For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 19 – I’ll never be with you again…

When they arrived home, the sky suddenly drizzled with light rain, the car windows were drenched with rain, and the rapidly receding scenery outside the window quickly blurred together.

Lin Xian turned her head and asked Xiao Yuqing nervously, “Is there a spare umbrella in the car?”

Xiao Yuqing turned on the wipers and replied in a warm voice, “Yes, don’t worry.”

Lin Xian then relaxed her eyebrows and said reassuringly, “That’s good, your stomach is just getting better, you shouldn’t get wet again.”

Xiao Yuqing’s hand on the steering wheel gave a pause, glanced sideways at Lin Xian, her eyes gentle, silently hooked the corners of her lips, and smiled lightly.

After parking the car, Lin Xian got out of the car carrying a big bag in one hand and Xiao Yuqing grabbed the umbrella and took a step behind her. She reached out to help Lin Xian carry a little, but Lin Xian quickly avoided it and quickly ran away. She justified, “I agreed to take care of you when you are not feeling well.”

Xiao Yuqing measured the bag, fortunately there were not many things, it was not too heavy and shouldn’t make her too tired. She was forced to slack off, and with both hands empty, she quickly followed Lin Xian.

When she got out of the parking garage, she saw that the sky was gray and drizzling, and the road was already wet.

Xiao Yuqing opened the umbrella and approached Lin Xian, saying in a warm voice, “Come in a little, don’t get wet.”

Lin Xian complied and obediently stuck close to Xiao Yuqing. The umbrella seemed to be very big, and her whole body was enveloped under the umbrella and her shoulders did not wet at all. But after walking a few steps, Lin Xian realized that something was wrong.

She quietly raised her eyes towards Xiao Yuqing’s side to see that, indeed, most of her shoulder were wet. The entire umbrella practically tilted over to her side, and Xiao Yuqing, half of her body, was exposed to the rain.

Lin Xian looked at the building not far away, her dark eyes sank, and suddenly opened her long legs, carrying two bags, running out of Xiao Yuqing’s umbrella, and into the drizzling rain.

Her voice was a clear and bright voice typical of a young girl, with some cheerful happiness, “Aunt Xiao, quickly see if there is wind under my feet….”

Xiao Yuqing gave an astonished “eh”, reflexively followed Lin Xian’s moving figure and stretched her hand to keep her under the umbrella. In the end, she failed to keep up, only to see her running away as fast as the wind, into the rain, into the building, and then, standing there, waving towards her with a bright face, shouting to her, “Aunt Xiao, it’s so cool and comfortable…”

Xiao Yuqing laughed, in the end she was still a child. Really too naughty!

But then, her smile was full of doting. Young people are lively and are considered youthful.

Still, it’s very cute.

When she was riding in the elevator, Lin Xian suddenly remembered what she had been thinking about this morning–asking Xiao Yuqing to accompany her to watch that thriller movie. Xiao Yuqing’s scalp tingled a bit, but thinking that it’s always a good idea to keep one’s word, she still agreed with a stiff face, “Wait for dinner and a shower, okay?”

Lin Xian nodded vigorously, “Okay, okay, then we’ll have dinner early tonight.” She was excited, “It just so happens that it’s raining again and the atmosphere is there. It’s really a great day.”

Xiao Yuqing quietly rubbed her forehead. Her mood was a bit complicated.

The dinner was still cooked by Lin Xian single-handedly. Obviously it was only the second time she cooked, but Lin Xian’s posture and movements already had the appearance of a veteran, and the food she cooked had also improved greatly from noon. Xiao Yuqing sincerely praised her for her talent without mincing words.

Lin Xian was not modest either and agreed with her with a little smugness, “I have always felt this way and my mother did not agree with me. She always wanted me to follow her to learn a little kitchen skills, but I was always reluctant. I told her, when I grow up I will naturally know, there is no hurry. Cooking is not a matter of knowing how to cook, but a matter of willingness.”

Xiao Yuqing thought about it and had a few doubts, “But there are people who really can’t learn, right?”

Lin Xian, like a young adult who has been through a thousand sails, suddenly lamented, “It’s not about making something like a five-star chef, there is nothing you really can’t learn, just don’t worry.” She used the chopsticks to give Xiao Yuqing a piece of chopsticks of green vegetables and added, “I think even if you can cook, if you are not willing to do it, it will be full of complaints and it will not be very delicious. If you can’t cook, if one day you meet a person for whom you will willingly wash your hands and make soup for him, even when you don’t have the craft, with the heart you can slowly become proficient. In the end, it’s just a matter of willingness to learn and willingness to do it.”

Xiao Yuqing was silent for a moment, ate a mouthful of food, smiled slightly, and sighed, “I couldn’t see that at your young age, you already have a lot of life feelings.”

Lin Xian proudly raised her eyebrows and said, “You say I’m right?”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyes dimmed and only after a long time did she gently respond to her, “You’re right.”

