For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 17 – In the future, you will not be alone

Later, until the two played from chess to checkers, they did not wait for the light. During the break from playing chess, Lin Xian fumbled around in the TV cabinet and found several famous thriller discs, and was so excited that she invited Xiao Yuqing to watch them together.

She did not remember the source of these discs, looking at the cover of the discs with a horrible red color under the faint candle flame, she felt that she was scared.

Lin Xian did not know that Xiao Yuqing had always been very afraid of gory, paranormal stories. In the early years of her young residential life, at the encouragement of her roommate could not resist the curiosity to watch a little, but every time, without exception, ended with sleepless nights, and waking everyone up to go to the bathroom with her. Later, her roommate learned that she had this problem watching this kind of film and even this kind of story, had explicitly ordered her not to participate–could not afford to compromise! Every time she watched this kind of film, it was probably the most humiliating time for her… Later, she lived alone all year round, knowing that she was timid, naturally she stayed away from it.

Fortunately, for today’s power outage, Xiao Yuqing had a justifiable reason. She reached out and put the disc back in the corner and said to Lin Xian with regret, “You forgot, the power is out now, where can you watch it.”

Lin Xian “Oh”, the voice was full of regret, “What a pity, look, the night is dark and windy. With the wind and rain on such a night, it is clearly the perfect time to watch a thriller.” While talking, the wind and rain outside the window suddenly hit the window glass violently, making a huge “bang bang bang” sound.

Xiao Yuqing was caught in the horror of memories and suddenly hearing the sound, her body involuntarily shivered a little.

She raised her head and saw that Lin Xian was staring at her intensely, and at the corner of her lips, had a very obvious bad smile, with a few hints of understanding in her tone, “Aunt Xiao, you are scared!”

Xiao Yuqing forced herself to calm down, pulled out a smile, and said bravely, “I’m not….”

At that, Lin Xian moved closer to her, rested her chin on her shoulder, and pampered, “Then when the call comes, Aunt Xiao, let’s watch it together, okay….”

Xiao Yuqing was stiffening up and pondering how to dispel this horrible idea of hers, when she heard the girl add pitifully, “I really want to watch it, but I’m scared to watch it alone…. Aunt Xiao, stay with me…”

The sweet, soft voice haunting her ears, she turned her head sideways, saw Lin Xian with pleading bright eyes, and finally, could not bear to say no, promising her, “Okay, wait until there is electricity….”

So, the next moment, Lin Xian was full of expectation, nagging, how come there is still no electricity! Finally, until the hands of the wall clock pointed to eleven, Lin Xian’s heart’s desire for electricity did not come. She had to compromise and the two of them washed up a little in the dark, said good night, and went to their rooms to rest.

When she woke up the next day, it was already clear outside the window, a scene of breeze and sunshine. This time, Lin Xian’s first reaction was, did the electricity come?! Although she has to attend class tomorrow, but a movie is only about two or three hours, so she will definitely comply with her if she pampers Xiao Yuqing. If the electricity comes in, they can watch a movie together tonight!

She reached out to the switch on the bedside table not far away and pressed it apprehensively, and with a snap, the lamp came on. Lin Xian instantly lost her sleepiness and sat up excitedly, getting out of bed with a start, not even having time to put on her slippers, and going to share the good news with Xiao Yuqing.

“Aunt Xiao! There is electricity…” Xiao Yuqing’s bedroom door was open and before she could see Xiao Yuqing’s figure, she couldn’t help but cheer with joy.

Before the person arrived, the sound came first. Xiao Yuqing was serving porridge for Lin Xian and when she heard Lin Xian’s energetic voice, her eyes were filled with smiles. When she heard the sound of the person approaching, she turned around to look at the door, and saw Lin Xian’s unkempt hair on top of her head and two red marks from the pillow on her face. “Aunt Xiao, the electricity! Let’s watch a movie together tonight!” The girl reiterated again.

Xiao Yuqing lost her smile, this child, how much is she looking forward to it. Then, her eyes swept to Lin Xian’s bare feet, and her eyebrows rose to a small peak, opening her mouth to gently remind her, “Why aren’t you wearing slippers, the ground is so cold, you haven’t recovered from your cold yet.”

Lin Xian looked down at her bare feet and only then did she feel it, a coldness shooting up straight from the bottom of her feet. She embarrassingly admitted her mistake and said, “I was in a hurry to tell you when I was happy and then I forgot.” As she said that, she turned and ran back to her room to put on her slippers.

