For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 20 – Are you so gentle and so good to everyone?

Xiao Yuqing arrived very early. Not long after the fourth class, Lin Xian received a text message from her and saw that she said, “I’m at the east gate of your school, does it still hurt?

The beautiful scenery of Jinagnan University, also known as one of the most beautiful universities in the country, is famous and attracts numerous visitors. Because of the fear that the huge number of visitors will affect the normal study life of the students on campus and take up too much of the students’ resources, the school is gated during the day, only a certain number of visitors are allowed to enter the school each day, and no one else is allowed to enter easily. No one is allowed to enter or leave the school until 6pm. Therefore, without Lin Xian, a student in the school, Xiao Yuqing could not enter the school.

Right now, Lin Xian was sitting in the first row right under the teacher’s nose. She was still a new student and did not dare to take out her cell phone in front of the teacher and carefully replied to the text message. She could only lower her head and hastily reply to Xiao Yuqing in the desk, “Okay.”

For the rest of the day, Lin Xian was on pins and needles, chanting in her heart, “How come time is passing so slowly, why is class not over yet?

She calculated the time and guessed that Xiao Yuqing had come quickly, probably because she had just received her text message and left shortly after. She suddenly felt a little guilty in her heart. In fact, she was not in so much pain anymore, but she made Xiao Yuqing take time out of her busy schedule to make a special trip over, causing her trouble.

Lin Xian began to feel regretful again, how could she be so pretentious just now.

While listening to the lesson, Shi Man took the time to look at her deskmate twice, and thought, very interesting. The expressions changing rapidly, was quite rich.

As soon as the bell rang, the teacher at the podium said that class was over, Lin Xian was the first to pick up her book bag and throw down a sentence “I have something to do at noon and I won’t eat together” to her lunch friends and ran away in a flash.

The school is very large, from the public school building to the east gate, jogging takes three or four minutes. Lin Xian jogged all the way to the stairs similar to the place where she fell in the morning, and couldn’t help slowing down her pace. She had a bit of a psychological shadow, but couldn’t hold back her eagerness to see Xiao Yuqing, so she sped up a bit.

She originally thought that Xiao Yuqing’s car would be parked in a temporary parking space by the roadside opposite the campus and that the person should be waiting for her there. However, as soon as she approached the school gate, she saw the slender woman with a gentle face standing at the entrance, waiting for her. As soon as she saw her, she showed a gentle smile, then, gaze down, and slightly gathered her smile, looking worried.

Lin Xian trotted up once again, ran out of the campus, and crashed head first into Xiao Yuqing’s warm and soft arms. Her hands tightly wrapped around her slender waist.

She tone sounded soft and charming, touched, “Aunt Xiao, you are so kind.”

Xiao Yuqing looked down at the top of the girl’s dark hair, her eyes softened, and gently stroked the girl’s fine soft hair, “You just fell this morning, why are you still running around so restlessly. Does it still hurt?”

Lin Xian rubbed against Xiao Yuqing, raised her head, looked at Xiao Yuqing, and said in a soft voice, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. When I see Aunt Xiao, nothing hurts anymore.”

“You’re the only one who can talk.” Xiao Yuqing’s words were obviously doting. She reached out to help Lin Xian carry her school bag, but Lin Xian refused to give it to her. Xiao Yuqing had to take her hand instead and said warmly, “Come on, let’s go eat first. After eating I’ll take you to see the doctor and take a picture for reassurance.”

Lin Xian gently held Xiao Yuqing’s hand back and the smile on her lips deepened. This is the first time that she had taken the initiative to hold her hand. Aunt Xiao’s hand is so soft.

“No need to go to the doctor, it’s okay. In fact, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.”

But Xiao Yuqing was unusually insistent, “I’m not assured if I don’t take a look. Lin Xian, don’t let me worry, okay?” Speaking, her eyebrows slightly knitted, her eyes are full of worry, and Lin Xian suddenly could not bear to refuse.

She didn’t want to let Xiao Yuqing worry, but she also do not want to see her frown.

Fortunately, after visiting the emergency room and taking pictures the doctor said there was nothing serious and prescribed some medicines for falls and let them go back. Xiao Yuqing was finally relieved and her tone of voice was much lighter. When she returned to the car, she poked Lin Xian’s tender face and admonished her, “Next time, don’t be so careless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little late. It’s okay if your name is remembered more than once and the teacher gets upset and asks to contact your parents. I won’t say anything about you.”

Lin Xian’s slithery eyes turned and asked slyly, “What if I was asked to contact my parents for something else?”

Xiao Yuqing helped Lin Xian fasten her seatbelt, pondered slightly, and mused, “That depends on what kind of other things.”

Lin Xian stared at the beautiful face close at hand and asked out of the blue, “What if it’s because of a relationship?”

Xiao Yuqing smiled and turned her head in surprise to look at Lin Xian, hesitating for a long time before sitting upright and somewhat cautiously asking her for confirmation, “Is…. Is there someone you like?” She did not tell Lin Xian, in fact, after going to college, teachers no longer will be like high school and control the students’ emotional life, unless… something very…. no, Lin Xian will not.