Once upon a time, she was also a kitchen idiot who didn’t touch the water and she was lazy when her mother wanted to teach her, but later, she was also able to willingly cultivate a hundred proficiencies because of a smile and a compliment from the other person….

If only all things in life could be like learning how to cook, it would be good to have results when you put your mind to it.

Unfortunately, Lin Xian eventually did not get to watch the movie as she had hoped. Because, once again, the power went out! Thankfully, this time, they had all finished eating and showering.

Lin Xian hatefully set out the candles they had just bought today and said unhappily, “I just want to watch a movie, why is it so hard?”

Xiao Yuqing turned on the lighter, lit the candle, and secretly let out a sigh of relief. She tried her best to hide her true emotions, not daring to reveal the slightest bit of joy, and deliberately lowered her tone to comfort Lin Xian, “It’s okay, there will be another chance next time.”

Lin Xian raised her eyes to look at Xiao Yuqing by the light, wondering if she was overly sensitive, why did she feel that Aunt Xiao was a bit happy! She suspiciously looked at Xiao Yuqing two more times. In the end, Xiao Yanqing was not good at lying and disguising herself, but under Lin Xian’s gaze, she finally could not hide anymore. She couldn’t help but hook the corners of her lips and her pleasant laughter couldn’t be concealed and spilled out. Her eyebrows and eyes were full of joy.

Lin Xian: ????

Ah, Aunt Xiao is very happy! Schadenfreude! This bad woman!

Lin Xian took a big step forward and pounced on Xiao Yuqing on the sofa. Xiao Yuqing was defenseless and let out a soft cry of “ah” before she was pinned under Lin Xian. Her hair was messily spread on her gentle and beautiful face. Lin Xian was still somewhat considerate, afraid that her eyes would be uncomfortable with her hair, so she helped to gently lift her thin frontal hair, before leaning down and questioning Xiao Yuqing with a wicked smile, “Aunt Xiao, what are you laughing at?”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her with her bright eyes like a river of autumn water, with a rare hint of mischievous smile in her eyes. She blinked and decided to deny it, “I’m not laughing, where did I laugh.”

Lin Xian’s smile deepened at the corner of her mouth and her tone rose, “You didn’t laugh, did you?” She gazed at Xiao Yuqing with her eyes, but one hand suddenly reached down and poked lightly on her slender waist.

Xiao Yuqing was very ticklish and couldn’t stand it any longer, so she laughed out loud with a charming “hahaha” voice. She swayed her body with great intensity, trying to escape from Lin Xian’s clutches.

“Did you laugh? Are you laughing?” Lin Xian was infected by Xiao Yuqing, her words were also full of laughter, and her hands tickled Xiao Yuqing’s ticklish flesh more and more.

While Xiao Yuqing felt like she was about to pass out from laughing, she didn’t know when her hands had climbed onto Lin Xian’s flexible waist. She couldn’t control her laughter to the extent that only her soft airy voice remained, while she weakly pushed her away and petulantly begged Lin Xian, “Don’t… Xian Xian…. Don’t…. I can’t take it anymore… stop…”

When Lin Xian heard this, she inexplicably felt her body soften, and her hands stopped moving in the end. She raised her hand and gently swept away the scattered hair that covered Xiao Yuqing’s bright eyes, wanting to ask her if she was still laughing at her. However, in the next moment, when she met her wet watery eyes, she lost all her words.

Xiao Yuqing, she is so…. beautiful like this….

Xiao Yuq was panting softly and hurriedly, her face with an unnatural flush because of the laughter, was now staring at the culprit with shame and annoyance, but it was not at all lethal. Instead, with anger and charm, it tantalized the heartstrings. Her voice was still a little hoarse, with a rare childish annoyance, “Lin Xian, I’ll never be with you again….”

Lin Xian slightly froze. This time, it was her turn and she couldn’t stop laughing out loud.

She laughed and plopped down on Xiao Yuqing’s chest, stifling a laugh, “Aunt Xiao, how old are you…”

Xiao Yuqing, still angry, raised her hand and “pa pa pa” Lin Xian’s buttocks a few times.

Lin Xian only laughed even louder.

The next day, Lin Xian got her comeuppance after bullying Xiao Yuqing at night.

When she went to school in the morning, she waited a bit too long for the bus, so when Lin Xian just entered the school, she heard the preparatory bell for the morning reading already ringing in the distance. She was in a bit of a hurry, afraid that she would be late for her first day of class and have her name taken down by the disciplinary committee supervisor at the entrance of the college, leaving a bad impression on the teacher. So, she was a little anxious on her feet.

After the typhoon, the fallen leaves were all over the ground, and it had rained all night last night, the steps were wet and a mess. Lin Xian walked in a hurry, not paying attention, when going down the steps, her feet slipped “dun dun dun”, sliding down four or five steps.

The few male students around, who looked like senior students walking leisurely, had been secretly looking at Lin Xian, with their eyes following her. However, they did not have time to finish lamenting the good looks of this freshman, when they saw this pretty young girl, wind-like, sliding down, looking dumbfounded. Only after a long time did they reacted and rushed up to ask her, “Student, are you okay? Are you okay?”

