For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 18 – She doesn’t want you, I want you

After promising Lin Xian, Xiao Yuqing was finally a little relieved. After breakfast, she left the dishes to Lin Xian to clean up, while she, herself, sat on the small chair where Lin Xian usually sat, smilingly watching Lin Xian’s not-so-skilled movements.

When Lin Xian saw that she had really listened to her words, she became more and more vocal. After cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen, Lin Xian began to boldly urge Xiao Yuqing to go back to her room to rest, and had to see her lie down on the bed, cover up the quilt, and cover her stomach, before she grinned contentedly and showed a mouth full of white teeth, and almost didn’t touch Xiao Yuqing’s head to praise her for being a “good girl”.

Xiao Yuqing indulged in the girl’s attentiveness, and the little pear swirls of happiness kept hanging shallowly on her cheeks.

In fact, she usually does not often have pain because of this and thought maybe it was because of the cold yesterday that she had such an abnormal reaction today. In the past, she did not feel anything, but today, she looked at the slender figure of Lin Xian who was busy for her and suddenly she felt that there was nothing wrong with being sick.

Lin Xian settled down Xiao Yuqing, turned around, went out, and found a packet of brown sugar and a warm baby sticker from the cabinet in her room. It was prepared by Zhou Qin for her.

The poor parent’s heart, Zhou Qin knew her daughter all too well. She seemed to be big-hearted and carefree, but in fact, in some things, she was very thin-skinned. She knew that Xiao Yuqing had no shortage of anything for Lin Xian, but she was worried that if Lin Xian had a stomachache and was too embarrassed to tell Xiao Yuqing, she would suffer from it. So she deliberately bought these things for her to take with her in case she needed them.

When Lin Xian brewed a cup of warm brown sugar water and brought it to Xiao Yuqing’s bedroom, she was leaning against the wall, covering her forehead with one hand, her eyes slightly closed, biting her lips, looking a bit troubled. “What’s wrong, is it painful and uncomfortable?” The young girl seemed to be afraid of disturbing her, even her voice was much softer than usual.

Xiao Yuqing opened her eyes, there was a flash of embarrassment, which Lin Xian could not see clearly. She gently shook her head, reached out and took the brown sugar water that Lin Xian handed her, took a sip, and softly replied to her, “No, I’m much better, don’t worry.”

She was embarrassed to tell Lin Xian, she was an adult, but when she saw her as a child busy for her, she actually pretentiously felt, a little flattered in her heart, which had not been there for many years.

Perhaps, people are ultimately social animals that live in groups, and people who think they are used to being alone and are strong, deep down, they also inevitably have expectations for the kindness and care of others.

She is no exemption.

Lin Xian gently lifted the blanket covering Xiao Yuqing’s belly, picked up the warm baby sticker that had been placed next to the bed, tore the thin paper, put it on Xiao Yuqing’s belly through a layer of clothes, gently patted it, and said, “Warm your belly, I think it’s quite effective. If it’s too uncomfortable, I also have medicine, but I think it’s still not good to take medicine. If it’s not too unbearable, let’s try not to take it.”

When she said this, her tone carried a coaxing tone that she didn’t even notice. For a while, it was like their identities were reversed, she was like an adult and Xiao Yuqing was like the child who needed to be coaxed.

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but smile, her face, which was still slightly pale, also looked much more energetic because of her smiling and radiant eyes. Her long eyelashes fluttered gently as she obediently answered her, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Lin Xian looked at her and was suddenly overjoyed, revealing her cute little tiger teeth, “Aunt Xiao, you’re suddenly so good and obedient…”

Xiao Yuqing’s pair of bright eyes stared at Lin Xian, slightly opening and closing, waves of water flowing in her eyes, looking brightly, her tone curled and moved in a way Lin Xian had never heard before, “Because our Xian Xian, is a very reliable person…”

Lin Xian held the empty cup of brown sugar water handed back to her by Xiao Yuqing with both hands and squeezed it tighter. At that moment, she found that Xiao Yuqing’s pale face and her slightly upturned red lips, actually had a different, amazing, stunning, sickly beauty.

Something seems to have exploded in the heart…. What is it?

And why is it?

Lin Xian didn’t know. It was suddenly so hot. She inexplicably held the cup, not daring to look at Xiao Yuqing again, leaving an “I’ll go wash the cup” and fled.

Xiao Yuqing looked at her departing figure with slight confusion and laid her body down. She put her hands on the warm baby sticker that Lin Xian had placed on her belly, and gradually, sank into chaos and fell asleep….

