Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 27 – Enter

“??? What??” Lin Siyi questioned.

Qiao Zheng said no more, “Take your time one by one, finish this task first.”

He tucked his hand in his pocket and crushed a cigarette, his tone was a bit urgent.

Lin Siyi’s eyes are able to see ghosts themselves. At the moment, the ghosts in the courtyard were smiling grimly at her.

There was a chill, and then she immediately concentrated the essence in her body to her own eyes, closed, and shared.

It is better to see such a frightening image together.

After Wu Keer fused with the power of ghost eyes, as soon as she opened her eyes, she screamed, “Why are they all waving at us, this scene is too weird!”

Lin Chuliu looked at her, “Afraid?”

Wu Ke’er grew up as a person who has seen the world, how could she be frightened by this small scene?

Immediately hiding behind Lin Chuliu, grabbing his clothes, like a little bird clinging to others, “Afraid, Chuliu you have to protect me.”

Lin Siyi, “????”

There is no attack power here. The person who needs protection the most, is she and the female lead, okay?

However, “Lin Chuliu, your responsibility is heavy.”

She walked over and patted the other person’s shoulder, then made a look.

Lin Chuliu moved away silently.

Wu Ke’er stood behind Lin Chuliu, seeing that the other party did not push her away, instantly became very happy.

“Let’s go.” Nan Xueqing stepped forward and absently blocked the middle between Lin Siyi and Wu Ke’er.

“Why don’t you go in quickly, what are you doing here. I only give you half an hour, when the time is up, whether or not you find the right ghosts, you must come back!”

Qiao Zheng put his hands in his pockets and impatiently urged.

Lin Siyi’s one foot just entered the Soul Crossing Courtyard, feeling a gust of gloomy wind, and the whole person instantly felt bad.

It would be safer to stay by the side of Lin Chuliu and Wu Ke’er, the two attack system, but Lin Siyi still habitually moved to the female lead’s side in silence.

The rule of the main protagonist tells her that no matter how big the danger is, as long as you follow their side, it will never be much of a big deal.

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi, who was slowly approaching her, without noticing that the corners of her mouth rose slightly.

The ghosts in the courtyard almost instantly ferociously swarmed to them, but they were dispersed by a burst of golden light before they reached a distance of five meters.

Lin Siyi touched the talisman paper in her pocket. This thing is so powerful, when she goes out she must ask Qiao Zheng for a few more.

The ghosts that swarmed around them saw that they couldn’t devour them and had to retreat back to their original place, instantly looking exactly like the scene they had observed outside the courtyard.

Lin Siyi looked to the side of the Clean Soul Temple and remembered the ghost they had encountered earlier.

“Xueqing, we can choose the little ghost that took us away that day. It looks much more amiable than these ghosts outside!”

Nan Xueqing shook her head, “The ghosts that can enter the Pure Soul Temple have all crossed over, they just have to wait for the person who crossed them over to fulfill their final wish and then they can enter the path of reincarnation.”

Lin Siyi regretted, “It turns out that it has an owner.”

“You say who has an owner! You are the one who has an owner! Your whole family has an owner!” A childish voice suddenly sounded.

Lin Siyi immediately looked, somehow this little kid appeared behind them.

Wu Ke’er pointed at him, “You… how dare you come out of the Clean Soul Temple!”

The ghosts that have been crossed generally stay in the Temple waiting for the summons of the soul crossing master before they can leave the Soul Crossing Courtyard.

The ghosts in the Clean Soul Temple are tainted with some Buddha’s light, which can subdue some ordinary ghosts, but for the evil ghosts, having the same kind of Buddha’s light is a great nourishment!

She heard from her father that during this period of time, a very terrifying ghost had come to the Clean Soul Temple.

Other ghosts would hate to hide in the Clean Soul Temple, how dare it come out!

Wu Ke’er immediately hid behind Lin Chuliu.

Seeing Lin Siyi be familiar with him, said, “Lin Siyi, quickly get it away from us, although we have the talisman paper, it is equivalent to a huge bait here. Maybe it will make that evil ghost desperate, at that time we will be in grave danger!”

Wu Keer’s words reminded her that the ghost in the Clean Soul Temple was a tonic for the evil spirits, and she remembered this little ghost when she read that part of the book at the time.

But this kid has helped them, is it wrong to drive him away?

The little ghost looked at the other side’s tangled face and immediately roared, “Don’t make a fool of yourselves! I don’t even want to be near you!”

After yelling, the little ghost drifted back into the Clean Soul Temple with a puff of anger.

Lin Siyi noticed that the other party was hiding behind a pillar, peeking towards them here, and after being discovered by Lin Siyi, it immediately glared at her and then disappeared.

“Did it just come over here with something to say to us?”

Nan Xueqing did not answer.

Wu Ke’er said, “What words can he have to say to us for a ghost that has been crossed over to say to his soul crossing master.”

“Brother, brother, play games with us, okay?” At this time, a soft voice sounded.

It was the two little kids that Lin Siyi saw earlier sitting on the steps and playing.