Lin Xian’s face instantly turned red, not from pain, but from embarrassment! She couldn’t think too much about it, she couldn’t wait to cover her face, she stood up in a hurry and didn’t even bother to pat her pants saying “I’m fine” in a low voice and ran away.

Seeing that there was no one else running around, Lin Xian slowly slowed down her steps and secretly touched the place where the lumbar vertebrae reached the butt.

Ah, it hurts so much!

So embarrassing, fortunately, there was no one I knew…. I want to die, so embarrassing…

In the end, she still rushed to the college on the morning reading bell. But when she entered the entrance of the college and ran up to the third floor to enter the classroom, the class bell had already rung the end. Entering the classroom, she still received the attention of the whole class.

As soon as she entered, she saw the first row of seats in the innermost part of the room, and Shi Man gave her a wave to greet her. It was obvious that the seats for the morning reading were arranged by school number and Shi Man and her school number were linked together.

She walked up to Shi Man, and just after she took her seat, Shi Man teased her, “You’re late on the first day, are you trying to give the teacher a hard time?”

Lin Xian, with one hand still pressed on her waist, unkindly replied, “You are so big. I’m in pain, let me tell you….,” she aggressively stated how she fell to Shi Man.

She didn’t expect that her heartless deskmate, not only did she not sympathize with her at all, but also kept “hahaha” at her, with a gloating face, the point of concern was actually “The seniors must think that this young school girl must be remarkably strong.”

Telling her, she did not want her to laugh at her, she was begging for comfort and hugs! Lin Xian was very angry and decided to cut off her friendship with Shi Man for three minutes and did not want to talk to her for the time being.

Without begging for comfort, Lin Xian suddenly felt that her butt was getting more and more sore and aggravated. She fished out her cell phone and cried to Yan Yuhuan, “I just fell in full view of the public, four feet from the sky.”

Not a few seconds later, Yan Yuhuan very timely returned her a text message, Lin Xian’s heart was happy, open to see…. her face became black again, this person and her deskmate, are very unconscionable!! She received a string of, hahahahahaha.

Feeling more aggrieved and heartbroken.

The only good thing in the world is her mom, she texted her, “Mom, I fell, it hurts so much….”

The morning reading class passed, the first class passed, and the second class passed….

Her adult mother also ignored her. Not even hahaha.

The big classroom change was in the public teaching building, past the college teaching building, and was far and rough. Lin Xian followed the large group of people all the way for ten minutes and climbed to the sixth floor before reaching the classroom, sitting down her body felt more pain in the waist and butt. She felt wronged, no one cared about her, crying, Lin Xian’s little head was drooping down.

She finally couldn’t hold back and sent a text message to Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, I just fell. I fell on my butt, nothing else is seriously hurt, but it was super painful and humiliating wuwuwu….” She was thinking of Xiao Yuqing’s working hours, trying not to disturb her, but she was really, really disappointed

There are times when a thing may not be a big deal and you don’t really take it to heart, others comfort you and you will be strong enough to tell each other that you’re fine. But when you find that no one actually cares, this thing, instead, began to ferment, so that you are aggrieved, sad, and even nagging.

The message from Xiao Yuqing was just right, smoothing out all the creases in Lin Xian’s heart.

The tone on the text message was anxious, and she sent a series of questions, “Where did you fall? Does it hurt a lot? Did you ask your classmates to take you to the school medical office first? Don’t go to the cafeteria for lunch, I’ll pick you up.”

So Shi Man who saw that her deskmate was just crying instantly smile, it was full of flowers….

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The author has something to say:
Somebody, someone is playing a rascal here!
Lin Xian: You are not allowed to look, such an Aunt Xiao only I can see! Humph╭(╯^╰)╮

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  1. Thank you so much!! Please don’t worry about the translation speed, this is already really fast, thank you ;_; <3

  2. Okay, so I have a couple of guesses. 1. Shi Man and that other girl definitely weren’t sisters, they were dating 2. Xiao Yuqing probably realized that 3. The reason Xiao Yuqing recognized it is because she likes women as well 4. The person she learned cooking for, and the one she wanted approval from was an ex-girlfriend 5. Her relationship with a girl was what caused her big fight with her parents

    1. You and I have the same thoughts. Except for no.1, I don’t think they are dating yet but it feels like they will soon though.
      Edit: Why am I stupid? You know what? I’m wrong. They were holding hands before. Maybe she just wanted her to be jealous?

  3. Ohhh Yuqing has been thinking more about this possible exgirlfriend eh? Why did that person leave her though? Was it really that she couldn’t handle the pressure of her parents hounding her? Maybe even some good old “if you don’t stop fooling around and marry a man I’ll kill myself” blackmail? Or the equally disgusting shaming her and hounding her constantly till her spirit breaks?

    Or maybe she just left her cuz Yuqing was feeling depressed or something who knows, maybe she was just an asshole without a sad reason, we’ll see I guess.

    Lol I get that Xian sometimes you just want people to show they care.

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