Lunch was cooked by Lin Xian under the guidance of Xiao Yuqing, apart from the ginger soup, this was Lin Xian’s first time to really cook in the real sense. Simple white rice with a dish of scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Although the results was poor, the taste was not bad. Xiao Yuqing conducted the Clean Plate Campaign so well, Lin Xian was afraid that she would eat too much and get a stomachache, which would make the situation worse.

After the afternoon lunch, the two decided to go to the supermarket together to purchase ingredients for the evening and tomorrow. On weekdays, if Xiao Yuqing had time after work, she would go to the supermarket first to prepare the ingredients for the next day or two. Therefore, there had not been much food in the house and the refrigerator gradually became empty after being trapped at home during the typhoon. In the morning, when Xiao Yuqing was cooking, she was ready to go to the supermarket after breakfast, but she was pressed into bed by Lin Xian. After resting, she repeatedly said that she was fine and was not in pain, so Lin Xian was reassured and decided to go out with her, offering to be her free worker.

The supermarket seemed to be much more crowded than usual. Probably after the typhoon, everyone was eager to come out to replenish the food supplies. Lin Xian didn’t let Xiao Yuqing carry the basket, she carried a small red basket herself and followed by her side. Xiao Yuqing knew what she wanted to do and did not refuse her.

When she passed by the snack and pastry section, she saw a lot of sales people carrying small plates and selling moon cakes and Xiao Yuqing suddenly remembered that in two days, it would be the Mid Autumn Festival.

Usually, she lived alone, and it didn’t make much difference to her whether it was a festival or not. Especially this kind of festival, it is not a holiday, so she seldom remembers. Even the moon cakes distributed by her company, she just let her people take them and share them. But this year is different, Lin Xian came.

Her mind was slightly moved, and inevitably, she had some expectations.

Xiao Yuqing stopped in front of the moon cake area, and when the salesperson saw this, he immediately greeted her. Before the other party could say anything, Xiao Yuqing refused, “I’m just looking around.”

After that, she turned her head and asked Lin Xian, “Do you have a brand you like to eat? What flavors do you like?”

Lin Xian flipped through the pages and said carelessly, “I don’t have a particular favorite, it all tastes pretty much the same. At home, every time at this time my parents will bring moon cakes from their students, boxes of them will be piled up into mountains. The month after the Mid Autumn Festival is my worst month, and guess what?”

Xiao Yuqing subconsciously “En?”

Lin Xian then smiled and said, “My parents themselves do not like to eat them, but they feel that the intentions of others can not be wasted. So a month after the Mid Autumn Festival, every night before I go to bed I drink milk and dessert are moon cakes. I am tired of eating them. Aunt Xiao do you like it? I’ll have my mom send two boxes over, so don’t go out of your way.”

Seeing that Lin Xian really did not want to eat them, Xiao Yuqing gave up her desire to buy them, shook her head and said, “I don’t like them either, so let’s go.”

The salesperson, who had been waiting for a chance to sell, couldn’t help but stare at Lin Xian. Lin Xian noticed it alertly and glared back without showing any weakness, and raised her eyebrows provocatively.

While walking, Xiao Yuqing weighed her tone and tried not to let her hidden expectations come out. She asked Lin Xian, seemingly casual, “The Mid Autumn Festival is also not a holiday, so if you go home after class, will it be a little too late? Will your mother come to pick you up?”

Lin Xian gave an exaggerated “eh?” and then asked Xiao Yuqing with a sad look, “I told my mom that it would take more than an hour to go home after class and another hour to come after dinner. It’s too much trouble, so I won’t go back. Aunt Xiao you are asking me this, are you not willing to take me in and spend the festive season with me?”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyes lit up when she heard Lin Xian say that she was not going home and wanted to spend the holiday with her. She hurriedly explained, “No, I didn’t mean that, I couldn’t be happier. I was just afraid that your mom and dad would miss you.”

Lin Xian sighed and complained, “They don’t want me, my mother heard that she didn’t have to take the trouble of driving back and forth to pick me up, and her tone was so happy that I suspected I might not be her own.”

Xiao Yuqing was amused by her sudden profoundness, she lowered her head, her face gentle, and reached out to gently scratch the bridge of Lin Xian’s nose, comforting her, “She doesn’t want you, I want you1. I’ll cook you a big meal. What do you want to eat, we’ll go get the ingredients here.”

Lin Xian smiled, reached out and wrapped her arms around Xiao Yuqing’s slender arms, rubbed her cheek fiercely on it, and said sweetly, “I knew it, Aunt Xiao, you’re the best.”

Xiao Yuqing’s smile deepened at the corners of her lips and she was just about to touch Lin Xian’s little face when she suddenly felt, unexplainably, as if there was a burning line of sight, locking onto them firmly.