How long has it been since school started? Did they get attached during the military exercises? This is too fast, right? How come she hadn’t heard Lin Xian mention it at all before? She is not an old-fashioned person, as long as it does not interfere with studies and normal life, she is not opposed to falling in love in college, but, but…. it feels, too fast, right?

Xiao Yuqing’s heart actually collapsed.

Fortunately, Lin Xian just “pfft”, laughing out loud. Her eyebrows and eyes narrowed after the prank was successful, “Hahahaha, Aunt Xiao are you nervous? I lied to you…”

Xiao Yuqing carefully looked at Lin Xian twice and saw that she did not seem to be faking before she quietly let out a sigh of relief. She started the car and slowly drove out of the hospital gate, measured her tone, and said to Lin Xian as gently as possible, “Xian Xian, I’m not opposed to relationships in college, as long as it does not affect your studies, not do something out of bounds, and can help each other progress. But, but, it is still a little too early, I…. I stand from the perspective of personal selfishness, but I still hope you can consider this matter a little bit later.” Although as long as it does not affect the study it is good, but to actually talk about the love, the mind, will still be divided. Moreover, the most important thing is that the world is still shallow. If you meet the right person, it’s fine, but if you meet someone wrong…. for girls, it is easier to suffer.

Xiao Yuqing felt that the risk was still too great. But when the child is old, it’s a big thing if you say it’s not allowed or it’s not going to work. She hopes that Lin Xian will be able to think things through on her own and know how to weigh the priorities. She also believed that Lin Xian could do it.

Sure enough, Lin Xian smiled and nodded, and assured her, “I know. Aunt Xiao, don’t worry, I won’t.” After saying that, she blinked and said with some embarrassment, “I… I seem to like the more mature ones. I think the boys at this age, are so childish…”

Xiao Yuqing froze for a moment, then suddenly as if she thought of something, her tone became abruptly a little nervous, and blurted out a warning, “The teacher who is much older than you is even more unacceptable….”

Lin Xian was confused for a moment: “….”

A second later, hahahaha, echoed in the small space of the car.

“Aunt Xiao, what are you thinking about?”

Xiao Yuqing reacted to the fact that she was the one who was thinking out of the box and was immediately a little embarrassed. The girl trusted her and exchanged with her the inner heart of a young girl, and she messed it all up thinking about something. She was embarrassed to look at Lin Xian and admitted her mistake in shame and embarrassment, “I was the one who thought too much.” And then, she pretended to pay attention to the road, no longer looking at Lin Xian, but her cheeks slowly covered the pretty red clouds at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Blame her for blindly reading some messy novels when she was young. Her thoughts were very impure just now, she reflected.

Xiao Yuqing drove the car straight to her office, and in the astonished eyes of her colleagues, she took Lin Xian, who was somewhat baffled, into her editor-in-chief’s office calmly.

Her officewas quite large, but the furnishings were very simple, plus the gray and white cold tone of the décor looked a bit cold and refreshing. So as soon as people entered, they felt a cool energy roaming up their backs. It gave Lin Xian a very different feeling from that of Xiao Yuqing’s home.

Lin Xian sat down on the sofa while Xiao Yuqing got her a glass of water from the water dispenser and handed it to Lin Xian and took the initiative to explain to Lin Xian, “It’s the first time they’re seeing me bring someone other than Wen Tong to the office, so they’re a little surprised. Don’t be offended.”

Lin Xian took a small sip of water. It wasn’t the first time she heard the name “Wen Tong”. She seemed to be one of her grandfather’s students, so she should have seen her before, but she had no recollection of it. She was puzzled and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Is Aunt Wen a good friend of yours, Aunt Xiao?”

Xiao Yuqing didn’t feel much about being called aunt herself, but once she heard Lin Xian call Wen Tong Aunt Wen, it was a little hard to adapt. She imagined the scene of Wen Tong coldly listening to Lin Xian calling her Aunt Wen and then lifting her eyes and freezing Lin Xian to death with her gaze. She couldn’t help but laugh a little at this scene. She looked at her eyes, smiling, “En, my best friend.”

Lin Xian inexplicably felt a “thump” in her heart. Aunt Xiao must like this Aunt Wen very much, when she mentions her there is a very gentle light in her eyes.

As Lin Xian was lost in thought, Xiao Yuqing suddenly sat down beside her, picked up the medicine prescribed by the doctor, and said to her in a warm voice, “Lie down, I’ll apply the medicine to you.”

Lin Xian was slightly embarrassed and excused herself, “It’s okay, I’ll do it myself.” This…. this also involves taking off a bit of pants.

Xiao Yuqing’s face was the same gentle light smile as usual, she patted the sofa twice, but her tone was somewhat unquestionable, “Xian Xian, lie down.”

Lin Xian glanced at Xiao Yuqing in surprise, and was shocked to see that Xiao Yuqing, who was a little bit more aggressive, actually…. had a different kind of beauty. She unconsciously surrendered to the beauty, took off a little bit of her clothes, and thought that it was indeed difficult to administer the medicine on her own back. So, she respectfully and slowly plopped down on the sofa, turned her head to Xiao Yuqing and shyly thanked her, “Then I’ll trouble Aunt Xiao, thank you.”

