students were disciplined, so the classroom was already somewhat quiet. The class’s gaze, involuntarily focused on them.

Sitting in the same row a little bit towards the inside, Chen Zhi, who usually eats together in and out of class, could not help but open her mouth and joked, “Aiyo, in full view of the public, Lin Xiao Xian, are you trying to make the overlord bow1?”

Lin Xian smiled at her words and casually responded to her, “Screw you.” After that, she continued to smile and asked Shi Man, “Will you give it to me?”

Suddenly, her peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, her red lips hooked, raised her hand, and shoved the medicine through the collar of her t-shirt and into her heaving chest. Her voice, smiling, also with some provocative charm, “Come and get it…”

Lin Xian: “….”

Onlookers: “….”

Boobs are great!

Waiting for them to make trouble again, the class bell suddenly rang at the same time, and the female teacher stepped into the classroom with a thermos cup in her hand. Lin Xian had to let go of Shi Man, straighten up, sat down, prepared for class.

Halfway through the lesson, Lin Xian still couldn’t help but open and turn to a blank page in her notebook, wrote a few words and handed them to Shi Man: Why don’t you want to give it to me?

There was no end to it, but she knew Shi Man could read it.

However, Shi Man took the notebook she handed over, the tip of the pen was gently placed on it, but, for a long time, she did not answer her pen.

Lin Xian looked at her suspiciously several times, but couldn’t wait for her answer, so she went to class first.

After a long time, the notebook was finally handed back. Lin Xian took it and looked down, only to see a few words neatly and simply written under the question. The handwriting was beautiful and elegant, but the tone, however, was openly domineering: because, she is only allowed to be good to me.

Lin Xian uttered a “wow” in her heart, and immediately furiously wrote: Even your sister can’t be so domineering, right?

This time it came back to her quickly: I am so domineering, what’s wrong with that. My sister, of course, can only be good to me! Mine! It’s all mine!

In the last few words, the handwriting vaguely seemed to have a tendency to penetrate the paper, you could tell that the person who wrote the pen, was exerting force.

Lin Xian involuntarily raised her eyes and quietly looked at Shi Man, biting her lip, her heart secretly slandered: could it be that this is the legendary, cis-con?

She laughed, fortunately not to argue with her, and agreed with her: “Good, good, yours, all yours.” Poor senior sister, it seems, she may not be pressed at home….

Shi Man is very satisfied with this promise, greatly waved her pen: “My heart is very pleased, hereby give Xiao Linzi, after class, go out with me to pay respects.”

Lin Xian: “….” can I refuse?

She never thought that she should refuse, this is a pit….

However, when the time to go to the bathroom, Shi Man, unexpectedly revealed another little-known side of her, causing Lin Xian to be shocked ten thousand times.

Their classroom for this afternoon’s lesson is on the top floor of the teaching building–the conference room on the sixth floor. Each floor of the college is divided into building a and building b. There are classrooms on both sides and toilets, except for the sixth floor. On the sixth floor, there are classrooms only in building a. The side of building b is a locked rooftop, and, on the sixth floor, there is not a single toilet. So, they could only go down to the fifth floor to go to the toilet.

After class, Lin Xian and Shi Man walked all the way from the far left, through the corridor, to the stairway, and then to the toilet on the far right corner of the fifth floor. All the way there, they were talking and laughing.

Until…. they stepped down the last step of the sixth floor steps and reached the fifth floor, passing through the corridor and turning towards the corner….

Lin Xian saw the exquisite side lines of Shi Man’s face, in an instant, turned from a soft smile to a taut, stern look of anger. And then, before Lin Xian could react, Shi Man had rushed to the front with the speed of lightning, reached out and grabbed something, fiercely throwing it, stomped on her feet, and jumped like thunder. Her always charming voice became a bit shrill and harsh as it suddenly rose in anger, “Who are you? What are you doing? Who gave you permission to send things around? Do toads want to eat swan meat?!”

Lin Xian was stunned by the sudden change and froze for a moment in dismay before she reacted and went after her. Only now did she see clearly that in the previous corner stood Xia Zhijin and a handsome boy.

At this moment, the boy’s handsome face, red to the root of his ears, his expression was extremely ugly. He had already summoned his courage before he dared to confess to Xia Zhijin and hand out his love letter. At this moment, being scolded at such inexplicable anger by Shi Man, his face suddenly turned red with shame and annoyance. He did not even dare to look at Xia Zhijin and Shi Man glance again, and only said a quietly as a mosquito, “I’m sorry…” and ran downstairs in panic.