She froze for a moment, raised her eyes, and looked around in some confusion. There were many people around, but everyone was busy picking out what they needed with their heads down, and no one looked towards them.

Xiao Yuqing knitted her eyebrows.

Lin Xian didn’t notice, and after she let go of Xiao Yuqing’s arm, she took her hand and cheerfully stated, “Aunt Xiao, let’s go. Let’s go choose something.”

Xiao Yuqing only said that she was being paranoid. After a moment’s hesitation, she followed Lin Xian’s pace.

Passing by the household goods area, the two finally remembered that there were two things that had to be purchased–candles and rechargeable table lamps!

While picking out various rechargeable table lamps, Lin Xian suddenly heard a young girl’s beautiful voice with some surprise coming not too far away, “Lin Xian!”

Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian, moved in unison, coincidentally followed the source of the voice and turned their bodies to the right.

Not far away, two young girls, one tall and one short, were looking at them fixedly. The taller girl, with a beautiful posture, fair complexion, cool face, and an outstanding temperament. The slightly shorter girl, is the opposite of her, with a pair of stunningly charming peach blossom eyes, her eyebrows and eyes contain playfulness in every corner, and her posture is beautiful, but not vulgar. At this moment, that smiling girl, seeing Lin Xian noticed her, happily jumped three steps and ran to Lin Xian with two.

“What a coincidence, do your family live around here too?” The girl greeted Lin Xian, the tall and cold girl, when she saw her stepping forward, she also followed and stood beside her.

Lin Xian was also a little surprised to see her classmate at first glance. She nodded and smiled as she responded, “Yes what a coincidence, Shi Man. I’m staying at my aunt’s house, it’s not very far from here.” After saying that, she turned her head to look at Xiao Yuqing and introduced with a smile, “It’s this aunt beside me, I mentioned it to you before.”

Xiao Yuqing also then smiled slightly, greeted her, and introduced herself, “Hello, Xiao Yuqing.”

When she heard Lin Xian’s introduction, she froze for a moment before she was surprised and joked, “You’re going too far! I often heard you say aunt before and did not feel anything, but today I see the real person, how do you call this one aunt! This is a sister okay?!” After that, she turned her head and asked Xiao Yuqing with a smile, “Sister Xiao, why don’t you hit her.”

Xiao Yuqing didn’t think so and explained with a smile, “I’m friends with Xian’s mother, so it’s right for her to call me that, besides, I really am old enough to be called aunt.”

Shi Man curled her lips, looked sideways at the tall girl beside her and asked in a delicate voice, “Zhijin, do you think I’m right?”

Xia Zhijin smiled lightly and responded to her with a soft “en” before introducing herself to Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing, “I’m Man Man’s sister, Xia Zhijin.”

Lin Xian immediately said, “Hello, I’ve heard a lot about youfrom Man Man, today I finally met you in person.” She was not exaggerating at all, Shi Man could talk about her sister three times a day, and her sister often drove to pick her up after school. However, Lin Xian only knew that Shi  Man had a sister who was a level above them in the same department as them, but she didn’t know her name.

The four of them stood and talked for a few more minutes, when Shi Man and Xia Zhijin received a phone call halfway, their family members were urging them to come back, so they had no choice but to say goodbye to Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing and go to the checkout first.

Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing watched them go away.

The two girls seemed to be very close to each other, and Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian could see that one of Shi Man’s hands had been clasped tightly to Xia Zhijin, with fingers intertwined. The two of them were talking while walking, and when Shi Man was talking, she looked at Xia Zhijin without thinking. The expression in her demeanor seemed to be pulsating with affection, as if something was about to come out.

Lin Xian felt that the sisters had really good feelings, but as an afterthought, she asked Xiao Yuqing, “How come the sisters’ surnames are not the same at all?”

Xiao Yuqing felt something ringing in her heart and hurriedly interrupted her imagination and replied, “Maybe they are cousins.”

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The author has something to say:
What’s ringing?
Xiao Yuqing: Is this is lily? No, no, I don’t look at people with rotton eyes….The side cp is not sister nor cousin, hehehe, I don’t think you guys can guess (≧▽≦)/

1 How BOLD of you Yuqing.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    With that vibe, Xiao Yuqing is probably right. They’re cousins. The sort of cousins you can find in the Sailor Moon English dub.

    1. I didn’t completely finish the chapter yesterday (as in the author’s comments) but the author said that they are neither sister nor cousins

  2. So that’s our side couple? I’ve only heard that someone’s best friend has a pretty sad relationship here lol but with a HE I think.

    Adopted? Close neighbors? Childhood friends?

    Its nice seeing Yuqing let her guard down and accept being pampered, she really does seem to be have trouble accepting bring babied.

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