She put on her slippers and wanted to go to find Xiao Yuqing to talk again, but just raised her legs and ran two steps, and stopped as if she suddenly remembered something. The next second, she rushed into the bathroom like the wind.


Who is this silly person with a chicken’s nest hair in the mirror? If she’s not wrong, isn’t there still a mark of saliva at the corner of her mouth?

Lin Xian was a bit devastated. Her usual image of a beautiful girl in front of Xiao Yuqing was falling apart!

When she appeared in front of Xiao Yuqing again, it was already a long time later. Lin Xian waited until the red marks on her face disappeared, then she dawdled and went out.

Xiao Yuqing greeted her as she sat down to eat breakfast, while laughing and teasing her, “Did you just see a little lost bug that just woke up? Her hair is probably this fried.” Saying that, Xiao Yuqing also gave her a gesture.

Lin Xian pretended not to understand Xiao Yuqing’s teasing and grunted, “No, no, there is only one beautiful girl here.” After that, she began to change the topic, “Aunt Xiao do you know when the electricity turned on?”

Xiao Yuqing held a ladle in one hand and covered her belly with the other, answering her without thinking, “It was about 2:30, when the lights suddenly came on.”

Lin Xian lowered her head and casually let out an “oh” and took a sip of porridge. Two seconds later, she suddenly reacted and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, how do you know so well, were you still awake at that late hour?” After saying that, she also stopped drinking the porridge and raised her head, looking at Xiao Yuqing with concern, her eyes full of questions.

Xiao Yuqing had stayed up all night the day before to take care of her and only rested a little at noon, so she should have been very sleepy last night and slept soundly. She carefully looked at her and realized that her face was indeed much paler than usual and her eyes were also a bit tired. She gazed down and noticed that one of Xiao Yuqing’s hands was abnormally placed on the lower abdomen.

Xiao Yuqing was born to a family of scholars and although her parents love her, they have never relaxed their control over her. Lin Xian these days, every time she saw Xiao Yuqing unconsciously flowing natural and elegant manners, she can not help but feel amazed. The so-called lady of the house, a self-made style, should probably be like this.

Therefore, today, Xiao Yuqing was uncharacteristic, placing only one hand on the table was, obviously, very wrong. When she thought about this, she looked at Xiao Yuqing’s expression, she felt that even the gentle smile at the corner of her lips seemed to be with some force and tiredness.

Lin Xian’s heart was tightened, a little anxious, and before Xiao Yuqing could answer her, she added a concerned voice, “Aunt Xiao, are you uncomfortable?”

Xiao Yuqing tugged at the corners of her mouth, smiled, and said in a gentle voice to soothe her, “I’m fine, but my stomach was a little upset at night, so I didn’t sleep well.”

Lin Xian asked nervously, “It’s your stomach? Did you eat something yesterday that you can’t digest? Then did you take your medicine?”

The young girl’s eyebrows locked tighter and tighter as she repeatedly asked questions. The concern and worry in her expression was unmistakable.

Xiao Yuqing’s heart warmed and her eyebrows softened more and more. She stretched out her hand, her fingertips slightly cool, and gently smoothed Lin Xian’s tightly locked brow, teasing her, “Children should not always frown, be careful of early wrinkles.” After saying that, she saw that Lin Xian did not say a word, still looked unsure, and warmly comforted her, “Do not worry, the stomach does not hurt. The first two days in the beginning, I will occasionally hurt. It will be fine after a while.”

Lin Xian did not react at first, still frozen, when she reacted, her face tentatively got a little hot, and even the tips of her small ears were red. The young girl was thin-skinned and always felt a little shy talking about such intimate matters. But at this moment, there was a complex emotion of heartache and anger that strongly suppressed her shyness.

She had been regular and normal since her periods and the occasional bit of discomfort was within tolerable limits. But her good friend Yan Yuhuan has always been deeply troubled by it. Every time it hurts, it’s like going through a life-and-death experience, and when it’s serious, it hurts so much that she couldn’t stand up. Lin Xian has been at the same seat as her for three years, so she knows too well how terrible it would be if it hurts, and has pangs in her heart about it.

She wrinkled her brow to look at Xiao Yuqing, her face became more and more downcast. It’s so hard that she can’t sleep at night, how painful it must be. If she hadn’t found out, would Xiao Yuqing not have told her, continuing as usual, enduring the pain, preparing three meals for her, and forcing a smile on her face.