Shi Man glanced at the direction the boy’s departure, lowered her eyes, and a cold light flashed across the bottom of her eyes. She slowly bent down and picked up the love letter she stomped on at the bottom of her feet, and coldly laughed a sarcastic laugh, “So little guts, and dare to chase people. What era is this, still handing out love letters, ah…” After that, she pinched one of each end of the envelope with both hands, applying a gentle force in the opposite direction, and the paper instantly split into two halves.

Xia Zhijin watched everything happen, her brows were slightly raised on her cold face. She stared at Shi Man, and reprimanded Shi Man in a low voice with hidden dissatisfaction, “Man Man!”

When Shi Man raised her eyes and looked at Xia Zhijin, her expression was a cold and intense that Xia Zhijin had never seen before. However, the next second, the corners of Shi Man’s lips hooked up to a delicate smile as usual, the tone of her voice lightly interrogated Xia Zhijin, “Are you moved? Or, heartbroken?” Her two hands were slowly moving again, then the movement became faster and faster, and soon, a letter turned into fragmented pieces that could no longer be pieced together.

Xia Zhijin just stood and confronted with Shi Man, her eyebrows tightly twisted, her voice getting lower and lower, no longer the warmth and clarity Lin Xian heard the first time, “Shi Man, you are going too far.”

“Ah…” Shi Man was not moved, sneering out. She looked at the scraps in her hand, wrinkled her eyebrows, and suddenly twisted them ruthlessly into a ball. Then, she heavily slammed them into the garbage can with an ear-splitting “Peng” sound. Afterwards, she turned around and ran away with a thud. When passing by, Lin Xian seemed to see that Shi Man’s eyes were red. She had lowered her head, and seemed to observe the concrete floor where Shi Man had run, there was a small dot of wet dark mark, soon, it disappeared….

Lin Xian stood behind them, witnessed a whole incident, for a time she was at a loss for words. She wanted to go after Shi Man, but couldn’t help but look at Xia Zhijin two more times. Caught off guard, she locked eyes with Xia Zhijin’s.

Xia Zhijin appeared to be calm, but in her eyes there was a difficult look that Lin Xian could not understand. She walked towards Lin Xian, the moment she staggered, she greeted her indifferently, “Going to the toilet? There is no one inside, go in quickly, class will start soon.”

Lin Xian instantly returned to her senses, how could she care about going to the toilet, she turned around and ran towards the classroom. As she ran, she couldn’t help but think back to everything that had just happened, and pondered, what happened? Why did she always feel that something is wrong? Why was Shi Man angry? Why was she crying? Did Xia Zhijin get angry?

When she entered the classroom, she saw that Shi Man was lying on her desk, her head buried in her arms, not moving. The surrounding students, all look bewildered and helplessly turned to Lin Xian.

Lin Xian sat back in her seat, hesitated for a moment, reached out her hand, wrapped her arms around Shi Man, and gently patted her shoulder. In her ear, she warmly reassured her, “Man Man, even if one day your sister falls in love and has a boyfriend, she is still your sister and will still love you very much and treat you well. Your position in her heart, no one can replace it. You don’t have to worry.”

She thought that it might be that Shi Man was afraid that her sister would get a boyfriend and feel sad and upset. Just like, just like, when she thinks about it now, one day Aunt Xiao will have a boyfriend and no longer be able to go home with her after work. She will also feel inexplicably sad.

However, in this world, apart from lovers, where does anyone have the right to ask another person to always belong to them and always pay attention to them only? She thought, Shi Man is really a child who has not grown up yet.

But Shi Man suddenly raised her head, her beautiful peach blossom eyes filled with tears, with a crying voice, a low roar retorted, “She is not my sister, who wants her to be my sister. It used to be, but not now, and never will be in the future!”

Lin Xian was once again confused.

Sister, one moment is, one moment is not?

For the first time, she felt that her IQ was extremely low. Probably, this is a young girl’s angry words, right?

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The author has something to say:
Lin Xian didn’t know that, in fact, she was also a child, and even a lover could not do that.

1 “Trying to make the overlord bow” think of it as trying to take advantage of the person but sexually

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  1. Dw, Lin Xian, I’m also trying to piece together Shi Man and Xia Zhijin’s history and I, too, feel like my IQ is extremely low.

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  2. So yeah Shi Man clearly likes this girl … Mhmhmh maybe she confessed before but that girl said no cuz she isn’t into girls so Shi Man said something like “let’s be sisters then so we can always be together” it something?

    Idk author again it depends on the person some lovers really will drop everything for their significant other and it can be a good or bad thing but it’s certainly not something just children do or think.

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