Xiao Yuqing gently lifted her shirt, peeled Lin Xian’s pants down a little, and said with a faint smile, “Why are you suddenly polite again?” The skin of the young girl’s waist to the femur was fine and delicate, glistening like jade, but at the moment, at the tail of the vertebrae near the femur, there was a hideous greenish-purple color, like a blemish on a beautiful jade that made people sigh.

Xiao Yuqing’s brow was slightly knitted, feeling a little distressed. She opened the medicinal fluid and a pungent smell spread out in the office. She poured some medicinal fluid on the cotton wool, her voice was a little low and soft, reminding Lin Xian, “After rubbing the medicinal fluid, I have to rub it in for you, the force may be a little heavy and a little painful.”

Lin Xian held back her shyness and reassured her, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Thus, Lin Xian felt that there was a cool liquid that touched her skin and flowed down slowly. Then, it was the fingertips with a little warmth, soft and delicate palm, gently touching her skin, softly overlapping, followed by, however, a dull and ferocious pain. Lin Xian’s body could not help but tremble gently.

Xiao Yuqing sensed it and moved with a slight delay, her voice was tense with concern, “Does it hurt?”

Lin Xian bit her lips, smiled soothingly at Xiao Yuqing and said, “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

Xiao Yuqing didn’t believe her and her hand movements became more and more restrained. Lin Xian thought, Aunt Xiao is really too gentle. Gradually, she only felt Xiao Yuqing’s pressing movements, one after another, a little painful and a little comfortable. The cold sensation receded, leaving only a warm, hot burning sensation.

Finally, Xiao Yuqing tore a medicine patch, gently put it on for her, and once again admonished her heartily, “Next time, don’t be so careless.”

Lin Xian nodded obediently, smiling and revealing her white teeth, and jokingly exaggerated, “Next time I see the stairs, I definitely will not run, I will fly!”

Xiao Yuqing managed to be amused by her again, gently poking her bruises covered by the medicine patch, and said with good humor, “It seems that you still haven’t fallen enough to suffer.”

Lin Xian immediately cooperated with her movements and wailed pitifully, “It hurts…”

Since Xiao Yuqing poked her without using any force since, she knew that Lin Xian was pretending to be pitiful, but her heart was still soft after all. She stopped touching there and moved gently to help her pull her clothes down and pants back up. Then, she stood up, walked to the opposite side, opened a door of the office, looked at Lin Xian, and said, “There is a folding bed inside, go in and take a nap. You will have energy in class in the afternoon.”

Lin Xian curiously approached, looking inside. Sure enough, there was something else inside, with a narrow folding bed and a thin quilt. She hesitated for a moment and asked Xiao Yuqing, “What about you?”

Xiao Yuqing pointed to her desk, on it were many scattered documents spread out. She said with a serene face, “I have to deal with these documents and I’m in a hurry this afternoon.”

Lin Xian pursed her lips, closed the door, and said, “Then I’ll accompany you.”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows grew softer, the smile at the corners of her lips deepened, and she helplessly said, “What silly words are you saying.” She stretched out her hand and once again, took the initiative to take Lin Xian’s hand, pulled her, opened the door, pushed Lin Xian, and sat down on the small bed.

Lin Xian kept staring closely at the hands that were clasped together. In her heart, she wondered in a daze if she was, in fact, a little closer to Xiao Yuqing.

Until she sat on the folding bed, Lin Xian raised her head to stared at the smiling face close at hand, unable to restrain the turbulence in her heart and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, are you so gentle and so good to everyone?”

Xiao Yuqing seemed to be a little surprised and looked mildly stunned. After that, Lin Xian saw that her eyebrows were slightly raised and a smile rippled out of her watery eyes.

A clear and pleasant voice rang in her ears, and it was Xiao Yuqing who asked her rhetorically, “Do I look idle?”

She bent down and Lin Xian could clearly see a small, silly version of herself reflected in Xiao Yuqing’s clear ink-like starry eyes.

And then, she received a light touch on her nose.

Xiao Yuqing gently scratched her nose and scolded at her softly, “Fool…”

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Translator: Instead of “fool” for “傻瓜” it can also mean “simpleton”. You know what else stands for “simpleton”? Simp… She is a simp. (Which is not accurate for her, don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to pull a terrible joke.)

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  1. Me, reading your TL notes: Simp… she is a simp… ah, yes, you know what, I can definitely see the undertones of that. The author truly is farsighted to anticipate such a translation, lol.

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    1. In the chapter previously, I thought that Xiao Yuqing was the simp and was going to say that at the bottom of the chapter but I felt that someone might try to fight me because it’s a derogatory term. BUT THEN THIS CHAPTER HAPPEN AND I COULDN’T MYSELF.

  2. I think it’s this Wen Tong that’s a side couple that also has a lot of hardships.

    Mhmhmh Yuqing thinking someone would try to interfer if someone was …. Gay I guess? Did people bother her? And yes it’s bothering when random people try and push their ideals into you, doesn’t matter if they have “good intentions” please keep to yourself.

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