She didn’t know why, she obviously shouldn’t be, but she just felt a little angry.

Why didn’t she tell her? Why not let her help her?

She raised her hand and gently took down Xiao Yuqing’s fingers that swept between her eyebrows, her five fingers slowly closed, holding her slender fingers in her own palm and placing them on top of her knees. She raised her head and Xiao Yuqing and her looked at each other, her face collected the usual rosy and bright smile, and properly communicated with Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, the first day I lived here, we made a pact, you promised to treat me as a mature person with an independent personality, right?”

Warmth slowly came from the fingers held by Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing stared at her hand enveloped by Lin Xian and nodded gently.

Lin Xian’s tone then took on some grievance, “You promised me so, but you didn’t really do it.”

Xiao Yuqing was slightly stunned and opened her mouth to defend herself, but Lin Xian did not give her a chance and continued, “As the old saying goes, a distant relative is better than a close neighbor. We live under the same roof, if you really have me as an equal object that you can see and interact with, not a child who does not know what to do, then shouldn’t we be in a state of helping and taking care of each other? When I catch a cold, you will take care of me and when you are not feeling well, I can also take care of you.”

Xiao Yuqing had not expected that Lin Xian would think so much. She would always give her many surprises, too many surprises. When naive she resembles an untutored child, when serious she is mature and intelligent from her peers her age. She used her thumb, which was not wrapped in Lin Xian’s palm, to gently caress the back of Lin Xian’s delicate hand and said softly with a slight apology, “Lin Xian, I didn’t treat you like an ignorant child, you should know that.” She didn’t know how to explain to Lin Xian. It wasn’t Lin Xian’s problem, it was her own problem.

Some people are used to sharing, while others, are used to being reticent. She was also just used to it, used to having no one to talk to and bearing the burden alone.

Lin Xian opened her hand and turned her grip into a ten-finger lace. She relaxed her eyebrows, curved her thin lips, and her starry eyes were full of softness and sincerity, “Then you promise me that you will tell me when you are uncomfortable, okay? Although I am still young, I can still do a lot of things. Aunt Xiao, we are living together now and you also said that we are a family. In the future, you are not alone. You can rely on me.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at Lin Xian in a daze and for a moment she had mixed feelings. The word “rely”, how long has it been since she thought of it. So long that she had almost forgot about this word.

Suddenly she was in a trance. Since childhood, her parents have said “we are your eternal harbor and support”, but later, they drove her out of the house. Once, there was a person who held her and murmured tenderly in her ear “you still have me, I will be your support forever”, but later, this person abandoned her. As she approached the end of her life, the world charged her an expensive tuition fee and taught her that mountains will fall and people will run–people are self-reliant.

But this word, in the end, was still too moving. Xiao Yuqing looked at Lin Xian’s youthful and tender face, her clean and clear eyes, untouched by the world. She was different from many people she had seen since, there was only pure sincerity and warmth in her eyes. Xiao Yuqing’s heart trembled. Teenagers, because they do not know how difficult the world is, promise and always able to speak so lightly, but also always sincere and moving.

She asked herself, can she be a little soft? It didn’t take long, until Lin Xian was unwilling, she borrowed a little bit of warmth from Lin Xian and used a little bit of her strength.

A little bit like a family and rely on her a little bit. This is not too greedy, right? This way, it will not hurt others, and will not hurt themselves, right?

She looked at Lin Xian earnestly, for a long time, she finally curved her eyebrows, looking forward in a glow, politely promised her, “Yes, I promise you. We are a family.”

The tone of her voice was light and her smile was radiant.

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  1. Xiao Yuqing, ma’am, if you are afraid of thriller movies why do you keep them in your home, lol. So jealous of Lin Xian for only suffering the occasional bit of discomfort during her periods.

  2. Yep I knew it her parents were trash ….

    And it seems I was also right and she indeed had a relationship with someone but was abandoned too hu? A girl that couldn’t handle the pressure and denied her own sexuality maybe?

    Mhmhmh no wonder Yuqing while seeming very nice and gentle also seems very distant, still feels like she’s finally accepted to rely on someone.

    Quite sad she thinks at some point Xian too will abandon her, seems she has a very big complex about her sexuality bringing others trouble which is quite sad ….

    Sigh ignorant and hateful people …. I do hate overly pushy “everyone needs to accept it” people too though lol, it should just be.

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