The one who took Lin Chuliu’s hand was a female child, she was wearing braided pigtails, around seven or eight years old, and raised her childish face innocently.

If they were not in the Clean Soul Temple, they would not see that she was a ghost.

Wu Ke’er stared at the girl holding Lin Chuiu’s hand, feeling slightly jealous, she hadn’t even touched Chuliu so intimately, how did she let a ghost child steal it?

“Brother still has things to do, you guys go play by yourselves.” She went forward and stretched out her hand trying to drive the ghost child away.

Who knew that the female ghost child suddenly flung away Lin Chu Liu’s hand in anger, and the male ghost child behind her immediately went forward, “Wawa what’s wrong, don’t be angry, brother is here.”

But he was pushed away directly by the female ghost child and she glared at Wu Ke’er, “It’s not brother at all, it’s you. It’s you who won’t let brother play with me, you’re a bad woman!”

Wu Ke’er was flabbergasted, this was the first time she was called a bad woman and the other party was a child.

Tears instantly rolled in her eyes, her heart was aggrieved, but her pride did not allow her to show weakness, “Bad woman? Yes, I’m a bad woman, if you don’t leave I’ll be mean to you!”

“You!” The female ghost child was furious.

The male ghost child suddenly spoke up, “We don’t have any bad thoughts about you, sister just wants to play a game with you, you can tell by the fact that your talisman paper isn’t shaking us away.”

He continued.

“When we were little, our parents kept us inside the house every day. We could only lie on the door and watch other children play games, sister she really just”

“Okay, okay, can I play with you?” Wu Ke’er can not listen to sentimental words, seeing that these two little kids died at such a young age, their childhood must be very tragic, and finally did not have the heart to bear.

The female ghost child was immediately happy, “Really, you really agree to play games with us? Since you agree you are not allowed to regret!”

She immediately jumped to Lin Chuliu’s side, “Brother let’s guess, Wawa likes to play guessing the most!”

Lin Chuliu hesitated and was just about to raise his hand to make a guess with the other side when he was stopped by Lin Siyi.

She had been staying by the female lead’s side and had carefully observed the surroundings. When she heard the conversation between the two brats and Wu Ke’er, she immediately perked up her ears.

But what she didn’t expect was that Wu Ke’er had agreed to play a game with the other side.

She immediately blocked in front of Lin Chuliu and began to chase them away, “Go go go, who are you two little kids fooling, I had noticed you two when I was outside. When I was stupid, I didn’t know that if you want to kill someone you have to let the other person play games with you, right?”

She pressed the male ghost child’s head, and lifted the robe wrapped around him, seemingly not expecting the appearance in front of her, and immediately hid behind the female lead in fear.

Lin Chuliu frowned, Wu Ke’er directly called up, “You, you, you only have a head left!”

The female ghost child saw that their scheme was revealed, staring deadly at Lin Siyi, who was hiding behind Nan Xueqing, and then immediately hugged the male ghost child’s head and disappeared in front of them.

Wu Ke’er looked at Lin Siyi, “How do you know they are trouble?”

Lin Siyi blinked, “Didn’t you tell me before we came in that as long as I didn’t go out of the ghost path, I would be fine?”

Wu Ke’er, “….”

Why does it feel like hitting yourself in the face, “And how did you know he… he only had one head?”

Lin Siyi, “I didn’t know.”

“Then why did you just lift his clothes for?”

Lin Siyi laughed, “Of course it’s to be a scoundrel.”

Wu Ke’er was completely speechless.

“Talk properly.” Nan Xueqing’s voice was faint.

Lin Siyi immediately complied with the order, “When the female ghost child pushed away the male ghost child before, she pushed on his head. Normal people….no, it’s normal ghost, so she should also  push the body right. He’s wrapped in a robe and even the neck is wrapped tightly, so my intuition told me that he must have a problem. “

Wu Ke’er sounded a little strange, “I did not expect you to observe so much.”

Lin Chuliu looked towards the smug Lin Siyi with some relief in the depths of his eyes.

“Lin Siyi.”

A familiar voice called up to her.

“Zhang Hua?”

Lin Siyi immediately looked over and froze.

The crowd walked into the school building and saw Zhang Hua sitting by the stairs leaning against the wall.

Wu Ke’er, “Is she the healer that the B Courtyard said was killed by you previously?”

Lin Siyi was just about to testify for herself when Zhang Hua said, “Not her, I wasn’t killed by her.”

She looked at Lin Siyi with some complicated eyes.

Wu Ke’er, “If she didn’t cause your death, then how did you die?”

Zhang Hua did not reply to her words, her eyes were on Lin Siyi’s body, “I did not expect you to be a soul crossing master.”

“Yes, I also think so.” Lin Siyi sighed. In reality, she who is most afraid of going home in the middle of the night and encountering ghosts now has to deal with ghosts all day long. It’s incredible.

“Thank you.” Zhang Hua suddenly said.

“Ah?” Lin Siyi did not understand why the other party said that.

Zhang Hua’s thoughts were a little far away, “Now that I think about it, in fact, you have not specifically targeted me, it’s me… I’m too weak to let others take advantage of bullying…. “

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